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  • Chrysoberyl Bracelet
  • Diamond Bracelet
  • Emerald Bracelet
  • Ruby Bracelet
  • Sapphire Bracelet

Five Gem High Jewelry Bracelet Manufacturer

As a leading high jewelry brand, RESOVON has built an excellent supply chain for the five-gemstone bracelet bespoke service.

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What Is High Jewelry Bracelet

Bracelets have been worn by people of all time. Bracelets have served as fashion ornaments and status markers when worn on the wrist.

You can find all sorts of bracelets, from simple bangles to hefty cuffs to elaborate bracelet sets with gems, pearls, diamonds, and amulets. Each makes a special proclamation and showcases a unique look, representing a distinct subculture rooted in its history and customs.

RESOVON is a reputable Chinese company that prioritizes research into the properties of gems and materials to produce exceptional jewelry. Jewelers, collectors, and distributors will find our bracelet jewelry of the highest quality.

Using only the finest materials and the skilled hands of expert goldsmiths, we create one-of-a-kind bracelet jewelry that is uniquely yours. We are a factory in China that can ship you beautiful jewelry pieces that wholesalers, collectors, and jewelers will adore.

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Ruby Bracelets

Rubies and sapphires both come from the same family of crystals called corundum. The crimson hue they get from minute levels of chromium is the most noticeable distinction. Rubies are easily distinguished from sapphires by their striking red hue.

Bracelets of haute couture jewelry can be made by RESOVON’s skilled jewelers. Our business produces high-quality ruby bracelets for the jewelry industry.

To protect ruby gemstones as much as possible, RESOVON’s goldsmiths craft them carefully for custom-made bracelets. In addition to our rubies, we sell bracelets with diamonds set in various precious metals.

  • Antique Ruby Bracelet
    Antique Ruby Bracelet
  • Luxury Ruby Bracelet
    Luxury Ruby Bracelet
  • Ruby Art Bracelet
    Ruby Art Bracelet
  • Ruby Bracelet
    Ruby Bracelet
  • Ruby Bridal Bracelet
    Ruby Bridal Bracelet
  • Ruby Fine Bracelet
    Ruby Fine Bracelet

Sapphire Bracelets

Sapphires have both aesthetic and functional value. They have long been symbols of monarchy and the clergy and are often worn as jewelry. Sapphires are a less common gemstone than diamonds, but each has its unique qualities.

Although blue sapphires are the most common color, they are also the most expensive since they are so scarce and of great quality. RESOVON’s custom sapphire bracelets are among the most competitive in the industry.

As China’s finest jewelry maker, we work with several sapphire mines that use time-tested practices like living wages, little environmental damage, and thorough cleanup afterward.

  • Pink Sapphire Bracelet
    Pink Sapphire Bracelet
  • Sapphire Art Bracelet
    Sapphire Art Bracelet
  • Sapphire Bracelet
    Sapphire Bracelet
  • Sapphire Bridal Bracelet
    Sapphire Bridal Bracelet
  • Sapphire Diamond Bracelet
    Sapphire DMD Bracelet
  • Sapphire Fine Bracelet
    Sapphire Fine Bracelet

Emerald Bracelets

The emerald is the May birthstone and the gem of spring. The gem’s internal inclusions are one of its most unique features, along with the calming effect of its grass-green tint. Natural emeralds have many admirers and fans, including Queen Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Olivia Wilde.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to pick the emeralds for each of our bracelets. They must be the same size and shape and the same shade of green. Some emeralds may need to be recut before they can be used in a new bracelet design.

Our jewelers meticulously select each emerald from our ethical sources to be sold under the RESOVON brand. The close, long-standing relationships with our partners allow us to eliminate any middlemen and their accompanying markups.

  • Art Emerald Bracelet
    Art Emerald Bracelet
  • Emerald Bracelet
    Emerald Bracelet
  • Emerald Bridal Bracelet
    Emerald Bridal Bracelet
  • Emerald Luxury Bracelet
    Emerald Luxury Bracelet
  • Emerald Platinum Bracelet
    Emerald Platinum Bracelet
  • Emerald Wedding Bracelet
    Emerald Wedding Bracelet
  • Gold Emerald Bracelet
    Gold Emerald Bracelet

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are a timeless means to commemorate a momentous occasion. These stunning bracelets are lasting pieces of jewelry that may be worn with pride for any special occasion, day or night.

