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  • Specialist Diamond Jewelry Artisan& Goldsmith
  • Fusion Of Art, Fashion, High Jewelry Aesthetics
  • Bespoke By Diamond Jewelry Designers, Master
  • High Jewelry & Luxury Brand, Artist Designer

RESOVON Diamond Jewelry

India was the first to discover diamonds and used them for decorations and talismans before they were used for jewelry customization. Diamonds are used for high jewelry customization and personalization due to their durability and unique brilliance.

Although India has been the source of rare large diamonds for years, the world has caught up. South Africa and Australia have also been suppliers of diamonds in the wholesale and high jewelry industry. Jewelers value the distinctive features of diamonds in haute couture jewelry.

Diamonds’ classic and timeless elegance remains iconic in high jewelry personalization and customization. Since diamonds are the hardest-known gem on earth, it is natural that they dominate the high jewelry industry.

RESOVON, a manufacturer in China, will continue to produce custom diamond jewelry inspired by traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury style. We craft high-quality jewelry using precious metals and gems loved by jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers.

With the help of experts in high jewelry, we are able to deliver quality service and custom jewelry to our clients. Our supplier provides fine diamonds that our goldsmiths expertly craft. We collaborate with renowned couriers to deliver worldwide.

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Diamond Rings

For years, jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers have been mesmerized by diamond rings. Diamonds’ durability makes them perfect for custom gem-studded rings. Because they can withstand constant wear, these precious gems are popular in the wholesale and high jewelry industry.

RESOVON’s diamond rings are carefully crafted for high jewelry personalization and customization. Each high-jewelry diamond ring our factory produces underwent high-quality craftsmanship and was authenticated by jewelers. Our custom diamond rings are expertly crafted and bespoke for you.

  • Antique Diamond Ring
    Antique Diamond Ring
  • Bridal Diamond Ring
    Bridal Diamond Ring
  • Diamond Engagement Ring
    DIA Engagement Ring
  • Diamond Ring Band
    Diamond Ring Band
  • Diamond Ring Jewelry
    Diamond Ring Jewelry
  • Diamond Ring
    Diamond Ring
  • Luxury Diamond Ring
    Luxury Diamond Ring
  • Wedding Diamond Ring
    Wedding Diamond Ring

Diamond Earrings

Bespoke diamond earrings can personalize and enhance any style, from simple diamond studs to high-jewelry luxury earrings. Haute couture jewelry and diamond earrings offer versatility and elegance that can be customized to any style. Custom diamond earrings add a touch of personalization to any outfit.

We at RESOVON customize and personalize diamond earrings that highlight the unique characteristics of diamonds. Our goldsmiths and artisans craft high-jewelry diamond earrings with industry-standard tools at our factory. RESOVON creates high-jewelry earrings that are stylish, secure, and functional.

  • Antique Diamond Earrings
    Antique Diamond Earrings
  • Art Diamond Earrings
    Art Diamond Earrings
  • Diamond Earrings
    Diamond Earrings
  • Diamond Gem Earrings
    Diamond Gem Earrings
  • Diamond Studs
    Diamond Studs
  • Luxury Diamond Earrings
    Luxury Diamond Earrings
  • Pink Diamond Earrings
    Pink Diamond Earrings

Diamond Necklace

The natural brilliance of precious diamonds makes perfect custom necklaces. A well-crafted and well-designed high jewelry diamond necklace offers a timeless, sophisticated elegance to personalize style for anyone.

RESOVON’s goldsmiths can craft any custom necklace, from simple to extravagant high-jewelry diamond necklaces. We incorporate high-quality diamonds into custom necklaces and offer intricate detailing on each piece. Our custom diamond necklace is handcrafted and bespoke for you.

  • Art Diamond Necklace
    Art Diamond Necklace
  • Bridal Diamond Necklace
    Bridal Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Necklace Jewelry
    Diamond Necklace Jewelry
  • Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Necklace
  • Luxury Diamond Necklace
    Luxury Diamond Necklace
  • Vintage Diamond Necklace
    Vintage Diamond Necklace

Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds are best for high-jewelry designs that are likely to experience frequent impact. Due to constant movement, high-jewelry bracelets are often scratched and hit like rings. That is why durable gems like diamonds are perfect for high-jewelry bracelets.

At our factory in China, we customize and personalize well-designed haute couture jewelry bracelets. RESOVON has talented goldsmiths who carefully set each diamond into custom bracelets. Jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers can benefit from our custom bracelets’ solid design and craftsmanship.

