A Gemstone of Many Colors: Chrysoberyl High Jewelry

Due to its outstanding hardness, endurance, and stunning brilliance, chrysoberyl is a highly desirable gemstone. It is a popular material for high jewelry because of its characteristics. It can last for many generations without losing its shine thanks to its hardness and resilience, which make it resistant to chipping and scratches.

Chrysoberyl Pear Shaped

Figure 1 Chrysoberyl Pear Shaped

To help you select gemstones, chrysoberyl comes in various shapes, and while it may not have the same fire brightness as other gemstones, it can still be highly valuable. These come in various colors, such as yellow, green, brown, and red. It is a gemstone of considerable interest and worth to jewelers and jewelry lovers since each color variation boasts its distinct charm.

In-Depth Hues

Chrysoberyl in Different Colors

Figure 2 Chrysoberyl in Different Colors

Chrysoberyl is a gemstone often found in yellow or yellow-green colors, but because it contains iron, it can also have a brownish tint. The stone’s hue can be determined by gemologists using spectroscopic analysis, which reveals a distinct band where blue transitions to violet.


The band’s intensity increases as the stone’s hue darkens, going from a bright yellowish-green to a golden-yellow to a brown color. In stones with particularly intense colors, two additional bands in the green-blue spectrum might be discernible.


The most frequent inclusions in chrysoberyl are liquid-filled cavities with three-phase inclusions; occasionally, stepped twin planes can also be seen. On the other hand, Chrysoberyls from Tanzania with a distinctive minty bluish-green color is extremely rare and in demand for haute couture jewelry.

Uses of Chrysoberyl

Bright Yellow Chrysoberyl

Figure 3 Bright Yellow Chrysoberyl

Transparent Chrysoberyl in all colors can be faceted into gemstones. Despite not being extensively used in jewelry, it is often used in engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


In ancient times, it was considered to possess mystical properties and was used in amulets and talismans to protect against malevolent spirits and bring good fortune. Nowadays, Chrysoberyl is still used for metaphysical purposes, as it is believed to enhance one’s intuition and spiritual awareness.


Chrysoberyls are also said to improve concentration and learning abilities, as well as to change negative ideas into positive energy. Additionally, this gemstone is considered to promote harmony and tolerance and is linked to Leo’s astrological sign.


Within the chrysoberyl family, there are several varieties that are recognized by gemologists. Distinguished by differences in color, optical effects, and other physical properties. They offer diverse options for those seeking a unique and beautiful gem.


RESOVO is a supplier of gemstones from China that has a wide range of selections, including the variants of Chrysoberyl. Customers exceed their highest expectations, and the craftsmanship of beautiful jewelry ensures satisfaction.


Gold ring with Alexandrite

Figure 4 Gold ring with Alexandrite

This is a rare and valuable variety of chrysoberyl that exhibits a dramatic color change depending on the lighting conditions. In daylight or fluorescent light, it appears green, but in incandescent light, it appears red.

Cat’s Eye

Cat-eye chrysoberyl

Figure 5 Cat-eye chrysoberyl

This variety of chrysoberyl exhibits distinctive chatoyancy, or the “cat’s eye” effect, where a band of light appears to move across the stone’s surface when it is rotated. In addition, Cat’s Eye can range in strength from strong to weak.


The sources of this variant are Brazil, India, China, and Zimbabwe. One of the most popular manufacturers of fine jewelry in China is RESOVON. Aside from numerous amounts of extraordinary jewelry, they also offer bespoke services and jewelry customization that you might be interested in.


Cymophane and diamond ring

Figure 6 Cymophane and diamond ring

Like a cat’s eye, this effect is caused by the reflection of light on inclusions within the crystal. However, cymophane is typically yellow-green to brownish-yellow in color, whereas a cat’s eye can be found in a wider range of colors.

High Jewelry Care

Chrysoberyl is a highly resilient gemstone that can be used in any type of jewelry. Nonetheless, caution must be exercised when cutting and shaping it, as it can be damaged by sudden impacts or excessive heat.


Apart from that, these gems do not need any particular maintenance. They may be cleaned either by following the machine’s guidelines for mechanical cleaning or simply by using warm, soapy water and a brush. You can also have them personalized by a goldsmith with easier-to-clean edges.


At RESOVON, they always provide high-quality jewelry packages, so you can guarantee that you’ll have a secured box to place your jewelry without worrying about damaging the precise details.

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