RESOVON, a renowned Chinese jewelry manufacturer, offers a beautiful selection of custom-made diamond bracelets. Our expert gemologists have carefully picked and recut the finest exquisite diamonds to bring out their full brilliance.

RESOVON’s collection of diamond bracelets showcases the unique designs created by our world-class in-house design team. Every one of the master jewelers we employ here at the factory is well-versed in all the intricacies of jewelry design and production.

  • Art Diamond Bracelet
    Art Diamond Bracelet
  • Diamond Bridal Bracelet
    Diamond Bridal Bracelet
  • Diamond Groom Bracelet
    Diamond Groom Bracelet
  • Diamond High Bracelet
    Diamond High Bracelet
  • Luxury Diamond Bracelet
    Luxury Diamond Bracelet
  • Yellow Diamond Bracelet
    Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Other Gem Bracelets

Aside from precious gem bracelets, RESOVON offers other gem bracelets, such as pearl bracelets. Traditional pearl bracelets are made from a string of genuine pearls, with each jewel securely knotted at the end. Multi-strand and tin-cup pearl bracelets with alternating chains and pearls are other common styles.

Cultured pearls, freshwater and saltwater varieties, and natural and dyed colors are used in most pearl bracelets sold today. Popular hues include traditional white, ivory, champagne, pink, peach, golden, and deeper tones like a peacock, virtually black, silver, and copper.

RESOVON’s pearl bracelets feature high-quality pearls sourced from a trusted supplier in China. Our pearl selection is useful for jewelry designers, collectors, and distributors who want to make one-of-a-kind pearl bracelets. RESOVON’s artisans use only the finest pearls in our one-of-a-kind bracelets.

  • Amber Bracelet
    Amber Bracelet
  • Antique Bracelet
    Antique Bracelet
  • Aquamarine Bracelet
    Aquamarine Bracelet
  • Chrysoberyl Bracelet
    Chrysoberyl Bracelet
  • Crystal Bracelet
    Crystal Bracelet
  • Garnet Bracelet
    Garnet Bracelet
  • Gemstone Bracelet
    Gemstone Bracelet
  • Iolite Bracelet
    Iolite Bracelet
  • Morganite Bracelet
    Morganite Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet
    Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Fine Bracelet
    Pearl Fine Bracelet
  • Peridot Bracelet
    Peridot Bracelet
  • Spinel Bracelet
    Spinel Bracelet
  • Topaz Bracelet
    Topaz Bracelet
  • Tourmaline Bracelet
    Tourmaline Bracelet
  • Tsavorite Bracelet
    Tsavorite Bracelet

Gemstone Certifications

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
Gubelin Certification
Gubelin Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification

RESOVON High Bracelets Custom Process

Bracelet Custom Consult

Regarding consulting for bracelet jewelry, RESOVON is your best bet. Our highly trained consultants are committed to providing you with high-end jewelry made with the greatest materials and craftsmanship, and we have been doing it for over ten years.

Everything rests on your original idea and the drawing our designers create. The team will discuss the potential impacts of the chosen materials on the creation of the finished high jewelry. As a leading Chinese high-end jewelry manufacturer, we will do our best to fulfill your request.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Bracelet Jewelry Designer

The best designers and the highest-quality materials produce RESOVON’s stunning high jewelry, including bracelets. First, our skilled high jewelry designers hand-draw each custom piece for every client. RESOVON’s jewelry artists have a deep love for custom design.

Then, our team of expert jewelers takes inspiration from luxurious designs and recent fashion trends. We also take our cues when designing our luxurious fine jewelry using centuries-old techniques. Our skilled artists always look to the past and the present for ideas as they create jewelry for the future.

High Bracelet Gemologist

RESOVON, China’s leading high-end jewelry manufacturer, employs a team of gemologists widely regarded for their expertise, training, and reputation. Our team is qualified to advise you well as you navigate our extensive jewelry customization options.

Only trained gemologists are allowed to operate the specialized equipment used by RESOVON. We can identify each gem using optical, chemical, and digital technologies. To ensure the authenticity of your sapphire and other jewelry purchases, our trained gemologists will inspect in your presence.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Bracelet Jewelry Artisan

RESOVON’s jewelers will meticulously craft your order once you have finalized the design and decided on the metal and stones. The final stage of our customized jewelry manufacturing is the most crucial.

