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  • Specialist Emerald Gemologist Selection
  • High Jewelry Brand, Experienced Designer
  • Luxury Jewelry & High Jewelry Artisan& Goldsmith
  • Fusion Of World Fashion And High Jewelry Aesthetics

RESOVON Emerald Jewelry

The mesmerizing green color of emerald gems exudes luxury and elegance that could rival other colored gems. For thousands of years, emeralds have been adored by many throughout history. Jewelers often seek emeralds for their custom pieces since emeralds are highly sought-after in the high jewelry industry.

Jewelers, high-jewelry collectors, and wholesalers desire the distinct color of emeralds. High-jewelry emeralds are ideal gifts for any occasion and birthday celebrants born in May. Our RESOVON factory can make any custom high-jewelry emerald design our clients seek.

Bespoke RESOVON emerald jewelry takes design inspiration from world-renowned artists like Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso. RESOVON goldsmiths use many materials, such as precious metals and high-quality gems, in high jewelry customization.

Regarding gemstone hardness, emerald gems have 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Our supplier provides ethically sourced gemstones and ensures that every emerald in our haute couture jewelry is of high quality. The finest emerald in RESOVON high jewelry is more than just stylish; the gems are also durable.

Our high jewelry pieces customized with precious gems like emeralds have undergone a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Together with our experts, from high jewelry designers to skilled craftsmanship of haute couture jewelry, we bespoke for you.

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Emerald Rings

At RESOVON, our trusted supplier, we provide remarkably brilliant natural and untreated emerald gems. The durability of high-jewelry emeralds, like custom emerald rings, is perfect for everyday wear. Generally, emeralds’ color, clarity, and cut in custom rings make quite a statement in high jewelry.

Our goldsmiths and artisans customize emerald rings with hand-crafted settings using precious metals. We collaborate with reputable jewelers to ensure every bespoke emerald ring is high quality. As a trusted manufacturer, we offer customization for emerald rings you will treasure for years.

  • Antique Emerald Ring
    Antique Emerald Ring
  • Bridal Emerald Ring
    Bridal Emerald Ring
  • Diamond Emerald Ring
    Diamond Emerald Ring
  • Emerald Engagement Ring
    Emerald Engagement Ring
  • Emerald Gem Ring
    Emerald Gem Ring
  • Emerald Ring Band
    Emerald Ring Band
  • Luxury Emerald Ring
    Luxury Emerald Ring
  • Platinum Emerald Ring
    Platinum Emerald Ring
  • Vintage Emerald Ring
    Vintage Emerald Ring

Emerald Earrings

Regardless of the type and style of emerald earrings our clients want, our highly skilled goldsmiths are experts in high jewelry craftsmanship. Our manufacturer can customize emeralds, whether custom timeless stud emerald earrings or extravagant chandelier earrings.

Our supplier in China provides ethically sourced, conflict-free, and high-quality metals and gems that we use in the customization of emerald earrings and high jewelry customization. Our goldsmiths and artisans in our factory use the materials carefully chosen to ensure quality. This creates emerald earrings that are stylish and durable enough for constant wear.

  • Antique Emerald Earrings
    Antique Emerald Earrings
  • Diamond Emerald Earrings
    Diamond Emerald Earrings
  • Emerald Earrings Stud
    Emerald Earrings Stud
  • Emerald Earrings
    Emerald Earrings
  • Emerald Gem Earrings
    Emerald Gem Earrings
  • Emerald Studs
    Emerald Studs
  • Luxury Emerald Earrings
    Luxury Emerald Earrings
  • Vintage Emerald Earrings
    Vintage Emerald Earrings
  • Wedding Emerald Earrings
    Wedding Emerald Earrings

Emerald Necklace

RESOVON’s factory in China can produce high jewelry strands and pendants customized with emeralds. Jewelers can choose any size emerald gem to set in any precious metals, often in gold and silver necklaces. We deliver quality service, whether an emerald necklace for daily wear or a special occasion.

As the leading manufacturer in China, RESOVON can produce any type and design of the high-jewelry emerald necklace. Our goldsmiths can customize silver necklaces studded with diamonds and highlighted with emeralds. We expertly personalized precious metals with gems like emeralds for custom jewelry.

