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RESOVON Garnet Jewelry

Garnet jewelry can be found in almost any color but is famous for the rich red hues of the stone. The diversity in color and the hardness of garnets makes for perfect high jewelry customization. With ethically sourced garnet from our supplier in China, highly-skilled artisans, and goldsmiths, RESOVON creates bespoke garnet jewelry.

Materials like gemstones, glass, pearl, and metal are creatively used in haute couture jewelry.

Personalized garnet jewelry has been a fixture throughout history since the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, the most famous garnet jewelry pieces were typically designed with tiny red stones forming a larger statement piece. After years of technological and craftsmanship evolution and discovery, garnet jewelry has grown in design. Nowadays, garnets are used to personalize high jewelry. As a high jewelry manufacturer in China, we offer high-quality bespoke services.

The concept of garnet jewelry advocated by RESOVON combines years of knowledge and experience in high jewelry. At RESOVON, jewelry designers, artisans, and enthusiasts can contact our expert team for high-jewelry bespoke services.

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Garnet Rings

Garnet has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7.5, durable enough for everyday wear. Talented artisans and goldsmiths carefully craft haute couture garnet rings. RESOVON has studied every unique garnet cut, from star to diamond cut, to create custom high-end jewelry rings. As your manufacturer in China, we offer high-end bespoke services on your garnet rings and more.

Apart from the cut of the garnet stone in any ring design, the color and layout add an overall impact. Regarding metal used in garnet rings, RESOVON high jewelry designers match the best type of metal for each garnet color and style.

Couples wear highly popular red garnets to customize and represent love, passion, fertility, sensuality, and success. Garnet rings are ideally styled with lighter shades to balance the deep, rich color of garnet.

  • Vintage Garnet Rings
    Vintage Garnet Rings
  • Luxury Garnet Rings
    Luxury Garnet Rings
  • Diamond Garnet Rings
    Diamond Garnet Rings
  • Gold Garnet Rings
    Gold Garnet Rings
  • Bridal Garnet Rings
    Bridal Garnet Rings
  • Antique Garnet Rings
    Antique Garnet Rings

Garnet Earrings

Garnet is perfect for high jewelry customization, from stud to drop earrings. RESOVON uses ethically sourced garnet, and artisans and goldsmiths create high-jewelry garnet earrings. For a dramatic look, a pair of drop garnet earrings customized with tiny diamonds works best. And a pair of personalized gold earrings with a larger garnet surrounded by tiny stones is a classic stylish look.

  • Bridal Garnet Earrings
    Bridal Garnet Earrings
  • Garnet Earrings Stud
    Garnet Earrings Stud
  • Garnet Gem Earrings
    Garnet Gem Earrings
  • Gold Garnet Earrings
    Gold Garnet Earrings
  • Luxury Garnet Earrings
    Luxury Garnet Earrings
  • Vintage Garnet Earrings
    Vintage Garnet Earrings
  • Wedding Garnet Earrings
    Wedding Garnet Earrings

Garnet Necklace

A garnet necklace is perfect for high jewelry personalization, whether for extravagance, sophistication, or a simple look. Expert designers at RESOVON understand the impact of the metal type used in custom garnet necklaces. As a manufacturer of high jewelry, RESOVON crafts bespoke garnet pieces. Our China factory can produce high jewelry garnet necklaces on time and with the highest quality.

  • Bridal Garnet Necklace
    Bridal Garnet Necklace
  • Diamond Garnet Necklace
    Diamond Garnet Necklace
  • Garnet Necklace Jewelry
    Garnet Necklace Jewelry
  • Garnet Necklace
    Garnet Necklace
  • Luxury Garnet Necklace
    Luxury Garnet Necklace
  • Vintage Garnet Necklace
    Vintage Garnet Necklace
  • Women Garnet Necklace
    Women Garnet Necklace

Garnet Bracelet

Garnets in high-jewelry personalization, like bracelets, further complete the look. As a manufacturer of high-jewelry pieces, RESOVON can create any garnet bracelet. A garnet gold bracelet gives off a timeless, sophisticated look. For a more modern look, a silver garnet bracelet is perfect. The experts at RESOVON make high-jewelry personalization of garnet possible.

