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Your trusted custom fine jewelry manufacturer, we have an effective team to provide excellent fine jewelry and bespoke service for you.

  • Experienced Fine Jewelry Artisan& Goldsmith
  • Gemologist Expert Ethical Sourcing
  • One-to-one Specialist Designer VIP Custom Consultation
  • Chinese High-end Jewelry Brand, World-class Service

RESOVON Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry epitomizes luxury and quality. It is crafted from precious metals like gold and platinum and adorned with natural gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires. Valued for craftsmanship and durability, it often represents investment pieces, transcending mere adornment to become timeless heirlooms and symbols of elegance and sophistication.


RESOVON is no stranger to using high-quality materials. That’s why, as a jewelry manufacturer in China, RESOVON crafts strong and long-lasting pieces perfect for everyday use.


Delve into the world of RESOVON, where fine jewelry transcends mere adornment. As a leading jewelry manufacturer in China, we’re dedicated to crafting pieces that embody durability, elegance, and personalized charm.


Our collection reflects who you are and offers no bounds to your expression. With RESOVON, customization is at the core of our philosophy, ensuring that every piece resonates with your unique persona.


At RESOVON, we understand that fine jewelry is an intimate extension of oneself. We collaborate with expert jewelers to offer bespoke services, tailoring each piece to your preferences. Manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship in our Chinese factory, our fine jewelry is not just to wear but to love and cherish.

Environmental Responsibility

RESOVON stands at the forefront of environmental consciousness in the jewelry industry. We’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact in every creation. Our entire production ecosystem is designed to reduce environmental effects while supporting and empowering our partners and giving back to the communities where we operate.

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Fine Jewelry By Five Gems

Our signature Five Gems collection showcases the beauty and brilliance of chrysoberyl, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and diamond. Handpicked for exceptional quality, these gemstones are the heart of our fine jewelry, each telling a tale of elegance and rarity.


RESOVON’s expert artisans draw inspiration from timeless symbols and stories and craft pieces that transcend generations. We create for those passionate about their surroundings, offering casual elegance that resonates with individuals from all walks of life.

  • Chrysoberyl Pendant
    Chrysoberyl Pendant
  • Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Necklace
  • Emerald Brooch
    Emerald Brooch
  • Emerald Bracelet
    Emerald Bracelet
  • Ruby Earrings
    Ruby Earrings
  • Ruby Ring
    Ruby Ring
  • Sapphire Brooch
    Sapphire Brooch
  • Sapphire Ring
    Sapphire Ring

Fine Jewelry By Other Stones

RESOVON’s bespoke collection extends beyond our Five Gems. Explore our handcrafted gemstone jewelry featuring garnet, aquamarine, opal, jade, and more. Our gemologists meticulously handpicked each gemstone, ensuring that every piece is as unique as the individual who wears it.


Operating distinctly from wholesale jewelry companies, each piece in our collection is handcrafted by skilled goldsmiths, making it special, authentic, and accessible. Our high-quality bespoke services ensure the utmost quality for every special occasion.

  • Aquamarine Brooch
    Aquamarine Brooch
  • Aquamarine Studs
    Aquamarine Studs
  • Garnet Bracelet
    Garnet Bracelet
  • Garnet Earrings
    Garnet Earrings
  • Jade Pendant
    Jade Pendant
  • Opal Ring
    Opal Ring
  • Pearl Charm
    Pearl Charm
  • Spinel Necklace
    Spinel Necklace

Fine Jewelry In Wedding

RESOVON elevates your wedding journey from the engagement to the honeymoon with our exquisite, fine wedding jewelry collection. Our handcrafted wedding bands, engagement rings, and custom jewelry pieces are designed to bring elegance to every significant moment.


Crafted with artistry and skill, our goldsmiths and stone setters work meticulously to create precious metal bands representing your bond. With broad personalization options and one-of-a-kind creations, RESOVON stands apart in the fine wedding jewelry sector, offering pieces that evoke love, marriage, and optimism while maintaining the dignity and sophistication that define fine jewelry.

