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About RESOVON Brand

The Origin Of The Name RESOVON?

In fact, we admit that it is a new word created when our founder, Mr. Charles CHAO, was thinking about the name of his new company, and after several iterations of self-denial, decided to focus the name on the root of the word “RESOURCES”, which means that through our business thinking, innovation We want to provide the world with more resources and better choices through our business thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.


In order to be more consistent with the English pronunciation, as well as to avoid some existing presence, and of course, more blessings for the future business, we added a letter “V” after “RESO”, representing victory, and combined with the overall pronunciation, as well as to show that our business never stops, and chose “ON”, always on the road.


These are the origins of the word RESOVON. Of course, our entrepreneurial team is from China and the brand also has a very perfect Chinese name which stands for luck, prosperity and longevity.


RESOVON is mainly engaged in the fine jewelry industry, and extends the concept of “high-end, design and innovation” to other industries, mainly focusing on high jewelry and gifts. Compared to other international fine jewelry brands, we are an emerging entrepreneurial company that insists on combining innovation and tradition, craftsmanship and branding, culture and fashion to provide customers with exquisite products and services.

Why Did RESOVON Choose The High Jewelry Industry?

Entering into the high jewelry industry, Charles CHAO, the founder of RESOVON, has led his team a long way, from the initial metal accessories, enamel craft souvenirs, gold and silver and other precious metal jewelry and jewelry, gradually transforming into fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. Regardless of any period, we insist on strict requirements for quality and craftsmanship.

Our team is passionate about the high jewelry industry. In order to enter this industry more efficiently and enhance our operational capabilities, Charles applied for Sup de Luxe’s MBA program of Global Luxury Brand Management in 2019 and successfully graduated in December 2020. This educational experience has allowed the entire team to make a qualitative leap and improve in the areas of high jewelry, luxury goods, branding, and business models.

During the Covid-19 period, almost all activities were static, but the RESOVON team was convinced that the epidemic would eventually end and remained in active preparation for the future. We successively established a professional SEO team, carried out the integration and upgrading of the original team, and Charles CHAO attended several very authoritative trainings for high jewelry designers.

RESOVON chose the fine jewelry industry for the following reasons

  • A love for high jewelry
  • The respect for the world’s traditional jewelry craftsmanship
  • A deep knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry
  • To build a Chinese high jewelry brand

RESOVON’s high jewelry pieces combine traditional jewelry craftsmanship with modern design concepts, combining fashion and luxury, and reflecting the individual beauty of fine preparation through various different elements. Exquisite gemstones, precious metal, beautiful carvings, baroque pearls, any shape and color can inspire the designer, ultimately creating truly unique and beautiful high jewelry, heirlooms.

In this way, our high jewelry projects have landed smoothly and are operating soundly with our own understanding of this industry and business logic. We are well aware that our qualifications in this industry are still relatively shallow, and we are constantly motivated to overcome difficulties and travel far for our dreams on the road of adhering to our dream of high jewelry.

About Material

Where Are RESOVON's Diamonds Sourced?

At RESOVON, all of their diamonds are from India. Diamonds were first discovered in India and utilized as ornaments and talismans before being set into jewelry. Diamonds are utilized in highly personalized and customized jewelry due to their durability and distinctive glow.

Diamond Ring

Figure 1 Diamond Ring


The world may have finally caught up to India as the supplier of rare big diamonds. Diamonds for the wholesale and luxury jewelry markets have also come from Australia and South Africa. Haute couture pieces often feature diamonds because of their unique characteristics.

Are RESOVON’s Diamonds Certified?

High Jewelry Diamond Earrings Jewelry

Figure 2 High Jewelry Diamond Earrings Jewelry


RESOVON has earned several accreditations that guarantee only the highest quality precious gemstones, like diamonds, are used in the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Their manufacturing uses diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality, as certified by the American Gemological Laboratory.


All the diamonds used are of the highest quality, as verified by HRD certification. RESOVON is also IGI and GIA-Certified, so you know industry experts, like gemologists and jewelers, are evaluating your diamonds and gemstones.

Is It Important To Use High-Quality Diamonds In Jewelry?

Silver Diamond Earrings Studded with Smaller Diamonds Around The Central Gem

Figure 3 Silver Diamond Earrings Studded with Smaller Diamonds Around The Central Gem


Several jewelry manufacturers, including RESOVON, also apply this mining approach. According to this theory, three of the 4Cs define diamond quality.


Completely colorless diamonds are held to a higher standard than those with the slightest hint of color. Super-deal cut diamonds rank higher than Excellent cut diamonds on diamond quality charts, while flawless diamonds rank higher than diamonds with clarity characteristics.


Hence, the diamond’s cut is the most significant aspect in determining its appearance. When defining a high-quality diamond, the cutting must come first and foremost. Despite its centrality, this human-controllable aspect of diamond quality “gets a pass” and is not subjected to any relevant evaluation standard.

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Only in two places on Earth can you find a diamond. And that is either deep beneath the surface of the Earth in prehistoric kimberlite (rock) formations, where they are retrieved by pipe mining, or in the atmosphere. Or, they can be found in alluvial mining (eroding minerals) from river and ocean beds.


Although diamonds are mined from the ground in Canada and Russia, most come from Africa’s mines and alluvial deposits. A high-quality diamond takes millions of years to form and a lot of money, time, effort, and people to find one.

Does The Origin Of High-Quality Diamonds Matter?

High Jewelry Three-Diamond Engagement Ring

Figure 4 High Jewelry Three-Diamond Engagement Ring


Companies like RESOVON have positioned themselves to sell items sourced from ethical origins and fair-trade principles, capitalizing on the expanding market opportunity presented by a more educated consumer market.


As consumer interest in environmentally friendly and ethically sourced goods has grown, gemological laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have begun providing grading reports (GIA Diamond Origin Report) that analyze a diamond’s geographic origin.


Whether a diamond is lab-created or natural, it should make no difference to consumers or if it was mined from a large or small mine. What is important, however, is that the diamonds be sourced humanely and sustainably, with due regard for the rights of all parties involved.

For High Jewelry, Natural Diamonds, or Lab-Grown Diamonds?

A Lab-Grown Diamond

Figure 5 A Lab-Grown Diamond


Natural diamonds were produced under tremendous pressure and heat deep under the Earth for three billion years. They were deposited in volcanic rock formations called kimberlite pipes and waited to be extracted until volcanic activity brought them to the surface.


But in the 1950s, scientists created high-quality synthetic diamonds for industrial use. Even though the first artificial diamond was made in a lab in 1971, it wasn’t until the middle of the 2010s that large numbers of colorless lab-grown diamonds became available and used especially for diamond high jewelry.


Moreover, eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds can save you between 25 and 40 percent compared to the cost of a mined diamond. The price of lab-grown diamonds is far lower than that of a comparable natural diamond. Although many conventional diamond sellers now have conflict-free stones, the environmental effect of diamond mining is so great that it makes sustainable lab-grown diamonds the superior choice.

Custom Diamond Jewelry Color Grade

Color is one of the 4Cs of diamond and part of its quality evaluation. Many people love the classic white diamond with the clearest and most colorless appearance. But since diamonds offer a wide range of colors, you should learn more about the custom diamond jewelry color grade.


For you to better understand, here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to diamond color grading. This information will help you classify and pick high-jewelry diamonds here at RESOVON.

What is the Diamond Color Grading Scale?

Round Diamond Ring

Figure 1 Round Diamond Ring


The diamond color grading scale is an industry-standard qualification conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Five categories are included in this scale based on the absence of color and labeled from letters D to Z.

Diamond Color Scale
  • D-F (Colorless): Pure white, rare, and most valuable
  • G-J (Near colorless): With noticeable color display by trained graders
  • K-M (Faint yellow): With color displays but difficult to see by untrained professionals
  • N-R (Very light yellow): With noticeable subtle color, especially in larger stones
  • S-Z (Light yellow or brown): Noticeable color of slightly yellow or brown

What Color Grade is Best For Diamonds?

Round Cut Colorless Diamond Ring

Figure 2 Round Cut Colorless Diamond Ring


Based on the GIA color grade scale, the D and E grade are the best and highest. Though the F grade is also colorless according to the scale, a trained gemologist can already see a tiny color display.


Diamonds in the colorless category are highly valued for their purity and white appearance. D-grade diamonds are also rare and expensive, making them highly preferred by prominent people and jewelry collectors.

What are Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Pink and White Diamond Ring

Figure 3 Pink and White Diamond Ring


Aside from the traditional diamond colors included in the GIA scale, fancy-colored ones are labeled separately from the typical diamond category. Fancy-colored diamonds display various colors, including red, pink, yellow, brown, blue, green, orange, purple, and black.


If you think fancy-colored diamonds are only lab-grown, you’re wrong. Colored diamonds are also natural, like the colorless ones. They are also rarer and more expensive.


GIA provided another set of grading classifications for diamonds with fancy colors based on the increasing color intensity. The grades range from Faint to Fancy Vivid classification.

How Is a Natural Colored Diamond Formed?

As you may know, diamonds form out of pressure. Diamonds come from carbon atoms and change their appearance due to high pressure and temperature of 1,300 to 2,000 °C.


The crystalline diamond transformation usually occurs in the earth’s mantle or about 150 km from the ground surface. Certain geological conditions affect essential elements of the stone, and the entire process happens for millions of years.


Colorless and naturally colored diamonds, or those in the fancy color category, underwent similar composition, physical processes, and geological conditions. But they only differ from the chemical interaction during the diamond transformation or crystallization.


Diamonds may interact with other elements amid high pressure and temperature. Some of which are boron and nitrogen. That explains the presence of blue diamonds, which adapt their color mainly from boron that combines with carbon.

Does Diamond Color Affect Price?

Red Diamond Ring

Figure 4 Red Diamond Ring


Yes, diamond colors highly affect its price. Of course, other categories aside from color will contribute to the total pricing, such as the stone’s cut, carat, and clarity.


The D-F or colorless grade diamonds are the most expensive, with an average price of $10,000 per carat. There are also notable fancy-colored diamonds that cost more than the classic white ones.


Red diamonds, considered the rarest, with only 20 to 30 recorded pieces worldwide, may cost around $1 million per carat. Blue diamonds cost around $200,000 per carat, especially for those with medium-color intensities.


Another rare colored diamond is the pink diamond, with an average price of $10,000 to over $700,000 per single carat.

Get Certified Bespoke Diamond Jewelry at RESOVON

Two Diamond Rings on a Woman’s Hand

Figure 5 Two Diamond Rings on a Woman’s Hand


RESOVON offers custom diamond jewelry color grading to give you more options to influence your luxury jewelry with your style. With RESOVON’s highly-trained and skilled gemologist, you can ensure that every high jewelry piece undergoes required industry certifications. And hence, you can only wear the most bespoke luxury jewelry you deserve.

What’s the Difference between Precious Metals?