  • Antique Garnet Bracelet
    Antique Garnet Bracelet
  • Art Garnet Bracelet
    Art Garnet Bracelet
  • Bridal Garnet Bracelet
    Bridal Garnet Bracelet
  • Garnet Bracelet Bead
    Garnet Bracelet Bead
  • Garnet Gem Bracelet
    Garnet Gem Bracelet
  • Gold Garnet Bracelet
    Gold Garnet Bracelet
  • Groom Garnet Bracelet
    Groom Garnet Bracelet
  • Women Garnet Bracelet
    Women Garnet Bracelet

Garnet Brooch

Garnet stones have also been used to personalize brooches, making them popular among wholesalers. Pendant, portrait, foliate, and enamel brooch are possible through the high jewelry personalization of garnet. Designing a garnet brooch represents a variety of tastes, styles, and colors.

A darker shade of garnet on a brooch is a good contrast to bright-colored clothes. And a lighter garment works better with darker clothes. Garnets are always best to contrast a style to balance a personalized look.

  • Art Garnet Brooch
    Art Garnet Brooch
  • Garnet Brooch Jewelry
    Garnet Brooch Jewelry
  • Garnet Brooch
    Garnet Brooch
  • Garnet Gem Brooch
    Garnet Gem Brooch
  • Luxury Garnet Brooch
    Luxury Garnet Brooch
  • Vintage Garnet Brooch
    Vintage Garnet Brooch

Garnet Charm Pendant

The rich color of garnets is perfect for personalizing a charm pendant. Yellow gold metal on a charm pendant complements the red garnet by creating a classic and stylish look. White rose gold metal adds a vintage touch to red garnets. White metals like silver, platinum, and white gold are best paired with red garnet to customize the design.

The cool tones of light-colored metals are a good contrast to the warmth of dark-colored garnets. This creates a bold, modern look to haute couture jewelry like garnet pendants.

  • Diamond Garnet Pendant
    Diamond Garnet Pendant
  • Garnet Charm
    Garnet Charm
  • Garnet Gem Charm
    Garnet Gem Charm
  • Garnet Gem Pendant
    Garnet Gem Pendant
  • Garnet Pendant
    Garnet Pendant
  • Vintage Garnet Pendant
    Vintage Garnet Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

IGI Certification
IGI Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
AGL Certification
AGL Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

RESOVON Garnet Jewelry Bespoke Service

Garnet Jewelry Consult

RESOVON offers the best garnet jewelry service. Before we customize garnet into high jewelry, we start with a consultation. Our jeweler offers our clients professional bespoke high jewelry services that start with a one-on-one conversation. A consultation between you and our jeweler will help draw a plan of action to create your custom piece.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Garnet Jewelry Designer

An expert jewelry designer will work with you to make your haute couture garnet jewelry dream come true. RESOVON has a team of experienced jewelry designers equipped with high jewelry concepts. Together, we’ll conceptualize and draw your custom garnet jewelry. Whatever garnet you choose, our supplier of ethically sourced garnets is perfect for you.

Our designers and jewelers are familiar with the high-end bespoke services you may need for your garnet jewelry. As your manufacturer, we can also produce wholesale jewelry, ideal for starting a collection of haute couture jewelry.

Garnet Jewelry Gemologist

After you confirm the haute couture jewelry service and pay the deposit, RESOVON gemologists will select the garnet based on the final design. Our garnets at RESOVON are ethically sourced from reliable suppliers. We are committed to following the basic standards of the industry for high-quality jewelry and bespoke services.

This way, we can work better with wholesalers, too. With the gemstone chosen, artisans will work on it at our factory.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Garnet Jewelry Artisan

Once we have the final design and chosen garnet, RESOVON artisans can begin to work on your high-end piece. RESOVON will always understand you better than other jewelry factories. Our experts have over ten years of experience creating bespoke high-end pieces. Every piece from RESOVON is bespoke for you and handcrafted by the best.

Safty Package & Delivery

RESOVON provides excellent packaging for your garnet jewelry and is committed to safe and timely delivery. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with world-renowned suppliers and courier companies to provide quality delivery service for your high jewelry garnet, regardless of the country or region.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Garnet Jewelry Service

At RESOVON, you can book an appointment for your garnet jewelry service needs. As your manufacturer of high jewelry garnet, we offer more than basic service. At RESOVON, you can seek expert guidance for your bespoke high jewelry needs. From consultation to supplier and delivery, we offer the highest quality service.

