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As A Fast-growing High Jewelry Brand,

We Have Been Committed To Build A Community With Our Supply Chain Partners Globally.

Bespoke Service

Bespoke in the high jewelry section means completely unique jewelry customization services. Bespoke jewelry provides flexibility and customized jewelry that standard jewelers cannot provide, and is specially produced for special customers on special occasions.

RESOVON high-end jewelry customization service, through the selection of materials, craftsmanship, design and other elements, perfectly displays the customer’s values, aesthetics and social status.

Jewelry Bespoke Service
Precious Metal

Precious Metal

As a leading high jewelry brand, RESOVON uses platinum, gold, silver and other precious metals to customize high-end jewelry, such as rhodium, iridium, palladium, titanium, tungsten, etc.

High-quality materials make a piece of jewelry radiant and durable. It is part of our responsibility to choose materials that are less harmful to our planet and communities, insisting on using 100% recycled precious metals such as gold and silver, and using conflict-free diamonds.


Gemologists specialize in the identification, grading and valuation of gemstones. Because gemologists are so knowledgeable, clients rely on them to carefully analyze and evaluate their heirlooms.

RESOVON’s gemologists help our procurement department control quality and avoid risks, and are an important link in our global supply chain management of high jewelry. Certified gemologists on our jewelry team also have in-depth research on diamonds and precious metals.

Jewelry Gemologist
Jewelry Designer


Jewelry designers are very important in high jewelry bespoke service. Their main responsibility is to plan and create jewelry patterns for rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., and they are key figures who initially establish the concept of high-end jewelry customization.

In addition to basic creations, great designers work with gemologists, jewelers to test customized jewelry for durability, comfort, and feasibility. A famous jewelry designer is the soul of a jewelry brand.


In the jewelry industry, artisan refers to skilled and prestigious jewelry craftsmen, including goldsmiths, jewelry setters and other roles. Their role is to transform fine jewelry from concept to reality.

RESOVON jewelry artisans generally have 10+ years of industry experience, and are skilled in making gemstones and precious metals into high jewelry and decorations. They have teamwork spirit, excellent craftsmanship skills, service awareness with the goal of customer satisfaction.

Jewelry Artisan
RESOVON Affiliate


The marketing team of RESOVON high-end jewelry actively expands various online channels, shapes the brand image, increases promotion efforts, and improves sales performance.

The affiliate marketing we lead is a creative combination of online and offline, tradition and innovation, providing customers with excellent services in all aspects and through multiple channels.

Brand Alliance

As a well-known high-end jewelry brand in China, RESOVON has established long-term cooperative relationships with some famous brands, and uses our skills to provide customers with customized high jewelry services.

The affordable luxury jewelry and high-end jewelry produced by our designers and jewelers can not only increase the brand awareness of our partners, but also enhance the brand reputation. This is how the brand alliance is established and operated.

Brand Alliance
Courier Delivery


Our entrepreneurial team has always believed that perfect logistics service is a compulsory course for jewelry brands, not to mention that every piece of high jewelry is priceless.

As an extension of the high-quality services of a jewelry brand, our global logistics solution can quickly and efficiently deliver your customized high jewelry to the designated location, and the whole process is safe and reliable, because logistics is one of the performances of RESOVON brand.

Social Media

Any fashion brand and luxury brand are paying more and more attention to the importance of social media in their brand marketing, and of course excellent jewelry brands are also included. RESOVON consistently maintains a good relationship with social media groups.

As an emerging high-end jewelry brand, we welcome outstanding social media influencers from all over the world to contact us and discuss the establishment of long-term, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.

Social Media


Whether it is a natural person with “social attributes” or a company with “world attributes”, the RESOVON jewelry brand has always adhered to the original intention of contributing to the society.

The charitable behavior of enterprises not only includes actively investing in charitable causes within their ability, but also includes the entire jewelry industry chain and supply chain to have a certain standard of moral bottom line. Creating wealth for the society and high jewelry bespoke services for customers are interlinked.

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