Born For High End
Your Expert High Jewelry Manufacturer
Born For High End
Your Expert High Jewelry Manufacturer
Born For High End
Your Expert High Jewelry Manufacturer
Born For High End
Your Expert High Jewelry Manufacturer
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  • Gemstone ASSCHER Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone BALL Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone CUSHION Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone DROP Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone EMERALD Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone HEART Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone MAGNA Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone MARQUISE Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone OVAL Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone PEAR Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone PRINCESS Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone RADIANT Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone RECTANGULAR Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone ROSE Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone ROUND Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone SQUARE Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone TRAPEZE Shape Cutting by RESOVON
  • Gemstone TRILLION Shape Cutting by RESOVON

Your High Jewelry Bespoke Service Supplier

RESOVON Jewelry Experts Select High-quality Gemstones, With The Concept Of Excellent High-end Designs, Employing Experienced Fine Jewelry Craftsmen To Create Handed Down Personalized Jewelry And Add Glory To Your Family.
High Jewelry Material From RESOVON
High Jewelry Material
From the additive-free processing of gemstones, the ethical sourcing of diamonds, and the processing of precious metal materials such as gold and platinum, RESOVON adheres to the traditional rules of high jewelry and combines them with modern jewelry innovations.
High Jewelry Designer From RESOVON
High Jewelry Designer
RESOVON integrates its passion for the high-end jewelry industry into its adherence to the hand-painted style of jewelry design, expressing fashionable language through traditional techniques, and providing one-stop solutions for your high-end luxury jewelry customization.
High Jewelry Artisan From RESOVON
High Jewelry Artisan
Experienced jewelry artisans help your high-end jewelry complete the final transformation, giving each piece of high-end jewelry its meaning. Exquisite jewelry craftsmanship not only adds to the glory of your family, but also the jewelry gene of the RESOVON brand.
High Jewelry Quality Guarantee By RESOVON
Jewelry Quality Promise
Keeping promises stems from RESOVON's deep understanding of the high-end jewelry industry. An exclusive and exclusive service for your fine jewelry customization with a rigorous commitment to quality, including materials, workmanship and future updates.

10+ Years High Jewelry Personalization History

Your Reliable Haute Couture Jewelry Specialist. RESOVON high jewelry team absorbs valuable experience from ancient luxury brands and new fashion brands. Based on the natural elements bestowed by nature, not limited to gems and gold, through the talents of designers and craftsmen, teamwork, dedicated pieces of precious high jewelry.
High Jewelry

RESOVON’s high-end jewelry pieces show the craftsman’s exquisite craftsmanship and the designer’s outstanding design style, and perfectly present the depth and breadth of the brand’s understanding of jewelry aesthetics through creativity.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is any jewelry made of precious metals such as gold and silver or paired with a precious gemstone such as ruby, sapphire, etc. Therefore, it is expensive, but the quality is long-lasting and sturdy, somewhere between fashion jewelry and high jewelry.

Art Jewelry

Art jewelry focuses on creative expression and innovation in design. Experienced craftsmen and artists integrate their talents into ordinary materials, giving jewelry a more unique aesthetic meaning, and more in line with the aesthetic pursuit of the Z generation.

Enamel Jewelry

The hard enamel process perfectly makes up for the lack of color of some gemstones. By applying various glazes on the surface of the precious metal carcass and firing at high temperatures, a beautiful visual experience of high enamel jewelry is formed.

Filigree Jewelry

Filigree is a delicate treatment of thin metal strips of gold and silver, woven and twisted into incredible textures through the creativity of an expert goldsmith. Filigree jewellery is handcrafted with selected gemstones for extra luxury and preciousness.

Carving Gold Jewelry

High-quality carving gold jewelry has always been a must-have in the heirlooms of the royal family, especially the high jewelry set with precious gemstones, rare pearls, amber, coral, high level of craftsmanship, rich jewelry creativity.

Our Handcrafted Artisan
Your High Jewelry Expert

RESOVON Craftsmen Skilled With Enamel & Filigree Jewelry Processes The extremely talented RESOVON jewelers draw, design, forge, polish and set in their workshops, where a single stone undergoes an intricate process to become a dazzling piece of high jewelry.
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process By RESOVON

Hard enamel, known as “Cloisonne” in China, “Chaktu” in Russia, and “Seven Treasures” in Japan, is a “multi-color glaze” that can be attached to precious metals such as gold and silver. Minerals and metal oxides such as feldspar and quartz are fired at high temperatures above 800°.

Filigree Jewelry Process By RESOVON

The filigree process is mainly used in precious metals such as gold and silver. It is handcrafted by craftsmen and matched with precious gems, semi-precious stones, and other materials. It belongs to the Baroque court style in Europe and is used as royal jewelry in ancient China.

Your High Jewelry Customization Process

From jewelry design creation to Gem selection, from jewelry customization to quality control, and excellent after-sales service, the RESOVON team strictly controls every step of your high-end jewelry customization with its exquisite KNOW-HOW craftsmanship.
High Jewelry
Bespoke Service Master


What Is RESOVON's Advantage In High Jewelry Industry?

RESOVON has been high jewelry industry for more than 10 years, Our main business is fine jewelry and high jewelry.

We have an efficient jewelry supply chain to provide High Jewelry bespoke services for you.

What Is RESOVON's Quality Guarantee For Our Customized High-end Jewelry?

As a professional High Jewelry manufacturer, a Luxury Jewelry brand, the RESOVON team pays the most attention to your jewelry quality

We promise you more than a lifetime quality guarantee on your Haute Couture Jewelry, especially for your family heirloom.

Why We Choose RESOVON For High Jewelry Customization?

RESOVON has excellent designers, experienced jewelry craftsmen, and a complete set of high-end jewelry operation Know-How knowledge & practice.

Our jewelry team combines the luxury genes of Paris, the fashion elements of New York, and the traditional culture of Hangzhou, China. RESOVON is a new star of the world’s high-end jewelry brand.

What Kind Of High Jewelry Do RESOVON Focus On?

“Timeless High Jewelry, Handmade With Love”.

“Every piece of jewelry created by RESOVON stems from our professional understanding of jewelry and inspiration from great nature. It contains our dedication to craftsmanship and control of details. This is our characteristic and our proud tradition. , and want to pass this tradition on to our children.”

——- By Charles CHAO

RESOVON High Jewelry Community

We are loyal to the artisanal craftsmanship of high jewelry, and through supply chain management, excellent quality, and luxurious service, we build a niche market with our own attributes, meet the needs of our customers, and contribute to the world.

Born For High Jewellery
Your First Jewelry Expert RESOVON

Unique high jewelry temperament, outstanding creative inspiration, exquisite goldsmith craftsmanship, exclusive service concept, RESOVON, waiting for you in the most accurate time and space.
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