RESOVON High Jewelry Quality Control

RESOVON Born For High Jewelry



In the high jewelry industry, apart from decades of persistence, any world-renowned brand is unparalleled in quality.


RESOVON high-end jewelry brand has been aiming at high quality since its inception, including but not limited to high-quality jewelry, high-quality service, high-quality customer experience, etc.


Our QC team covers every aspect of jewelry customization, such as wax injection, casting, filing, gem setting, polishing, electroplating, packaging, etc. It is just a matter of course that every jewelry piece is inspected before shipping.


Quality control is the top priority of our brand.


Based on more than ten years of experience, our quality control team has created a set of strict quality standards and processes to help customers achieve high-quality luxury experiences.


With the help of multiple machines and quality control methods, RESOVON realizes the quality control in the customization process of high jewelry, namely:

  • Minting sector: silver and gold purity testing,
  • Gem Grading Division: Colored Gemstones, Diamond Identification and Grading,
  • Metalworking department: discoloration test and thickness test, as well as daily inspection of all plating solutions, etc.


In addition to this, regular factory audits are essential to ensure we adhere to industry best organizational, corporate and environmental practices. Make your heirlooms famous brands.


RESOVON’s procurement department requires suppliers to provide industry documents, certifications and proof of origin of relevant materials to ensure that their products are sourced ethically. For example, diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process, which aims to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds in both rough and polished form.


In this era of profit-seeking commodities, some jewelry manufacturers and retailers have little or no objective methods and data to evaluate their products because there are no industry standards for testing jewelry performance and durability.


Therefore, RESOVON Jewelry has established a very rigorous internal testing process, including the evaluation of the performance characteristics of fine, precious, semi-precious stones, costume jewelry or precious metals, as well as regulatory requirements. Keep our brand and reputation safe from potential risks.


Rigorous regulatory and performance testing allows our team to better manage risk and protect the company’s brand. Our quality control method mainly has the following stages:


Raw Materials Purchase. Early in the production process, this inspection helps minimize the risk of wasted time, material costs and delayed shipments.


Initial Production. Enhanced quality monitoring at the earliest stages of production contributes to product consistency and minimizes wasted time, scrapped products, rework and shipping delays.


Production Process. This inspection ensures that the standards of the original production are maintained throughout the production process and that the products produced continue to meet quality requirements, especially in the event of new raw materials, new operators, production lines or changes to specifications.


Random In The End. Prior to shipment, this inspection evaluates whether the final product meets all quality specifications (i.e. color, workmanship, labelling, function, fit, product packaging, etc.). Shipment can then be carried out without delay, ensuring the timeliness of the haute couture jewellery.


Loading And Unloading. This inspection provides a witness to verify that only inspected and approved final products are shipped and received according to the customer’s requirements.

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