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RESOVON Iolite Jewelry

Iolite is a stunning violet-blue stone. It is a gem form of the mineral cordierite. Because of its vivid violet-blue hue, it is a popular substitute for Tanzanite and Sapphire.

The iolite gem is named after the Greek word for violet. Generally, the hue has a beautiful softness that sets it apart from sapphire, which is more vivid. Iolite jewelry, like an iolite ring and necklace, should be a classic in any high jewelry collection due to its appealing beauty.

This stone may exhibit a variety of colors and tints based on how light hits it. RESOVON’s beautiful iolite high jewelry line, which includes iolite necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, demonstrates that this delectable gemstone is worth it.

Years of expertise and experience have gone into creating the RESOVON Iolite jewelry. Artists, aficionados, and jewelry designers can contact our skilled team at RESOVON for premium jewelry customized services.

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Iolite Rings

Explore RESOVON’s iolite ring collection. Our natural iolite rings are of the highest AAAA quality and display a stunning range of oceanic blue hues at different angles.

This iolite ring collection includes every jewelry material imaginable with iolite accents in various shapes and designs. Discover traditional and contemporary styles handcrafted by global artisans to showcase this unique gemstone that ranges in color from pale to deep blue.

  • Bridal Iolite Ring
    Bridal Iolite Ring
  • Diamond Iolite Ring
    Diamond Iolite Ring
  • Iolite Gem Ring
    Iolite Gem Ring
  • Iolite Ring Band
    Iolite Ring Band
  • Luxury Iolite Ring
    Luxury Iolite Ring
  • Wedding Iolite Ring
    Wedding Iolite Ring

Iolite Earrings

Iolite gemstones are becoming a popular choice for customized jewelry pieces. They look fantastic and beautiful in any sort of jewelry, particularly earrings. RESOVON’s iolite earrings are light on the ears. Furthermore, the bluestone complements any material, making it ideal as an everyday earring.

The stone’s simplicity and beauty make it much easier to match with any outfit. Combined with yellow or rose gold, it can provide an appealing finish, allowing the stone to shine more for special occasions.

  • Art Iolite Earrings
    Art Iolite Earrings
  • Diamond Iolite Earrings
    Diamond Iolite Earrings
  • Iolite Earrings Stud
    Iolite Earrings Stud
  • Iolite Earrings
    Iolite Earrings
  • Luxury Iolite Earrings
    Luxury Iolite Earrings
  • Women Iolite Earrings
    Women Iolite Earrings

Iolite Necklace

Because of their stunning color, iolite gems are among the most popular gemstones in the world—our iolite gem pairs nicely with any material to craft attractive bespoke necklaces. The RESOVON iolite necklace can go with every outfit.

For clients who desire a bespoke necklace with an iolite gemstone, RESOVON also provides jewelry personalization.

  • Bridal Iolite Necklace
    Bridal Iolite Necklace
  • Diamond Iolite Necklace
    Diamond Iolite Necklace
  • Iolite Necklace
    Iolite Necklace
  • Luxury Iolite Necklace
    Luxury Iolite Necklace
  • Vintage Iolite Necklace
    Vintage Iolite Necklace
  • Wedding Iolite Necklace
    Wedding Iolite Necklace

Iolite Bracelet

Being a manufacturer of high jewelry, RESOVON can put Iolite into bracelets that fit your desires. RESOVON’s expertise provides high jewelry personalization of iolite. Whether gold or silver, iolite bracelets have a classic, elegant appearance. Certainly, iolite bracelets suit every occasion.

On the other hand, a silver iolite bracelet is ideal for a more modern look. RESOVON’s expertise provides high jewelry personalization of iolite.

  • Girl Iolite Bracelet
    Girl Iolite Bracelet
  • Gold Iolite Bracelet
    Gold Iolite Bracelet
  • Iolite Bracelet Bead
    Iolite Bracelet Bead
  • Iolite Gem Bracelet
    Iolite Gem Bracelet
  • Men Iolite Bracelet
    Men Iolite Bracelet
  • Platinum Iolite Bracelet
    Platinum Iolite Bracelet

Iolite Brooch

Iolite stones are extremely popular among jewelers since they may be used to customize brooches. Iolite may balance a style or particular clothing by contrasting it with other hues. The high jewelry customization of Iolite allows for creating pendants, foliates, and glossy brooches.