  • Bridal Band
    Bridal Band
  • Bridal Jewelry Set
    Bridal Jewelry Set
  • Bridal Ring
    Bridal Ring
  • Engagement Ring
    Engagement Ring
  • Groom Band
    Groom Band
  • Groom Ring
    Groom Ring
  • Wedding Band
    Wedding Band
  • Wedding Brooch
    Wedding Brooch
  • Wedding Ring
    Wedding Ring

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GRS Certification
GRS Certification

RESOVON Fine Jewelry Bespoke Service

Fine Jewelry Consultation

At RESOVON, every beautiful piece of fine jewelry starts with a conversation. Our bespoke service begins with a personal consultation to understand your preferences and ideas. This initial discussion is crucial for creating a piece that truly reflects your style and vision.

During this exclusive meeting, we explore your design inspirations, ensuring that the final jewelry piece is as unique as you are. We aim to combine your ideas with our expertise, crafting a piece that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Fine Jewelry Designer

Bring your jewelry vision to life with RESOVON’s jewelry team. Our skilled designers specialize in transforming your ideas into stunning haute couture pieces, utilizing traditional, high-quality craftsmanship.

We understand the importance of getting every detail right. That’s why we offer limited revisions, ensuring that the final piece perfectly embodies your dream luxury jewelry, personalized just for you.

Fine Jewelry Gemologist

Under your guidance, RESOVON’s expert gemologists carefully select gemstones that align with your bespoke jewelry vision. We meticulously assess each gem based on color, carat, cut, clarity, and ethical sourcing, ensuring every choice meets your specifications.

Our rigorous inspection and appraisal process ensures each gemstone adheres to company and industry standards. With years of experience in diamonds and colored gemstones, our knowledgeable gemologists guarantee the quality and authenticity of every gem in your personalized piece.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Fine Jewelry Artisan

Our jewelry artisans possess finely honed skills, making them ideal for bringing your original jewelry design concepts to life. We expertly blend your chosen precious metals and gemstones into breathtaking art pieces, achieving the perfect balance of elegance and craftsmanship.

At RESOVON, we pride ourselves on a deep understanding of your unique preferences. Each of our skilled goldsmiths boasts over ten years of experience crafting high-end jewelry, ensuring every piece we create perfectly reflects your vision.

Safety Package & Delivery

Apart from providing bespoke high jewelry, RESOVON excels in packaging and delivery services. We believe that exceptional packaging is an essential extension of the RESOVON brand, adding to the luxury of our high jewelry.

Regardless of your global location, RESOVON is equipped to offer effective logistics and distribution solutions for your high-end jewelry. This efficiency is thanks to our strong partnerships with reputable logistics companies, ensuring smooth and reliable delivery.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Fine Jewelry Service

The hallmark of a fine jewelry brand like RESOVON lies in its craftsmanship, the appropriateness of its designs, the quality of materials used, and the excellence of its after-sales service. At RESOVON, prioritizing our customers’ needs is our steadfast commitment.

Whether refurbishing, repairing, or restringing, RESOVON offers these services at a reasonable cost, ensuring your cherished pieces are always in pristine condition. For any advice or tips on maintaining your jewelry at home, our team is always ready to provide expert guidance and support.

RESOVON Fine Jewelry Spotlights

Fine Jewelry Gem Setting
Fine Jewelry Goldsmith
Fine Jewelry Hand Drawing
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process

Jewelry Craft

As a wholesale company, RESOVON places a strong emphasis on its craftsmanship. Our professional team in our China factory frames each stage of the construction with care: everything is in the details.

Jewelry crafting has a long history of personal ornamentation, customization, and symbolism that spans many continents. That’s why high jewelry personalization and craft adhere to the traditional artisan ethos. RESOVON chooses colored gemstones and diamonds with pleasing textures, but we are also aware of the drawbacks of these materials.


As a renowned Chinese high jewelry factory, RESOVON has built strong relationships with its global customers. However, to protect their trust, our products must be in tip-top shape. That’s why RESOVON uses our hard enamel method to enhance each piece of fine jewelry we create.

The jewelry industry is not new to using hard enamel. RESOVON has long used our method to enhance its fine jewelry in terms of color and shape.

Powdered glass is fused to a metal substrate at high heat during enameling. First, the surface of the jewelry is polished and cleaned. After that, we apply the enamel and let it cure. Curing involves baking the jewelry with enamel on it in a kiln. Once done, the jewelry is now ready for you to wear.

