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As a professional high jeweler brand, RESOVON has built an efficient supply chain serving your high-end brooch personalization.

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What Is High Jewelry Brooch

Romans, Greeks, and Celts have utilized high jewelry brooches since the Bronze Age. Brooches are jewelry pieces made with precious gemstones and metals and made with the finest craftsmanship. A brooch is normally used as a fastener for clothing, like a scarf.

RESOVON saw the importance of brooches and thought they were more than just a fastener. As a renowned jewelry factory in China, RESOVON has elevated the brooch’s status to high jewelry. Our brooches are stunning centerpieces for your style on a special occasion.

Each custom piece is hand-drawn by our jewelry designers. Our high jewelry brooches honor our world’s majestic beauty and wonders by drawing inspiration from various sources, including art and nature.

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Ruby Brooches

Browse our catalog of ruby brooches and see how they stand out in different styles, such as Fine Ruby Brooches, Bridal Ruby Brooches, Art Ruby Brooches, Antique Ruby Brooches, Gold Ruby Brooches, Luxury Ruby Brooches, Platinum Ruby Brooches, and Women’s Ruby Brooches.

Ruby brooches are the perfect choice if you want to add a pop of vibrant red color to your overall outfit. With its elegance and sophistication, it’s no surprise that a ruby brooch can complete your classy look.

  • Antique Ruby Brooch
    Antique Ruby Brooch
  • Art Ruby Brooch
    Art Ruby Brooch
  • Bridal Ruby Brooch
    Bridal Ruby Brooch
  • Fine Ruby Brooch
    Fine Ruby Brooch
  • Gold Ruby Brooch
    Gold Ruby Brooch
  • Luxury Ruby Brooch
    Luxury Ruby Brooch
  • Platinum Ruby Brooch
    Platinum Ruby Brooch
  • Women Ruby Brooch
    Women Ruby Brooch

Sapphire Brooches

Select any of our sapphire brooches to add a touch of class and elegance to your outfit. From Antique Sapphire Brooches to Wedding Sapphire Brooches, there’s the right design for every desired look.

With its deep blue color, you can surely turn heads toward your charming accessory. Our jewelers and goldsmiths are here to assist you and help you choose our sapphire brooches and other haute couture jewelry.

  • Antique Sapphire Brooch
    Antique Sapphire Brooch
  • Art Sapphire Brooch
    Art Sapphire Brooch
  • Diamond Sapphire Brooch
    Diamond Sapphire Brooch
  • Luxury Sapphire Brooch
    Luxury Sapphire Brooch
  • Sapphire Brooch Jewelry
    Sapphire Brooch Jewelry
  • Sapphire Gem Brooch
    Sapphire Gem Brooch
  • Sapphire High Brooch
    Sapphire High Brooch
  • Wedding Sapphire Brooch
    Wedding Sapphire Brooch

Emerald Brooches

Emerald gems have long been associated with royalty and luxury, so if you plan to add a touch of sophistication to your overall look, these stunning green gems are your best bet.

The emerald brooches from wholesaler RESOVON aim to complete a classy outfit by giving it a regal touch. You can wear an emerald brooch to capture attention to any occasion or wear good luck, as this gem represents general abundance and refinement.

Here at RESOVON, we have the tools in our factory in China, people with experience, and the right jewelers to bespoke gems like this into personalized accessories through our custom-made jewelry services.

  • Antique Emerald Brooch
    Antique Emerald Brooch
  • Art Emerald Brooch
    Art Emerald Brooch
  • Emerald Brooch Jewelry
    Emerald Brooch Jewelry
  • Emerald Brooch
    Emerald Brooch
  • Emerald High Brooch
    Emerald High Brooch
  • Luxury Emerald Brooch
    Luxury Emerald Brooch
  • Opal Emerald Brooch
    Opal Emerald Brooch
  • Wedding Emerald Brooch
    Wedding Emerald Brooch

Diamond Brooches

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend if you want to wear an accessory that invokes authority while looking classy. However, contrary to their simple yet elegant appearance, diamonds are difficult to process because of their durability.

Luckily, RESOVON has jewelers with the right skills and knowledge, and the factories in China have the tools they need. With our high jewelry bespoke services, crafting diamond brooches has never been a problem!

