A Glimpse on the History of High Jewelry Diamond Rings

Diamonds are the hardest natural stone and are popularly known only to be scratched by another diamond. Also, diamonds come in several colors other than clear and colorless. The rarest natural diamonds are red, orange, green, and blue.

Modernized Renaissance Diamond Ring

Figure 1 Modernized Renaissance Diamond Ring


Throughout the ages, diamonds were used in various ways, initially as collateral for trade in India and China. At that time, diamonds were valued for engraving metals and refracting light. And the demand for diamonds paved the way for other purposes of these precious gems.


Without a doubt, the most iconic gem on earth is diamonds. The hardness and uniqueness of the gem make them perfect for high jewelry pieces. Whether glamorous earrings, timeless necklaces, or iconic rings, diamonds dominate the high jewelry industry.

The Rise Of Diamond Rings

Bespoke rings have been a staple in high jewelry, from simple yet elegant to big and bold rings. As the hardest known gem, diamonds prolonged the life of custom rings. For centuries, people have used diamond rings to symbolize strength and passion.

First Diamond Ring in Medieval Times

Solitaire Diamond Gold Ring Popularized In Medieval Times

Figure 2 Solitaire Diamond Gold Ring Popularized In Medieval Times


During the Medieval period, Aristocrats used their high jewelry collections to cement their status in society. The diamond ring recorded in history was the diamond engagement ring from the Archduke of Austria in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy. This started the trend of diamond rings within the elite societies.

Personalized Diamond Rings During Renaissance

A Pair of Renaissance-Inspired Diamond Studded Rings of Differing Styles

Figure 3 A Pair of Renaissance-Inspired Diamond Studded Rings of Differing Styles


The Renaissance period has seen the rise of diamonds in custom jewelry, with the artistry behind faceted gems gaining popularity. During this period, personalized jewelry, like diamond rings, took inspiration from imitating real life, such as animals. Diamonds were incorporated in high jewelry rings to imitate art as the quest for beauty grew during the Renaissance.

20th Century Custom Rings

Art Deco Inspired Diamond Ring

Figure 4 Art Deco Inspired Diamond Ring


Once diamonds became more accessible, the high jewelry industry have grown immensely. In the 20th century, contemporary art gained popularity, ultimately influencing custom jewelry designs. Bespoke gold rings personalized with a solitaire diamond as a center stone made waves in the 1910s.

For the longest time, diamond rings have used yellow metals like gold and, eventually, white gold. This trend continued until the 1960s when platinum gained popularity among jewelers. And the 20th century saw immense changes in the design and style of diamond rings.

21st Century Diamond Rings

Twisted Platinum Diamond Ring

Figure 5 Twisted Platinum Diamond Ring


As the years went on, the imaginative design of custom diamond rings has gotten bigger than before. The beginning of the 21st century showcases the influence of the previous years; now, there are more ways to personalize diamond rings. High-jewelry diamond rings no longer feature one gem.


The classic solitaire ring is still relatively popular in diamond rings, but other ways of gem setting have also emerged. Nowadays, high jewelry rings are customizable with various sizes and shapes of diamonds and set on different precious metals.

Historical Trends of Diamond Rings

Through the years, custom diamond rings have been crafted by taking inspiration from the past and using new metals and cutting methods. In the past, high-jewelry diamond rings would feature a solitaire diamond. But as time went on, diamond rings have gotten bolder with more gems than before.


Nowadays, custom rings are not uncommon to be encrusted with many diamonds. Whether to highlight a bigger gem or cover the entire ring band, there’s no limit to how rings are customized. Diamonds are often paired with other gems, like the emerald gem that compliments diamonds well.

The Indomitable High Jewelry Diamond Rings

Diamonds are a staple in the high jewelry industry, with jewelers and wholesalers equally fascinated with the gem. Wholesale businesses that feature diamond rings in their collection have found success by collaborating with trusted suppliers and manufacturers.


RESOVON has been a leading manufacturer in China, with years of expertise in everything high jewelry. A reliable supplier ethically sources every diamond in RESOVON’s jewelry pieces to ensure quality. And each piece is guaranteed to be crafted with the finest hands and bespoke for the best.

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