  • Antique Diamond Bracelet
    Antique Diamond Bracelet
  • Art Diamond Bracelet
    Art Diamond Bracelet
  • Bridal Diamond Bracelet
    Bridal Diamond Bracelet
  • Gold Diamond Bracelet
    Gold Diamond Bracelet
  • Luxury Diamond Bracelet
    Luxury Diamond Bracelet
  • Wedding Diamond Bracelet
    Wedding DIA Bracelet

Diamond Brooch

A brooch is a custom pin designed to attach to clothing for fastening while adding personalization to functionality. High jewelry brooch can be customized and personalized using high-quality metals and gems. A well-designed haute couture jewelry brooch includes an expertly crafted surface and clasp.

RESOVON’s goldsmiths are dedicated to crafting diamond brooches that can customize outfits and maintain their clasps’ quality function. Our jewelers guide our design team to ensure that each custom diamond brooch keeps the overall design and quality for the pin and clasp functioning right.

  • Antique Diamond Brooch
    Antique Diamond Brooch
  • Art Diamond Brooch
    Art Diamond Brooch
  • Luxury Diamond Brooch
    Luxury Diamond Brooch
  • Pearl Diamond Brooch
    Pearl Diamond Brooch
  • Vintage Diamond Brooch
    Vintage Diamond Brooch
  • Yellow Diamond Brooch
    Yellow Diamond Brooch

Diamond Charm Pendant

Custom diamond charm pendants are known for their simple elegance among haute couture jewelry pieces. Diamond pendants add sophisticated polish to personalized outfits for any occasion. High-jewelry diamond pendants are classic pieces of haute couture jewelry.

RESOVON has highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths who carefully craft custom diamond charm pendants. Our supplier sources the best diamonds for high jewelry customization and the personalization of charm pendants. We ensure that every custom diamond pendant is cut properly and has the best clarity.

  • Pink Diamond Pendant
    Pink Diamond Pendant
  • Pink Diamond Charm
    Pink Diamond Charm
  • Gold Diamond Pendant
    Gold Diamond Pendant
  • Diamond Pendant
    Diamond Pendant
  • Diamond Charm
    Diamond Charm
  • Antique Diamond Pendant
    Antique Diamond Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

RESOVON Diamond Jewelry Bespoke Service

DIA Jewelry Consultation

RESOVON’s high-end bespoke service starts with a consultation. Clients undergo one-on-one consultations with our jeweler to customize jewelry with precious gems like diamonds. Our professional team will help guide you in reaching your high-end jewelry dreams.

Book an appointment with us so we can develop a plan to create bespoke diamond jewelry. Our jewelers have over ten years of experience in the high jewelry industry and can answer questions about bespoke diamond jewelry and our processes.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Diamond Jewelry Designer

RESOVON’s passion for crafting high-end jewelry is visible in each hand-drawn high-jewelry design. As a manufacturer in China, our diamond high jewelry designers studied and practiced various high jewelry designs. Our jewelers take inspiration from traditional custom practices and modern techniques.

We craft bespoke diamond jewelry with the guidance of our jewelry designers. Our clients can rely on our jewelers to conceptualize bespoke jewelry that stands out. Book an appointment with us to have your custom piece professionally drawn.

DMD Jewelry Gemologist

Our supplier of ethically sourced gems provides every precious gem at our factory. RESOVON’s gemologist chooses the gem based on the agreed standards. Trusted jewelers authenticate our diamonds to guarantee that we use high-quality gems in our jewelry pieces.

As a trusted manufacturer in China, we work with gemologists who are knowledgeable about high-quality gems. Diamonds at our factory are finely studied to ensure the color, carat, clarity, and cut meet the high jewelry industry standards. We ensure that our gemologists are reliable, like RESOVON.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Diamond Jewelry Artisan

RESOVON is dedicated to delivering quality service and high jewelry to our clients, both private collectors and wholesalers. That is why we collaborate with talented artisans to create bespoke diamond jewelry with the finest details. The careful hands of artisans expertly craft our custom pieces.

Artisans trained for high jewelry craftsmanship delicately crafted every haute couture jewelry at RESOVON. The attention to detail of our artisans and goldsmiths makes our clients trust us to deliver and meet their high jewelry needs. And we value that trust and maintain consistency in our service.

Safty Package & Delivery

RESOVON offers delivery of haute couture jewelry, regardless of country or region. Our customized and personalized jewelry is promptly delivered to our clients. Each custom piece is ensured to be delivered in pristine condition due to our safe packaging.

