Jewelry Restoration & Repair

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As a professional high jewelry bespoke service supplier, RESOVON can customize the latest works of any style for you in terms of supply chain management, high-end jewelry craftsmanship and design. But why offer jewelry restoration services?


For some private collectors, some antique jewelry and precious family heirlooms have been passed down through history and require the necessary, professional restoration services to restore them to their original condition and radiate their former glory.


As such, jewelry restoration work is a challenging ordeal, suitable for those requiring higher skill than conventional repairs, and is usually carried out by our master jewelry artisans.


Especially in antique jewelry restoration, one of the most valuable challenges for master jewelers is to perform difficult antique jewelry restoration, or to restore antique jewelry.

Jewelry Restoration

Jewelry Restoration & Repair


RESOVON’s talented craftsmen uphold the spirit and skills of traditional jewelry craftsmen, and have professional research on antique jewelry from many periods, such as Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edward VII and Art Deco periods.


The sense of accomplishment every time we successfully restore antique jewelry and the excitement brought by overcoming challenges constantly inspire us to move forward on the road of high-end jewelry customization and service.


A passion for vintage jewelry and regular access to numerous heirloom pieces provides our team with a unique edge, as well as a constant source of inspiration. Through continuous experience, our jewelry artisans are very familiar with the repair and maintenance of all kinds of handmade masterpieces.


In the process of jewelry restoration, we also draw rich inspiration from jewelry history and tradition, which brings valuable inspiration to our jewelry design and production. And, of course, the growing trust and brand recognition from customers.


At RESOVON, you can almost be sure that someone among our knowledgeable experts is familiar with its original style or pattern. They can advise you on the range of possible options for restoring your ring, bracelet, necklace or brooch, while preserving as much provenance as possible.


Any transaction comes from trust, especially in the fine jewelry industry. Whether you have jewelry customization, jewelry restoration, jewelry cleaning, or simple jewelry consultation, you are welcome to make an appointment at any time.

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