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RESOVON Chrysoberyl Jewelry

Chrysoberyl is a valuable gemstone prized for its beauty, rarity, and strength. It also has many benefits, like healing properties and investment value, making it a great choice for those looking for a unique piece of jewelry.

At RESOVON, we aim to produce high jewelry using techniques refined through generations from different cultures worldwide. RESOVON is a manufacturer in China with almost a decade of experience creating pieces of chrysoberyl jewelry with our high jewelry bespoke services.

Artisans, gemologists, and jewelers are cordially invited to join us and share their talents and inspiration in this experience.

We can use a wide range of materials for your personalized jewelry pieces. These give the jewelry elegance and a distinct touch that any jeweler can use in high-personalization jewelry.

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Chrysoberyl Rings

Chrysoberyl is an excellent stone for rings; it’s quite popular for high-jewelry personalization. High-jewelry rings have always been used to celebrate long-lasting partnerships between couples. Bespoke rings from our high-jewelry bespoke services can make them even more precious and memorable.

You can customize your design, like shank type and accent stones. RESOVON can ensure its quality with help from experts who know its way around personalized chrysoberyl cut rings.

Chrysoberyl rings have always been associated with love, so it is always the choice for high jewelry personalization. RESOVON guarantees that we have something for every occasion. Through our factory in China, we became the region’s lead manufacturer of haute couture jewelry.

  • Antique Chrysoberyl Rings
    Antique Chrysoberyl Rings
  • Chrysoberyl Gem Rings
    Chrysoberyl Gem Rings
  • Chrysoberyl Rings
    Chrysoberyl Rings
  • Diamond Chrysoberyl Rings
    DIA Chrysoberyl Rings
  • Gold Chrysoberyl Rings
    Gold Chrysoberyl Rings
  • Luxury Chrysoberyl Rings
    Luxury Chrysoberyl Rings
  • Platinum Chrysoberyl Ring
    Platinum Chrysoberyl Ring

Chrysoberyl Earrings

Through our goldsmiths, we offer elegant chrysoberyl earring designs that would make a lovely addition to your haute couture jewelry collection. And here, you have more options for its bespoke design using high jewelry personalization.

Our chrysoberyl earrings from China bring a bright and positive aura, especially if they have gone through our high jewelry customization. Generally, the vibrant colors of chrysoberyl accentuate happiness, which would go well with any style brought to you straight from our factory in China.

Indeed, with RESOVON high jewelry bespoke services, you can never doubt how stylish they would look with your customers. Our skilled artists ensure that high-quality jewelry is always under our clients needs.

  • Art Chrysoberyl Earrings
    Art Chrysoberyl Earrings
  • Chrysoberyl Earrings Studs
    Chrysoberyl Earrings Studs
  • Chrysoberyl Earrings
    Chrysoberyl Earrings
  • Chrysoberyl Studs
    Chrysoberyl Studs
  • Diamond Chrysoberyl Earrings
    DIA Chrysoberyl Earrings
  • Gold Chrysoberyl Earrings
    Gold Chrysoberyl Earrings

Chrysoberyl Necklace

Our bespoke chrysoberyl necklace is an excellent addition to any haute couture jewelry collection of all ages, personalities, or styles. It is a timeless fashion statement for every generation.

Personalize your RESOVON chrysoberyl necklace with chains, beads, and other trinkets in our factory in China. Of course, our goldsmiths are here to guide you in picking the design that suits your customer base best with high jewelry customization.

Our bespoke chrysoberyl necklace jewelry will always be the centerpiece of our work. Our gems are of top quality not only in China but also around the world. Chrysoberyl pieces crafted by our jewelers always make for good high jewelry personalization.

  • Bridal Chrysoberyl Necklace
    Bridal Chrysoberyl Chain
  • Chrysoberyl Necklace Beads
    Chrysoberyl Chain Beads
  • Chrysoberyl Necklace Jewelry
    Chrysoberyl Chain Jewelry
  • Chrysoberyl Necklace
    Chrysoberyl Necklace
  • Diamond Chrysoberyl Necklace
    DIA Chrysoberyl Necklace
  • Luxury Chrysoberyl Necklace
    Luxury Chrysoberyl Chain
  • Wedding Chrysoberyl Necklace
    Marry Chrysoberyl Chain

Chrysoberyl Bracelet

RESOVON bespoke chrysoberyl bracelets are featured in various designs from our factory in China, and you can select what best fits your customer base taste with high jewelry customization. Generally, it is a handy accessory to wear anytime and fits any high jewelry style.