Our commitment to sustainability is also shown in our high jewelry packaging. World-renowned couriers make the safe and timely delivery of every RESOVON custom jewelry possible. We have built solid professional relationships with trusted couriers that match our commitment to sustainability.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Diamond Jewelry Service

With over ten years of experience in custom jewelry, RESOVON has built a system to provide high jewelry service effectively. Jewelers, artisans, gemologists, and goldsmiths expertly handle precious gems like diamonds. We offer bespoke services from design and crafting to worldwide delivery.

Unlike other factories and manufacturers of high jewelry, RESOVON goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to clients. The incredible high jewelry bespoke services RESOVON offers also benefit wholesalers to thrive in the business. Book an appointment with us to start your collection.

RESOVON Diamond Jewelry Spotlights

Diamond Setting
RESOVON Diamond Jewelry Spotlights 1
Diamond Jewelry Setting
RESOVON Diamond Jewelry Spotlights 2
High Jewelry Hand Drawing
RESOVON Diamond Jewelry Spotlights 3
Diamond Jewelry Craftsmanship
RESOVON Diamond Jewelry Spotlights 4

Diamond Jewelry Setting

Diamond setting requires the careful handling of artisans and goldsmiths to ensure the diamond stays in place. Our highly skilled goldsmiths expertly and carefully set every diamond in our custom jewelry. RESOVON’s goldsmiths will secure each diamond into a well-crafted custom jewelry setting.

We use high-quality custom metals like gold and platinum to securely hold the diamonds. Every diamond jewelry set is part of the high jewelry personalization process provided by RESOVON. Our high jewelry, customized and personalized with quality diamonds, will stay fastened in bespoke jewelry settings.

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

As a manufacturer in the jewelry industry, RESOVON has experts in each field of the high-end jewelry personalization and customization process. Our jewelers continue to master the constant trend of high-end jewelry to maintain quality service. Our team has a keen eye for haute couture jewelry design.

The jewelers at RESOVON have over ten years of experience in custom jewelry, which guides our crafting process. We have talented high-end jewelry designers who combine luxury, modern, and classic designs. Our designers offer hand-drawn high-end jewelry designs for all occasions.

Diamond Jewelry Craftsmanship

RESOVON Diamond Jewelry underwent extensive craftsmanship to deliver high-quality haute couture jewelry to our clients. We offer customization and personalization of jewelry using quality diamonds. Our custom diamond jewelry is born for high-end, bespoke for you, and handcrafted by RESOVON.

RESOVON’s jewelers have carefully studied each diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat in our haute couture jewelry. Our supplier in China ethically sources our diamonds from conflict-free regions. We are committed to handcrafting high-quality jewelry for collectors and wholesalers using quality diamonds.

RESOVON Advantages In Diamond Jewelry

High Jewelry Gemologist Education
Diamond Jewelry Education

RESOVON can successfully craft, customize, and personalize jewelry following the guidance of the high jewelry industry. Our team of experts underwent extensive education and training in crafting haute couture jewelry. Each diamond from us has a certification to ensure the quality of our high jewelry.

Luxury Brand Management MBA
Luxury Brand Management MBA

Our founder, Charles CHAO, acquired his MBA in Luxury Brand Management, which allowed him to build a high jewelry company that jewelers will love. He has carefully studied how to run a jewelry company successfully. Our reputable team allows us to provide quality service as a manufacturer of high jewelry.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Cloisonne is an age-old metalwork technique that uses metal filaments and colored glass enamels. The traditional custom jewelry technique crafts brilliant artworks by bending and shaping thin metal strips to create a partition.

Artisans create partitions in custom jewelry to stop colors from blending. RESOVON has expert artisans who incorporate the cloisonne method to customize and personalize jewelry. Our cloisonne jewelry uses fine metals like gold, platinum, and palladium.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Custom jewelry often uses enamels to add color that gems may lack. The enameling technique has been used for years in customized and personalized jewelry. Enamel coating also allows goldsmiths and artisans to fill the gaps in haute couture jewelry.

High skills and expertise in enameling are required to ensure high-quality and well-crafted jewelry is produced. We have expert enamelers at our factory in China who have studied and practiced crafting enamel jewelry.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Filigree is a traditional technique used in jewelry customization. Intricate metalwork is part of filigree jewelry. Jewelers expertly manipulate thin metal strips by twisting and weaving to create custom textures. The highly skilled jeweler uses a special machine to accurately create long metal strips for filigree.

