Gemstone Replacement

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Gem Replacement

Almost any piece of fine jewelry needs regular maintenance or restoration, the most important of which should be the fastening and replacement of gemstones.

  • If you need to tighten gems or adjust prongs, RESOVON has professional gem setters on call.
  • If your precious stone or diamond is lost or damaged, our gemologists will provide you with a replacement.
  • If you’re looking for a gemstone that’s unique, our direct-mine access can help you get the perfect replacement.
  • Typically, our professional jewelry team will custom cut and assemble stones for your jewelry.
    Of course, our goldsmith experts will always check the integrity of the prongs, grooves, or any other metal that holds the stone in place.


There’s nothing more frustrating than missing a diamond from your engagement ring or a gemstone from your heirloom. Fortunately, RESOVON’s professional jewelry team can help you solve this difficult problem.

Gemstone Replacement

Gemstone Replacement


In most cases, you will likely only need to replace the secondary accent stone of your jewelry. This is usually caused by repeated impacts on the ring or bracelet until the claws wear down. In addition to restoring the original jewelry according to its original shape, our professional jewelry designers and gemologists will also give you more optimization suggestions based on modern high-end jewelry trends.


Or, as jewelry wears over time, its prongs can become thinner and erode, causing stones to loosen. Our jeweler will assess the wear or damage and prescribe any necessary jewelry restoration to the item.


Any diagnosis made by the RESOVON Jewelry Team will recommend gemstones that match other gemstones in your creation, better alternatives, and quote you for repairs and gemstone replacements.


Our excellent supply chain management level can guarantee the timely completion of your gem replacement. If the desired gemstone is not in our collection, our gemologists will source gemstone substitutes that meet your approval.


Due to RESOVON’s advantages in jewelry manufacturing, we can obtain a wider variety of loose gemstone resources than traditional jewelers. Once you have selected your desired gemstone replacement, our Master Jewellers will reinforce and provide any prong restoration needed for your setting.


The restored setting will be processed by our artisans who specialize in gem setting. All gemstone replacements are performed by a team of experts with extensive experience in bespoke fine jewelry.


Our jewelers will do everything possible to provide you with gemstone replacements and restore your jewelry to its original condition. This is the solemn promise made by RESOVON to you.

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