Every jewel element is carefully considered, from choosing the finest stones to creating the most intricate settings. By working with us, you can rest assured that our artists will select only the finest gemstones and meticulously design the jewelry of your dreams, tailored just to your tastes.

Safety Package & Delivery

Choosing from among all the Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers must be difficult. However, you may identify the best wholesale jewelry supplier in China, like RESOVON, by researching and comparing pricing.

RESOVON services include packing and securely delivering your jewelry to your wholesale business. We believe that your jewelry will best represent your brand and the quality of your products if delivered in intact condition. RESOVON offers efficient shipping and logistical options for your jewelry collection.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Bracelet Jewelry Service

When you need jewelry tailored to your specifications, turn to RESOVON for personalized service. If you’re looking for high-quality service from concept to delivery, go beyond our bracelet high jewelry services. We strive for consistency in our customer service as a dependable Chinese company.

RESOVON can cater to our customer’s needs because we employ only the finest jewelers, artisans, and goldsmiths. Make an appointment with RESOVON if you want high-quality jewelry, as we provide first-rate service from concept to completion.

RESOVON Your High Jewelry Bespoke Specialist

High Jewelry Gem Setting
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
RESOVON High Jewelry Building
RESOVON High Jewelry Model

High Jewelry Gem Setting

RESOVON works with highly talented talents, including artisans and goldsmiths, to ensure we constantly produce excellent jewelry pieces. All the gems in our high-end jewelry are set by hand by skilled artisans and goldsmiths.

Our goldsmiths are well-versed in setting precious stones since we insist on quality above quantity. Like all other jewelry pieces, bracelets will remain securely set in exquisite bespoke jewelry for years.

Hard Enamel Jewelry Process

The traditional ornamental method for high-end jewelry is the hard enamel process. Custom jewelry often has gaps that are colored over with enamel. During the bespoke process, the enamel is burned at high temperatures to fuse with the metal.

Then, the powdered glass and metal oxides are dry-sifted to impart color. To create a solid form, the glass powder is heated and then cooled. The skilled goldsmiths at RESOVON are familiar with the time-consuming hard enameling procedure used in highly personalized jewelry.

RESOVON Advantages In Bracelet Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Education
Bracelet Jewelry Education

The jewelers at RESOVON average over ten years of experience in the luxury goods market. All jewelers, artisans, and goldsmiths on our staff have received expert-level training and education in the jewelry business.

Bracelet jewelry education mainly covers gemology, design, production, business management, and supply chain administration. The outstanding quality of all our jewelry results from our extensive experience. These features contribute to RESOVON’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer.

Decades Of Jewelry Artisan History
Decades Of Jewelry Artisan History

As the leading high-quality jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON has a team of professional artisans and jewelers who make stunning haute couture jewelry. Every artisan has gone through years of professional training and education to produce high-quality jewelry.

RESOVON stays on top by establishing standards for our jewelry. All the materials we used to make your unique bracelet were of the highest quality and ethically sourced. We exclusively use stones sourced from the best manufacturers in China.

RESOVON Bracelets Bespokes

Aquamarine Bracelet
Aquamarine Bracelet

Aquamarine bracelets are mesmerizing pieces featuring aquamarine’s blue colors. They add elegance to any outfit. Additionally, our aquamarine bracelets come in various styles, allowing you to find the piece that suits your style and personal preferences.

If you’re looking for a delicate bracelet or a strong statement piece, RESOVON’s aquamarine bracelet is the best choice. The unique color of aquamarine makes them a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Emerald Bracelet
Emerald Bracelet

Emerald bracelets are captivating and luxurious jewelry pieces that display the emerald’s unmatched beauty. These bracelets have an elegant and sophisticated vibe, making them a wanted piece for any jewelry lover. An emerald bracelet will surely leave a lasting impression.

Aside from their unbelievable beauty, emerald gemstones are said to have healing and spiritual properties. Generally, emerald bracelets are associated with harmony, love, and emotional stability.

Gold Bracelet
Gold Bracelet

Gold bracelets have been used for centuries for their exquisite beauty and lasting value. Our gold bracelets come in various styles, making it easy to find one that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Gold bracelets are also meaningful gifts representing friendship, love, and celebration.

Our expert jewelers at RESOVON will help you decide and find the best gold bracelet that meets your preferences and budget, including the gold carving high jewelry.

