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  • Luxury Brand Education MBA Degree Founder
  • Experienced Fine Jewelry Artisan& Goldsmith
  • Gemologist Expert Ethical Global Sourcing
  • Exclusive Jewelry Specialist VIP Consultation

RESOVON Luxury Jewelry

Explore RESOVON’s signature luxury jewelry collection with one-of-a-kind designs as you delve into its creative world. Our luxury jewelry brand is known for its amazing jewelry, unwavering innovation, and superb craftsmanship.

Our high jewelry bespoke services provide devoted clients with an exquisite selection of handcrafted luxury pieces from our factory in China. Due to our dedication to quality and attention to detail, we have become a reliable supplier for wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

With a team of experienced artisans and designers, RESOVON creates unique luxury jewelry pieces that will make an impression. Discover our luxury rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other haute couture jewelry pieces.

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Luxury Jewelry By Five Gems

Every story always begins somewhere. And what better way to start your luxury jewelry journey than with RESOVON. As the leading jewelry brand in China, we offer custom, haute couture jewelry and high jewelry bespoke services, specializing in five precious gems.

We create stunning and intricate luxury jewelry pieces highlighting five gemstones: diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and chrysoberyl. Each gemstone is ethically sourced and meticulously handpicked by our expert gemologists for each piece.

With our extensive experience in the jewelry industry, RESOVON has honed its craftsmanship and expertise. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our commitment to excellence ensures that each piece of jewelry we create is meticulously crafted with the utmost care.

  • Luxury Chrysoberyl Rings
    Luxury Chrysoberyl Rings
  • Luxury Diamond Brooch
    Luxury Diamond Brooch
  • Luxury Emerald Necklace
    Luxury Emerald Necklace
  • Luxury Sapphire Earrings
    Luxury Sapphire Earrings
  • Luxury Ruby Charm
    Luxury Ruby Charm
  • Luxury Sapphire Pendant
    Luxury Sapphire Pendant
  • Luxury Diamond Bracelet
    Luxury Diamond Bracelet
  • Luxury Emerald Brooch
    Luxury Emerald Brooch

Luxury Jewelry By Other Gems

Aside from the precious five gems, RESOVON also creates amazing luxury jewelry from other gems. Gemstones like aquamarine, garnet, and opal have the allure and beauty fundamental to luxury jewelry.

Our high jewelry bespoke services and wholesale logistics network in China make us one of the most sought-after jewelry brands in the market. RESOVON’s commitment to excellence has made us one of China’s leading suppliers of luxury jewelry.

RESOVON offers a variety of luxury jewelry pieces to meet your demands, whether you’re searching for a distinctive piece for your company or your select customer. Because of our attention to detail and superior quality, RESOVON will grow to be your go-to supplier for all your high-end jewelry requirements.

  • Luxury Aquamarine Brooch
    Luxury Aquamarine Brooch
  • Luxury Garnet Necklace
    Luxury Garnet Necklace
  • Luxury Morganite Bracelet
    Luxury Morganite Bracelet
  • Luxury Spinel Earrings
    Luxury Spinel Earrings
  • Luxury Topaz Pendant
    Luxury Topaz Pendant
  • Luxury Peridot Brooch
    Luxury Peridot Brooch
  • Luxury Tsavorite Ring
    Luxury Tsavorite Ring
  • Luxury Tourmaline Brooch
    Luxury Tourmaline Brooch
  • Luxury Moonstone Bracelet
    Luxury Moonstone Bracelet
  • Luxury Tanzanite Charm
    Luxury Tanzanite Charm
  • Luxury Kyanite Ring
    Luxury Kyanite Ring
  • Luxury Iolite Brooch
    Luxury Iolite Brooch

Luxury Jewelry By Organic Gems

Organic gemstones like pearl and amber are widely available and used by most jewelers as they are highly sought after by luxury jewelry enthusiasts. RESOVON’s organic gems are handpicked by our team of gemologists from our ethically-sourced partners.