  • Antique Diamond Brooch
    Antique Diamond Brooch
  • Art Diamond Brooch
    Art Diamond Brooch
  • Diamond Brooch
    Diamond Brooch
  • Luxury Diamond Brooch
    Luxury Diamond Brooch
  • Pearl Diamond Brooch
    Pearl Diamond Brooch
  • Platinum Diamond Brooch
    Platinum Diamond Brooch
  • Ruby Diamond Brooch
    Ruby Diamond Brooch
  • Sapphire Diamond Brooch
    Sapphire Diamond Brooch

Pearl Brooches

Pearls have been one of the highly valued gems for centuries because they represent purity, elegance, and innocence. Aside from adding a touch of feminine and mystical appeal to any outfit, customized pearls are also known to depict wealth, status, and prosperity.

In fashion, customized pearl brooches add elegance and texture to any outfit and can bridge color schemes for a next-level overall look.

As the leading manufacturer in China, RESOVON is about helping you show off your personality and style through accessories. Our top-notch jewelers and goldsmith can help you personalize your pearl brooch or choose from jewelry pieces from our wholesaler store that leaves everyone stunned and impressed!

  • Antique Pearl Brooch
    Antique Pearl Brooch
  • Art Pearl Brooch
    Art Pearl Brooch
  • Black Pearl Brooch
    Black Pearl Brooch
  • Diamond Pearl Brooch
    Diamond Pearl Brooch
  • Fine Pearl Brooch
    Fine Pearl Brooch
  • Gold Pearl Brooch
    Gold Pearl Brooch
  • Luxury Pearl Brooch
    Luxury Pearl Brooch
  • Pearl Brooch
    Pearl Brooch
  • Platinum Pearl Brooch
    Platinum Pearl Brooch

Other Gem Brooches

Aside from the top gem brooches above, RESOVON offers haute couture jewelry and other gems for your collection and fashion sense. You can choose from various rocks: Agate, Amber, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Morganite, and Opal to Turquoise.

No matter what gem you prefer to accessorize, RESOVON is your trusted supplier and manufacturer of personalized jewelry to help you achieve your best look. With our expertise in creating masterclass accessories, RESOVON has earned the title of top manufacturer and supplier in China.

Our high jewelry bespoke services help you bring your creative ideas to life and wear them on any occasion.

  • Agate Brooch
    Agate Brooch
  • Amber Brooch
    Amber Brooch
  • Aquamarine Brooch
    Aquamarine Brooch
  • Garnet Brooch
    Garnet Brooch
  • Gemstone Brooch
    Gemstone Brooch
  • Moonstone Brooch
    Moonstone Brooch
  • Morganite Brooch
    Morganite Brooch
  • Opal Brooch
    Opal Brooch
  • Peridot Brooch
    Peridot Brooch
  • Spinel Brooch
    Spinel Brooch
  • Sunstone Brooch
    Sunstone Brooch
  • Tanzanite Brooch
    Tanzanite Brooch
  • Topaz Brooch
    Topaz Brooch
  • Tsavorite Brooch
    Tsavorite Brooch
  • Turquoise Brooch
    Turquoise Brooch

Gemstone Certifications

EGL Certification
EGL Certification
Gubelin Certification
Gubelin Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON High Brooches Custom Process

Brooch Custom Consultation

RESOVON has developed high-end bespoke services for its premier clientele. The services start with a custom consultation. We always want to know you and discuss important details about what you want with your high-end brooches.

A consultation is a great place to start when customizing jewelry. After a thorough meeting with our specialists, you will receive a hand-drawn design. At RESOVON, you can create the right high-jewelry brooch with the help of our knowledgeable jewelry specialists.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Brooch Jewelry Designer

Based on your consultation, our highly skilled designer from our factory in China will create a digital mockup or draft of your personalized high brooch design. This step allows you to visualize how the final product will look so you can provide feedback and adjust the plan.

You will need to show approval if you’re satisfied with the design and our high jewelry bespoke services before we move on to the next step of the process. Rest assured that our trusted goldsmith and expert jewelry designers only craft pieces that meet your standards.

High Brooch Gemologist

RESOVON has the best jewelers, goldsmiths, and gemologists worldwide to achieve their goal of creating today’s finest jewelry. We aim to provide top-quality, high-jewelry personalization to satisfy and keep up with today’s haute couture jewelry trend.

To ensure our team provides the best service and high-quality accessories, RESOVON carefully selects employees to process our personalization services; if you’re wondering how we became the top manufacturer in China today, there are two factors: an expert team and top-notch tools.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Brooch Jewelry Artisan

Consult with a gemologist to ensure a high-quality brooch. Gemologists have the skills and knowledge to understand the meaning and symbolism behind every gem, which is essential if you prefer high jewelry customization to show off your style.