RESOVON Advantages In Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Hand Drawing Education
Fine Jewelry Education

As a great jewelry personalization jeweler brand in China, our staff includes individuals who have worked in the industry for over ten years. Aside from his MBA, Charles also learned high jewelry hand-drawn skills and established a fine jewelry supply chain to create amazing works.

As one of RESOVON’s co-founders, Charles has honed the technique using his extensive life experience and understanding of jewelry, fashion, and art. On the other hand, Ann KING is an outstanding sales professional. With over 20 years of cross-field sales experience, she can quickly resolve all issues.

The educational background of our team in high jewelry made us stand out.

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

As a top-notch Chinese supplier of customized fine jewelry, it’s important to know the principles of running an international brand. That’s why our founder, Charles CHAO, earned a Global Luxury Brand Management MBA degree from Sup de Luxe in Paris. The for-profit management school is known for creating the best management professionals in the luxury industry.

The Global Luxury Brand Management MBA program has equipped him with luxury business operation capability, not only in the fine jewelry area. The program also helped Charles emphasize the Management of Creation and the Creative Team, which are crucial for a company to stand out and offer intriguing and exceptional goods and services in the high jewelry industry.

RESOVON Main Fine Jewelry

Chrysoberyl Charm
Chrysoberyl Charm

Even in its raw form, chrysoberyl is a strong and resilient gem. Our chrysoberyl bespoke jewelry material is fresh golden with hints of light green, making your outfit shine.

RESOVON’s resident artisans cut the gem into an oval shape using our top-notch methods. We source our stones in Sri Lanka and Brazil, where most chrysoberyl gems are found.

Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Bracelet

We re-imagined the traditional customized diamond bracelet with a modern perspective. Our diamond bracelet has an 18k yellow gold accent connecting numerous rows of brilliant round diamonds.

RESOVON has made this fine bracelet with a stunning juxtaposition of precious metals, striking a balance between sleek lines and eye-catching diamonds.

Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring

Emerald is a gem with a vibrant shade of green. It is categorized as a precious stone in the fine jewelry bespoke industry. Our emerald high jewelry is a highlight.

As the leading high-end jewelry brand with bespoke services, RESOVON knows that emeralds are among the world’s unique gemstones and have long been sought-after due to their beauty and rich color.

Moonstone Earrings
Moonstone Earrings

Two magnificent moonstones are the focal point of this exquisite pair of drop earrings from the RESOVON high jewelry team. The gems reveal a gorgeous purplish-grey tint and an outstanding play of color.

Our team also meticulously selects moonstones with the stunning opalescence that makes this stone so adored. That’s why customers welcome our customized moonstone fine jewelry.

Opal Pendant
Opal Pendant

Our opal pendant imbibes the craftsmanship of our jewelry brand. The gemstone is a clear or semi-transparent stone with bursts of color that sparkle. And opals come in infinite colors and stone shapes, so no two are alike.

Believe us, RESOVON’s haute couture Opal Necklace makes every occasion magnificent. The lovely colors of this personalized pendant will make any ensemble look great.

Ruby Necklace
Ruby Necklace

With our ruby necklace, you can add a touch of the extraordinary to any special occasion. A haute couture ruby necklace is a unique option for your next statement item because of its vivid colors, which range from deep pinks to strong reds.

And this piece from RESOVON  successfully mixes simplicity and beauty. We only select the top 15% of all real/genuine rubies, which are natural AAAA rubies.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Customization. RESOVON team provides exclusive bespoke services for your fine jewelry. Through the original jewelry design style and the perfect grasp of colors and gemstone shapes, we can meet your luxury jewelry personalization requirements.

  • “RESOVON fine jewelry pieces are simply stunning! I just love the work, quality, and design they put into every bespoke piece of jewelry they make. When I gifted some to my family and friends, they immediately loved the custom jewelry I gave them. I can’t wait to order again to personalize my jewelry!”

    Jessica Smith, USA
  • “RESOVON has pieces that are eye-catching and magnificent. You’ll know they’re the best high jewelry customization and manufacturer in China with how meticulously crafted their pieces are. The customer service is also first-class. RESOVON will always go above and beyond to ensure my expectations are met. The brand has completely earned my trust and loyalty!”