Once the desired shape of the metal strip is done, our jeweler solders the custom piece to personalize a metal base. The process is repeated until the final customized piece is achieved. RESOVON’s factory produces delicately handcrafted custom filigree jewelry

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Gold carving is one of the most common techniques in high-end jewelry personalization and customization. Goldsmiths delicately carve precious metal gold to add textures to customized jewelry. Contour is enhanced using special tools in high-end jewelry craftsmanship.

RESOVON’s trusted supplier provides gold in our high jewelry pieces. Our goldsmiths at RESOVON use industry-standard gold carving tools that can carve intricate details to every haute couture jewelry. We craft each custom gold jewelry with the finest details.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

RESOVON is a trusted manufacturer that delivers unmatched high-quality jewelry and services worldwide. Reliable suppliers provide the precious gems we use for jewelry customization and personalization. Verified jewelers check the authenticity of each gem in our high-quality jewelry pieces.

Our haute couture jewelry gems showcase high color, clarity, and carat quality. And our goldsmiths ensure that each gem is cut and set properly in haute couture jewelry. RESOVON is passionate about handcrafting high-end jewelry and bespoke for you.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Bespoke. RESOVON team provides excellent services for your diamond haute couture jewelry. According our expert high jewelry supply chain, and experienced teamwork, we can meet your high-end diamond jewelry customization requirements.

  • “I love RESOVON’s craftsmanship. Each custom piece I got was finely crafted and, best of all, delivered on time. My collection of haute couture jewelry from RESOVON had been crafted the way I wanted. From the design to delivery, RESOVON’s service is unlike any other.“

    - Ana Hermoso, Spain
  • “RESOVON has always met my preferences when it comes to high jewelry. Every custom piece I have had been carefully crafted, even the tiniest detail. I can relax knowing that my haute couture jewelry is created by experts and made only for me.”

    - Bella De Luca, Italy
  • “RESOVON’s bespoke services are unmatched. No other manufacturer has delivered the level and quality of service that RESOVON does. I know that talented people craft each high piece of jewelry from RESOVON and exceed everyone’s expectations.”

    - Kai Mendes, Canada
Diamond Jewelry Gallery

Golden Diamond Ring Collection

Figure 1 Golden Diamond Ring Collection

RESOVON Diamond High Jewelry

RESOVON has perfected the art of bespoke and customized diamond jewelry, with almost a decade of experience creating haute couture jewelry. This is why we are considered one of China’s leading wholesale suppliers and manufacturers today. We have repeatedly proven that you can trust us with all your high jewelry needs.

Better yet, our materials for high-jewelry personalization come only from ethically sourced companies. We also have a team of expert jewelers, goldsmiths, and gemologists to assist you with inquiries about our diamond high-jewelry collection.

RESOVON’s Diamond High Jewelry Collection

We at RESOVON have an extensive collection of diamond jewelry that fits all your special occasions. Of course, you can have this jewelry piece as they are or opt for personalized designs. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the diamond jewelry you buy will be the highlight of the event,

Diamond Necklace High Jewelry

Yellow Diamond Necklace with White Diamonds

Figure 2 Yellow Diamond Necklace with White Diamonds

Diamond necklaces are versatile, easy to wear, and elegant. As the epitome of diamond high jewelry, it demands much respect from its wearer. RESOVON understands this fact, and you can expect from us the same esteem from our diamond jewelry wholesale collection. We suggest you get the high-jewelry diamond necklace as your first piece of custom diamond jewelry.

Diamond Rings High Jewelry

Golden Diamond Ring

Figure 3 White Diamond Golden Ring

Diamond rings are characterized by their symbolic meaning, especially those associated with intimate bonds. RESOVON understands how to make those moments even more memorable with our high-quality jewelry customization service. Personalize your accessories to create truly high-quality diamond jewelry.

Diamond Bracelet High Jewelry

White Diamond Bracelet with Gold Accents

Figure 4 White Diamond Bracelet with Gold Accents

Diamond bracelets are among the first to come to mind when discussing high jewelry customization. Probably the most “casual” high jewelry around, it longs to have more options for being personalized. Get yours from RESOVON, and feel the luxury our custom diamond jewelry can provide you.

Diamond Brooch High Jewelry

Diamond Brooch with Spiral Design

Figure 5 Diamond Brooch with Spiral Design

Diamond brooches are symbols of high esteem and should be treated with class, and that is what RESOVON’s high-quality diamond jewelry is all about. Let us offer the exquisite experience no other high-end jewelry company can provide. A professional team of jewelers and goldsmiths can create that custom high-end jewelry diamond brooch just for you.