As China’s leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier, RESOVON understands the power of wearing the correct symbolism.

Safty Package & Delivery

The packaging and delivery process of your haute couture jewelry is just as necessary as the process of making it. As a luxury jewelry brand in China, RESOVON considers safety and precision when delivering your jewelry and brooches.

RESOVON courier services prove our title as the top supplier and manufacturer in China – we ensure our clients receive their orders on time and are safe and sound.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Brooch Jewelry Service

What makes RESOVON different? Our service doesn’t stop when you receive your order. Also, our team understands that you might have questions or other concerns about your brooch or the high jewelry personalization process, and we are happy to provide you with more information.

We always ensure a complete quality experience for our clients – from submitting a request to after-sales service. Rest assured that our skilled and approachable team will be with you every step of the way!

RESOVON Your High Jewelry Bespoke Specialist

High Jewelry Hand Drawing
High Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Process
RESOVON High Jewelry Building

High Jewelry Goldsmith

Brooch jewelry making is an intricate process that requires advanced skills and a steady hand to master. RESOVON has a team of talented jewelers and goldsmiths who can perfect this step and more. They put their years of experience and advanced skills into providing your brooch from our factories in China.

You can choose between our eye-catching high-jewelry pieces to find the best work that suits your look. But if you want something more personal to show off your style and personality, we offer high-jewelry bespoke services if you need customized jewelry pieces.

A great workman deserves the best equipment. Our factory in China has the high-quality and advanced tools our jewelers need to execute the process flawlessly. Also, our talented team and excellent high jewelry customization service are key factors why RESOVON remains China’s leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier.

High Jewelry Craftsmanship

In our factory, this is where the magic happens. From creating high-quality jewelry from scratch to displaying our best work through high jewelry customization, RESOVON proudly presents its achievements through the jewelry factory.

With its top-notch craftsmanship, high-end materials, and the ability to show off status and prestige, it’s no wonder why high-end jewelry has been popular for years. High jewelry is made with the highest quality materials and exquisite designs to complete and complement your classy outfit.

If you need one, we at RESOVON are here to help you! As your high jewelry bespoke specialist, RESOVON possesses the right people and tools to ensure a piece of top-quality high jewelry.

RESOVON Advantages In Brooch Jewelry

Luxury Brand Management MBA
Luxury Brand Management MBA

Here at RESOVON, we are headed by the best and most talented CEO and founder, Charles Chao. He has an MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management in Sup de Luxe, and thanks to him, the company became a wholesale jewelry powerhouse early on.

We offer wholesale products for high jewelry personalization to keep up with the ever-changing trends and the fashion industry.

High Jewelry Education
Plenty of High Jewelry Education

RESOVON high jewelry team consists of manufacturers, jewelers, and goldsmiths who are experts in various areas, such as gemology, jewelry history, diamond grading, and jewelry design.

To pride ourselves as the top wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China, we aim to create high-quality accessories for our clients to help them stand out.

RESOVON Brooch Bespokes

Art Brooch
Art Brooch

Made by our jewelers using various materials and techniques of high jewelry customization, an art brooch is a perfect choice if you want a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Our artists use different methods to take on various shapes and sizes for your preferred design.

People who appreciate art jewelry personalization may find our brooches appealing for their uniqueness. They add value and appeal to any outfit. Plus, art brooches reflect your personal style and artistic vision, allowing you to wear your jewelry meaningfully and tonically.

Diamond Brooch
Diamond Brooch

Regardless of classic or avant-garde style, a customized diamond brooch features one or more diamond sets and is perfect for clothing, hats, and bags. As the leading supplier in China, our jewelers aim to create a timeless and elegant diamond brooch that is versatile enough to fit different outfits and styles.

Diamond brooches are often associated with love, commitment, and eternity, perfect for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or milestone birthdays. Our wholesale diamond brooches are also luxurious and sophisticated to any high-end jewelry collection.

Emerald Brooch
Emerald Brooch

Many love emeralds for their rich green color, which ranges from vivid, bright green to deep, dark green. An emerald brooch is a stunning and unique gemstone that’s perfect for your jewelry collection. Whether you’re looking to diversify your jewelry collection or want a versatile piece of high-quality jewelry customization, an emerald brooch is your best choice.

Emerald brooches are often associated with love, rebirth, and growth, which makes them perfect for unique and intimate occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. Add a unique and stunning piece to your collection with an emerald brooch from RESOVON – a trusted and reliable manufacturer and wholesaler of emerald pins in China.

