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We believe in faith’s power and that it can bring a new breath to high jewelry industry.

We are born for high end. From the initial jewelry trade to the subsequent gemstone sourcing, jewelry processing, design, and service, we continue to challenge ourselves and catch up with the world’s high-end jewelry trends.

We advocate nature, draw a steady stream of power from nature, empower our love for jewelry, and ultimately change the pattern of the jewelry industry.

We respect the diversity of the world and global sustainable development. From there, we dedicate our talents to fine jewelry.



RESOVON is a newly coined word, meaning a treasure of infinite resources. Our founder Charles ZHAO created this word in the world.

This perfectly interprets the original intention of the founder and the mission of the brand, which means that we will grow into an upstart in the high-end jewelry industry, with infinite possibilities for future development.

Our jewelry brand was established in 2010. After more than ten years of rapid development, our jewelry artisan team has accumulated nearly 110 years of experience to provide you with excellent services.

We have devoted ourselves to this field with 100% love for the high-end jewelry industry. Based in China, we have gradually established close cooperative relations in Paris, France and New York, the United States.

RESOVON High Jewelry Customization Factory

Milestones Of RESOVON

Charles ZHAO was born in a middle-class family. He was very fond of art and jewelry. He majored in marketing at university, which laid a solid foundation for his job in the global sales business in the high jewelry industry.
Charles ZHAO founded his first company, whose main business was handicrafts and gifts, and later gradually involved in some jewelry business.
Charles ZHAO, on the basis of nearly ten years of high-quality handicraft production experience, gradually undertakes some orders for fashion jewelry and accessories and founded the RESOVON jewelry factory.
After more than five years of experience accumulation, we have established a stable and efficient jewelry supply chain system and established long-term cooperative relationships with some customers.
The outstanding characteristics and the pursuit of perfect genes have made the management of RESOVON constantly pursue the optimization and improvement of the business model and proposed a plan to seek the operation concept of a high-end jewelry brand in France.
Charles ZHAO applied for the MBA program in Global Luxury Brand Management at the prestigious French Academy and was successful. Learning from world-renowned luxury brands, the founder of RESOVON embarked on a further study tour in Europe.
Opportunities and challenges coexist. The RESOVON team has empowered the luxury goods operation knowledge and also encountered the challenges of Covid-19. We started thinking about how to put the brand online and operate it efficiently.
This is the year of the internationalization of RESOVON, and we start to prepare for the US company.

RESOVON Handmade High Jewelry

High Jewelry Designer
Relying on professional industry knowledge, our designers seek inspiration from jewelry, art, and fashion, highlight the value of each gemstone, endow with strong humanistic characteristics, and provide hand-painted design support for your haute couture jewelry.
High Jewelry Gemologist
In addition to their professional educational background, RESOVON's gemologists have extraordinary dedication and exceptional insight. Providing the perfect source of gemstones for your high jewelry on an ethical basis, our gemologists have a global footprint.
High Jewelry Goldsmith
With over 100 years of combined experience, RESOVON's goldsmiths combine traditional fine jewelry craftsmanship with modern material innovation. Each piece is infused with the skill of master craftsmen to create luxury jewelry for your lifetime.

RESOVON Genes: Fashion, Tradition, Luxury

New York
Hang Zhou

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