  • Bridal Emerald Necklace
    Bridal Emerald Necklace
  • Diamond Emerald Necklace
    Diamond Emerald Charn
  • Emerald Gem Necklace
    Emerald Gem Necklace
  • Emerald Necklace Jewelry
    Emerald Necklace Jewelry
  • Luxury Emerald Necklace
    Luxury Emerald Necklace
  • Platinum Emerald Necklace
    Platinum Emerald Necklace
  • Wedding Emerald Necklace
    Wedding Emerald Charn

Emerald Bracelet

Expert goldsmiths would suggest emeralds with lesser inclusion for haute couture jewelry that may require more care. High jewelry emerald bracelets, like rings, are more likely to experience impact often than necklaces and earrings. RESOVON crafts high-jewelry emerald bracelets that are stylish and durable.

Our artisans and goldsmiths use precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum to hold precious gems like emeralds. Platinum is typically used in high-end jewelry customization bespoke for sensitive skin. This high-end metal is also durable and perfect for emerald bracelet personalization.

  • Antique Emerald Bracelet
    Antique Emerald Bracelet
  • Emerald Bracelet Bead
    Emerald Bracelet Bead
  • Emerald Bracelet
    Emerald Bracelet
  • Emerald Gem Bracelet
    Emerald Gem Bracelet
  • Gold Emerald Bracelet
    Gold Emerald Bracelet
  • Luxury Emerald Bracelet
    Luxury Emerald Bracelet
  • Platinum Emerald Bracelet
    Platinum Emerald Bracelet

Emerald Brooch

Brooches were first designed as pins to secure clothing; nowadays, high-jewelry brooches exist. Regardless of what type of custom brooch collectors and wholesalers want, RESOVON offers high-quality jewelry services, from crafting to delivery. RESOVON Goldsmiths can customize each brooch with emeralds.

The custom emerald brooch from RESOVON is both stylish and purposeful. We are committed to crafting high jewelry that is perfectly crafted. Our goldsmiths work hard to create a bespoke brooch that personalizes any design and still functions as a pin should.

  • Vintage Emerald Brooch
    Vintage Emerald Brooch
  • Platinum Emerald Brooch
    Platinum Emerald Brooch
  • Luxury Emerald Brooch
    Luxury Emerald Brooch
  • Emerald Gem Brooch
    Emerald Gem Brooch
  • Emerald Brooch
    Emerald Brooch
  • Antique Emerald Brooch
    Antique Emerald Brooch

Emerald Charm Pendant

Bespoke charm pendants are smaller than typical pendants and personalized with charms like emerald gems. Emerald charm pendants customized and personalized by RESOVON underwent a high-end manufacturing process. Each emerald charm used in our custom pendant is from a trusted supplier.

Emerald charm pendants from RESOVON, like all our haute couture jewelry pieces, are crafted by the finest hands. Our charm pendants, personalized with emeralds, are delicately crafted and properly secured to ensure the gems stay in place.

  • Vintage Emerald Pendant
    Vintage Emerald Pendant
  • Luxury Emerald Charm
    Luxury Emerald Charm
  • Emerald Pendant
    Emerald Pendant
  • Emerald Gem Pendant
    Emerald Gem Pendant
  • Emerald Charm
    Emerald Charm
  • Diamond Emerald Charm
    Diamond Emerald Charm

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
Gubelin Certification
Gubelin Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON Emerald Jewelry Bespoke Service

Emerald Jewelry Consult

Starting a wholesale business in the high jewelry industry is made easy by collaborating with a trusted manufacturer like RESOVON. Our high jewelry bespoke service starts with a consultation with our jewelers. Get expert advice and guidance through the manufacturing process from our jewelers.

We offer unique high jewelry customization using high-quality emeralds from our supplier. Our factory can produce bespoke emerald jewelry that we will promptly deliver anywhere in the world. Book an appointment with us to identify your needs to succeed in the wholesale business of high jewelry.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Emerald Jewelry Designer

To craft haute couture jewelry pieces, RESOVON works with high jewelry designers to hand draw custom pieces professionally. The hand-drawn design can guide goldsmiths and set up expectations for our clients. Our team of jewelry designers takes inspiration from modern and traditional designs.

High jewelry designers combine French luxury style with American fashion trends in high jewelry customization. Our high-jewelry designers are trained in conceptualizing unique and high-end jewelry. RESOVON is devoted to making high-quality jewelry pieces, starting with design.

Emerald Gemologist

After confirming the haute couture jewelry service and paying the deposit, RESOVON gemologists carefully select emerald gems to customize jewelry. Our supplier provides ethically sourced emeralds to our gemologist. The emerald gem is chosen based on the high jewelry design provided.

