How to Care for Your High Jewelry Rings: Tips from the Experts

Maintenance is a demanding task for any collector of haute couture jewelry. And even more so with high jewelry rings, the most frequently used accessory among them. They can easily be at risk from wear and tear and lose their luster substantially. At worst, they might decrease in value over time if left unchecked by their owners.


So the question now is, how do you do high jewelry maintenance at home? Do you need specialized equipment like those from factories? The answer depends on what materials were used for your haute couture jewelry. But still, basic upkeep is usually enough to preserve the quality of your rings.


Tips From Experts

Experts in the field have a few tips on how to keep the value of your high jewelry rings. Jewelers, goldsmiths, and gemologists share guidelines for retaining their value for long periods.


Get A Cleaning Kit

Different Colored High Jewelry Rings with Diamonds

Figure 1 Different Colored High Jewelry Rings with Diamonds

Some companies specialize in high jewelry cleaning goods. Though not as powerful nor thorough as the ones used in factories, they serve their purpose well enough. To use them, simply apply, rinse, and dry. As general advice, you should try to clean high jewelry four times every year to keep the gem’s brilliance from fading away.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

White Diamond High Jewelry Engagement Ring

Figure 2 White Diamond High Jewelry Engagement Ring

That being said, try not to use rather strong or acidic substances. They can easily corrode the gem or the frame of your rings.  Diamond rings are especially at risk from these types of chemicals. While they are one of the hardest gems on the planet, they tend to deteriorate over time if cleaned incorrectly.


Leave The Center Gem

Emerald High Jewelry Ring with Diamonds

Figure 3 Emerald High Jewelry Ring with Diamonds

Some owners may be too eager to clean their customized high jewelry rings. Sometimes they mess around with a bespoke gem centerpiece. Touching the gem is not advisable since diamonds and other precious stones are magnets for dirt, oils, and other substances. If you clean your ring, avoid touching the gem with your bare hands as much as possible.


Polish The Metal Setting

White Diamound High Jewelry Ring with Rose Gold Setting

Figure 4 White Diamond High Jewelry Ring with Rose Gold Setting

The metal setting holding the jewelry together is just as important as the gems are. Goldsmiths can attest that this part of the jewelry is the most susceptible to tarnishing. Polish them occasionally, at least a couple of times every year. Gold settings need this upkeep, especially if the piece has undergone high jewelry customization.


Avoid Too Much Resizing

Amethyst and Ruby High Jewelry Rings with Diamonds

Figure 5 Amethyst and Ruby High Jewelry Rings with Diamonds

In some situations, your high jewelry ring would not fit as well as it should. You might be encouraged to customize its size to fix this problem. While nothing is stopping you from doing so, try not to do it too much. Damages may appear from the design and structure of the piece. It is better to simply store your ring until you can use it properly again.


Remove Your Ring During Hands-on Activities

Try not to wear your high jewelry ring while doing manual chores. Not only does it increase the chances of your ring getting damaged, but it also makes them more brittle. Use your rings only occasionally, and keep them in fabric-lined boxes when not in use. Also, please keep them in a secure and dry place to prevent them from wearing out.


Schedule a Visit To Jewelers

If you need a deeper inspection of your high jewelry ring, please visit your jeweler. More often than not, they have the proper skills and equipment to inspect your high jewelry ring. They may also do repairs if necessary, even for personalized pieces. You can do this once every year, yet it might as well be the most vital part of your ring’s maintenance.


RESOVON Guide to High Jewelry Maintenance

With decades of experience crafting and customizing high jewelry rings, RESOVON is uniquely qualified. Their manufacturers in China have mastered the art of quality preservation for all types of jewelry rings. So you can guarantee that your wholesale or personalized rings will be in good condition and easy to maintain upon delivery.

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