How To Buy The Best Diamond Necklace For You

Diamond necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that can elevate any outfit. Whether purchasing one for yourself or as a gift, knowing how to choose the best diamond necklace for your style is essential. To help you, here’s a guide on buying a customized diamond necklace.

High-Quality Diamond Necklace

Figure 1 High-Quality Diamond Necklace

Understand the 4Cs

You should know about the popular 4 Cs when buying diamond jewelry. The 4 Cs are the criteria for assessing good-quality diamonds and stand for:


1. Carat:

The weight of the diamond

2. Clarity

Covers the natural inclusions of the diamond

3. Color

The more colorless the diamond, the higher its value

4. Cut

Refers to the symmetry and proportion of the gemstone

Determine the Necklace’s Cost

Diamond necklaces can range in price from a few hundred dollars to millions. The price will vary depending on the diamond used, necklace type, and other materials used to make the jewelry.


But remember that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Hence, you must purchase from a reputable jewelry supplier like RESOVON to get the best.

Choose the Right Metal

The metal you choose for your diamond necklace can affect its look and feel. White gold, yellow gold, and platinum are popular metal choices for diamond necklaces. To find out which suits you, consider your skin tone and style.

Diamond Necklace with Platinum Chain

Figure 2 Diamond Necklace with Platinum Chain

Decide on the Necklace Type

Diamond necklaces vary in design and quality, giving you more options for personalization. There are two ways to classify a diamond necklace type. These are by length and by style.

Necklace Type by Length

1. Choker

A choker has an average length of 40 cm and a narrower width.

2. Collar

As its name implies, the collar necklace fits around your neck perfectly with its big width and average length of 35 cm.

3. Matinee

The longest necklace measures from 50 to 60 cm long.

4. Princess

Ideal for emphasizing your collarbones and lengthening the neck, befitting its name. A princess necklace measures up to 50 cm.

Necklace Type by Style

Aside from the length, there are also several necklace styles that you can choose when picking a personalized diamond necklace.

1. Heart Necklace

Best to wear with your loved one on special occasions.

2. Solitaire Necklace

A classic necklace made of chains with a small loop, and you can partner with any dress.

3. Diamond Tennis Necklace

A diamond necklace is designed with multiple jewels and often weighs about 10 carats.

4. Dancing Diamond Necklace

It has a unique shape that creates an illusion of dancing on your neck when lighted, hence its name.

5. Floating Diamond Necklace

It looks similar to the solitaire necklace but has smaller chains, making it unnoticeable at a glance, so the diamond seems to be floating on your neck.

6. Three-Stone Diamond Necklace

As its name suggests, three diamonds are linked.

Diamond Tennis Necklace

Figure 3 Diamond Tennis Necklace

Consider the Source

When purchasing a diamond necklace, it’s essential to consider the source. Look for reputable jewelers who are transparent about their sourcing and have certifications, such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society). Certain specifications ensure that your diamond necklace is ethically sourced and high-quality.


RESOVON has a gemologist to help you pick the best quality diamond that adheres to the abovementioned certifications and will be used for your personalized necklace. That way, you can ensure the durability and longevity of your jewelry.

Inspect the Necklace

Brilliant Diamond Necklace

Figure 4 Brilliant Diamond Necklace

Lastly, before purchasing a diamond necklace, inspect it thoroughly. Look for any imperfections in the diamond, such as scratches or chips. Ensure the clasp is secure and the metal is free from defects or discoloration.

Buy Bespoke Diamond Necklace at RESOVON

World-Class Diamond Necklace

Figure 5 World-Class Diamond Necklace

RESOVON’s diamond jewelry will guarantee you unique brilliance and lifetime durability. To ensure you only get a bespoke diamond necklace, RESOVON offers luxurious gem qualities from world-class jewelers.

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