Customize your bracelet with beads that bring more fun to your accessory. We also provide hue and coloring options if you need to personalize your high jewelry in our factory in China.

Fine chrysoberyl jewelry has been well known to symbolize wealth, love, and self-control in China.

As a bonus, we can bespoke another chrysoberyl gem into your bracelet. We can give you this and more customization options via high jewelry personalization.

  • Chrysoberyl Bracelet Bead
    Chrysoberyl Bracelet Bead
  • Chrysoberyl Bracelet
    Chrysoberyl Bracelet
  • Gold Chrysoberyl Bracelet
    Gold Chrysoberyl Bracelet
  • Luxury Chrysoberyl Bracelet
    Luxury Chrysoberyl Bracelet
  • Vintage Chrysoberyl Bracelet
    Vintage Chrysoberyl Bracelet
  • Women Chrysoberyl Bracelet
    Women Chrysoberyl Bracelet

Chrysoberyl Brooch

We offer elegant bespoke brooches with the finest chrysoberyl gemstones that make a great highlight for your haute couture jewelry collection.

Therefore, if you need your crowning glory to stand out, we have our high jewelry customization. Our RESOVON bespoke chrysoberyl brooch’s bright colors can provide a vibrant glow to your crowning glory.

Customized using different designs and colors to complete the look you always wanted. Our clients can choose from various designs in our factory in China to cater to any style they need.

  • Antique Chrysoberyl Brooch
    Chrysoberyl Brooch
  • Chrysoberyl Gem Brooch
    Chrysoberyl Gem Brooch
  • Diamond Chrysoberyl Brooch
    DIA Chrysoberyl Brooch
  • Fine Chrysoberyl Brooch
    Fine Chrysoberyl Brooch
  • High Chrysoberyl Brooch
    High Chrysoberyl Brooch
  • Luxury Chrysoberyl Brooch
    Luxury Chrysoberyl Brooch

Chrysoberyl Charm Pendant

People say chrysoberyl beads generate energy that attracts positive energy. Make your own customized RESOVON chrysoberyl pendant and make every day meaningful and prosperous with our high jewelry from China.

Attract luck with style, and have our chrysoberyl charm pendants that you may customize to fit your taste. Spend your day confidently with these accessories from the manufacturers in our factory in China.

Add more features that can make your lucky day even more vibrant, like colorful beads and accents, and your imagination is the limit. Earn your good fortune in style and elegance with high jewelry bespoke service.

  • Luxury Chrysoberyl Pendant
    Chrysoberyl Pendant
  • Chrysoberyl Pendant
    Chrysoberyl Pendant
  • Chrysoberyl Charm
    Chrysoberyl Charm
  • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Pendant
    Cat's Eye Pendant
  • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Charm
    Cat's Eye Charm
  • Art Chrysoberyl Charm
    Art Chrysoberyl Charm

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

RESOVON Chrysoberyl Jewelry Bespoke Service

Luxury Jewelry Consult

You might be wondering where to start in our factory’s customization process. Lucky for you, we at RESOVON have our jewelry manufacturers that will guide you in designing your dream accessories. We start with a consultation, whether advice or expert guidance for our bespoke services.

We also have a dedicated wholesaler who supports our customers in our factory for their every need. We can guarantee that you will get very useful information in your design choices for your preferred haute couture jewelry accessories.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Exclusive Jewelry Designer

Regarding high jewelry, we have professionally trained jewelers in our factory that would help you with high jewelry customization. Our jeweler has a keen eye for detail and an artistic flair.

We at RESOVON guarantee high-class, quality chrysoberyl jewelry just for you. Customizing your jewelry piece in the most refined sense is a guarantee.

Chrysoberyl Gemologist

Are you having trouble picking gems for your jewelry? Gems have different cuts and textures that complement different accessories, and it might get a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, our expert gemologists will assist you in selecting the gems you need to create your personalized accessories. They did their research and have eyes matching their expertise as jewelers.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

High Jewelry Artisan

RESOVON, as the premier chrysoberyl jewelry supplier in China, provides its clients with the most refined products through the hands of our skilled goldsmiths trained in the industry, which are here for you.

