Choosing Ideal Earring Side Stones: Crafting Diamond Jewelry Perfection

Side stones might be the least of your concern in your high jewelry collection, but they are just as important. They add a sense of sophistication to your piece, especially if they complement the centerpiece gem perfectly. It also takes considerable artistry to arrange the patterns of side stones to enhance the brilliance of haute couture jewelry. You can’t simply dismiss that.

Much more so if you are dealing with luxury earrings, where you need to bespoke the stones twice. This would require more craftsmanship and attention to detail, especially when working with diamonds. Side stones of a certain quality are needed for high jewelry customization of earrings, so you must be particular about your options.

Sparkling Marquees Diamond Earrings

Figure 1 Sparkling Marquees Diamond Earrings

What Are Side Stones?

They are finely carved stones, usually diamonds, that straddle the centerpiece gem in three to five-stone earrings. Depending on the design, they may be the only accompaniment of the main gemstone in the high jewelry piece or mixed in with other components. The main purpose of the side stones is to add personality and brilliance to haute couture jewelry earrings.

Diamond Earrings with Leaf Design

Figure 2 Diamond Earrings with Leaf Design

Types of Side Stones For Earrings

Multiple types of side stones can be used for high jewelry earrings. They can be used symmetrically or mixed and matched, depending on how you customize your haute couture jewelry earring. Here is the list of some of the popular types:

Elegant Crested Earrings Studded With Tiny Diamonds

Figure 3 Elegant Crested Earrings Studded With Tiny Diamonds

Baguette Cut Diamonds

They are one of the most prominent types of side stones due to their versatility in high jewelry customization. These side stones have a rather symmetrical shape and large table size, making them noticeable but not overbearing. These make them quite complementary for diamond centerpieces in high jewelry earrings.


These are modified baguette side stones with slanted tips. Their unusual design makes them quite suitable for different diamond shapes like square and rectangular cuts. The advantage of this side stone is that it can be adjusted depending on the size of the diamond centerpiece. This makes it much easier to customize or bespoke the high jewelry earrings.


They are very similar to trapezoids except for their round edges. Half-moons usually accompany large rounded diamonds, making them appear bigger. They come in three distinct shapes, skinny, full, and fat. And also, like the trapezoid, they can easily be adjusted to fit the size of your centerpiece during high jewelry customization.


These are the triangular version of the half-moon and trapezoids, having pointed ends instead of straight-edged or arcs. They are commonly used for floral and star-shaped designs in haute couture jewelry earrings. Trillions come in two varieties, the ones with pointed ends and the ones with rounded ends. It supplements a wide range of personalized earring designs.

The Number of Side Stones To Be Bespoke

It depends on the design. You can use as many side stones as you can. Provided there is cohesion in the pattern you are trying to make in your high jewelry earrings. Remember that the more gemstone is bespoke, the more complex the piece becomes and the more complicated it becomes to maintain.

Brilliant Diamond Earrings with Side Stones

Figure 4 Brilliant Diamond Earrings with Side Stones

What Size Of Side Stones To Be Used

Generally, the centerpiece gemstones should always be the biggest component of high jewelry earrings. Still, the size of the side stone should be proportionate enough that it wouldn’t overshadow the main stone or make it look awkward. Half the size of the gemstone is usually the most suitable choice for a luxury piece.

Golden Earrings Studded with Diamonds

Figure 5 Golden Earrings Studded with Diamonds

RESOVON’s Expertise On Side Stones

RESOVON has hired the best jewelers and goldsmiths around the world with relevant skills in haute couture jewelry earrings. They guarantee the best high jewelry bespoke service, not just for precious gemstones, but also for side stones. So if you ever need assistance with your diamond earrings, this is where you need to be. Diamond jewelry perfection, indeed.

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