Our distinctive styles are exuding in our top-notch luxury designs and are featured in our organic gems luxury jewelry collection. Each of our talented jewelry artisans at our factory has in-depth knowledge of jewelry design, gem setting, and construction.

Our high jewelry bespoke services allow our clients to create unique luxury jewelry pieces to their exact specifications. They have an extensive selection of precious metals and gem-setting techniques for the perfect jewelry piece.

  • Luxury Opal Earrings
    Luxury Opal Earrings
  • Luxury Crystal Ring
    Luxury Crystal Ring
  • Luxury Pearl Charm
    Luxury Pearl Charm
  • Luxury Opal Bracelet
    Luxury Opal Bracelet
  • Luxury Pearl Brooch
    Luxury Pearl Brooch

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification
Gubelin Certification
Gubelin Certification

RESOVON Luxury Jewelry Bespoke Service

Luxury Jewelry Consult

RESOVON prides itself on its prestigious high-end jewelry bespoke services. As a jewelry brand, RESOVON wants every client to feel luxurious from start to finish. We start our high-end jewelry customization process with a consultation.

The consultation involves our team of highly educated jewelry professionals. Each consultation is unique, as we’ll discuss you and your preferences so that we can design a piece of luxury jewelry that is distinctive and suited to your target market.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Luxury Jewelry Designer

RESOVON is a market leader in personalized luxury jewelry creation. Our professionally crafted jewelry works are perfect for wholesale businesses looking to stand out. Each personalized creation is a testimony to the craft our creative jewelry designers put into each design.

Our design professionals employ their sharp eyes and creative thoughts to create your one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry design. Each piece looks beautiful, thanks to their years of experience and training.

Luxury Jewelry Gemologist

Aside from intricate and timeless designs, luxury jewelry pieces emphasize the beauty of the gemstones. RESOVON ethically sources each gemstone used for its jewelry works from conflict-free environments and only picks the best.

As one of China’s top luxury jewelry manufacturers, RESOVON only employs skilled and highly trained gemologists. They can provide guidance and helpful gemstone-related tips as you undergo our highly customized jewelry procedure.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Luxury Jewelry Artisan

Luxury jewelry equates to precision and craftsmanship—two words that RESOVON’s jewelry artisans are well-acquainted with. Our jewelry artisans and goldsmiths are integral to our high-quality personalization process and are the backbone of our whole factory.

Thanks to cutting-edge jewelry manufacturing tools and our team’s expertise, we offer a unique and tailored experience. Our top goal is to ensure clients are completely satisfied with their bespoke jewelry and that each piece is beautiful.

Safety Package & Delivery

Finding the best jewelry manufacturer in China is like finding a needle in a haystack. You don’t want to settle for less, knowing there is a better alternative, like RESOVON. Its superb packaging and delivery services set the jewelry brand apart from others.

RESOVON supplies safe packing services since we know your luxury jewelry pieces should exude elegance once they reach you. Our company also provides effective shipping options and logistics for your high jewelry collection.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Luxury Jewelry Service

RESOVON is always the herald of innovation in China, either through design or crafting. We are dedicated to providing clients with consistent quality and service. Living up to its reputation, RESOVON has added after-sales services to its high jewelry personalization process.

The after-sales services we offer for our exquisite luxury jewelry pieces are not something that other jewelers can offer. We provide excellent jewelry resizing, cleaning, polishing, and repairs carried out by our professional staff.

RESOVON Luxury Jewelry Spotlights

Hard Enamel Fine Jewelry Process
High Jewelry Hand Drawing
Luxury Jewelry Gem Setting
Luxury Jewelry Goldsmith

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

High jewelry hand drawing is a traditional method jewelry designers employ to illustrate their ideas, concepts, and designs for high jewelry pieces. The hand-drawn designs are a vital communication tool between us and our clients.

