How to Create Custom Platinum Jewelry

Creating custom platinum jewelry is no easy task. It includes a complicated process of forming the platinum before turning it into jewelry. If you want to learn more about how custom platinum jewelry is created, then keep reading.

Platinum Crown For Gemstone Setting

Figure 1 Platinum Crown For Gemstone Setting

Formulation of Platinum

Platinum is like most precious metals in high jewelry customization, alloyed with base metals to enhance tone, hardness, or flexibility. Manufacturers of platinum jewelry often prefer platinum alloys with brilliant white color. With more malleability in the platinum alloy, molding and shaping into custom jewelry becomes easier.

After setting and polishing the bespoke platinum jewelry, the alloys become more durable. Platinum alloys are more than just durable and lustrous; they are also typically hypoallergenic. Jewelers often suggest platinum jewelry to personalize for sensitive skin.

Wholesale platinum jewelry often is not guaranteed to be genuine. RESOVON China factory, however, has experts at the purity of platinum in bespoke jewelry.

Platinum Casting

Casting platinum happens in a well-equipped and well-ventilated factory like RESOVON’s. To personalize jewelry with platinum will require casting, which can be a challenge for anyone, even the most experienced goldsmith. A precious metal like platinum has physical properties that can result in crucible and flask reactions during the casting process.

When a goldsmith melts and casts platinum to personalize jewelry, there is high shrinkage porosity and challenge in filling filigree items. Casting temperatures typically range from 3362 ℉ to 3992 ℉. And during the casting method, platinum is melted using a fuel flame. The goldsmith then uses a platinum-casting torch system to melt the metal.

Why is Platinum Good for Jewelry?

The high purity level in platinum jewelry makes it perfect for sensitive skin. Platinum is also extremely durable and strong, making it ideal for jewelry customization. Plus, platinum does not tarnish.

High Jewelry Personalization of Platinum at RESOVON

RESOVON offers high jewelry bespoke services to anyone looking for platinum jewelry personalization. Our factory in China can personalize platinum jewelry with the highest quality. We use ethically sourced materials from a reputable supplier, and our factory in China will create your bespoke platinum jewelry. As the best China manufacturer, we go above and beyond for anyone to customize platinum.

Platinum Jewelry Necklace

Our platinum jewelry at our factory can rival any wholesale platinum jewelry. To start, we offer high jewelry bespoke services to our clients. We can create a bespoke platinum necklace, from chains to pendants, a perfect way to personalize your everyday style.

Diamond Pendant

Figure 2 Diamond Pendant

Platinum Gold Jewelry

Gold is often mixed with platinum to customize jewelry. Both gold and platinum are precious for high jewelry customization due to durability. RESOVON offers flexibility in custom jewelry design. Our China supplier has access to high-quality materials like platinum and gold. Highly skilled artisans will then carefully craft platinum gold jewelry that no wholesale platinum jewelry can match.

Two-tone Gemstone Ring

Figure 3 Two-tone Gemstone Ring

Platinum Jewelry Rings

Platinum is popular among high-jewelry engagement rings and wedding bands. The platinum metal is perfect for setting diamonds, typically used for high jewelry customization. Since rings are worn daily, it is ideal to use high-jewelry platinum to withstand wear and tear. Choosing a custom platinum jewelry ring is also practical for sensitive skin.

Platinum Rings

Figure 4 Platinum Rings

Platinum Jewelry Bracelet

RESOVON offers high jewelry personalization for platinum bracelets. Our factory in China can produce timeless platinum bracelets. In China, platinum bracelets can feature stunning gemstones like diamonds or keep the classic sleek design of platinum bracelets. For any high jewelry bespoke service for the personalization of platinum bracelets, RESOVON is the best manufacturer for you.

Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Figure 5 Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Why Choose RESOVON’s High Jewelry Bespoke Services for Platinum Jewelry

RESOVON has over ten years of experience in the high jewelry industry. We have years of expert knowledge in jewelry customization, and our factory built years’ worth of relationships with experts in China. Our manufacturer in China offers high jewelry bespoke services for your platinum jewelry customization that no wholesalers do.

We work with the best from China in our high jewelry bespoke services. From reputable suppliers of ethically sourced materials to designers, jewelers, artisans, goldsmiths, and couriers, we work hard to deliver the highest quality service.

Gemstone Platinum Rings

Figure 6 Gemstone Platinum Rings

Expert Jewelers in High Jewelry Customization

Unlike other wholesalers, RESOVON has experts in high jewelry customization. When you book an appointment with us, we’ll start with a one-on-one consultation between you and our expert jeweler to gauge your needs. Then our highly skilled designer will begin to draft a design of your platinum jewelry for personalization.

Ethically Sourced Materials From a Reputable Supplier

We will help you pick your materials from our supplier before starting work at our factory. Our China supplier has a proven record of sourcing high-quality materials. As the best high jewelry manufacturer in China, we ensure we follow the high jewelry industry standards and only work with ethically sourced materials.

Highly Skilled Artisans and Goldsmiths

Our China factory have highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths that ensure we produce high-quality platinum jewelry. We have experts at crafting the finest platinum jewelry, unlike wholesale platinum. Artisans and goldsmiths at our manufacturer in China continue to hone their skills to craft the best platinum jewelry consistently.

High-Quality Packaging and Reliable Delivery Service

With years of experience in high jewelry customization, we have developed high-quality packaging you can’t get from other wholesalers. We have developed professional partnerships with reliable couriers from China to deliver your bespoke platinum jewelry to you. Wherever you are, we will deliver your haute couture jewelry to your doorstep on time.

Create Custom Platinum Jewelry With RESOVON

RESOVON, a China manufacturer of haute couture jewelry, produces high-quality platinum jewelry bespoke for you. The craftsmanship of artisans and goldsmiths at our factory is incomparable to other manufacturers.

With over a decade of experience in haute couture jewelry, RESOVON has mastered the high jewelry industry through solid relationships with loyal clients, reputable suppliers, reliable couriers, and expert jewelers. Did this article help you? If so, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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