Explaining The 4Cs Of Diamonds

Back then, there was no standard by which diamonds could be graded. Traders and jewelers used words like “water” or “river” to describe the most colorless diamonds and “cape” to describe pale yellow diamonds. And a diamond cut has been described as either “well done” or “badly done.”


Figure 1 Diamond

But in the 1940s, Gemological Institute Of America founder Robert M. Shipley coined the term 4Cs. The standard aimed to help his students remember the four characteristics of a cut diamond: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The idea was simple but revolutionary.


You’ve possibly heard the 4Cs of a diamond, and you might be wondering what exactly each one is. Below we’ll delve into each of the 4Cs.

What Are the Four Cs?

The four Cs are the primary criteria typically used to check a diamond’s worth and quality. Read on to learn the 4Cs of diamonds below and become an informed wholesaler.

1. Clarity

Diamond Clarity

Figure 2 Diamond Clarity

Clarity measures a diamond’s purity and defects’ presence or absence. Defects are categorized into two: internal and external defects. External defects are called errors, and internal ones are called inclusions.


The flawless or clearer a diamond is, the more brilliant and valuable it becomes and the high jewelry it’s made into.

2. Cut

Diamond Cut

Figure 3 Diamond Cut

Cut is the only diamond characteristic that is unaffected by nature. The diamond’s cut involves the quality of the diamond’s proportions, angles, brilliance, symmetrical facets, fire, and finishing attributes. The more precisely the diamond is cut, the more fascinating the diamond is to the eye.


These factors greatly affect a diamond’s ability to shine and aesthetic appearance. Cut also establishes how each diamond interacts with light. A diamond cut makes it shine. The more oblique the cut, the greater the shine, like a pear-shaped bespoke diamond ring.

3. Color


Diamonds come in many colors and are classified as either fancy, essentially colorless, or white. Because the color variations in the stones are small, it takes gemologists a mountain of experience and training to expertly color-grade a diamond.


These varieties make a big difference in the quality and price of diamonds. Depending on the intensity and hue, the diamond’s color can either reduce or increase its value.

4. Carat

Carat is the final C on the list. Carats are units of weight or mass used to describe diamonds. Two hundred milligrams make up a metric carat and then split into 100 points. Diamonds larger than one carat are expressed in decimals, like 1.67-carat or 2.75-carat.


The price of carats increases with the size of the diamond, as large stones are rarer. And since no two diamonds are exactly alike, the carat should be considered a guide. Carat only determines the weight of the stone, not the actual size.

What to Prioritize When Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Bespoke Diamond Ring

Figure 4 Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing the bespoke diamond engagement ring of your dreams is one of the most important purchases you will make. But don’t settle for mediocrity. You will pay too much for certain features and lack other things if you don’t find the right balance between the 4Cs.


The keyword when finding the right custom engagement ring with the 4Cs in mind is balance. Let’s say you’re considering buying a one-carat diamond. If you balance the 4Cs, you can have a great-looking diamond with great value.


But if you ignore this balance, you can end up with a cheap but incredibly ugly diamond. Or you can think “only the best” and spend a boatload on that fancy diamond.

Finding the Perfect Balance Among the 4Cs

Sparkling Diamond

Figure 5 Sparkling Diamond

All 4Cs contribute to the overall beauty of the diamond and make each stone extra special. With these factors in mind, remember that a diamond is valuable and should be viewed as a whole.


Whether buying a bespoke diamond engagement ring or a special piece of diamond high jewelry, knowing the 4Cs of diamonds can help you choose a high-quality diamond that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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