RESOVON Garnet Jewelry Spotlights

High Jewelry Hand Drawing
High Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Process
Jewelry Setting

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

Making high jewelry garnet starts with a hand-drawn high jewelry design. Expert jewelry designers at RESOVON will draft a design of your garnet jewelry to help picture the finished product. A professionally drawn jewelry design will also help our artisans and goldsmiths during crafting.

High Jewelry Goldsmith

Our artisans will start immortalizing the design from a high-quality hand drawing. Highly skilled goldsmiths carefully craft high-quality jewelry pieces. Goldsmiths at our factory are attentive to every detail, from forming the metals to adding the garnet stone. Once we are satisfied with the craftsmanship of the garnet jewelry, we will start polishing the finished product.

Hard Enamel Process

The hard enamel process starts by adding the enamel before plating. Generally, the enamel is added repeatedly to the metal edge for a flat finish. To finish the process, the enamel is polished smooth to ensure it stays level with the metal lines. This hard enamel process is achieved at our factory in China.

Jewelry Setting

The jewelry setting process requires careful handling. RESOVON Goldsmiths carefully lay the garnet gemstone onto the metal mounting. The garnet is secured into the jewelry to finalize it. As a manufacturer of high jewelry in China, RESOVON uses techniques based on stone cut and proportion.

RESOVON Advantages In Garnet Jewelry

High Jewelry Gemologist Education
Garnet Jewelry Education

The founder of RESOVON, Charles CHAO, emphasizes the importance of garnet education to the team. RESOVON’s high-jewelry team underwent extensive training in design, gemology, high-jewelry production, business operations, supply chain management, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Charles CHAO poured his knowledge of high jewelry into RESOVON to be the best manufacturer of high jewelry in China. Our experience and knowledge create quality work that is unlike any other in the high jewelry industry. This expert knowledge helps us offer high-quality jewelry and bespoke services.

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

Unlike other fine jewelry manufacturers, the founder of RESOVON has an MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management from Paris, France. Charles CHAO applied for and completed the MBA course at Sup de Luxe, a private business school owned by the world’s top luxury brand, Cartier. This is what makes RESOVON a high jewelry brand.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Cloisonne, popular among wholesale jewelry stores, is an ancient metalwork technique for crafting jewelry as part of high-end bespoke services. At our factory in China, we create jewelry through cloisonne using small, precious filaments and colorful glass enamels.

Metal wires are then bent into shapes to create small design partitions. Lastly, artisans fire layers of finely ground glass enamel until a unique design is uncovered.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry, sought after by wholesalers, is created by using old decoration techniques on the surface of the jewelry. Metal and a powder coating are what make enamel. A specific type of glass is fused to the metal, either around or under.

When heat is applied, the color and transparency of the enamel are altered. Highly skilled goldsmiths and artisans at RESOVON produce well-crafted enamel jewelry for high customization.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Our factory in China produces filigree jewelry for high-end jewelers and wholesalers. This type of jewelry incorporates a design element called filigree in the crafting process. As a design element, filigree involves delicate and intricate metalwork and is popular among high jewelry customization.

The filigree work is done by carefully twisting, untwisting, curling, and plating together thin threads of precious metals.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Many wholesalers understand the demand for personalized gold jewelry. The gold carving process starts by laying out a desired customized pattern on the metal with tracing punches.

Drilling and saw piercing add contour and definition, which are then shaped with gravers and texturing punches. Gold carving is also part of RESOVON’s high-end jewelry bespoke services.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

Ethically sourced gemstones from RESOVON’s supplier are added to a piece of jewelry to customize a finished look. Gemstones, like garnets, add color to otherwise bland jewelry for modern high-jewelry personalization.

Garnets on a high jewelry design are a creative touch of personalization and are often sought after by jewelers.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Bespoke Services, the RESOVON haute couture team provides exclusive services for your family. From the original jewelry design to the perfect application of gemstone color and shape, we are your best choice in high-end garnet jewelry customization.