Hand drawing is considered an indispensable skill in the world of high jewelry. Each design enables us and the client to visualize a piece’s intricate details, proportions, and overall aesthetics before it undergoes the complex fabrication process.

Hard Enamel Fine Jewelry Process

RESOVON has honed the process of using hard enamel on our fine jewelry pieces. We offer this traditional technique to our clients to enable them to design and craft magnificent jewelry worthy of praise and admiration.

Our factory’s jewelry artisans create beautiful jewelry using our high-temperature enamel method, sophisticated tools, and extraordinary craftsmanship. Our customers can customize each piece using the hard enamel technique we have refined for years.

RESOVON Advantages In Luxury Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education
Luxury Jewelry Education

Crafting luxury jewelry is a challenging endeavor that demands more than skill and experience. For luxury jewelry to be completely personalized, jewelers like RESOVON need rigorous training.

With the right expertise and training in luxury jewelry, our team of jewelry specialists can produce custom jewelry pieces that are absolutely one of a kind. Our workforce is skilled in using various ethically sourced materials and honed methods to produce intricate designs for our clients.

Years Of Jewelry Artisan History
Years Of Jewelry Artisan History

One of the most ancient and exquisite kinds of art is jewelry. Jewelers have been creating stunning, one-of-a-kind, eternal creations since dawn. Although it has been around for a while, it is continually evolving.

The prominent Chinese luxury jewelry supplier RESOVON is dedicated to upholding the long tradition of jewelry artistry. We keep jewelry craftsmanship alive and flourishing with our first-rate high-jewelry customization procedure.

RESOVON Main Luxury Jewelry

Chrysoberyl Charm
Chrysoberyl Charm

Featured in our luxury five gems collection, this high jewelry piece showcases the breathtaking beauty of chrysoberyl gems. Renowned for their exceptional brilliance and unique color variations, chrysoberyl gemstones add an enchanting touch to any custom jewelry piece.

Possessing a range of captivating hues, including brownish-yellow, yellowish-green, and almost translucent shades, chrysoberyl gems offer a mesmerizing palette for designers to create truly exquisite and one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry pieces.

Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds have long been considered the epitome of luxury and prestige in jewelry. At RESOVON, we uphold this tradition by creating high-quality diamond jewelry like this bracelet that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, resulting in timeless pieces that exude elegance.

The custom bracelet features individual cut diamonds expertly blended with precious metals, creating a harmonious and captivating design. The combination creates a visually striking contrast, accentuating the brilliance of the diamonds and adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring

Another remarkable piece from our exquisite five-gem collection is the captivating emerald ring. With its timeless allure and rich green hue, the emerald has long been a beloved choice in high jewelry. The vibrant green color of emeralds lends a distinct and pronounced finish to any jewelry design.

At RESOVON, we celebrate the enduring popularity of emeralds by creating stunning personalized pieces that showcase the beauty and elegance of this remarkable gemstone. Our RESOVON emerald ring is a true embodiment of classic and elegant luxury.

Moonstone Earrings
Moonstone Earrings

The exquisite moonstone is one gemstone that truly makes a statement in our other gems collection. Renowned for its ethereal beauty and enchanting play of colors, our custom moonstone earrings are a captivating choice for those seeking a touch of whimsy and luxury.

At RESOVON, we take pride in crafting exceptional moonstone haute couture jewelry that stands out and adds a touch of finesse to any outfit. Our RESOVON custom moonstone drop earrings are designed to be versatile, complementing a wide range of fashion choices.

Opal Pendant
Opal Pendant

Opal, renowned for its captivating and highly customizable nature, is a gemstone that stands out in the luxury jewelry market. With its semi-transparent composition and remarkable play of colors, opal offers a mesmerizing visual experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

At RESOVON, we embrace the uniqueness of opal and incorporate it into our stunning opal pendant, creating a custom piece that effortlessly captivates anyone. The pendant is carefully crafted to highlight the unique characteristics of the opal, allowing its colors to shine through.

