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For a jewelry brand, the designer is the soul of the brand, a conclusion verified by numerous brands. Whether as founders or initiators of phased changes, talented jewelry designers bring new life to a brand’s development.


From the very beginning of the brand, the style of the jewelry designer has given the brand a unique and glamorous personality. Women who wear oversized gold hoops are usually fun and outgoing, while women who wear asymmetrical earrings are creative and daring – the list could go on and on.


Jewelry designers often just represent a unique air of individuality. Since ancient times, people have not only used jewelry to adorn their bodies, but also to tell their stories.


Designers who are jewelers, especially high jewelry designers are often art lovers, creative and original, presenting exquisite high-end jewelry designs through their own understanding and knowledge of fashion, luxury, jewelry, art and aesthetics.


In the fine jewelry industry, designers are also known by different names, such as goldsmiths, gold workers, silversmiths, silver workers, or simply as makers or shapers. Of course, not all designers make their own designs, and not all makers or shapers design their own jewelry.


The jewelry designers on the RESOVON High Jewelry team have meticulous logical analysis skills, bold creative thinking, unique aesthetic perceptions, extensive experience in the fine jewelry industry, and, essential, an endless love for the custom fine jewelry industry.


Whether in the high jewelry industry, or in the fashion and luxury industry, designers work in a very realistic way, which means that they need to translate the creative inspiration they get in the real world into the creative practice of jewelry design, taking into account the background and aesthetic needs of their clients. Therefore, the talented jewelry designer must be an expert in psychoanalysis with a very precise grasp of the client.


It is not any simple training to become a professional jewelry designer, especially in the fine jewelry customization industry. Designers in the RESOVON jewelry team must have a systematic jewelry education, more than 5 years of experience in fine jewelry, a wealth of social experience, and a unique knowledge of jewelry aesthetics.


As a fast-growing high jewelry brand, we are eager for excellent jewelry designers and welcome all kinds of artists, designers, and brand owners to contact us in various ways to communicate and exchange their heart for jewelry with a view to establishing a long-term relationship.

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