When shopping for customized jewelry at RESOVON, usually you’d want to look for specific styles or designs for your high jewelry choice. When you’re presented with the question of what precious metals it would use, it can be overwhelming at first. That’s because precious metals could have multiple options for you to choose from.

In this FAQ, you’ll be given clarifications on the difference between each precious metal utilized by jewelers to create resplendent pieces of high jewelry.


What is Gold? Why is it a Preferred Metal for Jewelry?

Gold Diamond-Studded Ring with Jade and Red Jasper

Figure 1 Gold Diamond-Studded Ring with Jade and Red Jasper


Gold has been coveted by humanity since time immemorial as it possesses two key qualities that make it ideal for jewelers to use. First is that gold doesn’t tarnish, unlike other metals. Second is that gold is very malleable making it have great workability. Many jewelers and designers prefer to work with it compared to other metals.

Gold’s purity is measured in karats and pure gold is 24 karats. However, gold in its purest form is quite soft and can’t withstand wear and tear. To alleviate that, gold is alloyed with other metals to strengthen it. Gold is usually alloyed with copper, silver, and zinc to make it stronger against everyday wear and tear.


Define Rose Gold. What Gives it its Distinct Pinkish Hues?

Rose Gold Diamond-Studded Ring with a Diamond Centerpiece

Figure 2 Rose Gold Diamond-Studded Ring with a Diamond Centerpiece


Up next is Rose Gold. It’s pretty similar to gold content like their yellow gold counterparts but they rosiness because the gold alloy uses a larger portion of copper instead of silver or zinc.

The higher the karat of a rose gold alloy, the colors will exhibit a peach-like color due to having more gold in the mixture. Lower karat rose golds become more pinkish in appearance since they use larger proportions of copper in the gold alloy.

Jewelers highly value rose gold in the creation of high jewelry due to their vibrant colors, giving the ring a more distinct finish with its pinkish-golden hue.


What is White Gold?

Diamond Studded White Gold Ring

Figure 3 Diamond Studded White Gold Ring

White gold is where it gets a little complicated because it has more diverse mixture options. The primary factors that jewelers use in selecting their white gold alloy of choice are colors and the frequency of maintenance.


What is White Gold with Nickel?


If the distinct pinkish hues in rose gold are attributed to copper, a shiny silvery hue on white gold is associated with the use of nickel in the alloy. Adding nickel to the gold alloy makes it act as a “bleaching agent” wherein it gets a silvery finish, but it’s still slightly yellow.

The downside of Nickel White Gold is that it is maintenance-heavy. Nickel White Gold jewelry tends to have a layer of rhodium plating for that shiny appearance but it will eventually wear off. Factors that affect the longevity of the plating are the wearer’s body chemistry and the frequency of wearing the jewelry.

Ideally, the plating can last for a year or two; but factoring in the wearer, re-application could take place every six months.


What is White Gold with Palladium? Is it Better than its Nickel Counterpart?


In the same vein as its Nickel-alloyed counterpart, Palladium acts as a bleaching agent for gold. It removes the yellow color but gives it a more grayish-white finish unlike the slightly-yellow color seen in Nickel white gold.

Unlike Nickel White Gold, Palladium White Gold sees more use as it can be worn right away and doesn’t require regular maintenance aside from cleaning it from time to time. Adding a bit of Rhodium plating could make it prettier but jewelers agree that even without the plating, it already looks great!

What makes Palladium Popular for Jewelry Use?

A Trio of Diamond-Studded Palladium Rings set on a Glass Surface

Figure 4 A Trio of Diamond-Studded Palladium Rings set on a Glass Surface

Rare, beautiful yet so exquisite is what best describes the high jewelry made out of Palladium. Palladium jewelry tends to exhibit a grayish-white color and is slightly darker than Platinum. Although you are forgiven if you mistake them as Platinum-made as they’re in the same family of metals.

Even without the addition of Ruthenium, Palladium itself is very excellent for creating astonishing pieces of high jewelry. It’s malleable like gold, it’s more durable than platinum and it doesn’t even need rhodium plating to stay shiny making it low-maintenance.

It also has a low density in metal standards, making it ideal for jewelers to create lightweight wedding rings.


Why is Platinum Preferable for Intricate Jewelry?

A Quartet of Platinum Rings Studded with Sapphires in Varying Positions and Styles

Figure 5 A Quartet of Platinum Rings Studded with Sapphires in Varying Positions and Styles

Last but not least is Platinum! This metal has been used in jewelry for many centuries. This rare metal usually exhibits a grayish-white color.

Just like Palladium, it is a very low-maintenance metal since it’s already shiny and doesn’t require plating to shine more. It is also very malleable like gold making it easy to turn into any high jewelry piece.

Platinum is also dense and sturdy making it attractive for use in jewelry sporting intricate designs such as filigree and it is a better pick for holding large diamond centerpieces.

RESOVON Can Help You Out in Picking the Ideal Jewelry


RESOVON is more than happy to help you out in picking the right metals for your jewelry of choice. As the leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier based in China, they have all the skills and the tools to create masterpieces with the gemstones and metals you’ve chosen. They can even add a touch of customization to give your jewelry a little more personality.

Bespoke Diamond Jewelry Clarity Categories

Diamonds have long been admired for their brilliance, rarity, and timeless beauty. But, understanding the concept of diamond clarity and its various categories can be crucial when selecting the perfect diamond for your bespoke jewelry piece.

Whether your preference lies in the pursuit of perfection or the allure of a diamond, this FAQ section will equip you with the knowledge to make a wise selection.

Flawless Diamond Gemstone

Figure 1 Flawless Diamond Gemstone

What is bespoke diamond jewelry?

Bespoke diamond jewelry is custom-made or personalized diamond high jewelry pieces that meet your unique preferences and requirements. Unlike mass-produced jewelry, bespoke jewelry offers a high level of customization, allowing you to have control in designing your pieces, including selecting diamonds and other design elements.

What is diamond clarity?

Diamond clarity is the presence or absence of internal and external flaws, known as inclusions and blemishes relatively. These characteristics measure a diamond’s purity and quality and can affect the stone’s overall appearance, brilliance, and value.

An examination under magnification is done to determine the clarity of a diamond. A higher clarity grade indicates a diamond with less visible flaws, while a lower grade implies noticeable blots.

Clear Diamond

Figure 2 Clear Diamond

Why is diamond clarity important?

Diamond clarity is important as it influences the stone’s beauty, value, and overall quality. The fewer inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the more light can pass through it, resulting in enhanced sparkle and brilliance.

Diamonds with higher clarity grades are rarer and more valuable. By understanding diamond clarity, you can choose a diamond that aligns with your desired level of perfection, ensuring that you receive a stunning and valuable gemstone.

Natural Diamond Gemstone

Figure 3 Natural Diamond Gemstone

How is diamond clarity categorized?

Diamond clarity is categorized based on the visibility of internal and external flaws. To distinguish each clarity grade better, here is a recognized scale established by expert gemologists:

Flawless (FL)

Flawless diamonds exhibit no internal or external flaws, even under 10x magnification. These diamonds are exceptionally pure and have no visible inclusions or blemishes. They are the epitome of diamond perfection, showcasing impeccable transparency and brilliance.

Internally Flawless (IF)

Diamonds under the internally flawless category are also highly coveted and nearly free from internal inclusions. However, they may still have slight surface blemishes that are hardly noticeable.

Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)

The very, very slightly included (VVS) diamond scale represents a high level of clarity and is further divided into two subcategories – VVS1 and VVS2. Both subcategories denote very minute inclusions that are extremely difficult to detect under 10x magnification, but VVS1 diamonds have slightly fewer and smaller inclusions than VVS2 diamonds.

While VVS diamonds are not as rare as flawless or internally flawless diamonds, they are still considered very high quality and are prized for their near-perfect clarity.

Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)

VS diamonds are also divided into two subcategories – VS1 and VS2. Both grades indicate that the diamonds have minor inclusions that are not apparent to the naked eye but are detectable at a 10x magnification. Still, VS1 diamonds contain slightly fewer inclusions, which are comparatively smaller than VS2 diamonds.

Diamonds in the VS category offer a balance between clarity and value. They provide excellent visual appeal and transparency, making the inclusions difficult to notice without magnification. This appeal is considerable if you seek high-quality diamonds with a slightly more accessible price range.

Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)

The Slightly Included (SI) diamond scale represents a category of diamond clarity inclusions can be seen with a 10x magnification but are generally invisible to the naked eye.

SI1 diamonds possess a slightly lesser quantity of inclusions, which are also comparatively smaller, in contrast to SI2 diamonds.

Included (I1, I2, and I3)

The Included category consists of diamonds with inclusions that can be seen without magnification and are subdivided into three subcategories – I1, I2, and I3.

I1 diamonds have more noticeable inclusions than those in the SI category. Although visible without magnification, I1 diamonds can still look appealing on high jewelry.

I2 diamonds have inclusions that are even more noticeable compared to I1 diamonds. These inclusions can have more obvious marks on the appearance of the diamond, potentially affecting its transparency and sparkle.

I3 diamonds have the highest level of inclusions among the Included category. The inclusions in I3 diamonds are prominent and can significantly affect the diamond’s beauty, transparency, and overall appearance.

Diamond Cuts

Figure 4 Diamond Cuts

Are diamonds with higher clarity grades always more expensive?

Multiple factors, including clarity, influence diamond prices. Generally, diamonds with higher clarity grades tend to be more expensive due to their rarity. Even so, the overall price of a diamond is determined by a combination of the 4Cs- clarity, cut, color, and carat weight.

While clarity is important, it is possible to find diamonds with lower clarity grades that offer excellent value without compromising beauty.

Diamond Platinum Ring with Melee Diamonds

Figure 5 Diamond Platinum Ring with Melee Diamonds

Is it possible to customize diamond jewelry based on clarity categories?

Absolutely! RESOVON specializes in creating bespoke jewelry tailored to your ideals. May it be a flawless or slightly included diamond, our team can work with you to make a one-of-a-kind piece that suits your style and budget.

Each individual is unique and differs in standards. With this value in mind, we will guide you through selecting the perfect diamond based on your desired clarity category. Our expert gemologists and artisans will create a stunning piece of high-jewelry diamond that showcases the beauty of your chosen diamond.

How does RESOVON Appraise Each Gemstone?

RESOVON appraises each gemstone by employing a comprehensive evaluation process that considers the gem’s characteristics like color, clarity, cut, and carat. Our expert gemologists carefully examine the gemstone, assess its quality based on industry standards, and provide a detailed appraisal report.


During the appraisal, jewelers disclose to the client the real state of their jewelry and its gemstones. If it is damaged or chipped, it is immediately shared with the client, and what measures should be taken to restore the gemstone or jewelry.

What Factors Does RESOVON Consider When Appraising Gemstones?

Diamonds in Different Cuts

Figure 1 Diamonds in Different Cuts


When appraising gemstones, RESOVON considers various factors, including the origin and rarity of the gem, cut, clarity, carat, and color. Jewelers and gemologists also consider any relevant certifications or grading reports associated with the gemstone, ensuring the appraisal reflects its true value.