Ruby Necklace
Ruby Necklace

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our exquisite custom ruby necklace, a timeless bespoke piece from our esteemed five gems collection. This magnificent necklace radiates opulence, seamlessly blending the allure of ruby cuts with the luster of precious metals.

The design of our RESOVON ruby necklace is meticulously crafted to showcase the gemstone’s inherent beauty and allure. The ruby’s deep red color can transform any ensemble into a high-end fashion statement.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Haute Couture, RESOVON experts provide exclusive bespoke services for your luxury jewelry. Based on our decades of experience, we are skilled at jewelry designs, gem selection, silversmithing, and goldsmithing.We are your first choice in the high jewelry industry.

  • “We are a fine jewelry brand from the United States. Our company has cooperated with RESOVON for more than five years. Whether it is jewelry quality, delivery time, or service, they are China’s best high-end jewelry manufacturer.”

    David Raff, USA
  • “We got to know the RESOVON brand through its social media. We cooperated step by step based on similar fine jewelry concepts. Their professional high jewelry skills always surprise us. Sorry, can’t say our brand name because we don’t want competitors to find RESOVON.”

    An famous fine brand company in France
  • “I am an independent jewelry designer. I have worked with many jewelry factories, but only with RESOVON. They are always there when I need them most and provide the perfect solution. A thought popped into my head, ‘That’s right! That’s it.”

    Sophia, Australia
  • “RESOVON is a luxury jewelry manufacturer with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. Their selection of luxury jewelry is unmatched, and their bespoke services provide exclusive clients with one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly stunning.”

    - Theresa Haarmann, Germany
  • “RESOVON is an amazing jewelry brand with a fantastic selection of luxury jewelry. Their bespoke services are second to none, and their attention to detail is remarkable. Whenever I go to them for luxury jewelry pieces, they always exceed my expectations.”

    - Liv Hägglund, Sweden
  • “RESOVON is a jewelry factory like no other. I’m constantly amazed by their high jewelry bespoke services and the quality of the pieces they produce. The craftsmanship is superb, and the intricacy of the design is remarkable.”

    - Alice Wheelwright, Austria
Luxury Jewelry Gallery

Diamond Engagement Ring

Figure 1 Diamond Engagement Ring

What Is Luxury Jewelry

Luxury jewelry is extravagant custom jewelry crafted with the highest quality materials and bespoke by the finest hands. The craftsmanship of personalized jewelry is also a factor in defining luxury jewelry. Gemologists ensure the quality of gems, and goldsmiths expertly customize each piece of jewelry.


Luxury jewelry’s unique characteristics and craftsmanship set it apart from other custom jewelry. Careful inspection is part of ensuring the quality of luxury jewelry, which is predominantly sought-after by jewelers for private collections or wholesale businesses.

RESOVON’s Luxury Jewelry Factors

Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity Of The Gem

Every gem RESOVON uses in haute couture jewelry is ethically sourced by our supplier and studied by our gemologists. The four C’s of each gem are color, carat, cut, and clarity, and they all play a role in custom jewelry. Gemologists review each gem to ensure the quality of luxury jewelry.


Gemologists first notice gemstones’ color and clarity. An ideal gemstone for bespoke luxury jewelry is vivid in color and has fewer inclusions. The carat and cut of the gemstone depend on our clients’ high customization and personalization design.

Diamond-studded Emerald Earrings

Figure 2 Diamond-studded Emerald Earrings

Custom Metal In High Jewelry

Gold, platinum, and palladium are the three most popular metals in custom luxury jewelry. We work with a trusted supplier providing every metal RESOVON in high jewelry. Like our gems in haute couture jewelry, our metals undergo fine craftsmanship by talented goldsmiths.


Our bespoke luxury jewelry uses gems securely set in intricately designed custom metals. Our goldsmiths customize and personalize each metal using industry-standard tools. We are committed to carefully customizing precious metals to accommodate precious gems in bespoke luxury jewelry.