These timeless brooches, customarily worn by brides during the Victorian era, are endearing gifts for a loved one. Today’s brides and grooms can wear them on their neckties or chest pockets.

  • Antique Iolite Brooch
    Antique Iolite Brooch
  • Art Iolite Brooch
    Art Iolite Brooch
  • Gold Iolite Brooch
    Gold Iolite Brooch
  • Luxury Iolite Brooch
    Luxury Iolite Brooch
  • Platinum Iolite Brooch
    Platinum Iolite Brooch
  • Vintage Iolite Brooch
    Vintage Iolite Brooch

Iolite Charm Pendant

You can’t go wrong with a delicate iolite pendant necklace for customizing a necklace. It’s simply attractive and practical, which makes it a great present. Despite its trendy appearance, an iolite stone necklace is a classic item.

Iolite pairs beautifully with the most popular necklace metals, including platinum, sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. When combined with silver-colored metals, iolite has a brilliant, contemporary, and stylish appearance.

  • Diamond Iolite Charm
    Diamond Iolite Charm
  • Diamond Iolite Pendant
    Diamond Iolite Pendant
  • Iolite Charm
    Iolite Charm
  • Iolite Gem Charm
    Iolite Gem Charm
  • Iolite Pendant
    Iolite Pendant
  • Luxury Iolite Pendant
    Luxury Iolite Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON Iolite Jewelry Bespoke Service

Iolite Jewelry Consultation

RESOVON provides custom-made or personalized Iolite jewelry. To satisfy our customers, our professional bespoke high jewelry services always start with a consultation between you and our jeweler.

Before we transform an iolite stone into high jewelry, we ensure that every detail is finalized to your liking. In a one-on-one meeting, you can voice out your preferences for the bespoke piece’s design, which will assist our jeweler in putting your desired jewelry to life.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Iolite Jewelry Designer

We guarantee that only an expert jewelry designer will collaborate with you to create your haute couture iolite jewelry. RESOVON has a team of professional jewelry designers with outstanding styles and years of expertise.

We will collaborate to design and sketch your bespoke iolite jewelry to your preferences. You may select from any of the iolite colors, styles, and sizes; our designers will build the perfect one for you.

As a manufacturer in China, we also offer wholesale jewelry, which is suitable for starting a haute couture jewelry line. Feel assured that our artists and jewelers will only provide high-quality, bespoke services for your iolite needs.

Iolite Jewelry Gemologist

Based on the finalized and approved design, RESOVON gemologists will select an iolite gem for each haute couture jewelry service. After receiving the iolite gem, our artists will expertly work on it.

At RESOVON, reputable, legitimate merchants responsibly supply all our iolite jewelry. As a growing manufacturer, we strictly adhere to the industry’s norms and guidelines for high jewelry bespoke services.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Iolite Jewelry Artisan

No other jewelry manufacturer can envision and design your ideal Iolite jewelry as professionally as RESOVON. Our artisans have years of expertise in producing bespoke high jewelry pieces, which sets RESOVON apart from other jewelry businesses.

As soon as we receive your preferred iolite stone for the final design, RESOVON artists will carefully begin working and creating a piece of jewelry like no other. Indeed, every RESOVON piece is custom-made for you and created by only the greatest artisans.

Safty Package & Delivery

RESOVON is dedicated to providing secure and prompt delivery service. For every iolite piece of jewelry, we securely wrap the package for delivery.

RESOVON has a strong partnership with courier firms to provide the best delivery service for our bespoke high jewelry. Rest assured that you’ll receive our iolite piece in perfect condition wherever you are.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Iolite Jewelry Service

As your manufacturer of high jewelry, we offer additional services just for you. You may seek professional advice from our expert designers, artisans, and gemologists for your bespoke high jewelry demands.

Of course, we are pleased to help you with consultation, delivery services,  and proper aftercare. You may arrange an appointment with RESOVON for your iolite jewelry needs anytime.

