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A jewelry artisan is a person in the jewelry industry who is skilled in all kinds of jewelry processing techniques, and who excels in taking jewelry processing to an artistic level.


The word artisan is derived from the Italian word artigiano, which means a person trained in the crafts and arts who is skilled in and adept at making things.


Jewelry artisans date back to 7000 BC, another name was craftsmen. At that time, jewelers made various ornaments, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces by hand, usually made of copper and gold. They were often carved in the shape of animals and people.


By making jewelry by hand, jewelry artisans creatively blended the decorative and functional aspects of jewelry, giving it a unique aesthetic and artistic effect. They translate the designer’s drawings into actual pieces of jewelry through their uncanny skill.


Talented artisans create jewelry that is unique, sturdy, durable and ideal to wear for many occasions. each piece of RESOVON’s fine artisan jewelry is unique, forged through more than 500 hours of expert labor, and reveals your prestigious status.


The creativity of jewelry artisans in the making of jewelry is unique, and while artisans should not be confused with artists, the skill of artisans in creatively incorporating jewelry aesthetics into the functional and decorative aspects of jewelry makes artisans as highly respected as artists, especially in high jewelry section.

RESOVON’s team of jewelry artisans consists of experienced goldsmiths and gem-setters who work together with the jewelry design team, gemologists, and jewelry sales team to provide a luxurious experience with our professional skills and superior sense of service.


Our team of high jewelry artisans is characterized by the following:
Professionalism. Professional artisans are at your service in every step of jewelry processing. The team of master craftsmen have their own exclusive specialties in addition to more than 10 years of experience in fine jewelry processing, ensuring that your heirlooms are naturally made.

Knowledge. An exceptional jewelry artisan needs not only a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge in his or her own line of business, but also a basic knowledge base in the upstream and downstream production chains, so that great synergies can be generated.

Teamwork. Every piece of high-end jewelry undergoes a long teamwork process of more than 500 hours from the idea to the real thing. The spirit of teamwork in the high jewelry industry ensures that the metamorphosis of our creations from quantitative to qualitative change is the source that allows RESOVON luxury brand jewelry to continue to progress.

Passion. Each experienced jewelry craftsman is adept at spending time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and devoting his or her passion to creating luxury jewelry for the love of customizing it in their hearts. This is the strength of our evolving brand.
A sense of brand belonging. A brand that takes root and grows in its niche is only possible with the efforts of each and every member of the team, and it all comes from a sense of belonging to the brand.


Since its inception, the RESOVON brand has been built on the hard work of every jewelry artisan, and we have a mission to meet the growing needs of our customers and risk excellence in experiential service. We welcome talented jewelry artisans to join our team, but only if they recognize our brand values.

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