Everything You Need to Know About Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

It’s undeniable that pear-shaped diamond rings are making a significant comeback to the world of luxury jewelry, and it’s simple to understand why. These exquisite teardrop-shaped rings are not only classic and eye-catching, but they also lengthen your finger for a feminine appearance.

Pear-shaped Diamond Ring

Figure 1 – Pear-shaped Diamond Ring


A pear-shaped diamond always appears to sparkle somewhat more than its rivals, regardless of size. And as a leading jewelry designer and manufacturer in China, RESOVON knows that very well.


As wholesalers swarm our factory for pear-shaped diamond rings, we want to partake some jewelry knowledge with them. With our high jewelry bespoke services, RESOVON creates custom rings with pear-shaped diamonds. Read on to learn more about the brilliant and fashionable diamond rings.

Characteristics of a Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

Creating a Ring

Figure 2 – Creating a Ring


The pear-cut diamond combines elements of the marquise cut with the contemporary round brilliant cut to produce a cutting design that resembles a teardrop. A pear-shaped diamond makes a beautiful choice for a bespoke ring with its graceful and tapered design.


Here are some of the characteristics you should check in a pear-shaped diamond ring:


The rich background of the pear-cut diamond dates back to 1458 and was credited to Lodewyk Van Berquem, a diamond cutter. A pear-shaped diamond’s cut quality cannot be judged similarly to a round diamond.


But both symmetry and shape are crucial for pear cuts. And as the leading pear-shaped diamond ring supplier in China, RESOVON is highly aware of that important information.


Jewelers should know that the diamond should exactly mirror itself on each side of the middle line. A loss of symmetry will be seen immediately, giving the diamond a crooked appearance.


Your customers have varying tastes, and as a wholesale jewelry operation, you need to address them. That’s why you need a range of colors for your pear-cut diamond rings.


Some customers may prefer the warmer color grades, which is G and H. But some might enjoy cooler color grades D to F. RESOVON, as a prestigious jewelry factory in China, has pear-shaped diamonds ranging from D to H, so our clients can freely choose whatever they want.

Setting and Metals Used

Polishing the Ring

Figure 3 – Polishing the Ring


Traditionally, pear-shaped diamonds have been set in an east-west or north-south direction. However, other jewelers prefer to put pear diamonds at an off-angle in prong and bezel settings. As for the metals used, the stone complements any precious metals, like gold, platinum, or titanium.


A pear-shaped diamond’s appearance is significantly influenced by its dimensions. There are five parts to a pear-shaped diamond:


  • Head – the diamond’s rounded bottom
  • Shoulder – the curve that runs from the diamond’s round end to its center
  • Belly – the stubby middle part
  • Wing – the curves close to the tip
  • Apex – the diamond’s tip


Most jewelers also examine the length-to-breadth ratio while analyzing a pear-shaped diamond’s dimensions. The best length-to-breadth ratio is between 1.5 and  1.75 for this kind of stone.


Like their oval counterparts, pear-shaped diamonds have a ‘bow tie’ or a darker loss of light in the center of the stone. All in all, custom pear-cut diamond rings should not be too long and skinny or too wide and stubby.

How to Wear a Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring?

Diamond Ring With Pear-shape

Figure 4 – Diamond Ring With Pear-shape


Many people are unsure how to wear pear-shaped diamond rings because of their asymmetrical design. As for us, the pointed end of a ring is typically worn outward toward the fingertips.


Some people, however, favor an inverted appearance with the tip pointing inward toward the wrist. But there really isn’t a wrong way to wear a personalized pear-shaped diamond ring. You should just wear it in the manner you think looks the prettiest.

The Advantage of Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings

Pear Diamond Ring

Figure 5 – Pear Diamond Ring


Diamonds cut into a pear offer a distinctive, opulent glamour. Custom pear-shaped diamond rings have several amazing advantages over conventional diamond shapes in addition to having an attractive form.


Pear cuts appear bigger than round diamonds because of their lengthy form. It’s no wonder the hands of royalty, celebrities, and trendsetters have been adorned with this magnificent diamond cut for hundreds of years.

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