Jade Bracelet
Jade Bracelet

The jade bracelet’s rich history and bright green color make it a beautiful accessory with symbolic meaning and positive energy. Whether you desire traditional elegance or contemporary jewelry designs, RESOVON’s jade bracelet will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

Beyond its appearance, jade carries a deep symbolic meaning and spiritual importance. It is associated with prosperity, harmony, and balance. Our customization services will create a bracelet that reflects your unique personality!

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End Jewelry Bracelets

RESOVON is a professional high jewelry manufacturing Brand. We have the following advantages: the Chinese traditional jewelry craftsmanship, the luxury brand MBA education background, and the fashion vision of New York.

  • “Everything I’ve bought for my wholesale business has been fantastic. The quality is impeccable, the stones are magnificent, and the designs are timeless. RESOVON justifiably has a position of preeminence in its field. I can’t wait to put in my next request!”

    - Sandra Lee, USA
  • “RESOVON is the only jewelry supplier I can trust with high-quality jewelry. Their work is exquisite, and they pay extraordinary attention to detail. The premium jewelry bespoke services offered by RESOVON made it easy to personalize my purchases to my specifications and provide me with stunning pieces.”

    - Emily Thompson, Canada
  • “Since then, RESOVON has supported my business. I can confidently declare that they are the best jewelry supplier. All their bracelet jewelry is exquisitely crafted and of the highest quality. They also offer fantastic high-end jewelry bespoke services to make sure every item is made to order. I think RESOVON is the best place for wholesalers to find a one-of-a-kind bracelet piece.”

    - Henry Burke, Ireland
Ruby Bracelets Gallery
Diamond Bracelets Gallery
Sapphire Bracelets Gallery

Dangle Bracelet

Figure 1 Dangle Bracelet

What is RESOVON Bracelet Jewelry?

RESOVON’s bracelet jewelry can offer you elegance at reasonable prices. Our gem bracelet jewelry stands out the most with its various designs made with high-quality materials. Whether it is ruby, sapphire, emerald, or even diamond, RESOVON has that.

We also have other beautiful chain bracelets, either bracelet keychains or ring chains, that can give a classy look. A bracelet without a clasp is also available, mostly liked by people who love being convenient.

The Reputation of High-End Jewelry Bracelets in China

China is one of the countries that have certain beliefs about using numerous symbols that can improve various areas of their life. Some symbols attract wealth, secure health, and offer good luck. And that can be in a piece of jewelry, such as bracelets.

As a result, multiple companies have started to manufacture and customize various high jewelry products. And RESOVON is China’s leading high jewelry bespoke services supplier and manufacturer. With our experience of more than ten years, we were able to create several iconic high-end jewelry sets.

Gem and chain bracelets are one of the high-end jewelry products that we are proud to present. Being “born for high-end” is our philosophy. And as per our company’s mission, we can create a place for high-end jewelry brands in China.

RESOVON’s Stunning High Jewelry Gem Bracelets

Our high jewelry bracelets vary in high-quality gems economically sourced in China. Each gem has its perks and uniqueness that are suitable for anyone. Some gems offer protection, abundance, healing, love, and strength. Here are some of our popular bracelets that are made with high-grade gems:

Ruby Bracelets

Charm Ruby Bracelets

Figure 2 Charm Ruby Bracelets

With its redness, Ruby is considered one of the most precious gemstones. Ruby has a measurement of 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness; it ranks second to diamond and then matches with sapphire. And that makes this gemstone highly durable and hard.

Ruby is also called the Stone of Kings because it symbolizes power and wealth. It is also the stone of protection, as it was worn as a talisman in the past. So, together with RESOVON professional jewelers, create your very own ruby bracelet.

Sapphire Bracelets

White Gold Sapphire Crystal Tennis Bracelet

Figure 3 White Gold Sapphire Crystal Tennis Bracelet

Sapphire bracelets are another valuable gem bracelet our team can form into high-end jewelry. Aside from its deep blue stone color, sapphire is also known for its hardness and durability as part of corundum. For this reason, it has become one of the gems much desired in their bracelet jewelry.

The gemstone sapphire generally represents wisdom, joy, truth, and loyalty. Sapphires are also considered celestial stones. That is because of their mysterious powers, glorious history, and dazzling color.