Diamond Rings

Figure 3 Diamond Rings

Why RESOVON Is The Best High Jewelry Manufacturer In China

With over ten years of experience in high jewelry personalization, RESOVON is China’s best manufacturer. We have experts in all fields of haute couture jewelry, and we continue to build relationships with reputable jewelers, couriers, and suppliers.

Experts In High Jewelry Personalization

As a renowned manufacturer in China, we collaborate with experts in the haute couture jewelry industry. RESOVON’s founders, Charles ZHAO and Ann KING, have a deep knowledge of high jewelry customization and years of experience.


As RESOVON’s founders, they have combined fashion and art to create high jewelry. By working with experts in high jewelry personalization, RESOVON consistently delivers quality worldwide. From our factory in China to anywhere in the world, we create bespoke jewelry of the highest quality.

Gold Earrings

Figure 4 Gold Earrings

Professional Jewelers Designing The Custom Luxury Jewelry

RESOVON works with professional jewelers to design custom luxury jewelry. Every bespoke piece of jewelry from our factory is designed by jewelry designers who took inspiration from French Luxury and American fashion.


Professional jewelry designers at RESOVON have studied multiple high jewelry styles ranging from classic and timeless designs to modern luxury. Our jewelry designers hand-draw custom luxury jewelry loved by wholesalers and private collectors.

Gemologists Reviewing The Gem

Figure 5 Gemologists Reviewing The Gem

Crafted By Highly Skilled Goldsmiths

Our factory in China has talented goldsmiths who work hard to create unique high-jewelry pieces. Our highly skilled goldsmiths use industry-standard tools to ensure each haute couture jewelry is carefully crafted.


Like many team members, our goldsmiths have years of experience in high-quality jewelry customization and personalization. To maintain the quality of our craftsmanship, our goldsmiths keep their skills polished by continuously attending jewelry craftsmanship training.

RESOVON Works With Reputable Suppliers and Couriers

RESOVON is committed to bettering nature. That is why our gems and metals in high-end jewelry are ethically sourced from a conflict-free environment. We work with capable suppliers who source high-quality materials to ensure we incorporate the best in luxury jewelry.


Like our suppliers, we partner with reliable couriers to deliver haute couture jewelry to our clients worldwide. Our couriers are world-renowned for delivering promptly, regardless of country or region. And every piece of bespoke luxury jewelry our courier delivers arrives in pristine condition.

High Jewelry Bespoke Services at RESOVON

Compared to other manufacturers, RESOVON offers high-quality jewelry bespoke services that not many manufacturers in China offer. Apart from the expert craftsmanship we deliver to our clients, we offer unique services. Our quality service is made possible by our experts in all fields of the jewelry industry.


Wholesalers can benefit from our experienced jewelers’ guidance through the luxury jewelry process. At RESOVON, we are dedicated to delivering high-end bespoke jewelry services worldwide, from design to crafting to delivery.

How Goldsmiths At RESOVON Customize Jewelry

The goldsmiths at RESOVON are highly skilled in luxury jewelry customization and personalization. We have talented goldsmiths who have studied and trained in every aspect of luxury jewelry craftsmanship. Our goldsmiths craft luxury jewelry using industry-standard tools at our high-end factory.

Ruby Earrings

Figure 6 Ruby Earrings

Soldering and Casting

RESOVON’s goldsmiths are experts in soldering and casting precious metals to customize and personalize luxury jewelry. The soldering and casting process in luxury jewelry craftsmanship involves special tools to ensure precise craftsmanship.


Our goldsmiths have trained to solder metals together carefully. On the other hand, the casting process involves creating a mold for the custom jewelry shape. At our factory in China, our goldsmiths are experts at soldering and casting metals to personalize and customize jewelry.


Part of our luxury jewelry pieces is well-placed and securely set gems. As a reliable manufacturer in China, RESOVON has artisans trained to carefully set precious gems in custom metal settings. The careful hands of our goldsmiths create a custom metal setting in which our artisans set the gem.


