RESOVON High Jewelry Welding

RESOVON Born For High Jewelry



Jewelry welding is a very important step from concept to reality.


In the field of high-end jewelry customization, welding jewelry mainly uses pulse arc welding to permanently close the main body or thin chain of jewelry.


Permanent jewelry welding, simply put, is welding jewelry pieces together without clasps or ties to allow for easy removal. You should wear this piece of jewelry (usually a bracelet, anklet or necklace) with you 24/7 and never remove it.


There are many types of welded joints, and in many cases different types of metals can be welded together. A soldering torch is an essential jewelry tool for any professional jeweler. Experienced goldsmiths add highlights to high-end jewelry customization services.


Before the development of lasers, welding was mainly done with torches. Today, advanced jewelers represented by RESOVON use lasers to manufacture new products and carry out laser jewelry processing and restoration. Simplify the complex jewelry welding process.


RESOVON’s professional high-end jewelry team is proficient in every custom process. We see welding services as a perfect customer-specific customized experience. Add sparkle to client heirlooms, fine jewelry highlights, treats to yourself, commemorate milestones or celebrate your relationship with someone special, and more.


After more than ten years of accumulation, we have a series of chain styles – yellow, silver and rose gold – and rich experience in customizing high jewelry, such as birthstones, zodiac and initial charms.


Once you have selected a custom combination, a RESOVON professional jeweler will measure the best fit for you and weld it together using our specialized equipment and techniques.


Once the jewelry parts are assembled and welded, the jewelry craftsman will use hand tools to clean up all signs of the work done and soak the jewelry in acid to remove any fire scale from the metal.


After the welding is completed, the customized jewelry will enter the stage of gem setting and jewelry polishing, and become a shining treasure, fulfilling the customer’s high jewelry dream.

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