Our emerald gemologist selects the gem according to our clients, which jewelers verify. We have reliable jewelers that can help check the authenticity of our emerald gems. RESOVON continues to be committed to following the basic standards of the high jewelry industry.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Emerald Jewelry Artisan

The exquisite skills of emerald jewelry artisans make the customization of emeralds possible. RESOVON jewelers guide our artisans in crafting perfect bespoke jewelry. This ensures that our emerald jewelry is born for high-end, bespoke for you, and handcrafted by RESOVON.

Our team of expert jewelers has over ten years of experience in the high-end jewelry industry. We use this experience to craft high-end pieces such as emerald jewelry. RESOVON will continue to grow as a manufacturer, and we are committed to collaborating with talents to create bespoke pieces.

Safty Package & Delivery

RESOVON haute couture jewelry is expertly packed using premium luxury packaging. We are committed to safely and promptly delivering bespoke emerald jewelry anywhere in the world, made possible by renowned couriers. Our couriers efficiently deliver high jewelry regardless of region or country.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Emerald Jewelry Service

Anyone starting a collection of high jewelry can take advantage of the bespoke services offered by RESOVON. Wholesalers can benefit from the unique services a reliable manufacturer offers in China. We customize and personalize every piece of haute couture jewelry from our factory.

As part of our high jewelry bespoke services, we offer emerald jewelry services that not many manufacturers do. Book an appointment to learn more about other emerald jewelry services we can provide, such as treatment and care. We can help maintain the quality of every high-jewelry emerald.

RESOVON Emerald Jewelry Spotlights

Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
High Jewelry Setting
Fine Jewelry Goldsmith
RESOVON High Jewelry Building

Hard Enamel Process

The hard enamel process is part of our high-customization jewelry manufacturing process. Enameling has been used for centuries by fusing colored powdered glass to a desired level at very high temperatures. The technique has been used to craft art in ancient times and is still used today in high-customization jewelry.

Generally, the plating is added before the enamel as part of the hard enamel process. The enamel is then polished flat until it reaches the metal die lines indicated in the customization process. Unique custom colors are added before polishing until the desired high jewelry design is achieved.

High Jewelry Setting

The high jewelry setting process involves careful handling and expert skills of goldsmiths. Our highly skilled goldsmiths strategically lay the emerald gem onto the custom metal mounting. The emerald gem is fastened to secure the haute couture jewelry.

RESOVON Goldsmiths are experts in high jewelry settings involving precious gems like emeralds. We ensure that our haute couture jewelry is well-crafted and properly secured. Our goldsmiths are dedicated to creating perfect bespoke emerald jewelry that jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers adore.

RESOVON Advantages In Emerald Jewelry

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

Charles CHAO, the co-founder of RESOVON, acquired an MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management from Paris, France. Other fine jewelry companies and manufacturers lack the credibility and expertise that Charles CHAO brought to RESOVON.

Charles CHAO applied and completed the MBA course at Sup de Luxe, a private business school owned by Cartier. This makes RESOVON a top-notch China supplier of haute couture jewelry.

High Jewelry Education
Emerald Jewelry Education

RESOVON’s high-quality jewelry experts underwent extensive training in gemology, design, production, and business operation. The experiences and business relationships we have built over the years enable us to craft unmatched-quality pieces.

RESOVON founders Charles CHAO and Ann KING have contributed their knowledge in high jewelry customization, design, personalization, and sale to continuously deliver quality service.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Since ancient times, the metalwork technique, cloisonne, has been incorporated into crafting custom jewelry. RESOVON artisans can expertly craft and customize jewelry using filaments and colorful enamels with the cloisonne technique.

As part of the process, artisans bend metal wires to create the shape of design partitions. Goldsmiths then fire layers of fine glass enamel until the custom design is uncovered. Cloisonne jewelry is popular for being colorful and designed with intricate details.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Enamel has been incorporated in creating custom jewelry for centuries; popular brands like Cartier have also used enamel in jewelry. Bespoke enamel jewelry is crafted and customized using traditional surface decorating techniques. RESOVON artisans’ skills and expertise create enamel jewelry with artistic quality.

Highly skilled goldsmiths at our factory in China have studied and practiced enamel application on bespoke jewelry. The enamels our manufacturer used are fine glass particles that artisans then add to metal to showcase a custom color to jewelry.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Our goldsmiths use the design element filigree when crafting custom filigree jewelry. Part of the custom process is intricate and delicate metalwork. Artisans and goldsmiths repeatedly twist, untwist, curl, and plate thin threads made of precious metals to customize and personalize jewelry.