Gemstones Brooch
Gemstones Brooch

Our jewelers and goldsmiths in China can personalize wholesale gemstone brooches in various colors, sizes, shapes, and gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. These stunning and eye-catching brooches showcase a particular gemstone’s natural beauty.

Personalized gemstones have different meanings or qualities, such as love, prosperity, or protection. You can wear these brooches in different stylish ways and outfits or choose a piece that went through our high jewelry personalization process.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End Jewelry Brooches

Obtaining the advantages of the Chinese traditional jewelry craftsmanship, the Paris luxury brand MBA education background, and the mastering of New York fashion trends. RESOVON is your #1 high jewelry brooches bespoke servie supplier.

  • “I purchased a pair of customized RESOVON diamond brooches for my wedding day, which were stunning. The attention to detail was impressive, and their team made me feel like a princess on my special day.”

    - Emma King, UK
  • “I have been a loyal customer of RESOVON for years and have never been disappointed with their stunning designs and top-notch quality. Their approach to high jewelry personalization pieces truly sets them apart from other manufacturers.” 

    - Ana Smith, Spain
  • “I was looking for a special gift for my mother’s birthday and was extremely glad to have come across RESOVON. Their brooch catalog is impressive, eye-catching, and breathtaking, which my mother loves. She was thrilled with the design and wore it daily no matter where she went!”

    - David Uy, Canada
Ruby Brooches Gallery
Sapphire Brooches Gallery
Emerald Brooches Gallery

Diamond-studded Gold Brooch With Peridots

Figure 1 Diamond-studded Gold Brooch With Peridots

As the leading manufacturer in China of high jewelry, RESOVON continues to offer various haute couture jewelry. One of the high jewelry customization offered by our manufacturer is bespoke brooches. People have worn brooches for centuries, and our factory in China produces stunning high-jewelry brooches.

Regarding high jewelry customization of brooches, RESOVON continues to collaborate with talents in the high jewelry industry. Our factory uses ethically-sourced materials from our China supplier to customize brooches.

Highly-skilled goldsmiths from China finely craft brooches that jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers love. After over ten years of experience in the high jewelry industry, we found reliable couriers to deliver your bespoke brooches anywhere in the world. Your custom brooch will be delivered on time and in pristine condition.

Types of Brooches

Custom brooch of any type are attainable by our experts. RESOVON has a deep knowledge of haute couture jewelry, including high jewelry personalization of every type of brooch. Our factory offers customization for different types of brooches for every occasion.

Bar Brooch

A bar brooch is a pin brooch, typically an elongated horizontal bespoke brooch. Generally, this type of brooch is popular for being easy to fasten and comes in various personalized shapes and sizes. Originally designed to be a custom way of fastening loose articles of clothing. Our factory can customize your brooch to be both purposeful and stylish.

Golden Bar Brooch

Figure 2 Golden Bar Brooch

Enamel Brooch

Enamel brooch is donned with gemstones to create bespoke brooch designs. RESOVON goldsmiths expertly use the enameling process to craft and personalize brooches. A custom enamel brooch is typically rich in color and gemstones for a more high jewelry style.

Pearl Enamel Brooch

Figure 3 Pearl Enamel Brooch

Foliate Brooch

Bespoke brooches decorated with leaves or have a more floral focus motif are known as foliate brooches. Around the 19th century, foliate brooches were commonly personalized with forget-me-nots. This type of brooch is more focused on art than high jewelry personalization. Artisans work more with foliate brooches than metal workers like goldsmiths.

Foliate Platinum Brooch

Figure 4 Foliate Platinum Brooch

Pendant Brooch

Pendant brooches were bespoke to be conveniently transformed from a customized necklace into a brooch. A highly skilled goldsmith will hide bales that will hold the chain. And the same expert goldsmith will also customize the pin to be invisible from the pendant.

Platinum Brooch Pendant

Figure 5 Platinum Brooch Pendant

Portrait Brooch

A portrait brooch is customized to hold a miniature portrait painting. Artisans would customize a portrait brooch on ivory, porcelain, or mother of pearl. Bespoke portrait brooches in the 18th century were worn to fasten a shawl or scarf, typically at the base of a neckline.

