High-End Men’s Jewelry Hottest Trends

There was a time when men had limited fashion sense, particularly when it came to custom jewelry. The most common jewelry for men then was simple and practically plain designs. Men had very few options then regarding jewelry; the ones they had were tethering over the edge of boring, design-wise.

This may have stemmed from a wrong connotation that leads people to believe fashion isn’t for men, but not anymore. In recent years men’s fashion, when it comes to high jewelry, has evolved and gotten bolder. With the emergence of top manufacturers of high jewelry, men have broader options.

Diamond Studded Golden Bangle

Figure 1 Diamond Studded Golden Bangle

High-end men’s jewelry has come so far, no longer limited to wedding bands, cufflinks, and watches. Men today can keep up with the latest trends in fashion, especially haute couture jewelry bracelets. No high jewelry bracelet can be impossible to customize for men with a reliable jeweler.

High-end Bespoke Bracelets

In recent years men have grown fond of designer bracelets bespoke from high-quality materials and stylishly designed with comfort in mind. Men’s high jewelry bracelets often showcase the artisan’s craftsmanship. And some custom bracelets are even stackable for added flair.

Gold Bracelet With Diamonds

Figure 2 Gold Bracelet With Diamonds

Bracelets bespoke for men have many design options, not just the usual sleek gold or platinum bracelets that goldsmiths skillfully craft. There are also custom bracelets with intricately carved designs. And artisans have crafted custom bracelets studded with gems to give men the option of a bolder take on high jewelry.

Custom Sleek Bracelet Designs

Among men’s timeless high jewelry pieces are sleek, high-end bracelets. This bracelet was made from fine quality metals, like gold and platinum, and boasts a smooth finish. Some men prefer the minimalist aesthetic of bracelets that showcases the careful craftsmanship of goldsmiths.

Figure 3 Wave Patterned Diamond Studded Platinum Bracelet

Although there’s less detailing in sleek custom bracelets, these are perfect for a quiet luxury type of appeal. The minimalist design always seems to blend in with the times, simultaneously proving the consistency of this type of style. No wonder men opt for these bracelets for a luxurious detail that isn’t overwhelming.

Personalized Bracelets With Intricate Detailing

High jewelry bracelets personalized for men often show delicate and intricate detailing in the overall craftsmanship. Chain bracelets are popular among men that want a more updated and bolder style of custom bracelet. Men sometimes pair chain bracelets with a bespoke necklace.

Diamond Studed Golden Bracelet With Sapphires

Figure 4 Diamond Studded Golden Bracelet With Sapphires

With fine quality metals and Highly-skilled goldsmiths, carved and shaped bracelets until a desired bespoke design is made. The more intricate the design detail is, the higher the value since the craftsmanship takes time and steady hands.

Gem-studded High Jewelry Bracelets

High jewelry often features fine-quality gems of all sizes and colors, and bespoke bracelets are no exception. Men that seek extra glamor in their high jewelry can take advantage of bracelets customized with diamonds and other gemstones.

Custom Diamond Studded Panther Bracelet with Emerald Eyes

Figure 5 Custom Diamond Studded Panther Bracelet with Emerald Eyes

Some gem-studded bracelets that are bespoke for men are created with a theme. Animal-inspired designs are popular among men’s high jewelry bracelets. Shaping fine-quality metals into a custom design and adding gemstones can highlight the personalized outline of the bracelet and completes the style.

Timeless and Classic Jewelry Bespoke For Men

The constantly evolving fashion world has allowed men to explore many forms of high jewelry. And as the market for high jewelry bespoke for men grows, so does the wholesale industry. With competition tightening, wholesalers seek a reputable manufacturer to meet their standards and demands.

RESOVON is a leading manufacturer in China, with trusted professional relationships across the high jewelry industry. Jewelers can attest to the quality of craftsmanship each piece from RESOVON has. And with the help of expert suppliers, RESOVON uses high-quality metals and gems in bespoke jewelry.

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