Emerald Bracelets

Green Emerald Diamond Bracelet

Figure 4 Green Emerald Diamond Bracelet

With its title, “The Jewel of Kings,” emerald has always been regarded as an outstanding jewel, especially as bracelet jewelry. Aside from that, many have also fallen in love with its rare green color. Emerald is recognized as the stone for happy love, integrity, and great loyalty.

Regarding durability, emerald measures around 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. With the help of our trained jewelers, you can expect that your high-end jewelry will be exceptional.

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelet Jewelry

Figure 5 Diamond Bracelet Jewelry

Also known as the hardest among gemstones, diamonds have a rate of 10 on the Mohs scale. And that makes it perfect for high-end jewelry, like bracelets. Moreover, diamonds can reflect light most brightly, creating a beautiful sparkle. And that’s what makes people choose diamonds among all others.

Working with those features and our artisans’ and experts’ years of experience, you can have the best and most stunning high-end jewelry you could imagine.

Other RESOVON’s Exquisite Gem Bracelets

RESOVON’s gem bracelet set does not end with those precious gems. Lucky for you, we are offering bracelets made of top-quality and unique gemstones and materials. No worries, because the quality will not change due to our trusted supplier in China and our well-experienced team.

Crystal Bracelet

Pink Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Figure 6 Pink Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Not only can you feel its beauty, but with crystal bracelets, you can also experience several benefits that you cannot have with other bracelets. Most people can feel its energetic benefits by just wearing them. Crystals can also serve as a manifestation instrument, protect against bad vibes, and more.

Crystal bracelets also vary depending on what type of crystals you prefer or need. Regardless, our high jewelry bespoke services can assist you in achieving your desired crystal bracelet.

Peridot Bracelet

Peridot Bracelet Sterling Silver

Figure 7 Peridot Bracelet Sterling Silver

Peridot is another valuable gem used in making high-end jewelry, like bracelets. Generally, peridot attracts everyone’s attention due to its exceptionally bright green color. Instead of the impurities inside the gem, the peridot’s color comes from its chemical composition, iron.

Another feature of peridot is its phenomenal double refraction. That means you can see two of each pavilion facet every time you look at it, which is an interesting addition to bracelet jewelry. Aside from that, Peridot bracelets also offer luck and fortune to their bearer.

Topaz Bracelet

Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelet

Figure 8 Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelet

Topaz is a transparent gemstone that comes in vast colors, ranging from pink to red to blue and green. Even colorless topaz is available. If you are wondering about Topaz’s durability, this gem has a rate of 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning it has the same hardness and durability as emeralds.

Nevertheless, topaz is a stunning yet versatile gemstone that can be easily formed into a piece of jewelry, like a bracelet. With the assistance of our highly qualified team of jewelers and goldsmiths, dreamy topaz bracelets will become a reality.

Tourmaline Bracelet

Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelets

Figure 9 Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelets

As the name suggests, which means unknown stones of different colors, tourmaline gems are considered the most colorful gemstones. Although they are known for its multiple colors, tourmaline is also popular for its black appearance.

With its colorful characteristics, tourmaline also promotes numerous benefits, including happiness, intelligence, charity, and peace of mind. This makes it an ideal gemstone for making high-end jewelry, including bracelets.

Garnet Bracelet

Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelet

Figure 10 Yellow Gold Garnet Bracelet

Another popular choice in our factory in China is garnet jewelry, specifically garnet bracelets. With its rich, deep, exquisite red color, garnet became well-known as a high-end gem jewelry. Garnet has a rate of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which means garnet is suitable and durable enough for regular wear.

In addition to its red color, tourmaline is also available in shades of purple, orange, or pink. Either way, garnet bracelets are best for convenience.

Tsavorite Bracelet

Oval Tsavorite Infinity Link Bracelet With Diamonds

Figure 11 Oval Tsavorite Infinity Link Bracelet With Diamonds

Tsavorite is part of the garnet family of gemstones due to its similar properties to garnet. Even though the public only recently discovered this gem, its beauty became comparable to emeralds. With its eye-catching, vibrant green color, tsavorite became people’s favorite.

And with RESOVON’s high jewelry customization, the favorite can be cut into several gemstone shapes like cushions, pears, rounds, etc. But the most popular bracelet cut includes square, oval, and princess cuts.

Why Choose RESOVON as Your High Jewelry Bespoke Specialist?

