Cashmere Scarves for Men: A Guide to Styling and Care

Any sensible man knows that a scarf is an essential accessory in autumn and winter.


Whether you’re looking for extra warmth or an alternative to wearing a bulky jacket on your night in the town, a scarf is a warm and stylish solution. A men’s scarf is arguably one of the most practical accessories for those looking for warmth and style.


Scarves protect the neck and collar from exposure to the cold and are a great way to add variety to any tasteful outfit.


Scarves come in many different styles, materials, textures, and more to suit different types of attire. Since they are versatile, scarves can be tied in ways to suit any occasion, whether business, casual, festive, or other.


If you were wondering how men wear scarves, you came to the right place. We will go over the basics of scarves, what kinds there are, different ways to tie a scarf, and more. Even in a world where there is a general misconception that scarves are a women’s accessory when done correctly, you can make wearing a scarf look luxurious and mature.


Any scarf shouldn’t be draped on any attire. This would sometimes work, but there are many different ways to wear a scarf depending on your outfit, the weather, and more. You can pull off impeccable charm when done correctly, adding dimension to your ensemble. Don’t worry if you want a look specifically for the beach, those cold winter days, or just for the cold AC in the office. We will cover every manly way to wear a scarf, so you always look smashing.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cashmere Scarf


Before we discuss choosing a men’s scarf, there are a few things to consider. First, the length must be considered. Short men’s scarves range from 50 to 60 inches, standard scarves are approximately 70 inches, and long scarves are 82+ inches. The typical width of a men’s scarf is 6-7 inches, while anything over is more common for women’s scarves.


B-pattern Cashmere Scarf

Figure 1 – B-pattern Cashmere Scarf


To tie your scarf correctly, you’ll need to choose the proper technique for your scarf length.


A longer scarf can be tied multiple times around the neck, while a shorter scarf requires different tying techniques.


Scarves also stand out more than ties because they take up more space.


Fancier occasions call for cashmere, silk, or merino wool scarves. Thinner scarves work better with sports jackets, and luxury scarves synergize well with suits or higher-end jackets.


Also, don’t forget to take your scarf off when you’re out for dinner or at a meeting – you wouldn’t want food on your scarf or the impression you will leave soon. On the other hand, thin or fancy scarves made from luxury materials are applicable at any time.


Style Guide – How to Wear Men’s Scarves


Weekend Casual

The laid-back weekend doesn’t mean lazy; you’re just as likely to binge-watch a drama series as you step out for lunch plans. Relax your style and go for a casual look, and don’t give up on looking your best just yet.



Navy Blue Men's Cashmere Scarf

Figure 2 – Navy Blue Men’s Cashmere Scarf


Pair your favorite jeans and leather jacket for comfort, and complement with a men’s navy blue cashmere scarf. For extra softness, opt for a navy blue cashmere scarf that is elegant, compact, and lightweight. Depending on your personal preference, pick between a grey or navy medium-length scarf or go chunky for a fun, dynamic vibe.


Size: 71*12 inches

Color: Grey, Navy blue or camel


Work Chic

Office wear doesn’t have to be boring. Add flair to your wardrobe by layering a cashmere scarf over your suit and tie. To maintain a professional appearance, take the minimalist route with smoother textures and neutral coloring. For colder days, cashmere scarves offer maximum warmth in style.



Men's Light Gray Cashmere Scarf

Figure 3 – Men’s Light Gray Cashmere Scarf


The key is determining the right combination of the overcoat and the cashmere scarf and confusion about the color combination. Test the look of different colored cashmere scarves with your suits until you find the best match. Does the outfit look neat? For a tuck-in scarf, choose a tissue-weight 100% cashmere scarf in light grey tones. For longer overcoats, arrange a medium-length scarf for a wrap-around instead.


Color: Light Grey

Material: Cashmere (for warmth) or Featherlight Cashmere (for tuck-in and warmth)

Knot: The Classic One


Classy Formal

Throw out functionality and embrace the style. Formal suits are generally paired with a long, dark coat for maximized formality. Keep the clean-cut visual by choosing a cashmere scarf that ends around your chest.


Men's Black Pure Cashmere Scarf

Figure 4 – Men’s Black Pure Cashmere Scarf


The cashmere scarf is your perfect go-to formal occasion accessory—splurge on a men’s cashmere scarf for a quiet air of elegance and minimalist luxury.


Length: Short to Medium

Color: Black (or add a dash of color with camel)

Knot: The Formal One


Flashy Night Out

Exchange comfort for something a little sexier. Think sleek; black or grey cashmere piece together a smoky look perfect for the club. For a more upscale bar, however, feature the cashmere scarf in a sleek urban ensemble.



Luxury White Black Check Cashmere Scarf

Figure 5 – Luxury White Black Check Cashmere Scarf


Hoping to impress? Dare to accessorize with a burgundy and white black check cashmere scarf instead – it is bound to draw suitable attention.


Size: 71*12 inches Compact

Color: Wine red (or a daring burgundy) or Check

Knot: The Easy One


Sporty and Practical

Don’t let the cold keep you from exercising! With the right 100% cashmere scarf for warmth, your football game is still on.


Trailing articles of clothing and close-contact sports aren’t a good mix. The featherlight cashmere scarf minimizes trouble when worn around your neck; simply wrap the super lightweight cashmere scarf around your neck casually, and voila—your neck will be warm but won’t be toasty.


Light and Cotton Pure Cashmere Scarf for Men

Figure 6 – Light and Cotton Pure Cashmere Scarf for Men


To avoid drowning in your sweat, buy a scarf made of natural fiber or a poly blend. Cotton and acrylic are best, as the former’s lighter nature allows air to pass through and maintains optimal freshness.