Gold And Silver Antique Portrait Brooches

Figure 6 Gold And Silver Antique Portrait Brooches

Brooch Clasp Types

Brooches were originally designed by jewelers and crafted by goldsmiths to be used in fastening dangling clothes. Eventually, custom brooches are used for more than just fastening. Nowadays, you can personalize your style with a bespoke brooch. At our factory, custom brooch style uses different clasp types.

Silver Brooch With C Clasp

Figure 7 Silver Brooch With C Clasp

C Clasp

The clasp of a personalized brooch in a C clasp is made out of a long and strong metal pin. A goldsmith creates a bespoke C-shaped metal for the pin to be hooked under a piece of clothing. Customization of brooches with C clasp was popular during the Victorian era.

Trombone Clasp

In a trombone clasp, the fastening pin is held in place by a custom slim metal casing that can be pushed to secure the customized brooch. The customization of brooches with a trombone clasp was popular from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Locking Safety Catch

The locking safety catch has a rotating catch that holds the pin in place. Jewelers around the 1920s were first fascinated by this type of brooch clasp. Until today, goldsmiths still use the locking safety catch in brooch personalization.

How RESOVON Brooch is Made

RESOVON’s haute couture jewelry is carefully crafted and personalized by highly-skilled artisans and goldsmiths. Our China factory continues to produce high jewelry for our highly valued clients: jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers.

As a manufacturer in China, our high-quality products, like our high jewelry brooches, were made possible by working with reputable talents, from our China supplier to our goldsmiths. Our high-jewelry brooches are crafted by highly-skilled goldsmiths from our top-of-the-line factory. And haute couture jewelry is checked for quality by our expert jewelers.

Topaz Pendant Brooch

Figure 8 Topaz Pendant Brooch

Designing Custom Brooch

The first step to creating bespoke brooches is the design. Our jewelers will help you design your brooch to personalize. With a one-on-one consultation between you and our designer, we can narrow down your idea.

Designing a custom brooch is important before our goldsmiths can start work at our factory. The design of your brooch can be the start of your collection or your wholesale business. And our jewelers and designers are equipped with high jewelry design knowledge that can help create custom pieces for you.

Sourcing Brooch Materials From China

Our manufacturer in China works with a reliable supplier of ethically-sourced materials. At our factory, we use sustainable materials for our brooches and pins personalization. Our supplier also provides us with high-quality gemstones.

We can incorporate gemstones into high jewelry customization of brooches using precious stones from our supplier. When it comes to customization of brooches, our factory can produce high jewelry brooches using ethically-sourced materials. As a manufacturer, RESOVON will continue to incorporate sustainability into every design.

Crafting and Manufacturing High Jewelry Brooch

After gathering the materials, our goldsmiths can start crafting high-jewelry brooches. Our goldsmiths are hard at work in our China factory to ensure we deliver high-quality bespoke brooches. RESOVON goldsmiths carefully craft each brooch following the design given.

Custom brooches’ manufacturing process is crucial in the high jewelry industry. Goldsmiths carefully craft each bespoke brooch to ensure the pin works properly and the personalized brooch is perfect. Our factory in China continues to manufacture customized brooches that function right and are well-designed.

Quality Control on High Jewelry Personalization

Quality control is crucial in manufacturing high jewelry. Once the brooch is done and polished, we have expert jewelers checking the quality of the final output. Our jewelers will check for embellishments on the brooch and the functionality of the pin. Generally, checking for quality helps assure wholesalers that we are the best manufacturer in China.

RESOVON Brooch Jewelry Bespoke Design

High jewelry personalization of brooches at our China factory starts with the design of bespoke brooches. Guided by jewelers and wholesalers, our expert high jewelry designer conceptualizes brooch design for high jewelry personalization.

As a China manufacturer, we deliver high jewelry to our customers, whether for a collection or wholesale businesses. We offer high jewelry bespoke services to our clients that not many manufacturers do.

Diamond Platinum Brooch

Figure 9 Diamond Platinum Brooch

Pearl Brooches

For years, royals and people of high stature have worn pearl brooches. RESOVON bespoke pearl brooches use ethically-sourced pearls from China and beyond. You can choose the kind of pearl you want for brooch personalization.

A famous pearl brooch is Chanel’s bespoke brooch. The iconic CC logo in their custom brooch is studded with diamonds and highlighted with pearls. Our factory can customize brooch with high-quality diamonds.

Gold Brooch With Pearl

Figure 10 Gold Brooch With Pearl

Diamond Brooches

As a China manufacturer offering high jewelry customization, RESOVON sources high-quality diamonds from our China supplier. Diamond-studded bespoke brooch is a more modern take on a classic piece and can be worn to personalize an outfit.

