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RESOVON Born For Your High Jewelry Custom

Time Passes, Generations Change, But Family Heirlooms Live Forever.
RESOVON Is Your Bespoke Jeweler For High Jewelry. Fashion, Luxury, Art, Innovation, And Maverick, We Give More Meaning To Your Jewelries.

Infinite imagination, creativity, outstanding artistic talent and grasp of fashion trends, together with RESOVON’s enthusiasm for creating extraordinary high-end jewelry…


The RESOVON team will properly integrate and sublimate aesthetics, fashion and art in the process of customizing each high-end jewelry work.

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

We provide exclusive services to our clients, listen to their voices, and transform each unique request into a breathtaking reality, realizing your high jewelry dreams.


After decades of immersion in the industry, we know that when it comes to customization, there are no limits. Beautiful, bold, idiosyncratic, awe-inspiring, unforgettable…the list goes on, each piece is a unique, unrivaled work of art, a luxury that stands the test of time and generations. RESOVON’s exquisite craftsmanship and persistent craftsman spirit endow jewelry with life.




Jewelry Customization Communication

High Jewelry Consultation

High Jewelry Consultation

According to the customer’s design drawings, gemstones, heirloom, hand-drawn drawings, 3D drawings or even jewelry concept for preliminary communication firstly.


Exclusive Designer

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Designer

After professional and full communication, RESOVON high jewelry designers create original jewelry designs, communicate and confirm with customers secondly, and start customization.


Custom Preliminary Work

Make a 3D model according to the customer’s intention, and after communicating thirdly to confirm the style, prepare to start making the wax model and confirm that it is correct and can be produced. Customers are required to pay a 30% deposit before production.


Quality Raw Materials

High Jewelry Gemologist

High Jewelry Gemologist

Mining and direct procurement of high-quality mining areas around the world. 10+ years experienced gemologists control gemstones, precious metals quality, as well as ethical standards.


Personalization Processes

Jewelry Artisan

Jewelry Artisan

According to the wax model confirmed by the customer, a series of steps such as goldsmith, Gems setting, polishing, marking, and quality inspection are carried out.

Maintain timely and effective communication with customers throughout the process to ensure quality and avoid any mistakes.


Quality Jewelry

High Jewelry Quality Control

High-end Jewelry QC

Each high-end jewelry customization process is carefully crafted by RESOVON craftsmen with more than 10 years of experience and more than 500 hours hard working.


Finished Jewelry Ready To Delivery

Safty Package And Delivery

Safty Package And Delivery

After the jewelry production is completed, reconfirm with the customer and collect the balance payment, and prepare for shipment.


One Jewelry One Certificate

Jewelry Certificates

Jewelry Certificates

According to customer requirements, send the customized high-end jewelry to an authoritative certification organization to issue an exclusive certificate.


Create A Masterpiece

For every diamond, every gemstone, every masterpiece, every bespoke journey is unique. Tradition and fashion, art and luxury reign in every aspect of the creative process, from the artful touch of artistic designers to the uncanny workmanship of experienced craftsmen, where RESOVON’s love of jewelry reigns supreme.


Timeless High Jewelry

Each bespoke piece is a meaningful journey that begins in the imagination of an artist-like designer and ends in the hands of a team of master craftsmen (gemologists, metalworkers, setters, polishers). Select the most precious natural materials on the earth, use jewelry aesthetics and artistic creativity to complete the customization journey of each work.

RESOVON Customer Visitation

Global VIP Customer Visitation

A perfect cooperation comes from initial trust. In order to better provide potential customers with professional customized services, RESOVON high jewelry team provide VIP face-to-face high jewelry consulting services globally. Welcome to contact us, Book An Appointment Now!

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