What’s the Difference Between Gemstone Appraisal and Gemstone Certification?


When determining a gemstone’s value, authenticity, and credibility, two important practices come into play: gemstone appraisal and certification. While these terms seem interchangeable, they serve distinct purposes and offer unique benefits.

Gemstone Appraisal

diamond, earring

Figure 2 Golden Cut Flower-styled Diamond Earring with Multiple Stones


Gemstone Appraisal declares the value and is given after the gemstone has its certifications. Some gemstone laboratories only do certifications and do not offer appraisals, while some independent gemologists do both.


The gemstone is carefully examined during the appraisal process using specialized equipment, such as microscopes and refractometers, to analyze its physical and optical properties. Appraisers consider factors like color intensity, presence of inclusions, cut precision, and rarity when assigning a value to the gemstone.

Gemstone Certification


Gemstone Certification is most commonly used in diamonds, but other gems can be certified too. The certification is an official document confirming the gemstone’s authenticity, disclosing any treatments or enhancements it may have undergone, and providing a detailed description of its physical properties.

How Does RESOVON Determine the Value of a Gemstone?

Close-Up Shot of a Diamond Necklace

Figure 3 Close-Up Shot of a Diamond Necklace


RESOVON determines the value of a gemstone through a meticulous process that considers many factors. We assess the origin and certification, the gem’s grading, and the gem’s characteristics, such as color, intensity, clarity, and brilliance. We also analyze market trends, evaluating the demand and supply for similar gemstones. This approach allows RESOVON to provide accurate and up-to-date valuations.


Does RESOVON Appraise All Types of Gemstones?

Sapphire Ring with Diamond Stones

Figure 4 Sapphire Ring with Diamond Stones


Yes, RESOVON offers appraisal services for luxury jewelry. We specialize in appraising high-jewelry gemstones of various shapes, sizes, and qualities. Each gemstone is evaluated based on its specific characteristics and industry standards.


RESOVON gemologists are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to evaluate different types of gemstones. No matter what gemstone and jewelry, RESOVON ensures thorough and precise appraisals.


What Sets RESOVON’s Gemstone Appraisals Apart?

Emerald Gemstones Stud Earrings

Figure 5 Emerald Gemstones Stud Earrings


RESOVON’s gemstone appraisals stand out because of the reliability and meticulousness of their process. We provide customers with comprehensive gemstone reports that outline all the appraised gemstone’s findings, measurements, and characteristics. These reports are reliable documentation for insurance purposes, sales, or personal records. Our clients can expect RESOVON’s appraisals to adhere to high professionalism and standards.


Our in-house gemologists follow industry-standard practices and guidelines while conducting appraisals. RESOVON incorporates advanced gemological equipment and technology during the appraisal process. The appraisal also includes tools such as refractometers, spectrometers, and microscopes, which enhance the accuracy and precision of gemstone analysis.


Get Gemstone Appraisal At RESOVON


RESOVON is the leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke high jewelry in China. We take pride in delivering high-quality gemstone appraisals that customers can trust. Whether you’re looking to sell, purchase, or obtain an appraisal for your precious gemstone, RESOVON’s expertise in gemstone appraisals can provide accurate and reliable information with modern and state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.








Does RESOVON Offer Alternative Metal Options Such As Palladium?

High jewelry fashion combines the most artistic and finest works using earth’s most precious gemstones and metals. While traditional choices like gold and silver remain popular, alternative metals have gained attention for their unique qualities. Palladium is also a top choice for goldsmiths due to its distinctive qualities and aesthetic value among the most fashionable and sought-after precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

High Jewelry Diamond Palladium Engagement Ring

Figure 1 High Jewelry Diamond Palladium Engagement Ring


RESOVON, working only with the most precious materials on the market, creates high jewelry pieces using palladium and a mix of other valuable metals. Our haute couture jewelry collections exude elegance and exquisite royalty with our custom palladium-touched pieces.


You can partner with us today and develop high jewelry supplies rooted in palladium materials and other precious metals.

What is Palladium’s Value in High Jewelry?

Vintage-Inspired Diamond Palladium Ring

Figure 2 Vintage-Inspired Diamond Palladium Ring


With its malleability close to gold and durability better than platinum, palladium is a mainstay material in high jewelry customization. This precious metal exhibits a silvery-white vibrance that is commonly mistaken for platinum.


Palladium’s durability is a favorite touch by jewelers, making it more fitting for custom jewelry sets to be worn more often. On top of these, palladium is hypoallergenic, making it less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. With all these fitting attributes, palladium is increasingly becoming a centerpiece in high jewelry.


How Tough is Palladium Jewelry?

Bespoke Diamond Palladium Ring With Engravings

Figure 3 Bespoke Diamond Palladium Ring With Engravings

Palladium is more durable than platinum due to its harder composition. This makes palladium a good choice for high jewelry worn often, like rings or earrings. While gold and other precious metals may scratch or dent easily, palladium is more resistant to blemishes and surface damage.


This recently popular metal is also tarnish-resistant due to its non-reaction to oxygen. Among other platinum-based metals, palladium has the lowest melting point and density.

Is Palladium Hypoallergenic?

The constant wearing of high jewelry can sometimes irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. One valuable property of palladium is that it’s hypoallergenic.


While other precious metals can be irritating, especially to those with sensitive skin, palladium is relatively comfortable to the skin as it lacks traces of nickel that can cause some uneasy reactions.

What colors do Palladium Jewelry exhibit?

Diamond Studded Palladium Ring

Figure 4 Diamond-Studded Palladium Ring

Palladium is silvery-white in color, making it a good alternative to platinum. Platinum is often used in high jewelry, but it can be expensive. And since palladium exhibits an identical shade to platinum, it has become a practical alternative.


Such precious metal’s lustrous shade accentuates the natural hue of gemstones, making it an ideal complementary material. Palladium’s non-tarnishing property maintains its shiny surface, eliminating the need to be plated just to achieve a smooth and shiny high jewelry finish.

How Rare is Palladium Metal?

Haute Couture Palladium White Gold Ring

Figure 5 Haute Couture Palladium White Gold Ring


In haute couture jewelry, the rarity of the material significantly increases its value and price. As for palladium, it’s considered 30x more limited than gold. This attribute makes palladium more valuable while its demand continues to pile.


With its rarity, palladium makes a bespoke jewelry collection more special and pricey.

Custom Palladium High Jewelry By RESOVON

RESOVON takes pride in offering a diverse range of metal options to cater to the preferences of its customers. As a leading high jewelry supplier in China, RESOVON is committed to providing only the most elegant and best quality palladium jewelry. Our wide high jewelry collections and designs accommodate palladium as an alternative to platinum and other precious metals.


Book a consultation today, and we’ll help you bring your ideas into custom, lustrous high jewelry pieces.

How Precious Materials Affect Jewelry Value

When it comes to jewelry, one key factor determining its value is the materials used in its creation. Understanding how these materials affect your jewelry’s value is useful to both the buyer and seller.


Yellow Gold Bracelet with Diamond Accents

Figure 1 Yellow Gold Bracelet with Diamond Accents


Gold has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Its high value and timeless appeal make it a sought-after material for luxury jewelry. The carat purity of gold directly affects its value. Higher carat gold with 18k or 24k is more valuable than 10k or 14k. In addition, gold’s market price fluctuates, influencing gold jewelry’s value.


Platinum’s rarity and durability contribute to its high value. This dense metal is often used in fine jewelry because it securely holds gemstones. Platinum jewelry is highly regarded for its luxurious appeal and is usually more expensive than its gold and other precious metal counterparts, such as titanium or palladium.


Haute Couture Diamond Bracelet

Figure 2 Haute Couture Diamond Bracelet


Diamonds are the epitome of luxury and are often associated with engagement rings and haute couture jewelry. The value of a diamond depends on the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity, and cut. These factors, along with the overall rarity and desirability of the diamond, determine its value. Large, high-quality diamonds are particularly valuable.


Ruby Gemstones with Diamond Accents Bracelet on Gold Setting

Figure 3 Ruby Gemstones with Diamond Accents Bracelet on Gold Setting


Gemstones come in a wide variety, each with unique value and appeal. Factors such as color, clarity, size, rarity, and demand directly affect the value of gemstones. Precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires can significantly increase the worth of a piece.

What are precious materials in the context of jewelry?

Precious materials refer to rare and highly valued substances that are used in the creation of high jewelry. These materials possess qualities like durability, beauty, and desirability, making them sought after in the industry.


Historically, precious materials were categorized based on scarcity, but modern classifications also consider cultural significance and market demand factors.


Jewelry can incorporate various precious materials, each with unique characteristics and allure. Some common types of precious materials used in jewelry include gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones.

What factors influence my jewelry’s value?

Several factors come to play when determining jewelry’s value. While precious materials contribute significantly, other aspects should be considered as well.

Rarity and Scarcity

Your jewelry’s value can be significantly impacted by its rarity, the piece’s design, and the materials it was made of. The rarer the materials or design, the more sought-after and valuable the jewelry becomes.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Precious Diamond Bracelet On Titanium Metal Setting

Figure 4 Precious Diamond Bracelet On Titanium Metal Setting


The quality of materials and the level of craftsmanship exhibited in the creation of the jewelry affect its value. Finer details, precision, and exceptional artistry can enhance the overall worth of a piece.

Brand Reputation

Well-established and renowned brands often command higher prices due to their reputation for quality and exclusivity. The reputation and prestige associated with a jewelry brand can influence its value.

RESOVON haute couture jewelry is guaranteed high-quality and expertly crafted by our jewelers. Every high piece of jewelry made by RESOVON has intricate details designed with precision.

How does RESOVON evaluate jewelry value?

Flower-themed Bracelet with Pink Sapphires and Diamond Beads

Figure 5 Flower-themed Bracelet with Pink Sapphires and Diamond Beads


Determining the value of jewelry requires a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond the precious materials used.

Hallmarks and Certifications

Jewelry pieces often bear hallmarks or certifications that provide information about the materials and quality. These marks are essential for determining the authenticity and value of the jewelry.

Appraisals and Professional Assessments

Seeking RESOVON’s expertise of professional appraisers is important to evaluate your jewelry’s value properly. Appraisers consider materials, craftsmanship, market demand, and current trends to provide an accurate valuation.

Factors Beyond Precious Materials

While precious materials significantly influence jewelry value, other elements like the design, historical significance, and sentimental value can also impact the worth of a piece.


RESOVON is a top high jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China. With its global clientele, RESOVON’s professional jewelers and gemologists are trained and skilled to provide the most accurate value for your jewelry. RESOVON’s top-notch valuation service will deliver real results and will not disappoint.

About Haute Jewelry

Are Rose or Pink Gold Used in Haute Couture Jewelry?

Haute couture jewelry often utilizes various types of gold, such as yellow and white. These two gold types are most used than the other type, rose gold. But did you know rose gold has grown more popular recently?