RESOVON has a know-how system of high-end jewelry formed by traditional craftsmanship, which has been polished gradually. What makes us unique among others is that we combine fashion, art, and tradition into one, resulting in high-end jewelry pieces. We tend to innovate further and explore the true meaning of high jewelry.

Having a logic of being “born for high-end” keeps us moving forward. RESOVON believes that we can create a place for high-end jewelry brands in China through us. As a leading manufacturer and factory of high-end jewelry in China, we can give you the best custom jewelry experience you could picture.

Not only do we promote luxury, but we have also upheld the original concept of hand-made customization since day one. So, if you’re looking for a quality and trusted bespoke specialist, don’t fret—choose RESOVON.

RESOVON Advantages in Bracelet Jewelry

As a prominent high jewelry manufacturer in China, we ensure quality with all our bespoke products and services to our clients. Customized pieces, like chains and gem bracelets, are some of the haute couture jewelry we proudly present.

We guarantee that our bracelets are made of high-grade materials from our trusted suppliers in China. All of the gems and materials used in making those personalized and customized bracelets are premium in quality.

Aside from that, our company comprises multiple talented and experienced goldsmiths, artisans, designers, and jewelers. With that, you will be assured that your bracelets are made with care and handled by professionals.

RESOVON Bracelets Bespokes

Nothing beats a piece of customized jewelry. Lucky you, aside from being a leading manufacturer in China, RESOVON is a bespoke specialist in high jewelry, including bracelets. With that, here are some of the bespoke bracelets available at RESOVON.

Aquamarine Bracelet

White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Bracelet

Figure 12 White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Bracelet

Formed with our expert jewelers and artisans, we also offer bespoke aquamarine bracelets. It was considered the treasure of the mermaids because of its beautiful pale blue-green color. Also, aquamarine gems protected their bearer’s emotional and spiritual state.

Emerald Bracelet

Emerald And Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Figure 13 Emerald And Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Emerald bracelets are another bespoke piece of jewelry that can be made with our team of jewelers. RESOVON’s emerald bracelets usually vary in size, designs, cuts, and carats. Regardless, having a fine emerald customized for you is like a dream come true.

Gold Bracelet

Yellow Gold Large Diamond Bracelet

Figure 14 Yellow Gold Large Diamond Bracelet

Gold is the most flexible yet manageable metal. As a result, it is one of the best options for making jewelry, like bracelets. Aside from having distinctive colors, gold is known as an inactive metal that does not tarnish or rust.

Gold bracelets can be chains or simple,, classy-looking bracelets. Either way, RESOVON’S high jewelry personalization can accommodate that request. We prioritize keeping our clients’ ideas and suggestions with haute couture jewelry.

Jade Bracelet

Vintage Jade Bracelet

Figure 15 Vintage Jade Bracelet

Jade is a shining crystal typically used in jewelry, especially as bracelets, for many years. This crystal can be either a bangle or bead type of bracelet. Depending on what form you suggest, RESOVON bespoke services can do that for you.

Jade is also known for its natural beauty, which is one of numerous reasons why people love using jade bracelets. A jade bracelet was considered the stone of luck. Generally, this is because it could attract wealth and fortune and even provide protection against bad luck.

Is RESOVON's Jewelry Bracelet Worth it?

Considering the high-quality gems, stones, and materials used in making high-end jewelry, RESOVON’s jewelry bracelets are worth their price. Not only that, but we also offer high jewelry customization, personalization, and bespoke services that can meet the needs of our clients’ jewelry.

Our customization process is not as simple as you may imagine. Since we have a team of professionals varying from artisans, designers, jewelers, and many more, every step is crucial.

One of our missions is to bring our customers the ultimate custom jewelry experience through our excellent craftsmanship and design, outstanding service, and best quality.

What Materials Can Be Used in a Jewelry Bracelet?

Aside from gems and crystals, a jewelry bracelet can be formed with stones, pearls, shells, beads, and metals. Some popular metals in bracelets include silver, platinum, gold, and titanium.

Moreover, base metals are also available for bracelets. These metals are the cheaper version of the precious metals mentioned. Base metals usually involve copper and brass.

Are Personalized Bracelets Pricey?

Customizing an object, especially jewelry tends to get pricey depending on numerous factors. But with RESOVON’s high jewelry personalization, we can offer you customization at the most affordable prices. Not only that, quality bespoke jewelry and services are also ensured.

So, if you are looking for a quality company to customize jewelry for you while staying within your budget, RESOVON is your best option.

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