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As a team of MBA entrepreneurs who have been immersed in business for almost 20 years, the RESOVON team can list a lot of things when it comes to building a jewelry brand, such as brand name, brand components, brand visual design, brand attributes, etc.


Our branding is the process of creating and communicating a brand name, quality and personality. Through branding, we create associations with our target audience so that once a customer encounters a brand he knows, he will begin to associate it with a certain image in his mind.


At the beginning of our business, we started our jewelry business through these 10 steps:

  • 1. choose your niche and target market,
  • 2. research potential competitors,
  • 3. develop a business plan,
  • 4. choose a creative name,
  • 5. design a jewelry range,
  • 6. establish a supply chain,
  • 7. design a unique brand aesthetic,
  • 8. develop a marketing strategy,
  • 9. establish sales channels,
  • 10. develop after-sales service.


To better serve our clients, we have also established a well-established brand alliance strategy, which is a partnership between two or more companies designed to provide advantages for both parties. It differs from influencer advertising because it includes the development of co-branded products.


RESOVON brands use their extensive experience and strengths in the high jewelry industry and luxury brand management to jointly develop products, mainly jewelry products, with other brands, creating and offering products or services together that generate excess profits and increase the reputation and awareness of the brand.


This brand alliance generates a chemical reaction that goes far beyond the effect of one plus one equals two. Due to the dual know-how of both parties of the alliance, the quality of the product will be improved, consumers will be more satisfied, and the brand recognition and reputation will also be enhanced.


In the process of strategic brand alliances, RESOVON adheres to the 4Cs principles of Complementarities, Congruence of goals, Compatibility of organizations, and Change that will occur over the anticipated timeframe of the alliance.


Brand alliances can also enhance brand association. Brand association is the interrelationship between a brand and a specific concept that consumers recall when they encounter the brand. Consumers recall brands through the use of unique attributes, experiences, images, etc. that make them stand out.


A brand association is a unique collection of concepts, emotions, objects, experiences, personalities, relationships, people, things, or images. It can be tangible or intangible. It can be directly related to the brand’s product, indirectly related or completely unrelated. But it allows customers to remember and recognize the corresponding brand.


The main motivation behind brand association is to have a brand that consumers can associate with positive attributes. In the eyes of the customer, brand association is a psychological connection, a sense of belonging to the brand, and trust in the quality of the brand, all of which can generate purchase decisions. Brand association also affects product differentiation and user satisfaction.


Through the operation of RESOVON entrepreneurial team, we have the following main types of brand alliances.
1. Sponsorship-based Promotions/Co-branding
These promotions or sales are mainly centered around famous brands and target top VIP customer groups.

2. Innovation-based
Cross-industry brand alliances are revolutionary innovations based on the original foundation, focusing on creating new blue ocean markets, tapping customer demand and enhancing brand advantages.

3. Value Chain
This alliance relationship is manifested as an alliance between products and services, from the traditional product and service each fighting to the joint development of products and services.

4.Supply Chain
By means of strategic brand alliance, we open up the supply chain system of fine jewelry, from mine owners, raw material wholesalers, traders, world famous jewelry brands, to jewelry artisans, jewelry designers, jewelry sellers, and establish a complete industry chain brand alliance.


The target of RESOVON brand alliance is mainly world famous brands, internet celebrities, celebrities, artists, museums, etc.


We communicate through a professional project team and adopt a major client visit to communicate directly with potential partner brands in person to establish an efficient brand alliance operation mechanism.


Through brand alliances, we provide our partners with opportunities for rapid growth and development, and work together to maintain a healthy and orderly high jewelry industry that creates value for our clients.

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