Is There a Difference Between Lab-Grown and Natural Ring Gemstones?

One of the most important criteria to consider in a haute couture jewelry ring is the quality of the gemstones. It will always be the centerpiece of a high jewelry ring, so knowing its source is crucial information for collectors. New technology has brought innovative processes that may help jewelers get the ideal gemstone for their masterpieces ring.

High Jewelry Luxury Sapphire Ring

Figure 1 High Jewelry Luxury Sapphire Ring

Lab-grown ring gems have recently been a popular trend in the jewelry industry. After all, if you can modify the ring gem itself, it would be easier for jewelers to use them on their high jewelry bespoke service rings. Yet still, some argue that naturally occurring gemstones are the only ones with real value for high jewelry rings. So what is exactly the difference between them?

What Are Lab-Grown Ring Gemstones?

These are the ring jewelry stones created in a lab by simulating the same conditions that create natural gems. The ring gems are produced so that they are suited for human use. Generally speaking, they are produced specifically for high jewelry rings. Lab-grown gems are often indistinguishable from their shape, texture, and color counterparts.


What Are The Ring Gems That Can Be Lab-grown?

Gold Diamond Turquoise Luxury Ring

Figure 2 Gold Diamond Turquoise Luxury Ring

Technology has advanced enough that almost every type of ring gem can be reproduced in a lab. However, lab gems of fine texture and color are the main choice for high jewelry rings. These include:

What Are The Processes Used To Create Lab-grown Ring Gems?


There are numerous ways to create ring gemstones in a facility. In order to produce high quality materials however, they need to accurately imitate the conditions that produce them naturally. Here are few of those methods

  • Flame Fusion
  • Flux Growth
  • Crystal Pulling
  • Hydrothermal Growth


What Are Natural Gemstones?

Luxury Emerald Ring with Diamonds

Figure 3 Luxury Emerald Ring with Diamonds

These are the ring stones that occur naturally on Earth. They are formed through millions of years of molten heat and pressure from the core. These types are rare, with deposits in several remote locations worldwide. The effort it takes to acquire them usually justifies the cost of each piece, which is why they are still popular for high jewelry ring pieces.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Lab-Grown Ring Gems?

Luxury Amethyst Ring with Diamonds

Figure 4 Luxury Amethyst Ring with Diamonds

One of the most promising aspects of lab-grown ring gems is their apparent lack of environmental footprint. The fact that they don’t need mining and use only a fraction of the resources for processing also helps. They can also be modified creatively for bespoke purposes, like in rings, making the work of goldsmiths and jewelers much easier.


What Are The Advantages Of Natural Gemstones?

Natural ring gemstones have extremely high monetary value because of their rarity. Also, because they come from nature, you don’t need to worry about counterfeit imitation high jewelry rings. It takes a particularly skilled artisan to customize rings from such materials. Additionally, natural gemstone high jewelry rings tend to increase their value as time passes.


Which Would Work Better For High Jewelry Rings?

Luxury Sapphire Rings with Diamonds

Figure 5 Luxury Sapphire Rings with Diamonds

Between these two, it mostly depends on the needs of the client. Lab-grown gem rings cost less to procure, are easy to process, and can be used on every special occasion. Natural gemstone rings provide much more elegance, has higher value over time, and are harder to imitate. Whatever their choice is, you can count on companies like RESOVON for assistance.


RESOVON Is Here To Assist You With Your Choice

Whichever gem you choose for your high jewelry ring, RESOVON is here to help. As the leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China, they have the tools and talent to create art whether your gem is naturally made or lab-grown. They can even use high jewelry customization to add more personality to your jewelry.

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