Rose gold jewelry exudes elegance and sophistication with its warm and romantic hues. Hence, nowadays, most engagement rings and other haute couture jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces, are made with rose gold. But what’s special about RESOVON’s luxury rose gold jewelry?

What is Rose Gold?

Enchanting Rose Gold Ring

Figure 1 Enchanting Rose Gold Ring


Rose gold, also known as pink or red gold, is an alloy of pure yellow gold and copper. The presence of copper provides rose gold with pinkish hues. Some goldsmiths also add silver to the alloy metal, creating lighter shades of pink.


The usage of rose gold jewelry first appeared as early as the 18th century in Russia. But pink gold became popular in the 19th century because of the Russian jeweler Carl Faberge. He created the Faberge Eggs or also referred to as the Russian Gold.


Rose gold’s popularity continued to spike in 2015, especially for engagement and wedding ring sets.

Is Rose Gold Better Than Yellow Gold?

Choosing between rose gold and yellow gold is subjective. Both gold types offer unique characteristics based on your preferences.


Rose Gold Halo Ring

Figure 2 Rose Gold Halo Ring


Rose gold offers a romantic and feminine look because of its pinkish hue. In comparison, yellow gold gives a classic and timeless appearance because of its warm and rich golden color.


Both rose gold and yellow gold are durable metals ideal for everyday use. But they differ in durability levels. Yellow golds are more prone to dents and scratches. Hence, yellow gold jewelry requires regular maintenance and polishing.


There are yellow golds with rhodium plating, which are more durable. On the other hand, rose gold, even without plating, is more resilient and needs less maintenance.


Yellow gold and rose gold are versatile metals and complement many gemstones. Hence, wearing either is ideal for pairing in various fashion styles.


If you prefer a more traditional and vintage look, go for yellow gold. But if you are after modern aesthetics, rose gold is a bespoke jewelry piece for you to pick.

Skin Tone

Picking the right high jewelry item should also match your skin tone. Wearing yellow gold is less attractive if you have pale skin or a yellow undertone. Those with darker skin tones can benefit most from the deep yellow hue, which highlights the jewelry more.


In contrast, rose gold works best for all skin tones. You only need to pick which shade of pink works best for your skin. For example, you can choose lighter pink shades if you have blue undertones or paler skin. Those with warmer skin tones can go for rose golds with more copper ratio to make them look more gorgeous.

Trends and Personal Style

As mentioned, rose gold is trendier nowadays. Wearing rose gold jewelry can complement any occasion and modern fashion statement. But if you want to stick to tradition, you can also go for yellow and white gold for a more timeless look.

Why Does Rose Gold Make an Ideal Engagement Ring?

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Figure 3 Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Many women would like to receive a rose gold engagement ring mainly because of its pink hues. Rose gold’s overall appearance exhibits femininity and romance. Hence, making rose gold engagement rings more popular than other luxury jewelry materials.


In addition to customized engagement rings, rose gold works best in eternity rings, chunky bracelets, and necklaces.

Elegant Rose Gold Ring

Figure 4 Elegant Rose Gold Ring


Does Rose Gold Tarnish Fast?

Rose gold jewelry may not tarnish but can change its color over time. The change in rose gold color results from copper maturity or the appearance of patina due to oxidation. But you should not worry since the color change can make your rose gold piece look more vintage and valuable.

Customized Rose Gold Haute Couture Jewelry Made by RESOVON

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Figure 5 Rose Gold Diamond Ring


RESOVON’s world-class artisans and goldsmiths can craft and customize a rose gold haute couture masterpiece, be it an engagement ring or any fine jewelry. Contact RESOVON now! Our expert jewelers can help you find the perfect jewelry that suits your style and personality.

How Long to Complete A High Jewelry Piece?

One of the most common questions a buyer will ask jewelers when looking for a jewelry piece is how long it will take to finish one. Here at RESOVON, we offer our customers a bespoke service that will help them understand the flow and timeline of every high jewelry project.

In this FAQ, you’ll get a general overview of each process – from designing to creating the high jewelry piece. This may include factors that can affect the speed of creating a quality high jewelry piece.

How Long Does It Take to Complete High Jewelry?

One Pair of Citrine Centerpiece Rings with a Round Halo of Melee Diamonds

Figure 1 One Pair of Citrine Centerpiece Rings with a Round Halo of Melee Diamonds


It’s difficult to provide a very definite time for the completion of high jewelry pieces because each one of them is customized to the liking of the client. On average, the designing phase could take a week or up to a whole month, depending on the number of revisions for the design.

The next phase after designing is creating the Bespoke piece. It will take between two to six weeks. The pace of completing this part will greatly depend on how complex the bespoke piece is and sourcing the right stones.

Once the designs are revised and the materials are obtained – the crafting process will begin. Our goldsmiths and jewelers will do their magic to create the most enchanting jewelry pieces!

Once the Jewelry is Done, How Long is the Delivery Period?

Close-Up Shot of an Emerald Centerpiece Platinum Ring Studded with Melee Diamonds

Figure 2 Close-Up Shot of an Emerald Centerpiece Platinum Ring Studded with Melee Diamonds


The final step for your custom jewelry is delivery and it may take from one to two weeks. It may be prolonged or shortened by the shipping method and your location. If you are an overseas client, your jewelry may take a little longer to arrive at your doorstep.

You can ask the jewelers if they offer rush services, but you’ll have to provide an additional fee. However, it will ensure that your high jewelry piece will be given priority so that its design, production, and delivery can be sped up. Make sure to discuss this first with your jeweler.


What Factors Affect the Production Speed of Jewelry?


What’s covered earlier is just the rough estimate of time needed to create and deliver a customized high jewelry piece. Please take note of these factors that will affect the pacing of the process. These factors are the following:


Design Complexity

Palladium White Gold Ring with Ruby Centerpiece and Side Melee Diamonds

Figure 3 Palladium White Gold Ring with Ruby Centerpiece and Side Melee Diamonds

The more intricate the high jewelry piece’s design is, the more time is needed to create it. The designers, jewelers, and goldsmiths do everything in their power to meet what’s proposed in the designs based on the client’s preferences.


Material Availability

Lustrous Pearl Centerpiece Platinum Ring with a Floral Halo of Diamonds

Figure 4 Lustrous Pearl Centerpiece Platinum Ring with a Floral Halo of Diamonds

The availability of materials for the jewelry is another factor that can prolong the process of creation. Some jewelers might have trouble procuring the required materials to create elaborate jewelry masterpieces.


The Time of Year

Three-Stone Diamond and Gold Wedding Spiral-Designed Ring with Melee Diamonds

Figure 5 Three-Stone Diamond and Gold Wedding Spiral-Designed Ring with Melee Diamonds

Certain parts of the year can be busy for jewelers as they might experience higher volumes of orders for that time. For example – the months of September to November and June may be busy for jewelers and goldsmiths due to the increased demand for Wedding Rings, as these months are when couples tend to get married.



Communication is another factor that plays into prolonging or shortening the duration of creating quality high jewelry pieces. Make sure that you and the jeweler are on the same page and communicate concisely if there are any needed changes along the way. Proper communication ensures that the jewelry you requested will meet your specifications.

RESOVON Is Here To Help You Get Jewelry As Fast As They Can

As the leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China, RESOVON can ensure that you’ll get your quality jewelry as fast as possible. All you need to do is to contact them, provide them the specifics of your jewelry piece and they’ll get working on it! They can add customization to them to ensure that your jewelry piece will convey your aesthetic preferences.

How Long to Complete a Bespoke Jewelry Piece by RESOVON?

If you are considering a custom jewelry piece, you might have wondered how long it takes to bring your personalized creation to life. At RESOVON, we pride ourselves in delivering exquisite bespoke jewelry service that captures your unique style and vision.

Polished Platinum Luxury Diamond Ring

Figure 1 Polished Platinum Luxury Diamond Ring

This FAQ section provides insights into the timeframe for completing a bespoke jewelry piece. Whether you plan to have a personalized ring or a custom bracelet, discover the factors that influence the time required to create your one-of-a-kind jewelry.

What is a bespoke high jewelry piece?

Crown-Inspired Diamond-Studded Golden Ring

Figure 2 Crown-Inspired Diamond-Studded Golden Ring

A bespoke jewelry piece is a precisely handcrafted and highly personalized item created exclusively for you. Bespoke pieces involve a collaborative process between you and skilled jewelers and artisans, where your design preferences and specifications are carefully incorporated into the jewelry.

From the initial consultation to the selection of materials and intricate craftsmanship, every aspect of the jewelry is tailored to your taste. Choosing a bespoke piece gives you a distinctive creation that reflects your personality, making it a cherished and meaningful possession.


How long does it take to complete a bespoke high jewelry?

Palladium Luxury Ring with Melee Diamond & Centerpiece Diamond

Figure 3 Palladium Luxury Ring with Melee Diamond & Centerpiece Diamond

Determining an exact timeline for completing a piece of bespoke jewelry is difficult because numerous factors may influence the process. In most cases, it can take several weeks to a few months.

There are also various steps in the process, including drafting of design, manufacturing, and modifications which can take up the production. It is best to communicate with the jeweler directly to get a precise estimate based on your specific requirements.


What factors can influence the timeline of completing bespoke jewelry?

Luxurious Palladium Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Figure 4 Luxurious Palladium Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Multiple factors come into play when creating bespoke jewelry, each potentially influencing the completion timeline. Here are some of the common factors you might need to consider to expedite the creation of your custom piece:

Design Complexity

The complexity of the design you choose for your jewelry piece can significantly impact the span of making it. Intricate and highly detailed designs with unique features or many gemstones needed often require more time and attention to craftsmanship.

Materials Needed

The availability and acquisition of the materials needed for your customized jewelry also play an important role. The manufacturing process can proceed smoothly, minimizing delays if the materials are readily available. But, if the materials are rare or difficult to obtain, it may take longer to acquire them, potentially extending the timeline.

So, carefully plan and consider the materials you want to make with and incorporate into your custom piece to ensure timely completion.

Revisions or Changes Required

A Pair of Sparkling Platinum Diamond-Studded Wedding Rings

Figure 5 A Pair of Sparkling Platinum Diamond-Studded Wedding Rings

Creating a bespoke jewelry piece revolves around your standards. Expressing your views is important to ensure each design aspect aligns with your requirements. But, it is essential to recognize that multiple rounds of revision can prolong the production process.

Ensure you provide all the necessary information during the initial consultation to reduce the need for numerous revisions. Normally, jewelers will provide you with a visual of your ideal piece, so ensure you address all your concerns and changes in that phase before proceeding to manufacture.

Can RESOVON adhere to a specific completion date?

RESOVON strives to accommodate specific completion dates to provide a satisfactory experience to our clients. With teams of expert jewelers and artisans who excel in their craft, we guarantee that the necessary human resources are allocated to produce your personalized jewelry efficiently.

Throughout the process, constant communication and updates are provided to address concerns immediately. RESOVON’s commitment to excellence and professionalism allows us to fulfill your request within your desired timeframe.

