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As a leading fine jewelry brand, RESOVON R&D team has been committed to the development and promotion of eco-friendly jewelry. The aim is to be kinder not only to our planet, but also to those who work in the jewelry industry.


Eco-friendly jewelry, also known as sustainable jewelry, is jewelry that is made in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This means that it is made from sustainable materials with a view to reducing waste, as well as the use of energy and water.


In order to be a brand of sustainable luxury, RESOVON is committed to ethically and sustainably sourcing natural and precious materials, including conflict-free diamonds, ethical sourcing, recycled gold, silver, and more.


Our zero tolerance policy for conflict diamonds is reflected in the actual sourcing process, where we only source diamonds from known sources and from countries or regions that participate in the Kimberley Process. Of course, certification by the appropriate authorities is a must.


Conflict-free diamonds are sometimes referred to as “blood-free diamonds” or “ethical diamonds”. Conflict diamonds are diamonds produced from and mined in areas controlled by warring forces or in areas where there is an armed conflict with the existing officially recognized government of the area.


Ethical diamonds are mined without exploitation of workers or the environment. It is well known that every diamond is initially a raw stone buried deep in the earth, which can be extracted through pipeline mining or obtained from the sea bed through alluvial mining.


When it comes to precious metals, we focus on sustainability by recovering as much gold and silver as possible through procurement. The precious metal recovery method itself is very simple, melting and refining the metal until it reaches its purest state. In order to provide our customers with an even more exceptional service, our team strictly controls the purity of the precious metal smelting process.


In addition to the above, our gemologists pay great attention to the recutting or repurposing of colored stones during the sourcing process, minimizing the environmental impact of the customization of fine jewelry, which does not use the extraction process.


In the field of restoration and redesign-customization of fine jewelry, especially heirlooms, we uphold our commitment to planetary sustainability, as reused, recycled and repurposed materials are by far the best option, which means no mining and the resulting ethical conflicts.


In terms of jewelry packaging, we have always sourced recycled materials for your fine jewelry customization and are committed to the construction and development of an environmentally friendly fine jewelry brand.


In addition, RESOVON jewelry brand also actively contributes to social causes, including but not limited to, elderly institutions, children’s homes, tree planting activities, social welfare activities, etc.

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