RESOVON Iolite Jewelry Spotlights

High Jewelry Hand Drawing
High Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Process
High Jewelry Gem Setting

High Jewelry Goldsmith

We are dedicated to preserving RESOVON’s goldsmithing legacy and competence. To develop exquisite pieces, our jewelry company works with top-tier goldsmiths. Our goldsmiths are dedicated to producing timeless creations that are exclusive to RESOVON.

Hard work, expertise, and quality combine to produce unique pieces of fine jewelry. Whether you want something traditional or modern, we can create a design that suits your taste.

Our factory’s goldsmiths pay close attention to every detail, from molding the metals to fitting our iolite stones. Each piece is inspected, ensuring that all iolite jewelry you receive is of the finest quality.

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

The process of creating high-iolite jewelry begins with a hand-drawn design. RESOVON’s expert jewelry designers will produce a draft for your iolite jewelry to assist you and our artisans in visualizing your ideal piece.

We will give you adequate time to finalize all your preferences before our designers develop a jewelry design that includes all the specifics you desire. Our goldsmiths and artisans will produce your custom jewelry with the finished hand sketch.

RESOVON Advantages In Iolite Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Hand Drawing Education
Iolite Jewelry Education

Charles CHAO, who founded the best high-end jewelry manufacturer in China, wanted every employee to understand the iolite gem thoroughly. As a result, the RESOVON professional jewelry team received comprehensive training in gemology, design, and fine jewelry production.

Our experience and knowledge enable us to produce exceptional-quality works in the high jewelry industry. RESOVON takes pride in crafting exceptional iolite jewelry with years of expertise and education.

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

RESOVON’s CEO holds an MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management from Paris, France, which sets Charles CHAO apart from other manufacturers in the high jewelry industry.

Charles ZHAO has over 20 years of expertise in customizing high-end jewelry. To develop a Chinese jewelry brand, he studied the business strategies of international luxury brands. He then established a firm in New York to cater to international consumers and increase connections.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Wholesalers like high jewelry made using the old metalwork technique of cloisonne. Of course, it is part of RESOVON’s premium jewelry personalized services.

Our manufacturer in China offers cloisonne jewelry designs from the 1980s to modern creations. We researched far and wide to offer you a fantastic collection of cloisonne jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

From ancient times, artistic works have been given a vibrant finish by enamel, a coating applied to metal jewelry. During the 1890–1910 Art Nouveau era, it was popular in Europe and the United States.

At RESOVON, professionally trained goldsmiths and artisans create exquisite enamel jewelry for high jewelry personalization. Therefore, go no further because RESOVON offers vintage designs that accentuate the artistry and modern styles for a more trendy take on enamel.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Our factory in China creates filigree jewelry for jewelers and wholesalers. The filigree jewelry line by RESOVON looks gorgeous in all metals and pairs perfectly with gemstones of various hues and shapes. Filigree is a famous style choice in custom jewelry because it demands precise metalwork.

The intricate weaving and twisting of small metal strands into filigree create extraordinary texture and intricacy. Generally, filigree is a great option to create a personalized and one-of-a-kind design, whether blended throughout or placed in subtle spots on a piece of jewelry.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

RESOVON’s high jewelry bespoke services include gold carving. It is a popular custom design among clients all around the world. The gold carving jewelry designs RESOVON offers range from basic patterns to detailed and exquisite ones.

RESOVON’s personalized jewelry with gold carving captures all of your private feelings in a one-of-a-kind design. Each personalized high jewelry is custom carved by our skilled artists who grasp the uniqueness of gold carving. Show us the carving you desire, and we will expertly carve it on your jewelry.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

As the top jewelry producer in China, RESOVON provides its customers with the most exquisite, high-end gemstone jewelry. Each piece undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure that only the best are chosen.

Every gemstone and material is weighed, pure, clear, and accurate to guarantee that you get only the highest-quality jewelry from the finest materials. Our creations combine great artistry, precious stones, and one-of-a-kind designs.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Personalization. RESOVON team provides professional bespoke services for your iolite jewelry. Based on decades of experience in the fine jewelry industry, our experts know well about high jewelry customization, and we are your best choice.