RESOVON’s talented goldsmiths are knowledgeable in filigree jewelry. They incorporate this art form into bespoke jewelry, allowing us to add a traditional touch to our modern high-end designs.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Crafting and customizing high-end jewelry often uses gold during the manufacturing process. In our factory, we incorporate gold carving in our customization. Gold carving in custom jewelry involves laying a chosen pattern on metal and tracing it using jewelry punching tools.

Once contouring and polishing are complete, the bespoke design is finalized. Drilling and saw piercing add contour and definition to the jewelry design. Using tools like gravers and texturing punches, goldsmiths shape the gold jewelry according to the design. Lastly, the gold jewelry is polished to a finish.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

RESOVON custom jewelry incorporates ethically sourced high-quality gems like emeralds. Instead of basic jewelry that uses solely precious metals, emerald gems add color to better personalize the jewelry. High jewelry emeralds give personalization that attracts jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers.

Every gem we use in our haute couture jewelry is verified authentic by reputable jewelers. Each high-quality gem is intricately set to personalize jewelry for wholesale businesses and private collections. We ensure we create high-end designs and tailor each piece to our valued clients.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Emerald Jewelry Bespoke. RESOVON jewelry team provides exclusive customized services for your emerald jewelry. From the original design style to the smart application of colors and gemstone shapes, we can make your high-end emerald jewelry custom dream a reality.

  • “I always go to RESOVON for all my custom jewelry needs. RESOVON never misses a beat when it comes to high jewelry personalization and customization. The company makes every bespoke piece of jewelry because I love how meticulous they are in their work.”

    -Louise Mills, UK
  • “I got my emerald ring in pristine condition. RESOVON ships worldwide and on time. When it comes to high jewelry personalization, RESOVON is unmatched. I love the high jewelry bespoke services the factory offers that go beyond manufacturing. The brand has truly earned my trust.”

    -Alison Gomez, USA
  • “RESOVON haute couture jewelry pieces are stunning! I just got my emerald jewelry set, and I love it. The entire set’s quality, detail, and design are phenomenal. I love the luxurious packaging, too. And I’ll order again for my family and myself.”

    -Kaila Clarke, Canada
Emerald Jewelry Gallery

Fine Emerald Jewelry Pieces

Figure 1 Fine Emerald Jewelry Pieces

What is RESOVON Fine Emerald Jewelry?

RESOVON fine emerald jewelry symbolizes eternal love and royalty. It is crafted with delicate care and sophistication, making it the best value piece of jewelry you have. With our diamonds and other gemstones, RESOVON fine emerald green jewelry sets you on a lifetime jewelry collection.


Our fine emerald jewelry is just one reason why RESOVON is known for providing high-end jewelry bespoke services for our clients.

The Beauty of Fine Emeralds

The beauty of fine emeralds dates back to ancient Egypt, where they dug the first emeralds in the world. Egyptian jewelers cut, shape, and polish emeralds to suit their jewelry and sculptures. Generally, they called them the “green gem,” and the rich and noble people used them.


In the 1500s, the Spanish also discovered the subtle beauty of emeralds, which were larger and more beautiful than the Egyptians’.


Additionally, emeralds became popular worldwide and began to be put in royal accessories and haute couture jewelry pieces. The captivating beauty of emeralds suggests hope, love, and faithfulness that last forever. That is why emeralds are widely used in modern high jewelry personalization, especially for customized emerald engagement rings.


You need to understand the story behind getting a custom engagement ring. The overall quality of it matters, so you need to check its cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Four C’s of Emerald Jewelry in RESOVON

As a leading manufacturer in China, RESOVON’s standard of fine emerald jewelry is based on the four C’s. Generally, an emerald’s cut, color, carat, and clarity give you an idea of what emerald you are getting. It is useful when getting your first customized emerald jewelry.


Emerald cuts determine a gem’s clarity. They also give the emerald shape, making it more appealing to the eye. Depending on the gem cutter in our China factory, your emerald can be in the typical emerald-cut ring, pear, oval, or even heart shape.


Unlike diamonds, emeralds do not require to be symmetrical in cut, so the shape of it is adjusted to the carat weight. However, our gem cutters check each angle of the fine emerald before cutting it to get the best overtone and brightness.