Their craftsmanship will make it happen in our factory, whether it is their vision or the customers’. With ten years of experience, rest assured that we can offer you the most exquisite jewelry.

Safty Package & Delivery

When the product is done, we guarantee safe and timely delivery to our customers from our supplier and wholesaler. No matter the distance, we will get your items in one piece.

We have a reliable supplier network all around the globe to assist us with this task. With established relationships with renowned courier services, we deliver with speed and security of your custom chrysoberyl jewelry.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Service

And why stop there? After our supplier delivers your order, like a custom chrysoberyl necklace, we offer bonuses for our clients in gratitude for their continuous support and patronage from our wholesaler.

We value your trust in our manufacturers’ products and the quality of our services as jewelry suppliers in China. We would like to show our thanks by serving you further as your supplier soon.

RESOVON Chrysoberyl Jewelry Spotlights

High Jewelry Hand Drawing
High Jewelry Goldsmith
High Jewelry Gem Setting
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process

Hard Enamel Jewel Process

Using hard enamel techniques, we fashion custom chrysoberyl jewelry not just to make them look good but also to make them durable. Basically, it’s an assurance of our commitment to our high jewelry bespoke service.

We are sure you would be impressed by the output from our goldsmiths. Generally, we create the most complex and fancy designs as the foremost jewelry supplier in China.

High Jewelry Gem Setting

Gem setting is a process that requires meticulous handling of the stones you choose for your chrysoberyl jewelry. Our goldsmiths at RESOVON guarantee that our product will fit your order exactly.

Equipped with the most sophisticated tools, our goldsmith team works tirelessly to meet customers’ needs. As we become the primary supplier in China, we commit to the standards we established ourselves.

RESOVON Advantages In Chrysoberyl Jewelry

Luxury Brand Management MBA
Luxury Brand Management MBA

RESOVON’s founder has an MBA degree in Global Luxury Brand Management from Sup de Luxe in Paris, a school owned by Cartier. This is a milestone achievement for a chrysoberyl jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler.

Equipped with this education, our founder and CEO, Charles CHAO, gained a deeper understanding of the jewelry industry. As such, he made RESOVON the most popular jewelry supplier in China.

Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education
Chrysoberyl Jewelry Education

Our team of jewelry professionals has undergone training and education to create perfect bespoke chrysoberyl jewelry. Years of experience make our company uniquely qualified for the task, as our range of wholesale services in China shows.

Of course, we also impart some of this knowledge to our clients who wish to learn from the best jewelry manufacturers in China to help them pick the best jewelry.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

The cloisonne technique splits materials into coils of compressed wires to form edgeways for metal backings. Generally, this process was initially developed in Turkey and has since spread globally.

Products of these types are highly sought after, depending on an appraisal from jewelers. RESOVON uses quality materials and tools to create artistic renditions of wholesale accessories using this process.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Using enamel, we can add more vibrant colors to your high jewelries. The process of coating jewelry with this substance was a popular trend among jewelers that started in the early 20th century.

This method uses high heat to fuse the coating into a metal base, creating vivid surface designs. It is an age-old method that RESOVON aims to preserve with its wide range of customized designs, like on chrysoberyl bracelets.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Filigree is the process of using thin metal strips interwoven to create complex art pieces. It has thousands of years of history and has been in trend since the time of the ancient Greek goldsmiths.

Here at RESOVON, we aim to preserve that legacy through the ages with our manufacturers in China. We make sure our crafts are of a high standard and satisfy the most exquisite tastes of our clients.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Gold carving is a delicate process that requires meticulous hands to be perfect. In fact, “pure gold” is one of the most malleable materials on the planet, making it difficult to work with.

RESOVON goldsmiths are fortunately skilled in handling this type of task. Highly trained in the art of metallurgy, our manufacturers in China can create designs from materials that would satisfy any discernible taste.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

Knowledge of using gems in ornaments may be standard with our manufacturers in China, but high jewelry is at another level altogether. It requires an even deeper artistic sense to create wholesale accessories and a more delicate hand to produce them.

RESOVON luckily has both of these and much more; we guarantee the products created from our factory in China exude luxury. With our collective experience and industry knowledge, we hope you can trust our wholesale services to fulfill your needs.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High Chrysoberyl Jewelry Haute Couture. RESOVON jewelry team’s exclusive bespoke services make your family heirloom. Through expertised design and the master application of colors and gemstone shapes, we can meet your high-end chrysoberyl jewelry customization.