  • “I’m very grateful to have chosen RESOVON to treat myself to new jewelry! I was blown away from the time I opened my jewelry box. The packing itself exuded excellent quality, and each piece of jewelry was well-wrapped. I was speechless when I saw the jewelry they had made for me. It’s the finest jewelry investment I’ve ever made for myself.”

    - Kyla Alberts, UK
  • “One of the things I love about RESOVON’s custom-made jewelry is that you’re surely getting the quality you paid for. I’ve been wearing their pieces every day and even on special occasions. All of them made me feel and look good. Also, all the jewelry I bought from them was perfectly made. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their timeless jewelry!”

    - Hailey Preston, USA
  • “I was shopping for an anniversary present for my partner. Fortunately, I stumbled upon RESOVON. They fulfilled my queries and demands since I wanted it perfect for my girlfriend. We both enjoy personalized jewelry, and I wanted to find something to symbolize our love. Without a doubt, my girlfriend loved it. This is where I’ll surely buy an engagement ring for her in the near future.”

    - Andrew Harold, Canada
Iolite jewelry Gallery

Iolite High Jewelry Ring

Figure 1 Iolite High Jewelry Ring

What is RESOVON Iolite High Jewelry?

RESOVON’s iolite high jewelry is one of the most affordable yet sophisticated. The characteristics of iolite gemstones we use in our jewelry are often translucent or transparent. Iolite gemstones have bright and dazzling shades of light dark blue and purple.

The durability of our iolite jewelry is outstanding, with a Mohs scale rating of 7 to 7.5. Many people love our iolite stones due to their remarkable properties, toughness, designs, and symbolism. The iolite jewelry represents life’s journey, intuitions, dreams, and a compass to survive everyday challenges.

The Outstanding Characteristics of RESOVON High Jewelry in China

Iolite Oval-Shaped Ring

Figure 2 Iolite Oval-Shaped Ring

Our talented artisans create our high-end jewelry in China. They pick the perfect stones, mold them, and craft them in our factory in China. Iolite gemstones are easy to find and not rare, unlike other gemstones. But what makes them special is their unique characteristics and deep blue shade, which can make every piece of jewelry look stunning and expensive.

RESOVON’s haute couture jewelry collections are always made with premium materials and our skilled jewelers. The beautiful designs of our haute couture jewelry are based on their type of cut, and you can always have your haute couture jewelry customized here at RESOVON.

RESOVON is known for being one of China’s best high jewelry manufacturers, given that we provide excellent customer service for everyone. We will always help and guide you throughout your high jewelry collection journey. Also, our iolite jewelry can be your alternative for sapphire stones; it gives you a deep, elegant blue finish at a reasonable price.

The Family Group of Iolite Gemstones

Iolite Gemstones

Figure 3 Iolite Gemstones

The iolite gemstones come from the mineral family called Cordierite, which is often compared to the Beryl group. The characteristics of these stones are exceptional because of the beautiful shade and hard stones. Here are different types of iolite gemstones:

Bloodshot Iolite High Jewelry

Inspired by its bloodshot name, iolite stones rarely exhibit this beautiful red or brown inclusion seen in the stone. The metallic properties of iolite help to discover the stone’s aventurescence.

When crafting the most expensive type of iolite, our jewelers in China ensure that every step is taken with extra protection and safety measures. We are highly cautious when crafting your high jewelry and ensure it does not damage when you receive it.

Cat’s Eye Iolite High Jewelry

Another type of rare iolite gemstone is the cat’s eye. It usually depends on how the stones were cut, but our goldsmiths often do this to showcase the beauty of the stones. The most common stone cut is cabochons. On the other hand, the parallel tubular inclusions make the iolite gem look gorgeous.

The Benefits of RESOVON Iolite Bespoke Jewelry in China

Iolite Stud Earrings

Figure 4 Iolite Stud Earrings

RESOVON’s iolite high jewelry has numerous benefits for our clients’ lives and dreams. We offer bespoke services that allow our clients to make their desired jewelry based on what they believe, dream, or portray. It is believed that iolite high jewelry guides people in their lives, whether for family, work, relationships, or self-related issues.

