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RESOVON Art Jewelry

Art jewelry is usually a general term for jewelry created by a jeweler in his studio. Unlike high jewelry or fine jewelry, Art jewelry adds artistic creative expression and design inspiration to traditional jewelry aesthetics.

RESONVON stands at the forefront of art jewelry, where artistic expression and high jewelry craftsmanship converge. Our creations are not just ornaments but symbols of avant-garde artistry, reflecting the unique characteristics of art jewelry: the amalgamation of unconventional materials, the embrace of bold, non-traditional design, and a deep connection with the art world’s evolution.


The design inspiration of RESOVON art jewelry comes more from the great works of world-famous artists and painters (such as Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Piet Mondrian, etc.), through a broader range of materials (such as stone, glass, pearl, metal, etc.), to rebalance the use value of high-end jewelry with the creative value of the artwork.

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Art Jewelry By Gems

Art historian Liesbeth den Besten extracted six major elements of art jewelry: contemporary, studio, art, research, design, and author. The core three elements are contemporary, studio, and art.


Curator Kelly L’Ecuyer calls studio jewelers independent artists because they work directly with the materials of their choice to create one-of-a-kind or limited-production jewelry.


Based on its original high-end jewelry customization experience, the RESOVON art jewelry team draws on the valuable artistic talents of world-renowned artists. It applies them to the jewelry design and customization process to form its unique art jewelry style.


In the art jewelry industry, RESOVON, as a professional art studio jeweler, is both the designer and the jewelry craftsman. Each piece of fine art jewelry is created and finished by experienced craftsmen.

  • Aquamarine Art Jewelry
    Aquamarine Art Jewelry
  • Art Brooch Jewelry
    Art Brooch Jewelry
  • Art Earrings Jewelry
    Art Earrings Jewelry
  • Art Jewelry Set
    Art Jewelry Set
  • Art Pendant Jewelry
    Art Pendant Jewelry
  • Emerald Art Bracelet
    Emerald Art Bracelet
  • Emerald Art Brooch
    Emerald Art Brooch
  • Emerald Art Jewelry
    Emerald Art Jewelry
  • Gem Art Jewelry
    Gem Art Jewelry
  • Gemstone Art Brooch
    Gemstone Art Brooch
  • Gold Art Jewelry
    Gold Art Jewelry
  • Kyanite Art Jewelry
    Kyanite Art Jewelry
  • Ruby Art Brooch
    Ruby Art Brooch
  • Ruby Art Earrings
    Ruby Art Earrings
  • Ruby Art Jewelry
    Ruby Art Jewelry
  • Ruby Art Ring
    Ruby Art Ring
  • Sapphire Art Earrings
    Sapphire Art Earrings
  • Sapphire Art Jewelry
    Sapphire Art Jewelry
  • Tsavorite Art Jewelry
    Tsavorite Art Jewelry

Art Jewelry By Semi-Stone

After a decade in the high jewelry sector, RESOVON defines art jewelry with three key aspects: contemporary design, artistic essence, and creative innovation.


Our studio strongly emphasizes the artistic aspect of jewelry, looking beyond gemstone arrangements and standard fashion jewelry.


Our art jewelry sets a new standard for avant-garde and creativity, especially in treating semi-precious stones, elevating them with luxurious aesthetics.


We pride ourselves on being unique, not just an extension of the mainstream jewelry industry.


Our designers blend artistic aesthetics and originality with traditional materials and methods. They offer excellent craftsmanship and personalized service to help clients, ranging from artists to influencers, craft their bespoke high-end art jewelry.

  • Coral Art Earrings
    Coral Art Earrings
  • Coral Art Jewelry
  • Coral Bracelet Jewelry
    Coral Bracelet Jewelry
  • Coral Jewelry Set
    Coral Jewelry Set
  • Crystal Art Bracelet
    Crystal Art Bracelet
  • Crystal Art Brooch
    Crystal Art Brooch
  • Enamel Art Brooch
    Enamel Art Brooch
  • Pearl Art Bracelet
    Pearl Art Bracelet
  • Pearl Art Charm
    Pearl Art Charm
  • Pearl Art Earrings
    Pearl Art Earrings
  • Turquoise Art Jewelry
    Turquoise Art Jewelry

Art Jewelry By Diamond

RESONVON upholds the timelessness of diamonds, meticulously crafting superior diamond art jewelry. As China’s top art jewelry manufacturer, we adhere to the highest global standards for unparalleled quality and consistency.