  • “RESOVON custom garnet jewelry is truly amazing. Their high jewelry bespoke service is also unlike any other. You get to work with experts in their field from the first consultation to delivering your high jewelry garnet to your door. As a China manufacturer, RESOVON gives you the best service for your high jewelry needs. I just got my custom garnet ring, and I love it! I have the best experience from start to finish. ”

    -Kelly Thompson, UK
  • “I always trust RESOVON for any high-end jewelry customization. They have fantastic service for all my high-end jewelry needs. I don’t have to worry about poor-quality service and jewelry because RESOVON has years of experience in high-end jewelry, and it shows.”

    - Jane Arnolds, Canada
  • “RESOVON has done it again! I got my garnet earrings in time for a party I needed to go to. Like always, my custom garnet earrings were fantastic and delivered as promised. They’re the best high jewelry manufacturer in China, and I always get the best haute couture pieces from them.”

    - Abby Pierce, USA
Garnet Jewelry Gallery

Ring Jewelry with Garnet Stone

Figure 1 Ring Jewelry with Garnet Stone

What is RESOVON Garnet High Jewelry?

RESOVON garnet high jewelry is highly distinctive among all other gemstones due to its vast range of colors, including orange, green, pinkish orange, red, purple, deep purplish red, and some blue shades. RESOVON wholesalers are known to have exceptional, classic, and exquisite garnet jewelry with a rich palette of high jewelry stone hues.

Each personalized piece of high jewelry from RESOVON is made by our best jewelers using their exceptional talent, design, and craftsmanship. Our high jewelry is not only beautiful but also durable, with a hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it long-lasting and perfect for any special occasion.

Our garnet jewelry set is perfect as a present, symbolizing love, friendship, positivity, and serenity. In addition, a custom garnet ring, garnet jewelry bracelet, and garnet crystal jewelry from RESOVON are given to celebrate the 2nd wedding anniversary of every couple.

Different Types of Garnets at RESOVON

Garnet Stones Species and Family

Our China manufacturer crafts various garnet species in hues ranging from red to orange with an earthy undertone. We ensure that each piece of high-quality jewelry is exceptional in its composition, density, reflective index, and structure. Additionally, our garnet jewelry is a member of the silicate mineral family, a group of gemstones noted for their stunning stone qualities.


Andradite is one of the most expensive garnet stone colors. It is available in various hues, including yellow, black, green, brown, and red-brown. We craft our garnet ring in white gold with features of a demantoid that surpasses the quality of a diamond. RESOVON manufactures high jewelry in China with a priceless green garnet.

Green Garnet Jewelry Ring

Figure 2 Green Garnet Jewelry Ring


The garnet gemstone’s deep, dark red tone is a well-known color shade widely utilized in birthstone haute couture jewelry. Our manufacturer in China crafts fashionable garnet gold jewelry from RESOVON using excellent components.

Garnet Gold Ring

Figure 3 Garnet Gold Ring


The intricate design of our garnet necklace heart enhances the attractiveness of the pink stone. Since the hydrogrossular is opaque, it is perfect for many types of jewelry. Hydrogrossular also comes in white, blue, and gray hues in addition to pink.


A special type of garnet stone that gives off an orange tone, making the pieces of jewelry look more stunning. RESOVON garnet necklace gold with orange hues is perfect for dates and summer outfits.

Orange Garnet Necklace Jewelry

Figure 4 Orange Garnet Necklace Jewelry


Hessonite is the best garnet for antique, traditional, and high jewelry since it has less inclusion, transparent crystal stones, and, most notably, striking brown colors. Hessonite garnet is the stone used to craft our garnet earring drop.

Other Species of Garnet Gemstones

The other variations of garnet gemstones are the following:

  • Pyrope
  • Grossular
  • Uvarovite
  • Malaya or Malaia Garnet
  • Rhodolite
  • Color Change Garnet

Good Quality Factors of Garnet High Jewelry in China

Specifications of Garnet Jewelry

Garnet Gemstone

Figure 5 Garnet Gemstone

Garnet high jewelry has mineral properties, such as an opaque, transparent, and translucent effect on the stone, which is clear and sparkling. Garnet gemstones come in almost every color variation. Still, blue tints are particularly rare and difficult to locate since they need many different elements, chemicals, and environmental conditions to develop.

Different tones of light to dark are available for the colors black, gray, orange, red, and green. In garnet high jewelry, light reflection is used to view the layers of the crystals; the light that passes through the stone may help you see its beauty.