What Does Bespoke Really Mean?

“Bespoke” originated from the word “bespeak,” which means to order or commission something to be made. In the context of jewelry and fashion, bespoke refers to the creation of custom-made items that are tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of an individual customer. It implies a high level of personalization and attention to detail. Various industries offer bespoke services, from fashion to jewelry to furniture.


What Is the Difference Between “Bespoke” And “Custom-Made”?


While both terms generally imply customization, there is a subtle distinction between them. “Bespoke” usually signifies a higher level of individualization and craftsmanship, often creating something entirely from scratch. “Custom-made” refers to adapting or modifying an existing design or product to suit the customer’s needs.


What Is Bespoke Jewelry?

Triple-Layer Palladium Diamond-Studded Ring

Figure 1 Triple-Layer Palladium Diamond-Studded Ring


Bespoke jewelry is a form of personalized jewelry that is custom-made according to the specific requirements and preferences of an individual customer. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece created to reflect the wearer’s style, taste, and personality.


Unlike mass-produced jewelry, bespoke pieces are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship.


How Does the Process Of Creating Bespoke Jewelry Work?

Floral Arrangement Diamond Ring

Figure 2 Floral Arrangement Diamond Ring

Creating bespoke jewelry begins with an initial consultation with RESOVON’s skilled jeweler. During this consultation, the customer discusses their ideas, design preferences, and budget. The jeweler then creates design sketches or 3D renderings for the customer’s approval.


Once the design is finalized, the jeweler begins handcrafting the piece using high-quality materials and gemstones. The customer is involved throughout the process, allowing for customization and ensuring the final piece meets their expectations.


How Long Does It Take to Create Bespoke Jewelry?

A Pair of Multistone Diamond Rings

Figure 3 A Pair of Multistone Diamond Rings


The timeframe for each customization order depends on the complexity of the design, availability of materials, and workload of the jeweler. Typically, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. It’s important to communicate your desired timeline with the jeweler during the initial consultation so they can provide an estimate and work within your time frame.

What Materials and Gemstones Can Be Used for Bespoke Jewelry Services?

Luxurious Diamond Wedding Ring in a Box

Figure 4 Luxurious Diamond Wedding Ring in a Box


When it comes to bespoke high jewelry services, the choice of materials and gemstones is vast, allowing you to create a truly personalized piece.  The choice of materials and gemstones for your bespoke jewelry is entirely customizable.


Skilled jewelers and designers can guide you in selecting the perfect combination that aligns with your style, preferences, and budget. During the consultation process, discuss your desired materials and gemstones with the jeweler, and they will help you explore the options and create a truly unique piece that reflects your individuality.


Is Bespoke Jewelry More Expensive Than Ready-Made Jewelry?

A Pair of Exquisite Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings

Figure 5 A Pair of Exquisite Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings


Due to the personalized nature of the creation process, bespoke jewelry is generally priced higher than ready-made jewelry. The cost of bespoke jewelry depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the craftsmanship involved.


However, the extra cost is justified by the exclusivity and uniqueness of the piece. With bespoke jewelry, you’re investing in a personalized work of art that reflects your individuality and is crafted to your specifications.


Get Your Bespoke High Jewelry From RESOVON


If you’re looking for a truly remarkable piece of jewelry that embodies your unique style and personality, bespoke jewelry from RESOVON is the perfect choice. Choosing bespoke jewelry allows you to actively participate in the design process, working closely with skilled jewelers to bring your vision to life. RESOVON’s team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring your bespoke high jewelry exceeds your expectations.


RESOVON is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of personalized haute couture jewelry in China. With RESOVON’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can receive a high-quality, one-of-a-kind creation that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Are RESOVON's Gemstones Sustainable?

RESOVON is committed to providing excellent quality bespoke high jewelry pieces with gemstones that are sustainably sourced, promoting ethical practices and environmental responsibility. The commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our gemstone acquisitions.

Through a transparent supply chain, we trace the origin of each gemstone, guaranteeing their authenticity and preventing trade of conflict gemstones. RESOVON has always adhered to its outstanding jewelry production standards. From sourcing high-quality materials to the traditional craftsmanship that has been honed over time, RESOVON quality remains.

Does Resovon Promote Sustainability?

Gold Jewelry Chain with Ruby Stones Pendant

Figure 1 Gold Jewelry Chain with Ruby Stones Pendant

True to our philosophy, RESOVON aims to produce high-jewelry products to be known not only in China but all over the world. While doing so, the company also complies with certain standards that promote ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Ethics and Sustainability at RESOVON

Ethics and sustainability always come together in the gemstone industry. Ethical gemstones are extracted, leaving minimal environmental damage. These are mined by laborers who are not exploited and are in good working conditions and environments.

Sustainable gemstones, on the other hand, are those that are mined without risking environmental resources. At RESOVON, we ensure that the raw materials, especially gemstones, come from suppliers who adhere to ethical and sustainable acquisition..

RESOVON’s Ethical and Sustainable Standards

Round Garnet Pendant Necklace With Diamond Adornments

Figure 2 Round Garnet Pendant Necklace With Diamond Adornments

As a customer, it is important to know that you are not buying from a business overusing natural resources. One great way to do this is to ask for a gemstone certification. A jewelry business that follows industry standards generally has this document.

Knowing that a supplier has proper environmental safeguards for its workers, is also a factor to consider. Mining is one of the riskiest jobs in the world, so miners should have a proper working environment and wages.

RESOVON ensures that we are partnered with suppliers not only in the business but also in ethics and sustainability. We take pride in promoting transparency in these aspects, as we value the environment and our team as much as our business.

RESOVON’s Sustainable and Conflict-Free Gemstones Acquisition

Gold Pendant Necklace With Ruby and Emerald Pieces

Figure 3 Gold Pendant Necklace With Ruby and Emerald Pieces

Sustainable gemstones are mined and produced in an environmentally responsible manner, while conflict-free gemstones are sourced without any involvement of illegal mining operations.

Both standards in gemstone aim to create a responsible gemstone industry that prioritizes environmental conservation, social well-being, and ethical practices. At RESOVON, we uphold great importance in this value.

Conforming to the gemstone trade’s legal process, we aim to remain truthful to the business, our supplier, and our production process. Partners who violate these standards are not tolerated.

Is RESOVON Committed to Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility?

High Jewelry Diamond Pendant Necklace With Intricate Leaf Design

Figure 4 High Jewelry Diamond Pendant Necklace With Intricate Leaf Design

RESOVON’s corporate social responsibility governs the company’s ethical, social, and environmental actions. The company firmly believes in the importance of earning customers’ trust. So, we provide transparency in our product lines, activities, and supply chains.

In promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), RESOVON guarantees to follow ethical and sustainable behavior. The company strives to work with dignity, comply with human rights, and maintain the highest standards in the business. And ultimately, protect the environment by following sustainable processes.

Choose RESOVON For Your Bespoke Jewelry

Precious Ruby Collar Necklace With Diamond Adornments

Figure 5 Precious Ruby Collar Necklace With Diamond Adornments

Standing for more than ten years in the high jewelry industry, RESOVON stays grounded. We aspire to meet the community’s demands regarding personalized jewelry while remaining at peace with nature.

More importantly, we believe in sustainable business. While nature provides us with the raw materials we need, we are responsible for using them economically. With RESOVON, we promote following ethical and sustainable standards for getting supplies to create high jewelry.

By choosing RESOVON, you support a brand that values quality, creativity, and ethical practices, making your bespoke jewelry a meaningful and conscious choice.

Can RESOVON Customize Any Type of Jewelry?

When choosing the path of bespoke jewelry, you open yourself up to boundless opportunities. The wide option allows you to showcase your unique style and create an exceptional piece that reflects your taste. RESOVON offers bespoke services for a wide range of jewelry types. Whether you have a vision for a custom ring, earrings, necklace, etc., we can work with you to create a personalized piece.

What is bespoke jewelry?

High Jewelry Emerald Halo Ring With Diamond Ensembles

Figure 1 High Jewelry Emerald Halo Ring With Diamond Ensembles


The bespoke jewelry is custom-made, personalized jewelry designed according to the customer’s preferences. It offers unique customization and exclusivity, crafted through collaboration with a skilled jewelry designer. Moreover, bespoke jewelry creates meaningful connections, celebrates special occasions, and can become cherished heirlooms.

How does bespoke jewelry differ from ready-made jewelry?

Sun Gold Ring With Precious Diamond Beads

Figure 2 Sun Gold Ring With Precious Diamond Beads


Bespoke pieces in the world of jewelry stand out for their custom design and personal touch. Unlike ready-made jewelry, which is mass-produced, bespoke jewelry offers a unique and tailored experience, allowing individuals to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their style and story. Let’s explore the features of bespoke jewelry and how it differs from ready-made alternatives.

Bespoke Jewelry

Customization and exclusivity are at the heart of bespoke jewelry. It’s specially crafted to reflect personal style, with individual design choices for materials, gemstones, and personal touches. As a result, each piece is one-of-a-kind, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and deep personal meaning.

Ready-Made Jewelry

On the other hand, ready-made jewelry lacks personalized touch and individuality, being mass-produced with standardized designs and processes. This results in numerous identical items and limited options for custom sizes.

How does the bespoke process work?

Elongated Precious Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Figure 3 Elongated Precious Aquamarine Engagement Ring


The RESOVON bespoke process combines expert craftsmanship with client collaboration, resulting in a truly personalized and exceptional jewelry piece that exceeds expectations. Here’s an overview of how it works:

Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation, either in person or remotely. During this discussion, RESOVON’s team will listen to your ideas, preferences, and requirements for the bespoke piece. We will gather information about your desired style, materials, gemstones, and any sentimental elements you wish to incorporate.

Design Concept

Based on the consultation, RESOVON’s skilled designers will develop design concepts and sketches that bring your vision to life. These designs will be presented for review and feedback, allowing you to provide input and make any desired adjustments.

Material Selection

Bespoke Diamond Ring With Two Sapphire Gems

Figure 4 Bespoke Diamond Ring With Two Sapphire Gems


After the approval of the design concept, RESOVON will assist you in choosing the materials, gemstones, and precious metals for creating your unique item. We will offer knowledgeable guidance on the various options, considering quality, durability, and visual appeal.

3D Modeling or Wax Carving

To assist you in visualizing the end product, RESOVON can generate a three-dimensional representation or a wax sculpture of the design. The sample design lets you observe the jewelry’s size, shape, and intricate elements before its creation.

Approval and Adjustments

After reviewing the 3D model or wax carving, you can provide feedback and request further modifications or refinements. RESOVON is committed to ensuring that the design meets your expectations and desires.

Crafting the Final Piece

Once the design is finalized, RESOVON’s expert artisans will begin the meticulous process of handcrafting your bespoke jewelry. We will work with precision and attention to detail, using traditional techniques and state-of-the-art tools to bring the design to fruition.