Diamond Charm High Jewelry

Diamond Gold Charm Set

Figure 6 Diamond Gold Charm Set

Nothing is more reassuring than having something you can use to secure your fortunes. Diamond charms are all about channeling that positive energy into our everyday lives. RESOVON celebrates this tradition with the help of our gemologists, who offer expert advice on using custom diamond jewelry charms to improve your personal life.

Custom Diamond Jewelry Process by RESOVON

Blue Diamond Earrings with White Diamonds

Figure 7 Blue Diamond Earrings with White Diamonds

Being a leading manufacturer in China has its own merits. With more than ten years of experience in the wholesale high-quality jewelry industry, you can be certain of the quality of our services. Especially with our high jewelry personalization, a major pillar of our business, expect custom diamond jewelry that would shatter expectations.

Diamond Jewelry Consultation

Golden Diamond Ring Set

Figure 8 Golden Diamond Ring Set

Planning is an important part of any procedure, so it needs to be comprehensive. RESOVON Diamond custom jewelry starts with the creative collaboration between our experts and clients. We guarantee that our people have the experience and talent you need to create the custom high-end jewelry of your dreams.

We take the process step-by-step here at RESOVON. Our commitment to giving our clients their diamond custom jewelry starts with acknowledging their needs and incorporating their suggestions into our manufacturing routine. This also applies to wholesale diamond jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry Designer

Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Figure 9 Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

After finalizing the plans, our jewelers and goldsmiths, with fine attention to detail, will take over operations. In our factory, you can enjoy learning the intricacies of high-end jewelry manufacturing and the fine art of high-end bespoke services. This will allow you to appreciate every effort placed into every custom high-end jewelry piece.

RESOVON’s allowing their clients to experience custom high-end jewelry craftsmanship proves their prowess as a top diamond wholesaler. With decades of experience and the help of renowned diamond custom jewelers, their confidence in their work is truly warranted.

Diamond Jewelry Gemologist

White Diamond Necklace in Black Background

Figure 10 White Diamond Necklace in Black Background

RESOVON hires gemologists to provide meaning to every custom high-end jewelry piece. Every stone has its symbolic meaning, and if you want to harness it for personal use, here is your chance. High-quality diamond jewelry needs to be a symbol of luxury, good fortune, and positivity.

Gemstones usually have intrinsic meanings that people find captivating. Considering this gives diamond high jewelry more value than simply being an accessory. RESOVON understands this and strives to ensure that gemstone symbolism remains intact even after becoming wholesale high-quality jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry Artisan

Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace

Figure 11 Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace

There is no need to fret about custom diamond jewelry. We at RESOVON will take care of everything for you. Artisans from all around the world combine their knowledge of diamond high jewelry to create masterpieces. Diamonds are delicate materials for high-quality custom jewelry, but if handled skillfully, they can become awesome pieces like a high diamond necklace.

More than that, we have goldsmiths and gemologists to assist our manufacturers in creating the finest pieces of high-quality custom jewelry. We at RESOVON can deliver diamond-high jewelry with creative flair and respect for our clients’ tastes.

Safety Package And Delivery

As a major wholesale high-end jewelry supplier, we provide quality courier services for our clients. Packaging and delivery are no problem for us, and we have the means to handle the most delicate of wholesale high-quality jewelry. We are also committed to improving and making our system more sustainable in the future.

We also take pride in ensuring that our courier services are completely eco-friendly. Furthermore, wholesale high-end jewelry is delivered without emitting any form of waste. So if you need to get your guiltless custom diamond jewelry collection, we are at your service.

Diamond Jewelry Service

Even after the sale, RESOVON keeps on giving. We are always one call away if you need assistance with your high-quality custom jewelry. Unlike other manufacturers, our relationship with our clients does not end after the transaction. Our commitment goes a long way to providing excellent service as the top diamond wholesaler in China.

Consider this a symbol of gratitude as well. We pledge to continue providing quality service for diamond jewelry wholesale and custom jewelry in the future. We hope you appreciate the effort in creating our collection of high-quality diamond jewelry and work with us again.

Diamond Jewelry Setting by RESOVON

Diamonds must be handled with care if they are undergoing the process of becoming high-quality custom jewelry. It may require a level of expertise, specifically from diamond custom jewelers. RESOVON, fortunately, has the human resources to process diamonds professionally in its factory in China.

We guarantee that our high-quality custom jewelry is crafted with the smallest details considered. Our experienced diamond custom jewelers perfected their craft and knew advanced manufacturing techniques to suit your needs.