RESOVON’s main goal is to provide our clients with the best services and jewelry products. In addition, our jewelers in the China factory are skilled enough to cut, mold, and craft high jewelry. We guarantee that RESOVON’s high jewelry in China is one of the best accessories you could ever have.

Beautiful Designs of Iolite High Jewelry

Iolite Beautiful Ring Design

Figure 5 Iolite Beautiful Ring Design

The craftsmanship of our finest jewelry is defined as the most stunning and sophisticated jewelry look of all time. Designs may vary depending on your preferred styles; they can be classic, elegant, or trendy. In addition, you can also design your jewelry and hand it over to our goldsmiths.

The luxurious designs make our high jewelry expensive, given that all of it is handcrafted. Therefore, the details are carefully assembled in small jewelry pieces, ensuring each stone is placed in its right position. In addition, our jeweler in China chooses high-quality metals that are highly resistant to tearing and scratches.

The Durability of Iolite Gemstones

The durability and hardness of the stones often identify high jewelry. Iolite gems are not easily damaged by abrasive chemicals and sun or heat exposure. However, your routine should always include caring for and cleaning your high jewelry.

The Four C’s of RESOVON High Jewelry in China

Iolite Gemstones

Figure 6 Iolite Gemstones

The four C’s are crucial to creating RESOVON’s high jewelry. We’re not just simply designing the products but also studying their characteristics, qualities, and benefits.

The Clarity of Iolite High Jewelry

Clarity is always the key and most vital property of our high jewelry. All our high jewelry, including those with iolite gem, is free from harsh and visible inclusions. On the other hand, the iolite stone often has fewer inclusions, and the gem’s beauty will be visible depending on the cut. The most common inclusions in iolite gems are tubular, long, cat’s eye, and parallel.

Hues of Iolite High Jewelry

Iolite high jewelry is known for its gorgeous deep blue, which is best for many occasions, such as weddings, engagements, evening gown events, and more. On the other hand, iolite gems are often seen as transparent or colorless with a slightly purple shade.

In RESOVON, all the color variations of iolite jewelry are authentic and beautiful; our jeweler made them visible and enhanced the stone’s pleochroic properties.

Cuts of Iolite Gem

Cabochons or carvings are the common types of iolite cut. Our iolite stone necklace has the most beautiful cuts that emphasize the beautiful look of the jewelry.

Carat Size of Iolite Gem

Iolite gems are mostly found in large amounts, but they can also be found in 5-carat sizes. At RESOVON, we use large carats for our iolite high jewelry.

Which RESOVON’s Personalized Iolite Jewelry Suits You Best?

Iolite High Jewelry Ring

Iolite Engagement Ring

Figure 7 Iolite Engagement Ring

Our top jewelers in China handcraft RESOVON’s iolite rings, which are great for special birthdays, gifts, and events. Wearing iolite jewelry is also believed to improve one’s vision in life.

Iolite Diamond High Jewelry Ring

Iolite Deep Blue Ring

Figure 8 Iolite Deep Blue Ring

The ocean vibes of iolite stones and the dazzling crystal look of diamonds perfectly match those planning to buy engagement rings for their partners! We carefully placed each diamond to distribute it evenly without any errors.

Iolite Quartz

Aside from the iolite and diamond combination, iolite can also be matched with quartz. It increases the value of the jewelry and its beauty.

Iolite Bracelets

Iolite bracelets have calming properties that ease the wearer’s mind. Our manufacturer in China crafts excellent high jewelry bracelets made specifically for promenade events. On the other hand, you can reach out to RESOVON if you wish to have your high jewelry bracelets customized.

Iolite High Jewelry Necklace

Iolite High Jewelry Necklace

Figure 9 Iolite High Jewelry Necklace

The iolite necklace is one of the most creative accessories that our goldsmiths have made. You can choose from many styles, all of which are high-quality and handmade. In addition, the value of our high jewelry is reasonable, given that we deliver each piece of jewelry in its best condition.

Here is RESOVON’s high-quality necklace:

Iolite Pendant Necklace

Iolite Pendant Jewelry

Figure 10 Iolite Pendant Jewelry

The pendant necklace from RESOVON presents the outstanding deep blue shade of iolite stone. Our manufacturer in China prepares the stone and examines it for any damage and scratches. In RESOVON, we provide our clients with flawless jewelry, especially pendants.