Get Your Bespoke Jewelry Made by RESOVON

Emerald Ring in White Gold Setting With Diamond Ensembles

Figure 5 Emerald Ring in White Gold Setting With Diamond Ensembles


What sets bespoke jewelry apart from RESOVON is its exceptional qualities. Each piece is personalized, reflecting the wearer’s unique style and story, with exceptional craftsmanship, fine finishing, and premium materials.


In addition, RESOVON offers lifetime support and maintenance services for jewelry, ensuring impeccable condition. With personalized designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and a focus on customer satisfaction, RESOVON creates bespoke jewelry that embodies enduring beauty.

About Service

Is It Possible To Resize My Ring?

Rings have always been considered a timeless and classic gift that shows your gesture of appreciation. Rings sport various custom patterns tailored to their recipient’s preferences. However, there are times when personalized rings are not exactly the ideal fit for the wearer’s finger.

Luxurious Palladium Ring Adorned with Melee Diamonds and Elaborate Patterning

Figure 1 Luxurious Palladium Ring Adorned with Melee Diamonds and Elaborate Patterning

Stick around to find out whether it is possible to resize a ready-made custom ring to fit better for the wearer.

How Should a Ring Fit the Fingers?

Exquisite Gold Ring Studded with Diamonds

Figure 2 Exquisite Gold Ring Studded with Diamonds

May it be an ornamental ring or a wedding band, your ring should fit perfectly. A properly fit ring should be snug enough to stay in place but loose enough to slide over your knuckle without discomfort.

Ideally, there should be a slight pulling when removing the ring, indicating a secure fit. But, the ring should sit comfortably without spinning or sliding around excessively.

If your ring is too tight or loose, seeking out resizing services is ideal. With RESOVON, you can ensure that you will get accurate sizing without sacrificing the quality of your ring.

How Can I Resize a Ring?

Customized Palladium Wedding Ring with Melee Diamonds and a Sapphire Centerpiece

Figure 3 Customized Palladium Wedding Ring with Melee Diamonds and a Sapphire Centerpiece

To resize a ring, it is best to look for reputable jewelers you can entrust with your personalized ring. Check reviews of the jewelers before settling in with them. Now, how can jewelers resize your ring? What they do is that they will cut out a piece of the ring’s band and then reform it into a perfect circle before soldering it back together.

The jewelers will then clean and polish it off to remove any traces that the ring was cut. The custom ring you have will look like what it was before but a better fit for your finger. Cutting the band will depend on how intricate or simple the ring’s band is.

On the other hand, making a ring larger is trickier than making it smaller. The idea is that the jewelers will stretch the metal of the custom ring, which can often be done up to half a size bigger. The jeweler will then cut the band and add more metal. They will then solder, clean, and polish the metal to remove traces of resizing.

Which is better, a smaller or a bigger ring?

Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring with an Elaborate Floral Motif

Figure 4 Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring with an Elaborate Floral Motif

The ideal ring size depends on personal preference and comfort. While smaller rings ensure a more secure fit, a larger one can offer flexibility, allowing you the ease of removal and fit for situations like body changes or swelling.

But, if you are still unsure which ring size to get, larger rings tend to be a better initial purchase. Besides, if it’s too big, a larger ring is easier to be sized down than a small ring to be sized up.

What rings cannot be resized?

Customized Gold Ring Studded with Pearls and Rubies

Figure 5 Customized Gold Ring Studded with Pearls and Rubies

Not all rings can be resized, particularly thin banded, eternity, or bands with melee diamonds or inset stones. Due to their intricate design, resizing them without compromising their structural integrity isn’t easy.

Additionally, antique or heirloom rings with delicate engravings or unique settings could be too fragile for resizing. It is best to consult a professional jeweler who can assess the ring’s features and advise on whether resizing is possible.

RESOVON Can Help You Out in Resizing Rings

As China’s leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier of jewelry pieces, RESOVON will ensure that your custom high-quality rings will perfectly fit your ring finger. Feel free to contact, inquire and forward your concerns regarding the ring size. We have the resources and the talent to ensure your ring will be resized while still keeping the details intact.

How Should I Clean My RESOVON Haute Jewelry?

If you value haute jewelry, it is natural to desire its optimal appearance, which can be achieved by periodically cleaning it. Giving your RESOVON haute jewelry occasional at-home cleaning lets you maintain its original brilliance and beauty, just like when you first purchased it.


As you explore these guidelines on jewelry cleaning and maintenance, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on ensuring the safety, protection, and radiance of your valuable haute jewelry.

Amber High Jewelry Ring with a Golden Crab and Fish Design

Figure 1 Amber High Jewelry Ring with a Golden Crab and Fish Design

Can I Use Soap To Clean My High Jewelry?

Yes, you can use soap to clean your haute jewelry. To begin, mix warm water and dish soap in a bowl. It is recommended to use standard dish soap, but ensure that it does not contain bleach or moisturizing ingredients as these can cause harm or a residue on the jewelry.


Submerge your high jewelry into the bowl and let it soak for roughly 20 minutes. Once done, take out your jewelry and softly scrub it with a delicate brush. Be careful when rinsing your jewelry to avoid dropping it in the sink drain. Drying the jewelry with a gentle cloth or allowing it to air dry is recommended. Also, avoid using paper towels as they are too rough and can scratch valuable metals.

Rose Gold & Diamond High Jewelry Ring Adorned with Smaller Diamonds

Figure 2 Rose Gold & Diamond High Jewelry Ring Adorned with Smaller Diamonds

Will Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners Do The Job?

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work by using vibration to clean your jewelry. Although these devices can effectively clean your jewelry, they also have the potential to cause damage. The machine’s vibration can cause the prongs of your jewelry to loosen, resulting in the loss of a stone. Avoid using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners due to the risk of damaging your jewelry.


The vibration caused by these machines can loosen the prongs of your jewelry and lead to the loss of a stone. Instead, use the safe and effective soap and water method to clean your high jewelry ring. The potential consequences of using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners outweigh their benefits.

Rhodolite High Jewelry Ring

Figure 3 Rhodolite High Jewelry Ring

Should I Use Cleaning Chemicals?

People may be tempted to use tough cleaning products for jewelry, but jewelers do not recommend them. Such products can harm jewelry and specific gemstones due to their harsh chemicals and exfoliants.


Numerous household cleaning products, including window cleaners, glass cleaners, and those with bleach, possess severe chemicals that can destroy jewelry. Avoid using such harsh chemical products or abrasive substances to safeguard your jewelry from unintended damage.

How Often Should Cleaning Be Done?

The frequency at which you should clean your high jewelry ring will depend on the cleaning method you select. Cleaning your high jewelry ring with dish soap at least every two weeks is recommended to prevent discoloration or buildup.

Tear-Shaped Diamond High Jewelry Ring Studded with Smaller Diamonds

Figure 4 Tear-Shaped Diamond High Jewelry Ring Studded with Smaller Diamonds


Using a reliable jewelry cleaning solution requires cleaning the ring monthly for a more thorough cleaning than dish soap. However, before using any jewelry solution, it’s essential to consider your ring’s setting, metal type, and stones. Using an incorrect solution can result in ring damage, so it’s best to consult with RESOVON to avoid mishaps.


Make it a point to go to RESOVON every six months to clean your haute jewelry thoroughly. This routine ensures that a skilled professional can inspect for issues, like loosened gems or color changes, and provide a comprehensive cleaning using advanced tools.

How To Clean Tarnished Haute Jewelry?

Many believe that tarnished jewelry is beyond repair, but it can be cleaned. Start by lining a shallow tray with aluminum foil. Then, sprinkle a bit of baking soda uniformly over the bottom of the tray and arrange your tarnished jewelry items on the foil.


Pour hot water over each item until submerged, and let them soak for a few minutes. Once the soaking is done, gently remove the jewelry, and wipe them dry with a soft microfiber towel.

Citrine, Blue Topaz and Regular Topaz High Jewelry Rings

Figure 5 Citrine, Blue Topaz and Regular Topaz High Jewelry Rings


Cleaning your RESOVON haute jewelry is important to maintain its beauty. There are a few proven methods you can use to do so. However, if you’re not confident enough, contact RESOVON for the best jewelry cleaning services.

What is Diamond Melee in Bespoke Jewelry?

If you are an enjoyer of high jewelry, you may have heard of “diamond melee” which sees a lot of use in customized jewelry works. Many jewelers have employed the use of diamond melee even in the finest haute couture jewelry. It is one of the most ideal ways to elevate the overall beauty of a jewelry piece as you will witness the diamond’s glitter and dazzle your eyes alongside its centerpiece.

As you explore further, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about what diamond melee is and where it sees a lot of use.

What are Melee Diamonds?

Platinum Diamond Ring with Pave Melee Diamonds

Figure 1 Platinum Diamond Ring with Pave Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds are diamonds that have a weight of 0.20 pts or lower. These lovely little stones can create dazzling pieces of jewelry work in the hands of expert jewelers. Melee Diamonds usually is seen in its single cut form but many other shapes exist. You could find melee diamonds that are oval, pear, or even have a tapered baguette shape.


How are Melee Diamonds cut?

Rose Quartz and Jade Rose Centerpiece Rose Gold Ring with Melee Diamonds

Figure 2 Rose Quartz and Jade Rose Centerpiece Rose Gold Ring with Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds are cut down into small but sparkling pieces to fit onto pave, three stone, side stone, or the well-known halo settings. There are two ways that these diamonds are cut – either single or full cut. Single-cut diamonds have 17 or 18 facets that give them a mirror-like luster. Jewelers find a good use for them in jewelry pieces that have an antiquated style.

The full-cut on the other hand are best described as tiny diamonds where they have either 57-58 facets and have a very distinct sparkle. Full-cut diamonds tend to be used in high jewelry. It also sees use in the creation of engagement and wedding rings.

Does the cut of the Melee Diamond matter?

Oval-Cut Jade Centerpiece Platinum Ring with a Halo of Oval Melee Diamonds

Figure 3 Oval-Cut Jade Centerpiece Platinum Ring with a Halo of Oval Melee Diamonds

For the most part, melee diamonds tend to be a non-issue to the average buyer because they’re so small, it’s hard to see the finer details. On the other hand, a buyer with an experienced eye will be more particular in their tastes for melee diamonds as they can distinguish the small details.

However, depending on the cut style you’ve picked, melee diamonds will still bring an impact to the overall look of your jewelry of choice without drastically skyrocketing the total costs.

How does Diamond Melee make or break a design?

Platinum with an Amethyst Centerpiece and Diamond Halo

Figure 4 Platinum with an Amethyst Centerpiece and Diamond Halo

The biggest boon that melee diamonds can offer is flexibility. Jewelers can utilize melee diamonds in a vast category of high jewelry designs. For instance, you can expand custom designs and elevate them to a whole new level by forming variations of previous designs but with the magical touch-up of melee diamonds.