In the evolving world of jewelry, ethical and sustainable practices are paramount. RESOVON is at the forefront of this shift, ensuring each piece aligns with these values.


Our commitment to sustainability is evident in using precious recycled metals and maintaining the highest quality while embodying environmental responsibility.


Our approach combines craftsmanship excellence with a deep sense of social responsibility, setting new benchmarks in the art jewelry industry.

  • Diamond Art Band
    Diamond Art Band
  • Diamond Art Bracelet
    Diamond Art Bracelet
  • Diamond Art Brooch
    Diamond Art Brooch
  • Diamond Art Jewellery
    Diamond Art Jewellery
  • Diamond Art Jewelry
    Diamond Art Jewelry
  • Diamond Art Pendant
    Diamond Art Pendant
  • Diamond Art Ring
    Diamond Art Ring

Art Jewelry By Design

Since its inception, RESOVON has established itself as a premier designer and master of art jewelry in China. A commitment to creativity and excellence in art jewelry making has marked our brand’s journey over the past decade.


RESONVON’s team of designers is not only an expert in the aesthetics of fine jewelry but also brings a unique artistic vision to each piece. This expertise is reflected in our diverse and sophisticated designs.


The creation process at RESOVON involves carefully selecting precious and semi-precious materials handpicked by experienced gemologists. This meticulous selection ensures each design is perfectly complemented by its gemstones.


Our craftsmanship blends time-honored traditions with modern techniques, resulting in high-end jewelry designs that are both unique and creatively rich. Each piece crafted at RESOVON is a testament to this exceptional craftsmanship.


We also draw inspiration from the artistic styles of world-famous artists, incorporating these influences into our high-end jewelry designs. This fusion gives traditional high jewelry a unique artistic character.


Furthermore, RESOVON strongly emphasizes providing top-notch customization services. From choosing the right materials to employing advanced jewelry processing techniques, we ensure every customer’s vision is brought to life with the utmost precision and quality.

  • Alloy Art Jewelry
    Alloy Art Jewelry
  • Amber Art Jewelry
    Amber Art Jewelry
  • Art Brooch Jewelry
    Art Brooch Jewelry
  • Art Earrings Jewelry
    Art Earrings Jewelry
  • Art Jewelry Brooch
    Art Jewelry Brooch
  • Art Jewelry Crown
    Art Jewelry Crown
  • Art Jewelry Earrings
    Art Jewelry Earrings
  • Art Jewelry Necklace
    Art Jewelry Necklace
  • Enamel Art Brooch
    Enamel Art Brooch
  • Epoxy Art Earrings
    Epoxy Art Earrings
  • Metal Art Charm
    Metal Art Charm
  • Metal Art Pendant
    Metal Art Pendant
  • Plastic Art Ring
    Plastic Art Ring
  • Platinum Art Jewelry
    Platinum Art Jewelry
  • Resin Art Jewelry
    Resin Art Jewelry
  • Shell Art Jewelry
    Shell Art Jewelry

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON Art Jewelry Bespoke Service

Art Jewelry Consultation

At RESOVON, as a distinguished art jewelry manufacturer in China, our bespoke service begins with a pivotal, exclusive meeting with each client. This first interaction is key to understanding your vision and sets the stage for our creative process.


During this consultation, we focus on gathering essential information about your preferences and deadline. This dialogue is vital for crafting a masterpiece that not only embodies exquisite artistry but also aligns perfectly with your individual expectations and style.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Art Jewelry Designer

The design phase at RESOVON is where our skilled art jewelry designers transform your ideas into tangible sketches, outlining the general direction, scale, and shape of your unique jewelry piece. This step is pivotal for visualizing the potential of your bespoke design.


As a premier art jewelry manufacturer, we prioritize personalization in every creation. We involve you in every step, ensuring that each design detail resonates with your style, making your bespoke piece your own.

Art Jewelry Gemologist

After finalizing the design sketch, our expert gemologists at RESOVON step in. Renowned for their meticulous selection process, they ensure only the finest gemstones are used, employing a comprehensive approach from sourcing rough gems to their cutting and faceting.


