From Runway to Red Carpet: Luxury Jewelry Necklace Styles in Hollywood

How do you make Hollywood stars shine even more on the red carpet? With haute couture jewelry, of course! It’s the perfect way to flaunt your success if you make it on the big screen. This is an opportunity for fans to support their favorite celebrities by following their luxury jewelry styles. This is the mechanism that keeps the high jewelry industry relevant in Hollywood.


Among the high jewelry currently trending today, necklaces has become the most popular jewelry pieces for celebrities. It became associated with individuality because of its versatility, and customizability. It didn’t take long for this trend to reach popular culture. Furthermore, it led to high jewelry personalization and high jewelry bespoke service businesses getting high demands for their assistance.

Hollywood High Necklace Jewelry Trends

The purpose of this high jewelry is mainly to express oneself, usually with a sentiment or advocacy that the wearer can identify themselves with. At any rate, designs for these haute couture jewelries are highly personalized to be associated with a particular personality.


Chain Necklace

High Jewelry Ruby Necklace with Gold Chain

Figure 1 High Jewelry Ruby Necklace with Gold Chain


Chain necklaces, symbolizing the strength of bonds between friends and family, have been the trending jewelry of Hollywood for years. It also gives off a feeling of toughness, making it popular among men. High jewelry chain necklaces are usually made of the finest, toughest gold, and bespoke with precious gemstones , a perfect way to make it stand out from the rest.


Statement Necklace

Luxurious Diamond and Gold Statement Necklace

Figure 2 Luxurious Diamond and Gold Statement Necklace


These types of high jewelry necklaces have been trending very recently. Statement necklaces allow wearers to express themselves through those accessories, using their designs to tell a story. So the more eye-catching, the better, which in high jewelry means more gems and more graphic patterns so that it can catch more attention of the public.


Coin Necklace

Gold Pearl Necklace with Emerald Bespoke

Figure 3 Gold Pearl Necklace with Emerald Bespoke


Coin necklaces are used by those who want to remind themselves of their humble beginnings. They can also be used to show off wealth and prestige. As haute couture, coin necklaces use gold coins as frames with gems bespoke onto them. The surface allows multiple gems to be used, making it easier for jewelers to design and process.


Birthstone Necklace

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Birthstone Necklace

Figure 4 Blue Sapphire and Diamond Birthstone Necklace


A really old but relevant trend in Hollywood and everywhere, birthstone necklaces are used to celebrate one’s life since birth. Designs for these types of necklaces are usually determined by gemologists, especially if they are high jewelry variety. You may even choose to have multiple stones bespoke to attract good fortune via high jewelry customization.


High Jewelry Chokers

High Jewelry Gold and Pearl Choker with Emerald Bespoke

Figure 5 High Jewelry Gold and Pearl Choker with Emerald Bespoke


Perhaps the most ancient style of that jewelry in Hollywood, chokers are still popular, mainly with women. It is very versatile, and bespoke gemstones in high jewelry chokers are a pleasure o look at. They can also come with a variety of design patterns courtesy of skilled jewelers.

Popular Necklace Jewelry Gemstones In Hollywood

Hollywood’s personalities are quite particular in choosing the gemstone for their necklaces. They often use ones that can highlight their presence and make them more appealing in public. But also, sometimes, the gems are used because of their intrinsic meaning. Popular gemstones used in high jewelry bespoke services include


  • Jade – a symbol of virtue and strength
  • Pearl – a symbol of femininity and peace
  • Pink Diamond – a symbol of love and romance
  • White Diamond – a symbol of purity
  • Sapphire– a symbol of wisdom and kindness

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