  • “The most elegant looking personalized jewelry money can get. My wife will be very pleased to have them on our wedding anniversary. I thank RESOVON for their professional high jewelry bespoke services. From ordering to delivery, they managed to make everything look dignified.”

    -Allan Fossey, USA
  • “The last time I got jewelry this fine was on the day my boyfriend proposed to me. It’s quite sweet, actually, and that personality shines through. I think RESOVON’s customization services for its jewelry are a neat idea. They have stuff for anyone, and you can learn about it first hand, too!”

    -Victoria George, UK
  • “These high jewelry pieces will always remind me of my husband, who always brings the finest gifts to show how much he cares about us. Such sweet memories. Thank you, RESOVON, for providing such a top-notch bespoke service. We didn’t hope it could get any better, yet here we are, enjoying the best.”

    -Letitia Costen, USA
Chrysoberyl Jewelry Gallery

Jewelry Customization with Chrysoberyl

Figure 1 Jewelry Customization with Chrysoberyl

What Is RESOVON Chrysoberyl Jewelry?

RESOVON uses chrysoberyl, a special gemstone used in high jewelry customization, because of its uniqueness and elegance. It is simply beautiful but durable and is sought-after for everyday jewelry accessories. Chrysoberyl may not be a precious stone, but it’s harder than emerald and also sheds a very attractive shine.

With its astonishing streak of light in a darker background, you will never take your eyes away from it. In fact, its fascinating uniqueness attracts every jewelry enthusiast because of how nature can shape it into one of the best gemstones to use in the jewelry industry.

Chrysoberyl For Bespoke Fine Jewelry

Chrysoberyl Stones

Figure 2 Chrysoberyl Stones

Chrysoberyl is one of the most phenomenal gems in the world. It is one of the most valuable gemstones we have here at RESOVON, too. For a long time, we have been creating custom chrysoberyl jewelry accessories for different purposes. Here are some reasons you must get a personalized chrysoberyl jewelry accessory now.

  1. A Source of Good Luck –Many people believe wearing a chrysoberyl accessory is a source of good luck. Some cultures value chrysoberyl as a charm protecting them from evil spirits.
  2. Negative To Positive Energy – Chrysoberyl jewelry pieces are believed to turn negative energy into positive energy. At RESOVON, we offer a variety of chrysoberyl accessories, such as chrysoberyl earrings to protect babies from negative energies or bracelets with chrysoberyl beads as a positive energy source.
  3. A Sign Of Love and Faith – The beauty of chrysoberyl is traditionally used to celebrate and commemorate the 55th wedding anniversary. So, it is a good gemstone to put into a chrysoberyl ring or necklace. We offer engagement rings with chrysoberyl stones for newly engaged or newly married couples.
  4. A Sophisticated Jewelry Piece –Chrysoberyl signifies wealth because of its beautiful and high-quality cat’s eye feature that shows luxury and sophistication. It is also referred to as a zodiac sign for Virgo and is a June birthstone.

Chrysoberyl As Good Luck

Figure 3 Chrysoberyl As Good Luck

  1. A Self-Reminder – In modern gemstone therapy, chrysoberyl promotes self-control and discipline. You will be able to learn more, as it makes you think clearly. If you wear a bracelet with chrysoberyl beads, all your negative thoughts are said to turn into positive energy. Also, if you are a Leo, chrysoberyl is your lucky stone, as it signifies harmony and tolerance in your life.
  2. The Healing Properties –Chrysoberyl is not just a typical crystal. Many people use it as a personalized healing tool. This crystal balances your cholesterol and adrenaline levels. It relieves stomach problems and discomfort, too.

At RESOVON, we continue to manufacture high jewelry pieces with chrysoberyl stones because we believe they are great add-ups for your jewelry collection.

Fine Chrysoberyl Jewelry at RESOVON

RESOVON is a trusted chrysoberyl jewelry manufacturer in China for many reasons. We have a credible and highly regarded background in jewelry manufacturing and are experts in high jewelry customization. Also, we at RESOVON ensure only the most amazing designs and jewelry pieces that express what our customers wish to have.

Indeed, we have a systematic process to deal with our customers’ requests, from drafting fine jewelry designs to creating them in our factory in China. RESOVON also allows wholesale chrysoberyl rings and other jewelry pieces to help you with your personalized or retail jewelry business.