    Cynthia Jones, United Kingdom
  • “I always go to RESOVON for haute couture jewelry. My friends and I have gotten countless high-quality bespoke jewelry pieces from them, and we haven’t been disappointed yet! RESOVON has a wide range of designs, and the quality is superb. On top of that, they have excellent customer service and a stress-free return policy. If you’re looking for great fine jewelry, RESOVON should be your first choice!”

    Leticia Brown, Canada
Emerald Ring Gallery
Emerald Ring Data

Center Stone: 4.9ct Emerald

Origin: Colombia, Muzo Mine

Material: 18K white gold

Ring number: 13.5

Certificate: GUILD

Jewelry Caring Tips

RESOVON experts recommend that you apply a little jewelry oil to the emeralds of your jewelry every 3-6 months. Apply the oil evenly with a cotton swab and keep it still for 2 hours.
Cleaning must be done with distilled or purified water, soak for 20 minutes, wipe gently with a very soft brush, and dry with a soft flannel. It is not recommended to wash more than 2 times within a year.

1. Do not scratch, 2. Do not smoke, 3. Do not encounter high temperature and high pressure; 4. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning, 5. Do not touch acid, alkali, alcohol, ethanol, and other chemical substances.

Hand With Silver Ring

Figure 1 – Hand With Ring

What is RESOVON Fine Jewelry?

RESOVON fine jewelry are timeless pieces crafted with gold, silver, and precious gemstones. Indeed, fine jewelry is timeless and sturdy enough to survive for generations and can be kept as a family heirloom. Their fine Jewelry is also easy to resize and repair, and routine cleaning helps maintain its exquisite appearance.

What is the difference between RESOVON Fine Jewelry and High Jewelry?

RESOVON Fine Jewelry

Most people are content and satisfied with a fine jewelry collection. However, some are willing to spend more for unique items that hold their value and may rise over time.

High Jewelry

High jewelry is the pinnacle of craft and artistry revealed through jewelry. Only metals and gemstones of the highest quality are used. Due to the scarcity of gemstones, the most valuable and unique collections are offered.


They are featured at haute couture jewelry shows. When asked what sets high and fine jewelry apart, don’t hesitate to say each piece is one of a kind. A rarity that surpasses even fine jewelry. Nonetheless, both types of jewelry are worth their cost.

Which RESOVON Fine Jewelry is for you: customized or custom?

You’ll be able to appreciate the workings of handcrafted jewelry design since it’s one-of-a-kind and won’t be available in any jewelry stores. It may also signify a unique relationship with someone special since it would be exclusive to the person you’re giving it to.

But first, customized and fine custom jewelry are similar but different. Which one should you consider for your fine jewelry?


Customized fine jewelry involves engraving someone’s name or building a piece of jewelry yourself. With this type of jewelry, you can modify it according to your wishes.


Custom fine jewelry would give you a design used only once. The jeweler would make a personalized design, everything from scratch. The jeweler will create it according to your requests and preferences, such as getting a jewelry design similar to the one you saw online.


You’ll be able to pick which materials should be used on your custom fine jewelry, like the metal (titanium, tungsten, sterling, silver, or gold), with or without gemstones (diamonds or rubies), and the style (filigree).

What precious stones can be used in RESOVON Fine Jewelry?


Diamond Stud

Figure 2 – Diamond Stud

Diamonds are the most popular stones in RESOVON’s fine jewelry. Though blue, yellow, and green gemstones exist, red diamonds still have high demand due to their rare color. Although they appear stunning independently, diamonds are frequently combined with other jewels in jewelry pieces, including proposal and marriage rings.


Raw Amethyst Close-up

Figure 3 – Raw Amethyst Close-up

Amethyst is a rare stone with a rich purple hue. It is a calming stone that symbolizes prosperity, joy, and love in people’s lives. Amethysts were formerly thought to be more valuable than diamonds, but once Brazil and Uruguay discovered a significant amount of them, they were referred to as semi-precious.


Ruby Ring

Figure 4 – Ruby Ring

Ruby is quite prominent among those who want to express love and affection. Because of its powerful, vivid, intense red color, which is thought to symbolize love and passion.