We at RESOVON ensure that the garnet jewelry you receive is of the highest caliber. Our high jewelry has fewer inclusions, allowing you to appreciate the stone’s luster. On the other hand, garnet jewelry has a star-like addition that may contribute to the fancy aspect of your jewelry.

We also provide our clients with high-quality bespoke services, where you may ask questions about your jewelry personalization process.

Various Shades of Garnet

Nearly every color is represented in gemstone shades in garnet jewelry. They have different species according to their hues; some examples are demantoid, which has stones with a vivid green color, and hessonite, which comes in brown, red, and orange shades. The most popular variety is almandine, with a stunning deep red color.

Different Shades of Garnet

Figure 6 Different Shades of Garnet

Garnet Size in Carats

The carat weight of garnet high jewelry may vary depending on their species; some are in modest sizes, but others are in greater sizes. In addition, the carat weight may also be a good indication of the value of high jewelry.

The best-selling exquisite garnet jewelry is made in our facility in China. We create various garnet jewelry, including garnet flower earrings, garnet necklace gold, garnet earring, yellow gold, and many more.

Garnet Fancy Necklace

Figure 7 Garnet Fancy Necklace

Garnet Gemstone’s Transparency

The transparency of garnet stones may be seen to the unaided eye, depending on their type. Most almandine, rhodolite, etc., have lesser inclusions; on the other hand, spessartine and hessonite, which have orange undertones, may contain higher inclusions that are apparent to the naked eye.

However, garnet crystal jewelry, bead bracelets, and carvings work best with the grossular variety of garnet stones.

Jewelry With Garnet Stone Cuts

There are no particular gemstones cut when creating a piece of garnet jewelry. However, they are known for their standard shape and sizes, especially with the red garnet stones. The standard cut may aid with the high jewelry-making technique.

On the other hand, our garnet high jewelry in China is best recognized for its carvings and designer cuts. Make you look more classy with our garnet ring in white gold. At RESOVON, you can personalize and customize your jewelry.

Garnet Cuts

Figure 8 Garnet Cuts

In addition, the color of your garnet gemstones may affect the cutting techniques and patterns. Some may have precise measurements, fine cuts, classic cuts, fancy cuts, and even cuts that are presentable in fire activities, among other things.

  • Brilliant cuts
  • Diamond cuts
  • Emerald cut
  • Stepped cut
  • Cabochon cut
  • Plain

Forms and Dimensions

The best feature of garnet jewelry is its shape and dimensions. Its three-dimensional geometric motifs provide excellent viewpoints.

The two most common garnet shapes are trapezohedral and dodecahedral, which are polyhedrons. They provide a distinctive form, such as triangular faces with twelve flat crystal formations and dual polyhedron shapes modeled after the structure and patterns of a honeycomb. In addition, garnet stones are usually found in rounded shapes.

Which RESOVON Garnet Bespoke Jewelry is Best For You?

Custom Garnet Ring

RESOVON is home to many custom ring suppliers in China, which offer premium goods and outstanding designs. You can choose from the unique garnet jewelry designs shown below.

Orange Garnet Ring Jewelry

Figure 9 Orange Garnet Ring Jewelry

Garnet Ring Rose Gold

Our handcrafted garnet ring jewelry with a combination of rose gold is widely available in the market. You may personalize your ring based on the stone color you like best. Deep, rich crimson hues are ideal for date nights, promenade nights, or nighttime events. Additionally, garnet rings are perfect for gift-giving occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many others.

Garnet Ring in Yellow Gold

The finest engagement jewelry is a delicate garnet ring with a hint of yellow gold. Princess cuts with a customized service are offered by RESOVON online and in-store. All skin tones will look stunning with the ring’s lovely yellow tone.

You can also have it in different cut styles, like marquise, emerald, round brilliant, and cushion cuts.

Garnet Necklace Gold

A piece of garnet jewelry made with love and care. RESOLVED A gorgeous necklace pendant with a gold chain can make your entire look effortlessly fabulous. Different pendant designs are the following:

  • Teardrop necklace
  • Pear-shaped necklace
  • Round pendant necklace
  • Bead necklace
  • Garnet necklace rose gold

Woman Wearing Garnet Necklace

Figure 10 Woman Wearing Garnet Necklace

Garnet jewelry necklaces are best-sellers in RESOVON. Rose gold is ideal for warm, earthy complexion tones since it has a pink undertone with a hint of yellow gold. On the other hand, a garnet necklace heart is excellent if you want to err on the costlier side.

