A Guide To High Jewelry Ring Styles For Engagement

Engagement rings have long symbolized readiness to commit to holy matrimony. As years passed, the design and style of engagement rings evolved, but the classics stayed in style. Sometimes engagement ring styles are based on symbolism and financial status. Whatever the style, RESOVON can make it.

There are three focuses RESOVON prioritizes when crafting high-jewelry engagement rings. The first is the gem, then the stone setting, and the last is the desired ring band. Whether it is a classic custom engagement ring or a modern-styled ring, the only limit is how much you want to spend.

Diamond-encrusted Engagement Ring

Figure 1 Diamond-encrusted Engagement Ring

Gemstone Options

Jewelers and wholesalers have highly sought-after diamond engagement rings made by RESOVON. This world-famous gem will remain an icon in high jewelry rings. But over the years, more people have used other precious gems to add a touch of uniqueness. RESOVON’s artisans are experts in handling gems.

Number of Gemstones

A classic engagement ring features a single center stone set in precious metal, often made of platinum. RESOVON’s engagement rings can be bespoke with two or three stones and still look classy and elegant. Popular two-stone rings often feature different styles or sized gems made by RESOVON’s goldsmiths.

Colorless Versus Colored Gemstones

The top colorless gems in high-jewelry engagement rings are diamonds that jewelers often favor the perfect clarity of the stone. But colorful gems like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are often added to classic engagement rings as a touch of personalization.

Classic Engagement Ring Stone Settings

There are different ways RESOVON expertly custom sets gems on high-jewelry engagement rings. Depending on how a gem is set, a well-fastened gem makes a difference in durability. That is why every goldsmith at RESOVON has trained and studied how to secure precious gems into custom rings.

Solitaire Setting

An engagement ring with a single stone mounted along the band is a solitaire set ring. The classic sophistication of RESOVON’s solitaire set rings has drawn the attention of jewelers for years. RESOVON’s artisans know that bespoke thin ring bands can make a custom gem appear larger than usual.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Figure 2 Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Halo Setting

In RESOVON’s halo setting, goldsmiths mount gemstones on a ring band surrounded by smaller gems. Some jewelers favor adding smaller gems to highlight the clarity of a center stone further. RESOVON’s artisans ensure the perfect balance of security and allure in halo engagement rings.

Three-stone Setting

Engagement rings that feature multiple gems often use a slightly larger center stone in between two similarly sized smaller gems. In RESOVON’s bespoke three-stone ring, the center stone is typically slightly higher than the other gems to enhance the focus.

Figure 3 Three-Diamond Engagement Ring

Pavé Setting

Like solitaire engagement rings, a pavé set bespoke ring features a single gem, but the band is encrusted with smaller gems. Some custom engagement rings with pavé settings made by RESOVON have encrusted gems covering the entire band but can also have encrusted gems just halfway down the path.

Pavé Set Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

Figure 4 Pavé Set Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

Shank Setting

RESOVON’s custom engagement rings with shank settings elevate the visual impact of the ring. While most high-jewelry engagement rings use a single metal band to mount gems, the shank setting differs. Some of RESOVON’s bespoke engagement rings with shank settings frame the gem with split branches.

Split Shank Engagement Ring Studded with Small Diamonds and Diamond Centerpiece

Figure 5 Split Shank Engagement Ring Studded with Small Diamonds and Diamond Centerpiece

Top Metals Used For Engagement Ring Band

Traditionally, platinum and gold have been top choices for ring bands in high jewelry customization of engagement rings. With RESOVON’s reputation in the high jewelry industry, sourcing the best to craft the best is easy.

Get The Best High Jewelry Engagement Rings At RESOVON

High-jewelry engagement rings are a sign of love and passion between two people. That is why jewelers and wholesalers carefully design, craft, and choose bespoke engagement rings. A trusted manufacturer like RESOVON bespoke each piece to ensure every custom ring is made well.

RESOVON has always been passionate about high jewelry, and each piece is customized and personalized. As a leading manufacturer in China, RESOVON continues to ensure that every high-jewelry engagement ring is bespoke perfectly.

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