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The responsibility of the gemologists of RESOVON’s high jewelry team is to provide the best gemstones within the budget requirements, to provide customers with high-end jewelry that exceeds expectations, and to create the beauty of jewelry with the highest expectations.


Unlike common rubies, emeralds, or sapphires, lesser-known yellow diamonds, tourmalines, citrines, and opals require some effort. After more than ten years of experience in the high-end jewelry industry, we have established an efficient and stable jewelry supply chain to create surprises for high-quality customers with high-end jewelry customization services.


During the gem sourcing process, the RESOVON jewelry team adheres to the following beliefs:

Honest. We can proudly say that our actions are always aimed at providing accurate and real information about gemstones, matching the potential needs of customers, serving the interests of customers, and we will never make any misleading to customers.


Knowledge. Every gemstone is a gift of nature, and knowledgeable gemologists are the guarantee of impeccable service. Every aspect is assessed, from how gemstones are formed in the earth’s crust, the different ways each gemstone is brought to the surface, the hard work of the pickers or miners, the brokers involved, and every step in the hands of us gemologists.


Work Hard. Since our establishment, we have been adhering to the passion and love for gemstones, and have established long-term cooperative relationships with high-quality suppliers from all over the world. The joy of working with like-minded gemstone people over the years has helped us excel in craftsmanship and service, recognized by our loyal clients.


Certification. Loyal to the authority of the certification body. All RESOVON gemstones are certified by the best gemological laboratories such as GIA, GJEPC, IGI, IGI-GTL, GRS and GUBELIN, so customers always get their money’s worth.


Morality. We are engaged in an industry controlled by strict ethical standards. We show the beauty of jewelry to customers through design, creativity and service. Therefore, we adhere to the ethical standards of this industry, such as conflict-free procurement, prohibition of child labor, legal diamond mining, recycling of precious metals, etc.


In order to optimize our services and jewelry quality, we are also constantly improving procurement channels and approaches.


Trader. How to quickly and accurately find the required gemstones is a very important topic in the high-end jewelry customization industry. In order to accomplish this task, RESOVON has established a stable cooperative relationship with some regional gem traders.


Jewelry Exhibition. Constantly optimize our procurement channels, reduce procurement costs, and create value-added services for customers. We regularly participate in world-renowned jewelry exhibitions in order to strengthen supply chain relationships and discover more high-quality gemstone suppliers.


Online. When buying gemstones, there is a need to justify the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the product. Although there are some risks in online shopping, it is also necessary to conduct preliminary online communication in order to establish cooperation.


As professional buyers and gemologists, we also need to identify real sellers by visiting websites and other online methods, check the credibility of sellers, and then determine whether to continue our cooperation.


Visit The Mines. Direct procurement through mining areas is the most direct way to obtain scarce gem resources. Although this process has some risks or uncertainties, it is the only way for a high-end jewelry brand to grow.


Authoritative Gem Laboratory. Establish a cooperative relationship with a world-renowned gem laboratory to ensure the authenticity and authenticity of our above-mentioned procurement behaviors, help customers reduce all potential risks, and prevent any fraudulent behavior.

When venturing into buying rare gemstones or gemstone jewelry, it’s important to do a little research. The risk control of the supply chain by the RESOVON team is reflected in the entire process. For the ultimate customer experience, we professionally present gemstones with rare colors of nature to the topic.

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