Making Emerald Jewelry

Figure 5 – Making Emerald Jewelry

Royalty has always been a fan of emeralds as a stone for their jewelry. Eternally loved, emeralds were thought to symbolize fertility and rebirth in ancient Egyptians. Emeralds are often used in jewelry for a long time, including marriage and engagement rings, and they look amazing when combined with diamonds and other gemstones.


Sapphire Necklace

Figure 6 – Sapphire Necklace

One of the most well-known gemstones used in jewelry worldwide is the blue sapphire, most famously worn by royals like Princess Diana. Although blue is the most common, sapphires do occur in various colors.


Blue Topaz Stone

Figure 7 – Blue Topaz Stone

Topaz is a popular gemstone among several jewelry lovers since it is strong and reasonably priced. Many colors of topaz can be found in nature, including yellow, brown, orange, etc. Topaz acquires the name mystic topaz and a rainbow tone when covered in a fine-colored film.

Why should you choose RESOVON for Fine Jewelry?

High-Quality Materials

Precious Stones Collection

Figure 8 – Precious Stones Collection

RESOVON guarantees that every piece is made from real gems and top-quality metals, making it incredibly strong and long-lasting. Our fine jewelry and diamonds do not tarnish, rust, or receive water damage. They make an excellent investment because they can last for years. You can sell anytime, even years later, and it will still be worth something.

Top-Notch Craftsmanship

Ring Crafting

Figure 9 – Ring Crafting

RESOVON crafts jewelry by hand. Although handmade usually costs more, it is worth every penny. This is because each piece of handmade jewelry we make is one-of-a-kind. Because human work is imperfectly perfect, it makes each piece artistically pleasing. Take our fine jewelry cross necklace as an example.

Our Jeweler in RESOVON is a skilled professional who handcrafts fine jewelry. We produce jewelry that people will be proud to wear.

Jewelry Personalization

Person Wearing Silver Rings

Figure 10 – Person Wearing Silver Rings

Make the most of the opportunity to flaunt your individuality and financial savvy while expanding your fine jewelry collection with our designs. All you need to do is reach out; we’re all ears to your desire!

Whether you’re looking for fine jewelry rings or a fine jewelry set, we’ll be happy to oblige with all your requests and make any product personally for you. Just leave it to us to do the wonders.

Superior Manufacturing Process

As fine jewelry suppliers, precious metals and stones continue to hold high regard in our eyes. So, we work with dedication and diligence in manufacturing. RESOVON has excellent brand awareness and leverages that advantage to manufacture products and effectively promote the business through packaging.

Above all, we strive to provide the highest quality, for customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Expert Fine Jewelry Manufacturer

Man Holding Woman's Hand

Figure 11 – Man Holding Woman’s Hand

The best way to polish your appearance and enjoy wearing jewelry for years is to consult with one of our experts and look through our selection of fine jewelry sets. Our fine jewelry manufacturers and suppliers produce items you appreciate for their durability and adaptability. We always ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Elegant and Sophisticated Designs

Elegant Jewelry Creased Textile

Figure 12 – Elegant Jewelry Creased Textile

We believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating fine jewelry. A lot of thought goes into envisioning and bringing each design to life. From fine jewelry necklaces to fine jewelry bracelets, we at RESOVON strive to make everlasting accessories.

RESOVON’s Process of Soldering Gold

Soldering Gold

Figure 13 – Soldering Gold

The process in RESOVON’s soldering of gold starts with having the right equipment and tools, which are:

  • Hand torch
  • Soldering block
  • Copper tongs and soldering tweezers
  • Safety goggles
  • Gold solder
  • Pickling solution
  • Flux to keep gold or silver from any oxides

Then, RESOVON’s gold undergoes this soldering process with these steps for quality and accurate bonding of the metal and placing of the gemstones and the designs:

  1. Cleaning the gold by soaking it in the pickling solution using the soldering tweezers. This would make the metal properly bond together.
  2. Applying flux to the areas to be soldered will remove all the impurities and prevent any discoloration of the surface later.
  3. After applying the flux, we gently heat the flux with the hand torch.
  4. Then, we’ll apply the gold solder and heat the metal with the torch, slowly moving the flame back and forth until the solder melts and flows onto the seam. The two sides will then bond together.
  5. The gold piece will be cooled down and soaked in water afterward. Then, slowly, bathe it in the pickling solution using the copper tongs. Leave it in the solution until the fire scale has been removed.
  6. Lastly, the gold piece will be rinsed with water, checked for discoloration or fire scale, and polished.