Our commitment to ethical practices is evident as most of our gemstones are responsibly sourced directly from partner communities. This not only assures quality but also provides transparency about the origins of the gemstones, right from extraction to the final piece.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Art Jewelry Artisan

At RESOVON, the journey of customizing high jewelry moves into a vibrant phase of realization, where your unique design comes to life through skilled craftsmanship. Our artisans employ diverse techniques, like enameling and hammer-texturing, to achieve the distinct look of each piece.


In our in-house studio, every jewelry item is meticulously designed, crafted, and set, ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision. We utilize microscopes for detailed work, allowing our artisans to work with unparalleled accuracy and dedication to craftsmanship.

Safty Package & Delivery

RESONVON is dedicated to eco-friendly practices, reducing harmful packaging materials, and working with logistics partners who share our commitment to the environment. This ensures the safe and sustainable delivery of our art jewelry pieces.


In addition to our bespoke services, we also provide comprehensive wholesale options, offering tailored solutions for art jewelry wholesalers, including specialized packaging and efficient delivery methods.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Art Jewelry Service

With a decade of experience crafting custom art jewelry, RESOVON ensures that each piece is a lasting heirloom. We offer more than just manufacturing; we provide comprehensive client support, regardless of whether you’re a wholesaler or an individual customer.


Additionally, RESOVON is dedicated to providing top-tier after-sales services, including personalized advice, repair services, and maintenance to keep your jewelry pristine.

RESOVON Art Jewelry Spotlights

Art Jewelry Hand Drawing
Art Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Process
Jewelry Setting

Jewelry Craft

At RESOVON, our dedication to craftsmanship is evident in each piece of art jewelry. Our professional team in China meticulously handles every stage of jewelry creation, focusing on detail in both art and haute couture pieces.

Our long-standing tradition in art jewelry crafting, symbolized by generations of customization, upholds exceptional craftsmanship and personalization, aligning with both global standards and our own artisan ethos.

Enamel Jewelry

RESOVON, a renowned supplier of luxury jewelers in China, ensures each art jewelry piece is of the highest quality to maintain the trust of our global clientele. We employ a hard enamel process to enhance the color and shape of our exquisite pieces.

This process involves bonding powdered glass to metal at high temperatures, polishing, and cleaning. The enamel is then applied and cured in a kiln, resulting in art jewelry ready for delivery in pristine condition.

RESOVON Advantages In Art Jewelry

Luxury Brand Management MBA

As a top-notch Chinese factory of art jewelry, our goals are built upon international and local standards. And to accomplish our goals, our founder, Charles CHAO, is at the forefront of the mission. With his Global Luxury Brand Management MBA from Sup de Luxe in Paris, Charles has made RESOVON the leading art and haute couture jewelry expert.

The program also helped Charles emphasize the management of creation and the creative team in fulfilling RESOVON’s mission and vision. It also helped him understand and forecast the complex, internationalized, highly segmented art jewelry market.

Fine Jewelry Education

Aside from his MBA, Charles also learned high jewelry hand-drawn skills to create amazing works. Our team has ten years of experience working in art jewelry. Each artisan, metalworker, and gemologist has the rich experience to create works of art.

On the other hand, Ann is an impeccable art jewelry sales expert. With over 20 years of cross-field sales experience, she can manage customer service and attract more clients. In fact, with their combined knowledge, they consistently meet RESOVON’s goals and pursue the brand’s mission and vision.

RESOVON Main Art Jewelry

Van Gogh Art Jewelry
Van Gogh Art Jewelry

Inspired by the beautiful paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, RESOVON has a collection dedicated to the famous painter. Van Gogh painted still life, landscapes, figures, and well-known works like the Sunflowers and Starry Night.

Interpreting his paintings resulted in the development of a stunning bespoke art jewelry collection. Each piece is created with hard enamel to emphasize the colors we use to represent Van Gogh’s works.

Claude Monet Art Jewelry
Claude Monet Art Jewelry

Oscar-Claude Monet was a prolific French painter best known to be the precursor of modernism. As an outstanding art jewelry manufacturer in China, we take inspiration from every painting Monet did.

Our Oscar-Claude Monet art jewelry pieces embody the ambiance of Giverny, flowers, the sun’s warmth, and the calm wind of Normandy. But Monet’s water lily paintings are our main source of design inspiration.