Color: Match with your skin tone or sports gear

Style: Featherlight Cashmere Scarf


Stylish Ways to Tie a Cashmere Scarf for Men



Drape Style

Figure 7 – Drape Style

 1. Draped Scarf- Simple fall, simple grace!

The draped scarf is super easy to wear and can be a superb addition to your formals. It’s not hard to imagine! Take the old classic—the timeless blue suit! Underneath that crisp blue suit, you could wear a white shirt. To contrast perfectly with the suit, drape the scarf over the shoulders to look neat and prominent as an accessory.



Reverse Drape Style

Figure 8 – Reverse Drape Style

 2. Reverse Drape- let it flow at the back!

The reverse drape is a more casual style that you could adopt for the winter. Wear this scarf with your checkered shirts and jeans, and be winter-ready! The scarf style resembles the loop style on the front, except the ends are not tucked into the scarf and are draped over the back.



Neck Scarf Style

Figure 9 – Neck Scarf Style

 3. Neck Scarf- try the center knot

There are so many different ways to tie a scarf, and you may be partial to one style over another.


For some, the shorter, the better! Neck scarves can be bothersome if bulky! Try a short scarf style with a knot at the center. The two short ends should ideally be of equal length from the knot. This scarf style can look great with your trench coat or blazer.



Tie Style

Figure 10 – Tie Style

 4. Tie Scarf- A Sophisticated Choice

The tie scarf can be a playful choice, and it’s not exactly boring when you know how to style it with your casual wear. You can tie it as you would for your formal ties, the only difference being that the fall is way different from your formal tie style! It’s more experimental and fun!


Cowl Scarf Style

Figure 11 – Cowl Scarf Style

 5. Cowl scarf- bunched at the neck

Usually, the cowl neck is spoken of about dresses and sweaters, but we call this style affectionately ‘Cowl.’ It’s got its name because it looks pretty as a neck adornment. Not just that! It’s a warm and fashionable add-on!


All you have to do is loop the scarf around your neck twice so that it looks bunched up and pretty! This is another great tip on how to wear a scarf for men.



Twice Around Style

Figure 12 – Twice Around Style


6. Twice Around- doubly sure, doubly secure

This one will keep you super warm and cozy this winter. If you’re wearing a thick scarf, it can go around your neck twice, and the ends could be draped over the sides of the coat. This is a great style for those who want to show off their scarves while protecting themselves from the chills!


Also, this is a great one for those who are wondering how to wear a scarf on their face because you could easily lift the scarf a little chin upwards to cover the nose and still be fashionable!


You need to get your hands on a long scarf first, though!



Loose Loop Style

Figure 13 – Loose Loop Style

7. The Loose Loop- hangin’ there

The loose loop style is hassle-free if you’re looking for easy and effective ways to wear a scarf! For this one, all you need to do is make a big enough loop and pull the other end of the scarf through it. Not entirely! Just a little so that the scarf drapes your shoulders in a criss-cross style. If the scarf’s material is a little heavy, then the drape will be way more sophisticated!


This one is a style you should be taking to the parties!



The Front-knot Style

Figure 14 – The Front-knot Style

 8. The Front Knot- keeps you warm, neat, and stylish.

The one is put together, and you needn’t worry about the neatness of this style. Wrap it around your neck once; the next time it goes around your neck, you could fix the ends in a loose knot. Wear this scarf over your sweaters and full-sleeve tees on a chilly winter day, and you’ll be ready!



Parisian Knot Style

Figure 15 – Parisian Knot Style

 9. Parisian knot- Involves simply looping!

This scarf style is utterly classy! This can be worn literally with every coat, sweater, or jacket! You are saved this winter! Try the Parisian knot, which is the classic loop style. Through the loop, you can pull the scarf through. The scarf could be made of silk or cotton material, whichever you prefer!




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Final Verdict

Whether you’re wearing a cashmere scarf in addition to a suit and tie or it serves as your neck’s only accessory, a cashmere scarf can upgrade your look tenfold – as long as that look is “preppy guy spending half the summer on a boat.


No matter what you do, choose a style that complements your existing wardrobe, whether it’s plain and simple or fringed and lavish.


Frequently Asked Question

1. Are Cashmere Scarves Worth It?

Cashmere scarves are undoubtedly expensive, but a well-made one is an investment. While luxurious wool scarves may save you some money and be just as sturdy, they don’t have the inimitable feel of 100% cashmere. Of course, this depends on what brand you roll with, but I don’t suggest skimping out on some fast-fashion take, as it won’t do you any favors in the long run.


2. How Can You Tell If a Scarf Is 100% Cashmere?

Does it make your skin itch? Does the label say 100% cashmere? Is there a label at all? Does it smell like hair when you burn it? There are several ways to detect genuine cashmere, and assuming you don’t want to burn a piece of your sweet new scarf, be sure to keep an eye out on the label and test its soft (and hypoallergenic) texture on your neck.


3. How to Wear a Thick Cashmere Scarf?

Drape over shoulders: One classic way to wear a cashmere wrap is to drape it over your shoulders like a shawl. This look is timeless and elegant and is perfect for more formal occasions. To achieve this look, drape the cashmere wrap over your shoulders, allowing it to hang loosely down your back.


4. Is a Cashmere Scarf Worth It?

However, cashmere scarves are considered a worthwhile investment due to their exceptional softness, warmth, and durability. Scarves made from other materials, such as wool, silk, or synthetic fibers, may be less expensive, but they do not provide the same level of luxury and exclusivity as cashmere.


5. How do You Protect a Cashmere Scarf?

Cashmere demands proper storage. Hence, it should be stored in a cool, dry, clean, and moisture-free place. Before storing it, a cashmere scarf should be wrapped in a muslin cloth to prevent moisture formation. Plastic should be avoided at all costs.

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