RESOVON High Jewelry with Chrysoberyl

Figure 4 RESOVON High Jewelry with Chrysoberyl

RESOVON has been known for its high jewelry bespoke services as we provide plenty of options for fine chrysoberyl jewelry accessories. We manufacture rings, earrings, necklaces, and more to cater to our customer’s desires and styles.

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Ring

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Ring

Figure 5 Chrysoberyl Jewelry Ring

Whether you have been married for a long time or are a newly engaged couple, a ring with chrysoberyl is a good jewelry accessory. You can have our high-quality chrysoberyl cut ring with your chosen shank type and other accent stones. Here are some chrysoberyl ring ideas you can try:

  • Chrysoberyl ring with diamonds
  • Chrysoberyl ring yellow gold
  • Chrysoberyl ring engagement

We also accept wholesale chrysoberyl rings for your business.

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Bracelets

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Bracelets

Figure 6 Chrysoberyl Jewelry Bracelets

A chrysoberyl bracelet is a nice piece to add to your accessory collection. Being a durable gemstone, chrysoberyl is perfect for any type of bracelet. The most common type is a bracelet with chrysoberyl beads. Additionally, it is a good piece to protect you from all negative energy. We also provide options for more than one chrysoberyl bead stone in different hues and types.

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Earrings

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Earrings

Figure 7 Chrysoberyl Jewelry Earrings

Imagine wearing a pair of chrysoberyl jewelry earrings, and the sunlight hits it. It will project brilliance and illuminate a positive shine into your face. You can never go wrong with the perfect shine of chrysoberyl earrings!

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Necklace

Chrysoberyl Jewelry Necklace

Figure 8 Chrysoberyl Jewelry Necklace

Also, consider getting a chrysoberyl jewelry necklace to complete the look. You will always have ideas; you can mix and match chains and chrysoberyl to get your style. For a custom chrysoberyl necklace, we suggest you get a chrysoberyl gold chain necklace, as gold chains and chrysoberyl go perfectly together.

RESOVON Produces High-Quality Chrysoberyl Jewelry

RESOVON examines chrysoberyl fine jewelry gemstones carefully to determine their value. In our factory in China, our jewelers check the important value traits of our chrysoberyl, such as the color, clarity, carat, and cut.


The ‘milk and honey’ effect on the chrysoberyl is to look for when it comes to fine chrysoberyl jewelry. Alexandrites are most commonly used in custom chrysoberyl jewelry as it gives more intense hues and color change. However, you can also get ordinary chrysoberyl with yellow hues or saturated green colors.


Like other gemstones, fewer inclusions in chrysoberyl also means higher value. Although chrysoberyl is generally considered to have a Type I clarity grade, it’s almost inclusion-free. For personalized jewelry, you may want to choose a chrysoberyl stone with distinct parallel inclusion or what’s commonly known as the ‘cat’s eye’ effect.

Carat Weight

Another indicator of high-quality chrysoberyl is its carat weight. Anything about 40 to 50 carats is considered rare and sought-after. However, you can also have a nice gem-quality chrysoberyl weighing hundreds of carats that suits chrysoberyl fine jewelry.


Chrysoberyl Stones In Different Cuts

Figure 9 Chrysoberyl Stones In Different Cuts

When cutting, you may want to check the stone’s transparency. It should be faceted, usually round, square, or rectangular. For our custom chrysoberyl jewelry, we cut our stones to have a better angle for light refraction, giving them more brilliance and shine.

Types of Chrysoberyl for Bespoke High Jewelry

At RESOVON, we only use high-quality types of chrysoberyl gemstones. We ensure our chrysoberyl stones will give a special shine to our fine jewelry pieces. The striking dash of line within a dark shade of our chrysoberyl crystal radiates the brightest when hit by light. Imagine a feline’s eye hit by a light at night. That’s exactly how RESOVON chrysoberyl fine jewelry fascinates anyone who sees it.

Chrysoberyl is one of our unique crystals. It is one of the bestseller gemstones for personalized jewelry accessories. We manufacture different styles of custom jewelry pieces and personalize them depending on what our clients desire. The possibilities are endless with our chrysoberyl jewelry!

Chrysoberyl has three special varieties, depending on its inclusion and hues, all offered in RESOVON.