Klimt Art Jewelry
Klimt Art Jewelry

Klimt has always been associated with gold because of his paintings. That’s why our designer and metalworker work hand-in-hand to create stunning rings inspired by Klimt.

Our gemologist also handpicks semi-precious and precious gemstones to complement the regalness of the gold. Each piece is inspired by the shapes that Klimt used in the backgrounds of his paintings.

Picasso Art Jewelry
Picasso Art Jewelry

Pablo Picasso is known to be the co-founder of the Cubist movement and an avid follower of surrealism and symbolism. Picasso’s work has been described as visceral, emotional, expressive, colorful, and imaginative.

Aside from painting the La Vie and The Old Guitarist, he also dabbled in jewelry crafting. With our high jewelry personalization process, RESOVON paid homage to the prominent painter with our Picasso art jewelry.

Mondrian Art Jewelry
Mondrian Art Jewelry

Piet Mondrian is one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. He first painted scenes and portraits but later shifted to abstract paintings using squares and rectangles.

His abstract paintings inspired us to make Mondrian art jewelry using semi-precious and precious gemstones. We cut and customize each stone into squares and rectangles to mimic Mondrian’s works.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Customization. RESOVON team provides exclusive bespoke services for your art jewelry. We can meet your high-end art jewelry custom requirements through the original design style of jewelry and the perfect application of colors and gemstone shapes.

  • “I’ve been an avid customer of RESOVON, and I adore their creations. They have something for everyone and are always up on current trends. I can always rely on their jewelry to be of the highest quality and last me a long time. They even have personalization and customization services! Genuinely, the top brand of art jewelry in China is RESOVON.”

    Anna Washington, Florida, USA
  • “I recently bought some custom art jewelry from RESOVON, and I am really happy. The pieces are truly amazing and made with excellent attention to detail. Every piece I buy is the ideal accessory for any occasion or event because of its striking colors and patterns. Plus, RESOVON only uses ethically sourced materials of the highest quality. I’ll be doing more future purchases with RESOVON!”

    Julienne Fosse, Cannes, France
  • “I’ve been hooked since I learned about RESOVON’s high jewelry personalization process a few months back. I asked them to create and customize a bespoke piece that could fit any event, and they delivered! The piece is of the highest caliber and has flawless craftsmanship. I get so many compliments on how gorgeous my RESOVON jewelry is every time I wear one!”

    Pia Haugan, Oslo, Norway
Sapphire Art Ring Gallery
Sapphire Art Ring Data

Center Stone: 5.2ct Sapphire,

Origin: Kashmir Cornflower Sapphire

Material: 18K white gold

Ring number: 13.5

Certificate: GUILD

Jewelry Caring Tips

RESOVON is dedicated to creating the highest art jewelry. Our Jewelry experts recommend applying some jewelry oil to your art jewelry every 3 months. Apply evenly on the stone with a cotton swab and let it sit for 2-3 hours.

Cleaning requires soaking in distilled or purified water for about 20 minutes, then rubbing gently with a very soft jewelry brush and drying with a soft jewelry fleece. It is not recommended to wash more than 2 times a year.

1. Do not scratch, 2. Avoid smoke, 3. Avoid encountering high temperature or pressure; 4. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning, 5. Avoid acid, alkali, alcohol, ethanol, and other chemical substances.

RESOVON, Your Best Art Jewelry Bespoke Master In China


RESOVON redefines the essence of art jewelry, an exclusive realm where artistic ingenuity meets haute joaillerie. Distinct from traditional high jewelry, our creations are a harmonious fusion of avant-garde design and classic aesthetics inspired by the masterpieces of eminent artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. Utilizing a diverse palette of materials, from lustrous pearls to vibrant glass, we elevate luxury gemstones’ intrinsic value to parallel fine art’s creative brilliance.


Originating in the 1940s as an offshoot of American modernist trends, art jewelry has evolved, influenced by European craftsmanship and goldsmithing, and blossomed across continents from North America to Asia. At RESOVON, we honor this legacy, blending time-honored techniques with our unique artistic vision. We invite jewelry designers, artists, and studios worldwide to collaborate with our team, pioneering new frontiers in the art jewelry movement.


Discover RESOVON’s pioneering vision in the art jewelry domain, where exceptional high jewelry craftsmanship meets artistic innovation. Our creations transcend traditional ornamentation, symbolizing a revolution in avant-garde design. Each piece embodies the essence of art jewelry, blending rare, unconventional materials with bold, bespoke designs, deeply intertwined with the evolving narrative of the art world.