Garnet Earrings Gold

Almost every style of garnet high jewelry earrings can match your style. If you want to have your earrings personalized, our bespoke services will provide you with a customization process. RESOVON creates excellent garnet earring drops and hoop earrings in China.

Some variations of garnet earrings from our manufacturer in China include:

Vintage Garnet Earrings

Figure 11 Vintage Garnet Earrings

  • Garnet earrings, rose gold
  • Garnet earrings, yellow gold
  • Garnet flower earrings

Garnet Jewelry Bracelet

Our factory in China created various patterns of garnet bracelets, including Chakra healing crystal bracelets, bolo bracelets, garnet bracelets with rough January birthstones, etc.

Garnet Bracelet Jewelry

Figure 12 Garnet Bracelet Jewelry

Garnet Birthstone Jewelry

January is the month for garnet gemstones. It represents love, trust, and friendship that can be given to loved ones as a token of your appreciation for them.

Garnet Jewelry Set

Figure 13 Garnet Jewelry Set

Which Garnet Jewelry Style Is The Most Expensive?

Garnet demantoid. Due to its difficult and uncommon growth, the demantoid garnet is regarded as the most precious garnet stone. Demantoid offers stunning light green, yellow, and brown tones ideal for vintage-style, classic garnet jewelry.

Garnet Demantoid Gemstone

Figure 14 Garnet Demantoid Gemstone

Why Should You Have Your Jewelry Personalized by RESOVON?

You are cared for, heard, and protected at RESOVON. We provide the greatest high jewelry personalization services to our customers. The process for customizing jewelry includes the following phases.

Personalized Garnet Ring

Figure 15 Personalized Garnet Ring

Booking an appointment

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, we’ll email you your customized jewelry schedule. You can decide whether you want an in-person or online consultation. The discussion at the meeting will center on your plans, designs, and budget. Let us know if you want the process completed by a certain date.

Design Sketching

After we discuss your proposed designs, we will create a 360-degree digital sketch for you. After a week of sketching all the concepts, ideas, inspirations, creative elements, and patterns, we will send you an email file with three to five sketches of your jewelry design. You may then select which one you prefer.

In addition, graphic sketching is done so you can virtually see your imagined pattern.

Stone Viewing

Stone viewing will be conducted face-to-face so you can inspect or examine the stones’ quality, hardness, and aesthetic appeal. You also control what stone color goes on your customized garnet jewelry.

Handmade Production

After all the planning, your vision will become a reality as we assemble all the plans and designs. Our factory in China is in charge of making your garnet high jewelry.

We will attach garnet gemstones to your personalized jewelry with care, perfection, and love. We will ensure that all the small and fine details are present without any missed or errors.

Delivery of the High Jewelry

After laborious handcrafting, your bespoke jewelry will be ready for pick-up and delivery. We provide the most practical approach by allowing you to accept your jewelry directly in front of your house because we worry about your health and respect your time.

How To Maintain and Care For Your Garnet High Jewelry?

Elegant Deep Red Garnet Ring

Figure 16 Elegant Deep Red Garnet Ring

There are many ways to clean and protect your garnet jewelry, and you can maintain your precious stones even when wearing them daily.

  • Take off your jewelry using chemicals, such as house cleaning, dishwashing liquid, and abrasive cleaning equipment.
  • Store your jewelry piece safely with softly padded cloth, a container, or a box.
  • Avoid high-temperature areas
  • Clean with water and woven microfiber or any soft cloth
  • Take your high jewelry to professional cleaners once after three months to maintain clarity
  • Be aware of steaming; avoid it as it may damage your garnet jewelry
Is RESOVON The Top Manufacturers of Garnet High Jewelry in China?

Garnet Red Tone Necklace

Figure 17 Garnet Red Tone Necklace

Yes. We provide excellent bespoke services and use top-notch materials and equipment to make jewelry. The garnet stones we are using are outstanding; they have fewer inclusions and are of a transparent grade.

We value and appreciate your ingenuity and will consider any customized ideas you may have. RESOVON’s main goal is to build trust, honor, and beauty by providing you with exceptional jewelry.

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