Cats Eye Chrysoberyl

Figure 10 Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

  1. Chatoyant – also known as ‘cymophane’ or ‘cat’s eye chrysoberyl. It has a very distinct line that looks like a cat’s eye with a shimmering blue tone. When hit by light, it creates a shadow effect within the stone. Then, the other parts turn yellowish-white.

This effect is called the ‘milk and honey’ effect,  and all of our chrysoberyl haute couture jewelry accessories have it. A chrysoberyl with over 20 carats, this fascinating look sets its value to increase.


Figure 11 Alexandrite

  1. Alexandrite – the color-changing variety of chrysoberyl. It is one of the most common varieties of chrysoberyl because of the illusion it gives when hit by light. Generally, it appears to have a green-to-blue-green color in the daytime but changes to a red-to-purplish red at night. This special feature of chrysoberyl makes it a highly desirable stone for fine jewelry.

Aside from it, alexandrite is a rare material and has only been discovered in some parts of Asia, the US, and Europe.

  1. Nonphenomenal Chrysoberyl – a translucent to a transparent type of chrysoberyl often found to be yellow to brownish. It does not have the color-changing feature of alexandrite and does not have the popularity of the other varieties. In most cases, it is rarely used in haute jewelry customization.

Chrysoberyl in Mohs Scale

Figure 12 Chrysoberyl in Mohs’ Scale

On the Mohs scale, chrysoberyl has a rating of 8.5, making it almost as hard as diamond, sapphire, and ruby. Its refractive index is also just a bit lower than ruby and sapphire, making it another perfect stone for jewelry customization as it gives astonishing brilliance.

Are There Synthetic Chrysoberyl Stones used in High Jewelry Customization?

Yes, there are. Chrysoberyl stones are rare and unique, so jewelry manufacturers have synthesized all varieties of chrysoberyl. This procedure dates back to the 19th century when laboratories melted and used hydrothermal procedures to create synthetic counterparts for chrysoberyl stones.

You can easily identify synthetic chrysoberyl from natural ones through the following characteristics:

  • A weak yellow light in ultraviolet light
  • Lack of inclusions
  • The distinct line/strike of the cat’s eye

RESOVON includes the option of synthetic or natural chrysoberyl stone in our high jewelry bespoke services. Some people prefer the rarest and most unreplicable stone for their custom chrysoberyl jewelry accessory.

Why is Chrysoberyl Jewelry Sought After In Haute Couture Jewelry?

Haute Couture Jewelry

Figure 13 Haute Couture Jewelry

Chrysoberyl is almost as durable as diamond, making it perfect for personalized jewelry. You know you are getting the best because chrysoberyl jewelry can stand the time. Aside from that, it is a rare stone, so having it put into your jewelry pieces like rings and earrings will give you a special and unique customization jewelry experience.

How Does RESOVON Provide High Jewelry Personalization with Chrysoberyl Jewelry?

It only takes two things for us to provide you with high-quality chrysoberyl jewelry personalization—our gemstones and our experts. At RESOVON, we choose the best quality and authentic chrysoberyl stones to be crafted in our jewelry. Then, each fine jewelry accessory is carefully handled and crafted into a beautiful piece.

How To Get Custom Chrysoberyl Jewelry at RESOVON?

Custom Jewerly Design

Figure 14 Custom Jewelry Design

When you get custom chrysoberyl jewelry at RESOVON, you will first have a consultation with our fine jewelry experts. We will give you a better idea of how the jewelry customization will go and how to get the best out of it.

You are in full control of the design and jewelry inclusion you want for any personalized jewelry pieces you desire. To give you a better image of what you want, we provide a computer-generated design that shows what your jewelry will look like when the creation process is done.

You can also state your budget and other important things during the consultation and design process. The creation takes weeks to months since we work with professional and careful hands.

How To Take Care of Fine Chrysoberyl Jewelry Accessories?

Soapy Water Method

Figure 15 Soapy Water Method

Unlike other fine jewelry with precious stones, chrysoberyl jewelry accessories are easier to maintain. They can be cleaned mechanically, depending on the manufacturer’s care instructions. You can also try the trusted soapy water method, where only warm water is used. You should consider enhancing it through oil, dye, and special radiation for special chrysoberyl types, such as the cat’s eye.

Although chrysoberyl is durable in any possible situation, you should still be careful not to put it into extreme heat or hit it with knocks and other solid materials. Our fine jewelry pieces have a complete guide for easy maintenance and individual clean-ups.

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