RESOVON High Jewelry Hand Drawing

During the planning phase, it is important to visualize the concept of your custom high jewelry. That would help you take notes on what materials are needed for the design of your piece. We also provide a basic idea for our diamond custom jewelers as to what method would be best for manufacturing. As a bonus, you can offer your input for your custom diamond jewelry.

RESOVON’s jewelers are not just masters of their craft; they also have an artistic eye and knack for detail. You can rely on them to design diamond custom jewelry and diamond wholesale jewelry. They put effort into any work they are entrusted with.

RESOVON’s Diamond Jewelry Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of our wholesale and custom diamond jewelry is our pride and joy at RESOVON. This is the result of investing resources to recruit the best diamond custom jewelers in the world, and the materials, which our suppliers in China are all ethical sources. It is a complete package for all your custom high-end jewelry needs.

That being said, our tireless service has brought us to the forefront of the industry, which led us to become one of the top diamond wholesalers in the region. We credit our manufacturers’ team for acknowledging us and our clients who trusted our custom diamond jewelry collection.

Exquisite Bespoke Diamond High Jewelry by RESOVON

The best way to appreciate the effort in creating high-quality diamond jewelry is by learning how to make them. For all these years in the high jewelry industry, we have learned ancient and modern artistic techniques to diversify our collection. Let us share a few of these methods of creating wholesale and custom diamond jewelry.


Gold Platinum Diamond Cloisonne Necklace

Figure 12 Gold Platinum Diamond Cloisonné Necklace

Cloisonné is an ancient technique that uses fine metal wires and glass coating to create colorful patterns. At a higher level, master diamond custom jewelers can use this technique to stop colors from blending. This is the class of talent you can expect from RESOVON; from wholesale and custom high-end jewelry, we have a solution for all.


Golden Filigree Earrings with Yellow Diiamonds

Figure 13 Golden Filigree Earrings with Yellow Diamonds

Filigree is the method of weaving metal works into intricate designs in diamond-high jewelry. For this, you may need some help from goldsmiths, something RESOVON has in abundance. They can do repeated patterns and layered designs to create stunning, high-quality custom jewelry. It is the perfect choice for a high-jewelry diamond necklace.


Golden Enamel Ring with White Diamond Bespoke

Figure 14 Golden Enamel Ring with White Diamond Bespoke

Enamel is probably the oldest known form of jewelry craftsmanship. It involves coating the piece in a special substance that produces a glossy finish. It is mostly used in wholesale high-end jewelry because of its durability. However, it can also be applied to custom high-end jewelry, specifically if the client wants to preserve the piece for a long time.

Gold Carving

Golden Diamond Necklace and Earrings

Figure 15 Golden Diamond Necklace and Earrings

Gold carving is the art of manipulating gold into artistic pieces. It may sound easy, but gold is one of the most malleable metals on the planet. Diamond custom jewelers need to be very careful when using this method. Once they succeed, however, they can produce the most brilliant diamond-high jewelry worthy of any discernible taste.

RESOLVED: Top Diamond High Jewelry Manufacturer

RESOVON can produce top-quality wholesale and custom diamond jewelry through its factory in China. We have long embraced the tradition of offering custom diamond jewelry and wholesale services from the beginning until after the sale. It proves our commitment to providing the best services for our clients.

What makes RESOVON diamond high jewelry stand out from the competition?

Here at RESOVON, we only use the most refined and ethically sourced diamonds in our high-quality jewelry. We also hire the best custom jewelers to create pieces like high-end diamond necklaces to add to our collection.

Is there any difference in quality between diamond jewelry wholesale and diamond custom jewelry?

We commit efforts to our wholesale high-end and custom diamond jewelry, respectively. Both are made by the same talented diamond custom jewelers from the same quality materials. The only difference is your personalized input in their creation.

Can RESOVON deliver custom high-end jewelry abroad?

As one of the top diamond wholesalers in the region, RESOVON has extensive experience in the courier service. We have a system to ensure your custom high-jewelry diamond necklace gets to you quickly and securely. This extends globally as a part of our commitment to bringing high-quality custom jewelry to our clients.

What jewelry works best with diamonds?

Technically, all jewelry types work with this gem, but its elegance can only be truly captured through custom diamond jewelry. High-end diamond necklaces, for example, are an excellent choice. But you always have options for your high-end diamond jewelry collection. You can also choose from our diamond jewelry wholesale collection. It’s your choice!

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