On RESOVON Bespoke Jewelry

Woman Wearing Jewelry

Figure 14 – Woman Wearing Jewelry

RESOVON, particularly, offers bespoke or made-to-order services for clients instead of choosing from their collection or ready-made fine jewelry. This could be a specific set design or a jewelry collection made just for you.

Better Than Mass-Produced Jewelry

Hanging Jewelry

Figure 15 – Hanging Jewelry

Nothing’s more special, whether a gift, engagement ring, or golden wedding anniversary, if it’s RESOVON-made fine jewelry. They satisfy their clients with a piece of jewelry that isn’t mass-produced, meaning it will have a different design and style than everybody else.


You can give them sketches or CAD designs to get what you’ve pictured for your jewelry. It’s your design and yours to keep. Plus, those one-of-a-kind jewelry models can have a higher value than mass-produced ones.

Worth Investing

Like art, fine jewelry from RESOVON is original and worth more since the quality, skills, and durability put into creating it are guaranteed. Their designs are delicate and intricate, and their condition can last for decades and across many generations, which can be a good investment.

Thus, the value of the gemstones and metal materials, plus the fine craft and rarity of that piece of jewelry, make it expensive and increase its resale value over time.

What Happens in the RESOVON's Process of Custom Jewelry?

Get familiar with and accustomed to how RESOVON custom jewelry is done for our clients. Here’s our process to get your custom-made design:

  • Consultation with clients to the designer to communicate and assess this project regarding the materials, style, and aesthetic.
  • The designer will make a few sketches and let you choose based on your preferences.
  • The CAD will bring the sketch you’ve chosen to live and help you visualize and compare which metals, stones, and sizes would match you.
  • A wax model from a 3D printer will help visualize and measure the exact proportion and size even more.
  • It will be manufactured and ready for pickup in at least 10 weeks.
What is RESOVON Fine Jewelry made of?

RESOVON Fine jewelry is made of gold, silver, and real gems. The quality of jewelry depends on the materials and the kind of gemstones used. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are examples of pure gemstones used in fine jewelry. By far, the most common are fine jewelry rings with diamonds.

What is the Best Karat Gold according to RESOVON Fine Jewelry?

The 24KT gold is considered pure gold or 100% made of gold. The term gold’s karat indicates the purity of the gold. Thus, the number that precedes the KT indicates how many parts out of that 24 are pure gold. In other words, for example, a 14KT has 14 units of pure gold that is mixed with 10 units of other metal.

Hence, the 24KT has no trace of other metals and a rich, bright yellow hue. An 18KT can give the strongest yellow hue, but it’s not as durable as a 14KT.

14KT is by far the best type of gold jewelry to purchase. Gold this pure is commonly used in fine jewelry necklaces. The same quality is also available in bracelets, earrings, and rings. It’s a great investment and a classic addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

What makes RESOVON the Best Fine Jewelry Manufacturer?

To get started, RESOVON attends trade shows, jewelry events, and exhibitions organized by jewelers’ associations. Our company employs only the best jewelry makers with the finest processes and materials, making RESOVON the best fine jewelry manufacturer for your designs.

How much does it cost to manufacture RESOVON Fine Jewelry?

According to Zenbusiness, opening a retail jewelry store will likely cost between $9,200 and $29,000. This includes fees for business permits, rent, packaging, logo design, marketing, and inventory purchases. However, the cost can still vary depending on the type of jewelry you want to make.

For a cheaper option, you can also look for fine jewelry wholesale suppliers online. A breakdown of potential costs can be found here.

How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry?

The best way to care for your RESOVON fine jewelry is to remove it every night or after use from the occasions or events and gently clean it with a soft-bristled toothbrush on warm yet soapy water.

For more details, You are welcome to consult with RESOVON fine jewelry specialist at any time.

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