RESOVON High Jewelry Hand Drawing

RESOVON Born For High Jewelry



For any high-end jewelry brand, the designer is always its soul.


Design is a creative process and ability to express one’s true self.


Although the digital age has given more choices to jewelry design, excellent hand-drawn sketches will always make people shine. Describe the meaning of each high jewelry creation through color and technique.


Designers pour their values and love for the jewelry industry into lifelike jewelry designs and make every dream a reality. It’s a treat to look at beautifully hand-drawn sketches that represent the cutting edge of fashion for any era.


In the digital age, who is more important, computer-aided drafting or hand-drawing? The answer should be that they are all important. A visionary jewelry designer must know how to draw a pencil sketch and keep pace with technological change.


RESOVON high-end jewelry, adhering to the traditional hand-painted style of jewelry, uses modern techniques to express our perception of jewelry more perfectly.


In the world of jewelry sketching, every exploration is a sublimation of jewelry understanding. Our team of designers sketches or paints, or uses gouache and watercolor to conceive jewelry art, expressing the authenticity and appreciation inherent in fine jewelry.


RESOVON has always adhered to the niche market of high-end jewelry and firmly believes in the importance of hand-painting in the jewelry creation process. Imagine if you closed your eyes, you could picture it clearly – a designer sketching their jewelry in a studio, trying to bring those ideas to life on paper.


Computer-assisted functions can also help us more fully display the charm of high-end jewelry, of course, there are essential high-efficiency and modern sense of technology. No one can clearly draw the line between the two.


Hand-drawn sketches of jewelry can capture fine details that computer images cannot. That’s why they say that learning to draw is learning to see things, “details determine success or failure”. When it comes to jewelry design, drawing will help you use your mind’s eye to express your creativity.


As the first conceptual stage of the jewelry creation process, hand-drawn sketches are the universal language designers use to communicate their ideas and concepts visually. It is the goal of RESOVON to dedicate high-quality jewelry and services to customers.


Friends who are interested in high-end jewelry hand-painted design are welcome to contact us and seek a broader niche market together.

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