Another way melee diamonds can make a design is that they’re inexpensive, and very handy for custom rings or jewelry with a restrictive budget. For example, in this case – a jeweler can use an inexpensive stone such as Jade for a ring’s centerpiece before surrounding it with a halo of melee diamonds.


What are the different settings for Melee Diamonds?

Twin Band Platinum Ring with Square-Cut Sapphire and Pave Melee Diamonds

Figure 5 Twin Band Platinum Ring with Square-Cut Sapphire and Pave Melee Diamonds

Regardless of whether you’re using melee diamonds for engagement rings or any luxurious high jewelry creations, each one of them will require a specific melee diamond setting to elevate its appearance.

First is the Halo setting. The halo setting for melee diamonds is characterized by a ring of small diamonds surrounding a centerpiece, usually a cheaper gemstone such as Turquoise, Amethyst, and the like. Sometimes a larger diamond is placed in the middle. The Halo setting is the most affordable among the three settings.

The second one is the Pave setting. The pave setting is characterized by the smaller diamonds lining along the shank or the band. It basically turns the whole ring into a jewel rather than being the carrier of the centerpiece stone.

The last setting is the side stone configuration. Unlike the previous two settings, the side stone setting uses larger melee diamonds. They are situated on both sides of the centerpiece ring, continuing along the shank. It’s similar to a pave setting but with larger diamonds.

The fourth setting uses only the roundest small diamonds or the largest melee diamonds. It’s none other than the three-stone setting. The centerpiece gemstone is accompanied by two stones on the side. It’s simple but it provides an impressive and enchanting look especially if the stones sport the best quality and designs.


RESOVON Can Happily Assist You in Melee Diamond Jewelry!


If you’re looking for the finest melee diamond high jewelry, look no further than RESOVON. RESOVON is the leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China. They have the resources to ensure that the high jewelry you’ll get is of top-notch quality. Go contact them now if you’d like to inquire about what they have in store for you!

What is Handmade High Jewelry?

Handmade high jewelry is exquisite pieces crafted by skilled artisans. Typically, artisans use different techniques and the highest quality materials to make a luxury masterpiece.


RESOVON only uses rare and precious gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires in high jewelry customization. Our experienced gemologist selects and ensures that each gemstone possesses the highest quality, color, and cut-to-fit custom design ideal for luxury jewelry.

What is the Difference Between Handmade and Casting Jewelry?

Sapphire and Emerald Handmade High Jewelry

Figure 1 Sapphire and Emerald Handmade High Jewelry


As its name implies, handmade jewelry undergoes handcrafting techniques from start to finish, from the gemstone used to the metal setting. On the other hand, casting jewelry, or non-handmade, involves molding or pouring molten metal using 3D printing and wax modeling.


When it comes to the crafting process, handmade jewelry only requires less metal than casting jewelry, making your jewelry more durable and solid. The metal is already set to the exact dimension of the gemstone, so artisans know the exact metal they need to craft the piece.


Another notable difference between the two is the jeweler’s intention. If jewelry creation is for mass production, then casting jewelry is ideal since the process is more cost-effective.


But for a more personalized touch, handmade is highly preferred. Crafting handmade jewelry is time-consuming and only produced based on customers’ demands. Hence, you can ensure that opting for handmade jewelry will allow you only to wear high-quality masterpieces.

What are the Advantages of Handmade High Jewelry?

Luxurious Handmade Palladium Diamond Ring

Figure 2 Luxurious Handmade Palladium Diamond Ring


Handmade high jewelry offers several advantages over non-handmade ones. The key advantages include:

Exceptional Quality

Artisans carefully select precious gemstones and metals in handmade jewelry to ensure authenticity and the highest quality. The materials used in crafting handmade jewelry must pass the highest standard to ensure durability and longevity.

High Investment Value

Handmade high jewelry has good investment potential because of its rarity, quality, and timeless appeal. If your handmade jewelry has rare gemstones, like diamond jewelry, you can appreciate its value over time.

Ideal for Heritage and Traditional Jewelry

If you intend to have heirloom jewelry, opting for handmade is the most ideal. Handmade high jewelry incorporates traditional craftsmanship. The entire process of creating handmade jewelry also adheres to a sense of history and cultural legacy.

Superior Craftmanship

Elegant Crystal Jewelry During Crafting

Figure 3 Elegant Crystal Jewelry During Crafting


Crafting handmade high jewelry follows exceptional attention to detail and precision. Hence, the entire procedure requires time, patience, passion, and expertise to make a masterpiece.


Artisans and jewelry designers often opt for sustainable materials that create social impact.

Uniqueness and Exclusivity

Since handmade jewelry is a one-of-a-kind creation, you can guarantee its uniqueness and exclusivity. No one can replicate customized handmade high jewelry, making it an ideal piece to collect among jewelry enthusiasts.

Wide Options for Customization and Personalization

Handmade high jewelry also offers more opportunities for customization and personalization. Hence, many clients prefer handmade ones with a more personal touch and style.

Is Handmade High Jewelry More Expensive?

Handmade High Jewelry Diamond Engagement Ring

Figure 4 Handmade High Jewelry Diamond Engagement Ring


Generally, handmade high jewelry is more expensive because of its world-class craftsmanship and artistry. Also, artisans only use high-quality and precious materials. The limited availability, high demand, and the brand greatly impact handmade jewelry, making it more expensive than other types.

How RESOVON Customized Handmade High Jewelry

Handmade High Jewelry Ring Polishing Touch

Figure 5 Handmade High Jewelry Ring Polishing Touch


Handmade high jewelry creation requires a high level of expertise, skills, and precision. RESOVON’s artisans spend countless hours and dedication to handcraft intricate details according to your custom design. As a result, you will have bespoke high jewelry that looks stunning and unique.


The creation process of handmade high jewelry starts from the designing stage, where you elaborate on every detail you want with the designer. RESOVON’s jewelry designer will sketch the design on paper or use a computer program to show you the output once it comes to life.


After thorough designing and discussions with you, our skilled artisans will start doing the necessary techniques to craft your jewelry. The process includes wax carving, stone setting, engraving, and filigree.


Because of the exclusivity and timeless elegance of handmade high jewelry, collectors and connoisseurs have sought out the beauty of this luxury masterpiece.


Does RESOVON Have Exclusive Designers?

When creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, having a team of skilled and talented designers is crucial. RESOVON takes pride in its commitment to craftsmanship and individuality, so we only have exclusive designers to create your customized bespoke jewelry.


But what makes RESOVON’s jewelry designers the best among the rest? Here’s what you should know.

What Is A Jewelry Designer?

Bespoke Round Diamond Three-Stone Ring In Gold Metal Setting

Figure 1 Bespoke Round Diamond Three-Stone Ring In Gold Metal Setting


Before you learn more about our brand’s designers, you must know what a jewelry designer is and what they do. A jewelry designer is a creative professional that plans and crafts jewelry pieces, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants.


There are many types of jewelry designers, depending on the quality of jewelry pieces they make, such as fine jewelers, fashion jewelers, and freelance jewelry designers.


In RESOVON’s case, we only have fine jewelers in our team working with us. Fine jewelers are experts in designing and crafting jewelry from luxury gemstones like diamond, ruby, sapphire and precious metals such as platinum and gold. All of RESOVON’s jewelry designers have wide expertise and skills in the following fields:


  • Art and fashion history
  • Gemology
  • Jewelry appraising
  • Jewelry casting
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Metalworking and engraving
  • Wax carving
  • Wire wrapping
  • Graphic design
  • Retail psychology


Other people may also refer to jewelry designers as jewelry makers and shapers. But remember, not all jewelry designers craft their designs, and not all jewelry makers design their jewelry pieces. They still have specific job roles to fulfill. Hence, some are called artisans, gemologists, and goldsmiths.

Are RESOVON Jewelry Designers Exclusive To The Brand?

Sparkling Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring

Figure 2 Sparkling Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring


RESOVON takes great pride in its team of exclusive designers dedicated to the brand’s vision and values. These designers possess a wealth of experience and expertise in jewelry making. Our jewelry designers also work closely with clients, guiding you through the design process and ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted.

Can RESOVON’s Exclusive Designers Create Custom Engagement Rings?

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Precious Gold

Figure 3 Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Precious Gold


Absolutely! RESOVON’s exclusive designers excel in creating custom engagement rings that symbolize eternal love and commitment. Our team understands the significance of engagement rings and works closely with you to design and craft the ring that embodies your style and story.


From selecting the perfect gemstone to the metal and setting, RESOVON’s designers ensure that every detail is breathtaking.

Are RESOVON’s Jewelry Designers Involved In The Entire Making Process?

Yes, RESOVON’s exclusive designers are actively involved in every stage of the jewelry-making process. From the initial design concept to the final finishing touches, they work closely with skilled artisans to ensure that the vision for the piece is well-executed to the finished product.


This collaborative approach ensures that each bespoke jewelry piece carries the designer’s creative touch and reflects the client’s unique style and preferences.

What Sets RESOVON’s Exclusive Designers Apart From Others In The Industry?

Haute Couture Pearl Centerpiece Ring Surrounded By Colored Gemstones

Figure 4 Haute Couture Pearl Centerpiece Ring Surrounded By Colored Gemstones


We handpicked our jewelry designers for their exceptional talent, design, and creative expertise. They possess a deep understanding of precious metals, gemstones, and intricate craftsmanship techniques to cater to your personalized jewelry request.


But what truly sets RESOVON jewelry designers apart is their ability to seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs and aesthetics to create a unique and timeless masterpiece.

Collaborate With World-Class Jewelry Designers Only At RESOVON

Emerald Crisscut Ring With Diamond Adornments in Precious Gold Setting

Figure 5 Emerald Crisscut Ring With Diamond Adornments in Precious Gold Setting


RESOVON stands out among jewelry brands for its commitment to creating exclusive and bespoke jewelry pieces. With a dedicated jewelry designer team passionate about their craft, we offer a personalized experience to customers seeking unique and custom-made jewelry.


From the initial consultation to the final creation, RESOVON ensures that every step of the process is tailored to your idea and vision. That way, we can create stunning and meaningful jewelry that reflects your style and personality.

How To Ensure The Authenticity Of RESOVON's High Jewelry?

When it comes to high-end jewelry, authenticity is of utmost importance. Renowned for its exquisite high jewelry pieces, RESOVON values our designs’ craftsmanship, quality, timelessness, and genuineness.


To ensure you only purchase genuine jewelry, you should learn about the key factors in jewelry authentication and avoid buying fake ones.

How Can I Spot Fake High Jewelry?

Authentic Haute Couture Diamond Oval Necklace

Figure 1 Authentic Haute Couture Diamond Oval Necklace


There are many fakes and identical pieces of jewelry in the market. Hence, it is challenging to determine which ones come from RESOVON and which are not. To guide you, here are the factors you should always consider to avoid counterfeit purchases.

Hallmarks and Engravings

One of the best ways to verify a piece of authentic high jewelry is the presence of hallmarks and engravings. Always check if the jewelry you will receive has these special engravings. RESOVON always includes the branding, serial numbers, and metal purity marks in our masterpieces to ensure no one can create an exact copy from other jewelers.