Emerald jewelry is known for its brilliant green color. It is so royal that even the slightest color change matters. When comparing emeralds, its hue, tone, and saturation are always to look for. We take note of the following factors when creating customized jewelry:

  1. Hue is what people refer to as the overall color of an emerald. Emeralds are unique because of their sophisticated green color. They are not based on any color, such as yellow or blue. However, the ‘pure green’ color can be modified to a yellowish or bluish color emerald. In our factory, we pick the best green color for all our fine emerald jewelry.
  2. Tone—The tone of an emerald is an indicator of a high-quality emerald. A medium light tone is acceptable as a good emerald, but not one with a very dark tone.
  3. Saturation – A fine emerald stone should give a vivid green color, not a desaturated gray color.


A heavier emerald is rarer than a lighter one. The price tag of an emerald depends on its weight instead of its quality. The price goes up for every increase in carat for personalized emerald jewelry.


Emerald has a lot of other inclusions, such as mineral fibers, crystals, and liquids. It is very common to see a lot of inclusions in an emerald. However, the clearer the emerald, the more premium it gets. For example, a bespoke fine emerald ring with fewer inclusions has more value than those without.

Various Emerald Colors and Overtones

Emerald overtones are limited. An emerald must have at least a medium light tone to be classified as an emerald. As you can see in the chart, emerald overtones range from very light and very dark. However, they are very dark to the point of being very black, and are no longer emeralds.


The figure below shows the variations of overtones RESOVON uses as a supplier of fine emerald jewelry in China.

Emerald Colors and Overtones

Figure 2 Emerald Colors and Overtones

Blue-Green Emeralds

Blue-green Emerald

Figure 3 Blue-green Emerald

Emeralds, green pieces of jewelry, and accessories with blue overtones are due to their high amount of iron. They tend to be a darker shade of green. Although appealing to the eye, blue-green emeralds are not as valuable as emeralds with pure green color.

Yellow-Green Emeralds

Yellow-Green Emerald

Figure 4 Yellow-Green Emerald

If an emerald lacks chromium and vanadium, it will turn yellow-green. The yellow overtone makes it less of a green color, which is the standard color of an emerald. This emerald is often called yellow-green beryl and is not considered a true emerald. You can still use this gemstone for a custom emerald necklace or other jewelry pieces, depending on your preference.

Pure Green Emeralds

Pure Green Emerald

Figure 5 Pure Green Emerald

A pure green emerald comes from a perfect combination of chromium and vanadium with very little iron. It is the purest green color with no distinct overtones. In fact, pure green emeralds are the most valuable among all colors of emeralds. Apparently, it is the most sought-after emerald color in our China factory.

What RESOVON Emerald Jewelry Is Suitable For You?

RESOVON has a wide collection of sophisticated emerald jewelry suitable for your style and preference.

Emerald Jewelry Necklace

Emerald Jewelry Necklace

Figure 6 Emerald Jewelry Necklace

Choose from our collection of emerald pendant necklaces layered with simple chains to make a stylish accessory.

Ring With Emerald

Ring with Emerald

Figure 7 Ring with Emerald

Highlight the beauty of emeralds in our sophisticated emerald rings.

Emerald Gold Chain Necklace

Emerald Gold Chain Necklace

Figure 8 Emerald Gold Chain Necklace

The luxurious feel of gold partnered with emerald makes a queenly jewelry piece for you.

Emerald Jewelry Bracelets

Emerald Jewelry Bracelets

Figure 9 Emerald Jewelry Bracelets

Create a statement with our emerald jewelry bracelets in different bracelet types.

Emerald Ring With Diamonds

Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Figure 10 Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Emerald rings with diamonds are the best stone combination that gives you the most beautiful jewelry piece.

Emerald Jewelry Earrings

Emerald Jewelry Earrings

Figure 11 Emerald Jewelry Earrings

Look more sophisticated with a vibrant touch of color from our bespoke emerald earrings.

Emerald Ring Engagement

Emerald Ring Engagement

Figure 12 Emerald Ring Engagement

Show your love with the best hues of our fine emerald engagement ring options, which can be customized according to your style.

Topaz and Emerald Necklace

The combination of blue and green creates a perfect custom emerald necklace.

Emerald Ring in Rose Gold

Give your emerald ring a more delicate touch of rose gold.

RESOVON’s Care and Cleaning Guide for Emerald

Emeralds are delicate gemstones that can last forever if cared for properly. Here is a cleaning guide to follow.