Diamond-studded Platinum Brooch

Figure 11 Diamond-studded Platinum Brooch

Brooch Chain

The high jewelry customization of brooch chains is popular in formal attires. A brooch chain adds extra personalization to a dress or coat and is sometimes preferred over a brooch pin. And a bespoke brooch chain adds high jewelry personalization for formal attire to complete the style.

Gold Brooch Chain

Figure 12 Gold Brooch Chain

Ruby Brooches

A bespoke brooch with a bright ruby can add a modern twist to classic styles. Rubies also go well with other gemstones like diamonds in high jewelry customization. Matching a bright-colored ruby to a less colorful but equally bright stone is a perfect way to customize a brooch.

Diamond-studded Gold Brooch With Red Rubies

Figure 13 Diamond-studded Gold Brooch With Red Rubies

Sapphire Brooches

The deep blue color of sapphire goes well with a custom platinum brooch. Perhaps the most famous sapphire brooch is the late Queen Elizabeth’s custom brooch, The Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch. The Queen’s bespoke gold brooch is centered with a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

RESOVON goldsmiths can craft custom sapphire brooches. Our factory in China can produce sapphire brooches for jewelers and wholesalers alike. With the ethically-sourced sapphires from our supplier in China, we customize brooches however our clients want.

Diamond-studded Platinum Brooch With Blue Sapphires

Figure 14 Diamond-studded Platinum Brooch With Blue Sapphires

Emerald Brooches

To personalize a brooch, our factory adds diamonds and other gemstones like emeralds to the design. A centered emerald stone surrounded by diamonds on a brooch pin is a perfect way to customize the brooch. Most jewelers and wholesalers are drawn to gemstone-studded high jewelry customization for brooches.

Emerald Brooch With Diamonds

Figure 15 Emerald Brooch With Diamonds

High Jewelry Bespoke Services for RESOVON Brooch

RESOVON offers high jewelry bespoke services to jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers. Our manufacturer in China has experts from designers to couriers to deliver high-quality service to our clients. As a China manufacturer of high jewelry, we offer unique high jewelry bespoke services.

We craft bespoke brooches for high jewelry customization for our clients who want to own an haute couture jewelry collection and those with wholesale businesses. Our China supplier provides high-quality materials, and our goldsmiths craft bespoke brooches.

RESOVON is committed to sustainability, so we work with reputable suppliers for ethically-sourced materials. We collaborate with highly-skilled artisans and goldsmiths to produce carefully crafted custom pieces. And we deliver our haute couture jewelry to anywhere in the world on time through our trusted couriers.

How Are Brooches Worn?

There are a lot of ways to wear a brooch elegantly. You can wear your custom brooch as part of your hairstyle for special occasions. A personalized brooch can be worn to secure a headscarf or necktie. Traditional custom brooches can be worn on the neckline of a dress with a deep neckline.

Or wear your bespoke brooch on the lapel for a classic look. Bespoke brooches are both functional and stylish; you can be creative about how to wear them.

When Do You Wear a Brooch?

You can wear a bespoke brooch for special occasions like a reunion, gala, or office wear. Brooches can be attached to dresses, lapels, blouses, sweaters, and other types of clothing. Custom brooches can also be used on purses, bags, or clutches.

What is the Purpose of Brooches?

Brooches were originally designed to secure clothing, but they eventually became personalized to be a timeless accessory. Nowadays, we continue to use brooches for high jewelry personalization, more than what they were initially designed for.

Where Can You Find Bespoke Brooches?

RESOVON offers the best high-quality jewelry and bespoke services other manufacturers may not. You can book an appointment with us to start your collection or wholesale business. Visit our factory in China to see how we create high jewelry pieces for all occasions.

As a manufacturer of haute couture jewelry, we can meet wholesalers’ demands on time and with the highest quality. At RESOVON, every custom brooch is designed and crafted with the utmost care. Our expert goldsmith creates bespoke brooches that all jewelers speak highly of.

Why is RESOVON the Best Manufacturer of Personalized Brooch?

As a reputable manufacturer with over ten years of experience, RESOVON works with experts in the haute couture jewelry industry. We have built a solid professional relationship with our partners to deliver high-quality, bespoke services for custom brooches.

As a reputable manufacturer from China, we built ten years of expert experience in the high jewelry industry. We found reliable suppliers of ethically sourced materials, and our goldsmiths work hard to craft haute couture jewelry.

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