Looking to the future, RESOVON embraces trends defining the next art jewelry era: sustainable luxury, ethical sourcing, and personalized storytelling. Our expert jewelers are harmonizing age-old skills with groundbreaking technologies like 3D printing, redefining the boundaries of jewelry design. Join RESOVON in shaping this dynamic future. We’re crafting not just jewelry but a legacy – merging timeless artistry with contemporary ethos. Together, let’s create bespoke masterpieces that echo today’s global connoisseurs’ discerning tastes and values.

1, What is Art Jewelry?

Art Jewelry is a unique form of decorative art that transcends traditional jewelry boundaries. Unlike conventional fine jewelry, which often prioritizes precious materials and standardized designs, art jewelry emphasizes creative expression and innovation.


It often incorporates a wide range of materials, from metals to unconventional objects, and is characterized by its handcrafted nature and individualistic design.


Art jewelry artists view their work as a medium to convey artistic statements, making each piece distinct and often reflective of broader artistic movements or personal narratives.

2, What is RESOVON postion in art jewelry?

RESONVON is revolutionizing art jewelry, blending artistic flair with elite craftsmanship. Our pieces, inspired by great artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and other famous artists, fuse avant-garde design with classic beauty. We use diverse materials, elevating the value of luxury gemstones.


RESOVON honors art jewelry’s history, starting in the 1940s, by blending traditional techniques with modern innovations. We’re leading the future of sustainable, ethically sourced jewelry, inviting collaboration to craft unique, bespoke pieces for today’s discerning global audience.

3, Why we choose RESOVON customize our family art jewelries?

With over a decade in high-end jewelry, RESOVON reimagines art jewelry as a blend of contemporary style, artistic flair, and innovative design. Our studio transcends typical gemstone arrangements, offering avant-garde, creative pieces. Our approach particularly shines in elevating semi-precious stones with high-end aesthetics.


RESOVON stands apart, infusing traditional jewelry with artistic originality. Our skilled team crafts custom, high-end art jewelry for a diverse clientele, including artists, influencers, and fashion icons, embodying a unique blend of artistry and traditional craftsmanship.

4, How does RESOVON promote the concept of environmental protection?

At RESOVON, we embrace the timeless value of diamonds, dedicating ourselves to crafting exceptional diamond art jewelry that meets global standards. As a leading art jewelry manufacturer, we prioritize quality and consistency in every piece.


In line with ethical and sustainable practices, we actively participate in responsible jewelry making. Our commitment extends to using precious recycled metals, ensuring environmental responsibility while maintaining top quality, reflecting our brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and social responsibility.

5, What Inspires Art Jewelry Design?

A variety of sources inspires art jewelry design:

  1. Nature: Many designs draw from natural forms like flowers or landscapes.
  2. Culture and History: Designs often incorporate elements from different cultures and historical periods.
  3. Personal Stories: Artists use jewelry to express personal experiences or emotions.
  4. Contemporary Art: Modern art movements influence the style and technique of art jewelry.
  5. Unique Materials: Artists experiment with different materials, leading to innovative designs.
  6. Fashion Trends: Current fashion can impact the style of art jewelry.

Art jewelry is a fusion of personal expression and artistic innovation.

6, What are the design advantages of RESOVON art jewelry?

Since its establishment, RESOVON has been a leader in art jewelry in China and is renowned for its creative designs. With over a decade of experience, our designers excel in fine jewelry aesthetics. We hand-select precious and semi-precious materials for each piece, ensuring harmony between design and gemstones.


Our blend of traditional and innovative techniques results in unique, beautiful, high-end jewelry. We also infuse our designs with the artistic essence of renowned global artists, offering unparalleled artistry in our creations. Additionally, we provide top-tier customization services, including material selection and advanced jewelry crafting techniques.

7, Is Art Jewelry a Good Investment?

Art jewelry can be a good investment for several reasons. Its value often depends on the artist’s reputation, the uniqueness and quality of the craftsmanship, and the materials used. Pieces by well-known artists or unique, handcrafted items can increase in value over time.


Also, if the jewelry has historical or cultural significance, it can become collectible. However, the art jewelry market can be subjective, so it’s important to have both a passion for the art and some market knowledge when investing.

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