Care and Cleaning of Ring with Emerald

Figure 13 Care and Cleaning of Ring with Emerald


Damaged emerald fine jewelry worsens with heat. It creates more fractures in the gem, allowing light and chemicals to penetrate it. Generally, all the oils, resins, and polymers used will alter the appearance of your emerald. Keep your fine emerald jewelry pieces in a place with the proper temperature.

Hardness and Toughness

On the Mohs scale, emerald scores 7.5 to 8, making it more delicate than ruby and sapphire. It has fair to good toughness and needs proper care to last a lifetime. So, be cautious when wearing your favorite emerald green jewelry accessories.


Avoid cleaning emeralds with steam or ultrasonic vibrations because they can weaken fractured sones. Steam makes the oil and resin come out of the fractures, deteriorating the quality of the stone. Therefore, the safest way to clean your emerald is to use warm, soapy water and light scrubbing.

What Is The Difference Between Natural and Man-Made Emeralds?

Real Emeralds

Figure 14 Real Emeralds

Both natural and manufactured emeralds are classified as real emeralds. However, you can never call a lab-created emerald a natural emerald. Also, it is less valuable than the natural ones. In RESOVON, all of our emeralds are carefully assessed in our factory in China to ensure the quality of each gemstone.

How To Identify A Real Emerald?

All colored gemstones used in high jewelry receive a Colored Stone Report. This report shows all the details of a gemstone and its quality. Reliable gem labs should have certification from the IGI, the Swiss Gemological Institute, and GIA.

To ensure that RESOVON uses the best emeralds for high jewelry customization, we have our gemstones certified with Colored Stone Reports. It includes all the important details, such as shape and cut, weight, transparency, and color.

How To Enhance And Treat Emeralds?

You can also do some surface enhancements to improve the clarity of your emerald jewelry. Here are some common enhancements in Emeralds:

  1. Oiling – A high-viscosity cedar oil is typically used to fill the fractures in your emerald jewelry pieces. However, this may be temporary and stable. Generally, the oil may evaporate, change color, or dissolve out of the gem through time and improper clearing.
  2. Resin—Another alternative to oil is resin. Resin does not dry out fast and is more durable than oil. However, it is challenging to clean out the resin afterward, especially with a hardener used in it. You should take note of this treatment when enhancing your fine emerald jewelry.
  3. Glued Emeralds – As the name suggests, this enhancement requires cutting the stone with a fracture. Then, the new piece is glued to the main stone. However, when the glue dries out, the pieces may fall apart.
What To Ask Before Getting A Custom Emerald Jewelry?

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the many possibilities of fine emerald jewelry. Not every jewelry piece is the same because you can have it personalized based on your style and preferences. Here are some important questions to ask for a high jewelry personalization:

  • What jewelry piece would you like your fine emerald to be added to?
  • What emerald cut do you want to get?
  • Would you like your emerald to be with another high jewelry gemstone like diamonds or topaz?
How Custom Emerald Fine Jewelry Is Made In RESOVON?

Custom Emerald Jewelry

Figure 15 Custom Emerald Jewelry

It only takes three steps to have custom emerald fine jewelry in RESOVON: Consultation, Design, and Creation. An expert can help you with the idea you want for your jewelry. Then, he will guide you through the design process by asking you the four C’s of the emerald that you want. If everything is settled, including the budget, it’s time for the creation.

It takes a professional to create a custom emerald necklace or jewelry piece. In RESOVON, each gemstone is carefully handled and crafted into a beautiful piece.

Is RESOVON The Best China Manufacturer of Bespoke Emerald Jewelry?

Yes, RESOVEN is the best emerald jewelry manufacturer in China. With our reputable background in jewelry manufacturing and experts in line, RESOVON can give you the best designs and outputs. Moreover, we continue to expand our expertise by attending local and international trade shows and exhibitions and partnering with the best gemstone providers.

RESOVON also allows you to wholesale emerald rings and other jewelry pieces through our factory in China.

How Much Does It Cost To Customize Emerald Jewelry in RESOVON?

RESOVON provides customers with the best quality emerald jewelry. The price of a custom emerald jewelry piece fluctuates depending on the quality and type of emerald stone used. The labor involved in creating the piece should also be included in its final cost.

RESOVON can personalize and customize any fine emerald jewelry that you need using our own method, making us the best manufacturer in China. Indeed, we are the best supplier of high-quality emerald green jewelry that passes the four C’s of quality emerald stones.

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