Iolite Stone Necklace

Our jewelers in China enhance the beauty of the stone by making it a high-quality necklace. The necklace represents healing, so it is a perfect present for your family, friends, and relatives.

Iolite Crystal Necklace

Crystals are always the best for special events, like wedding days. Iolite can make your dress stand out and create a classic, elegant-looking bride. High jewelry may help to make your look more pleasing and expensive.

Iolite Silver Necklace

Figure 11 Iolite Silver Necklace

Iolite Silver Necklace

Silver necklaces will never go out of style in jewelry fashion. As the light touches the necklace, you can see the entire look of the iolite gem’s glassy, flawless, and exceptional color.

Iolite Earrings

Iolite Gold Earrings

Figure 12 Iolite Gold Earrings

Earrings will always be the fashion life-saver. In collaboration with our unique iolite earrings, our artisans make silver iolite jewelry. The silver, together with bluish-purple stone, can make stunning high jewelry. In addition, our jewelers are using natural iolite in all of our iolite haute couture high jewelry collections.

How is Bespoke Jewelry in RESOVON Being Created?

Iolite Bespoke Jewelry

Figure 13 Iolite Bespoke Jewelry

RESOVON is known for its excellent customer service and high-end jewelry bespoke services. When you decide to have your jewelry personalized by us, you are expected to meet our talented and skilled jewelers in China. Our factory in China is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-end jewelry because of our good reputation in the industry.

Bespoke Jewelry Consultation

RESOVON embraces the modern and digitalized world through online consultations. But before the meeting, our clients must email us about their plans, designs, and preferred materials. Our clients are expected to meet with our team to discuss everything related to bespoke jewelry.

Rest assured that our goldsmiths are experts in the field and will happily assist you in planning your bespoke jewelry. On-site consultations are also available if you want to meet our team personally.

The Designing and Production Process

The designing process of your haute couture jewelry would involve a 3D and digitized sketch. You can send us your sketch. We can also sketch your ideas for you and email them to you. You may let us know if you want to add details or revise the entire sketch.

On the other hand, the production process is all in the hands of our skilled jewelers. They craft, handle the stones, and polish the jewelry for its dazzling look.

If you want to engrave your name in the jewelry for wedding rings, we can make it work for you. RESOVON’s top priority is to make our clients happy with their newly owned personalized high jewelry collection.

Why Should You Opt for RESOVON Iolite High Jewelry?

Beautiful Iolite Earrings

Figure 14 Beautiful Iolite Earrings

We are the top manufacturer of high jewelry in China because we make exceptional iolite jewelry with outstanding designs, materials, and stones. In addition, RESOVON is always open to collaboration with our clients to enhance their high jewelry designs.

RESOVON’s Iolite jewelry is more affordable than any other high-end collection. The high-quality stones can compete with other costly stones, such as sapphires, tanzanites, diamonds, and many more. If you are looking for the best high-end jewelry but on a tight budget, RESOVON’s iolite jewelry is your biggest bet!

Is RESOVON the Leading High Jewelry Manufacturer in China?

Yes. RESOVON is one of the excellent high jewelry manufacturers in China due to our talented jewelers and goldsmiths, premium products, and good bespoke services. Most importantly, we value all of our clients.

Is RESOVON's Customized Iolite High Jewelry Good Value?

Gold Iolite Necklace

Figure 15 Gold Iolite Necklace

The value of our iolite high jewelry is not defined by its price. Generally, the qualities and characteristics of the stones, metals, and other details used by our jewelers define the value of our iolite jewelry. We have the most premium iolite high jewelry; everything we use to craft your bespoke jewelry is made with high-quality materials.

Is It Safe For Iolite Jewelry To Get Wet?

Even though the color of iolite gemstones is close to the sea and ocean vibes, it is not recommended to get them wet. Soaking an iolite gem for a long time can severely damage it. Therefore, when cleaning it in warm, soapy water, you should limit the soaking time to at least 10 minutes.

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