Certification and Documentation

When buying high jewelry at RESOVON, we always provide certificates of authenticity and quality to guarantee genuine creations. Please check if your jewelry purchase from us comes with an original copy of the certification. The certificate must include details like gemstone specifications and metal purity.

Quality Materials

Radiant Cut Sapphire Negligee Necklace With Diamond Beads

Figure 2 Radiant Cut Sapphire Negligee Necklace With Diamond Beads


Any jewelry enthusiast can tell authentic ones from fakes with only a glance. You can examine the piece’s craftsmanship, finishes, and overall quality from other jewelry appraisals for further peace of mind. But you can always guarantee that RESOVON’s jewelry always meets standards of excellence.

Reputation and Reviews

Oval-cut Sapphire Centerpiece Necklace in Comet-Inspired Design

Figure 3 Oval-cut Sapphire Centerpiece Necklace in Comet-Inspired Design


Like buying other luxury items, you can always seek reliable and unbiased customer reviews, testimonials, and expert opinions about RESOVON. That way, you can weigh your decision and gain confidence in the authenticity and quality of our brand.

Can You Tell If The Jewelry Is Real With A Magnet?

One of the most popular ways to test jewelry authenticity is by using a magnet, especially for items made of gold setting. Since golds are non-magnetic metals, they should not react once you place a strong magnet nearby. If it does, your jewelry is fake and probably made from other materials to look like real gold.


You should still seek advice from a reputable jewelry appraisal and gemologist to ensure the authenticity of your piece. Or better, contact RESOVON instead to ensure you only receive luxury jewelry made from authentic materials and precious metals, not fake ones.

What Are The Precautions When Buying Genuine High Jewelry?

Blue Diamond Radiant Cut High Jewelry Bib Necklace

Figure 4 Blue Diamond Radiant Cut High Jewelry Bib Necklace


When buying high jewelry, always take the following precautions to ensure you get the best quality piece and avoid buying poor-quality jewelry pieces.


  • Price: Be cautious of significantly discounted prices or deals that seem too good to be true. RESOVON sets valuable pricing for our jewelry pieces to maintain quality and excellent craftsmanship. If you see jewelry items with suspiciously low prices, it is a great indication that these are counterfeit or unauthorized RESOVON products.


  • Counterfeit Awareness: Familiarizing yourself with common counterfeit signs will help avoid buying fake jewelry. Some of these characteristics are poor craftsmanship, misspellings, incorrect hallmarks, and dubious packaging.


  • Expert Opinion: If you are still determining a jewelry piece’s authenticity, consult a reputable gemologist, jeweler, or appraiser. RESOVON’s teamof highly-skilled people can help assess the piece and provide insights into the authenticity of the jewelry you want to purchase from us.

Purchase Authentic High Jewelry At RESOVON

Aquamarine Oval Cut And Diamond Beads Collar Necklace

Figure 5 Aquamarine Oval Cut And Diamond Beads Collar Necklace


Ensuring the authenticity of high jewelry is essential to protect your investment. Buying customized high jewelry from RESOVON can guarantee you experience bespoke jewelry’s true beauty and craftsmanship. And, overall, world-class and authentic.

Can RESOVON Restore My Jewelry?

Jewelry restoration combines technical skill, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of haute couture jewelry. RESOVON performs detailed evaluation, repairs, cleaning, and attention to detail in every high jewelry service.


The extent of the process may vary depending on the specific piece of jewelry and its condition. Some custom jewelry may have severe damage or be too fragile to restore completely. It’s always recommended to consult with a professional jeweler from RESOVON to assess the restoration options available for a specific piece.

What Maintenance and Restoration Services Does RESOVON Offer?

Crisscut Emerald In Platinum Setting

Figure 1 Crisscut Emerald In Platinum Setting


RESOVON offers a range of maintenance and restoration services for bespoke jewelry. Like a trusted manufacturer, RESOVON has professional jewelers who specialize in crafting custom pieces and maintaining and restoring jewelry.


The services provided by RESOVON include thorough jewelry cleaning to preserve the shine and sparkle of high-end pieces. RESOVON also offers gem replacement services, with access to ethically-sourced, high-quality gemstones. This service particularly benefits wholesalers and collectors who want to update their bespoke jewelry with unique gemstones and different cutting methods.

How Does RESOVON Restore High Jewelry Pieces?

Restoring haute couture jewelry into its former glory requires careful techniques and methods that repair, clean, and enhance its appearance. RESOVON’s team of experts in jewelry restoration have undergone training that teaches jewelry assessing, cleaning, repairing and replacing, and polishing and refinishing. Not only that, RESOVON has highly skilled artisans that can rejuvenate gemstones.

Assessing The Custom Jewelry

The first step RESOVON does when restoring custom pieces is to assess the condition of the bespoke piece. RESOVON has reliable jewelers that will examine the jewelry for any damage and determine how to restore the piece properly. The jeweler will evaluate the metal, gemstones, settings, and every jewelry component.

Cleaning High Jewelry Pieces

An experienced manufacturer like RESOVON will thoroughly clean every custom jewelry that needs restoration before proceeding. That way, every dirt, grime, and tarnish accumulated over time does not interfere with the repair.

Repair and Replacement

Sparkling Radiant-cut Diamond Ring

Figure 2 Sparkling Radiant-cut Diamond Ring


After cleaning the jewelry, RESOVON can start the repair and replacement process. A skilled jeweler will repair or replace any broken or missing parts in the high jewelry piece. Goldsmiths can fix broken clasps, re-solder loose settings, replace missing gemstones, and even repair metalwork.


RESOVON’s highly-skilled goldsmiths use techniques like soldering, stone setting, and metalworking to restore the structure of the jewelry.

Polishing and Refinishing

High Jewelry Gold Ring With Ruby and Diamond Ensembles

Figure 3 High Jewelry Gold Ring With Ruby and Diamond Ensembles


Once the necessary repairs are done, RESOVON jewelers will polish and refinish the bespoke jewelry to restore its shine and glory. Artisans polish each piece using special tools to remove scratches, scuffs, and surface imperfections. If necessary, jewelers may also apply additional finishes.

Gemstone Rejuvenation

High Jewelry White Gold Diamond Ring

Figure 4 High Jewelry White Gold Diamond Ring


Knowing that gemstones play a vital role in high jewelry pieces, RESOVON evaluates the gemstones for any needed re-cutting or polishing. An expert jeweler will also ensure the gemstones are securely set and aligned correctly within the bespoke piece.

Finishing Touches

Heirloom Diamond Custom Ring On Gold Setting

Figure 5 Heirloom Diamond Custom Ring On Gold Setting


In the final stages of restoration, any additional details or engravings on the jewelry are recreated or repaired. RESOVON can restore any intricate designs, filigree work, or decorative elements that may have been damaged or worn over time.

How Long Does It Take To Restore My Jewelry?

The repair duration depends on the type of repair needed, ranging from minutes for simple fixes to days for resizing or gemstone replacement. To ensure prompt restoration, visit RESOVON in advance for consultation and an estimated timeframe.

Let RESOVON Restore High Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry restoration requires expertise, skill, and attention to detail, which RESOVON are experts at. Professional jewelers from RESOVON have experience working with different types of jewelry and materials and are skilled at various techniques needed in the industry. By letting RESOVON restore custom pieces, preserving the piece’s integrity, value, and beauty is easier than ever.

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What is a Gemologist and their Role in High Jewelry?

Gemology is the scientific study of identifying a gemstone. This branch of mineralogy involves understanding the physical and optical properties of gemstone and their formations and characteristics. A professional who works in this field is known as a gemologist.

Natural Diamond

Figure 1 Natural Diamond

In this FAQ section, learn about gemologists and their role in the world of high jewelry. Read on to find out!

What is a Gemologist?

Gemologists are professionals who study gemstones. They possess extensive knowledge and expertise identifying, grading, and evaluating a gemstone. Gemologists also specialize in determining a gemstone’s authenticity, quality, and value ensuring they meet the desired standards in the jewelry industry.

What Does a Gemologist Do?

A gemologist’s role involved verifying, examining, and providing detailed descriptions of the attributes and properties of a precious gemstone. They use tools and various grading instruments to certify the identity, quality, and specifications to examine gemstones.

Gemstone Under Microscopic Assessment

Figure 2 Gemstone Under Microscopic Assessment

What Careers can Gemologists Pursue?

Gemologists can pursue careers in gemology and the jewelry industry. Here are some of the career path for gemologists:


A gemstone appraiser is liable for examining the value of the gemstone. They carefully inspect the gemstone’s property, rarity, and market demand to determine its monetary worth.

If you are considering selling or insuring your jewelry incorporated with gemstone, an appraiser is the one to seek. An appraiser can provide an evaluation document, which you can present to an insurer or jewelry retailer for the necessary arrangements.

Diamond Grading

Figure 3 Diamond Grading


When jewelry is sold in retail stores, customers often ask for various information about the available gemstones. Having a gemologist present gives the customers valuable insights about the gemstone being sold, which adds credibility to the store.

Other than helping customers, a consultant can also advise the retailers. With their profound knowledge in gemstones, they can recommend appropriate pricing based on the worth of each gemstone.


The work of a researcher involves conducting studies and investigations related to gemstones. Their primary objective is to expand the mastery and understanding of gemology by exploring various aspects of gemstones, including their properties and developments in the field.

Besides, lab-grown gemstones are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and sustainability. These gemstones are typically manufactured in highly specialized and controlled laboratories, and gemologists are generally on staff to oversee production and contribute to ongoing research.

High Jewelry Gemstone Evaluation

Figure 4 High Jewelry Gemstone Evaluation

Auction House Jewelry Specialist

Auction houses often allocate specific departments for high jewelry, where the presence of a resident gemologist is needed. The gemologist offers valuable insights about the gemstones and high jewelry pieces being auctioned, such as their distinctive features and market value.

This knowledge aids the auction house in establishing initial bidding prices and predicting potential final prices.


Jewelry manufacturers are key players in the jewelry industry. They are responsible for transforming designs into physical pieces of high jewelry. But, within the production process, it is crucial to understand the value and quality of the gemstones incorporated in each jewelry piece. To ensure this, manufacturers employ gemologists on their teams.

By having a gemologist on staff, manufacturers can guarantee the quality authenticity of their jewelry, providing customers with assurance in the value of the gemstones featured in their piece.

Various Diamond Cuts

Figure 5 Various Diamond Cuts

Where Can I Seek the Services of a Gemologist?

RESOVON is a respected and recognized high jewelry manufacturer and supplier dedicated to maintaining the highest gemological expertise and professional conduct standards. By seeking and selecting gemologists at RESOVON, you can have confidence in their proficiency, integrity, and commitment to quality.

Whether you require gemstone appraisals, authentication, or consultation of a bespoke high jewelry, RESOVON ensures you receive services from trusted and reputed professionals.

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