How to Choose the Perfect Emerald for High Jewelry Pieces

Throughout the years, emeralds have captured the attention of many, starting from royals to anyone fascinated by this gem. There is no denying that jewelers and wholesalers gravitate towards emeralds to highlight high jewelry pieces.

Brilliant Emerald Gem

Figure 1 Brilliant Emerald Gem


With the gem’s natural beauty that symbolizes hope, faithfulness, and love, many engagement rings have been customized with emeralds. But emeralds are perfect for more than just bespoke rings. High jewelry pieces of all kinds often feature this precious gem to add a touch of color and allure.


The best way to know that a piece of bespoke emerald jewelry is classed as high-end is by perfectly choosing the gem. Like all gemstones, emeralds are rated based on their 4C’s, which refer to color, clarity, cut, and carat. Apart from the 4C’s, the source of the emerald matters too when choosing the perfect emerald.

Review The Emerald’s Color

Vivid Green Emerald

Figure 2 Vivid Green Emerald


When it comes to colorful gems, emeralds are one of the most sought-after by jewelers. The natural green color of emeralds often varies in shades. And most jewelers opt for vivid green emeralds with evenly distributed colors. The hue, tone, and saturation of emeralds affect the overall color of the gem.

Emerald Hues

Different types of green, known as hues, are found in emeralds, like bluish or yellowish green. Although, deep green colored emeralds are highly preferred in the wholesale industry. Jewelers generally look for a perfectly balanced pure green hue in emeralds.

Emerald Tones

The tone of emeralds is all about the color’s depth and depends on the lightness or darkness of the emerald’s color. Natural emeralds typically have medium light tones, between very light and dark green colors. Jewelers often prefer emeralds with medium to moderately dark colors.

Emerald Saturation

Saturation is defined by the purity of the emerald’s color, which may vary based on the gem’s overtones. An emerald gem with little to no overtones and vivid green color is considered to have good saturation. This is favored by many over poorly saturated emeralds for high jewelry pieces.

Check The Clarity Of The Emerald

Oval-cut Emerald

Figure 3 Oval-cut Emerald


The clarity of the emerald gem plays a crucial role in pricing the stone. Although inclusions are common in emeralds, less inclusion is always better. These inclusions may also affect the sturdiness of the stone. Emeralds with many inclusions may become brittle and easily break.

See How The Emerald Is Cut

Different Cuts Of Emerald

Figure 4 Different Cuts Of Emerald


How emeralds are cut affects the quality of custom emerald jewelry. Precisely cut emeralds are desired by many jewelers since this mostly showcases the quality of craftsmanship in custom jewelry. Among the famous gem cuts in high jewelry are emerald, cushion, round, and oval cuts.

Consider The Carat

When putting a price on emeralds, color is primarily considered before clarity and cut. The weight carat is the last factor to consider before putting a price on emeralds. And when considering the carat weight of emeralds, rarity often outweighs the quality of emeralds.

Ask For The Place Of Origin

Cushion-cut Emeralds

Figure 5 Cushion-cut Emeralds


Emeralds may originate from different parts of the world; regardless, many jewelers seek ethically sourced gems from conflict-free regions. Regarding value, emeralds from Columbia that showcase fine bluish-green colors are the most expensive and remain iconic in the bespoke jewelry industry.

Get The Perfect Bespoke Emerald Jewelry At RESOVON

Emeralds have been mistaken for other green gems, but an expert eye can easily detect quality. The easiest way to know if an emerald is high quality is to purchase from trusted sources. Many jewelers and wholesalers have certificates to authenticate each high jewelry piece.


RESOVON works with trusted suppliers of ethically-sourced emeralds to ensure that each high jewelry uses fine quality gems. As a manufacturer of high jewelry pieces, RESOVON is committed to producing high-quality bespoke pieces with the finest emeralds.

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