Our luxury jewelry pieces are delicately designed and well-crafted. The stone-setting process at RESOVON ensures our haute couture jewelry is high quality and durable. And we aim to maintain our intricate and delicate stone-setting process.

Gem Setting

Figure 7 Gem Setting


As a manufacturer, we use different ways of crafting unique luxury jewelry. Enameling is a traditional technique our goldsmiths use to customize and personalize jewelry. Our goldsmiths can incorporate the enameling method into any jewelry surface design.


The enameling process at RESOVON is vital in adding color and filling the gaps in custom jewelry. Our goldsmiths use fine powdered colored enamels and delicately apply them to the surface of bespoke jewelry. Jewelers and wholesalers can trust RESOVON to be masters at enameling.


The last crucial part of high jewelry personalization and customization is polishing. We at RESOVON understand the vital role of polishing in luxury jewelry. That is why our goldsmiths use various industry-standard tools and machines to remove uneven surfaces.


Our goldsmiths are experts in ensuring the surface of our luxury jewelry pieces is free of bumps and rustic surfaces. Polishing also helps enhance the shine of luxury jewelry. Every piece of haute couture jewelry from our factory is well-polished to maintain its high quality.

Jeweler Polishing The Gem-studded Ring

Figure 8 Jeweler Polishing The Gem-studded Ring

Top Custom Luxury Jewelry at RESOVON

RESOVON crafts luxury jewelry using popular and rare gems, which are perfect for high jewelry customization and personalization. We can create various custom jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Regardless of the design and type of luxury jewelry, RESOVON bespoke jewelry for our clients.

Emerald Necklace

Figure 9 Emerald Necklace

Chrysoberyl Charm

Chrysoberyl gems are rare and considered semi-precious gems used in haute couture jewelry. The gem has a Mohs rating of 8.5, which makes it ideal for customizing jewelry. With the various colors of chrysoberyl gems, jewelers have options for high-end jewelry pieces.


A custom chrysoberyl charm can attract the attention of jewelers who seek unique and rare luxury gem jewelry. RESOVON has experts in crafting luxury jewelry using rare gems like chrysoberyl. Our supplier can source the best chrysoberyl, and our goldsmiths can expertly craft chrysoberyl charms.

Chrysoberyl Gem

Figure 10 Chrysoberyl Gem

Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds are the hardest and most popular gem on earth. That is why most jewelers and wholesalers are drawn to bespoke diamond jewelry like diamond bracelets. RESOVON is a reliable supplier of high-quality diamonds that our goldsmiths incorporate in custom bracelets.


Regardless of the design, our goldsmiths are highly skilled in bespoke diamond bracelets. Our factory can produce bespoke diamond bracelets for our clients, handcrafted by talented goldsmiths and artisans.

Diamond-studded Bracelet

Figure 11 Diamond-studded Bracelet

Emerald Ring

Emerald rings are well-known in haute couture jewelry. The elegant green color of the gem adds a touch of personalization to many luxury jewelry. Many jewelers and wholesalers who seek luxury jewelry rings with colored gems opt for emerald rings.


For years, emerald rings have been a staple in bespoke engagement rings. The stone’s rich green color works exceptionally well on custom lighter metals and gems. We at RESOVON offer customization and personalization of luxury emerald rings.

Platinum Ring Set With Emerald And Diamonds

Figure 12 Platinum Ring Set With Emerald And Diamonds

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone gems come in unique colors, perfect for jewelry personalization. The gem also comes in varying sizes, which is ideal for jewelers seeking varying carats. At RESOVON, we offer expert craftsmanship for moonstones, particularly custom earrings.


Our goldsmiths expertly design and craft moonstone earrings that are stylish and functional. We carefully craft moonstone earrings to ensure our bespoke jewelry is properly made. Our goldsmiths work hard to guarantee that each moonstone earring will stay whole and not fall apart.

Moonstone Earrings

Figure 13 Moonstone Earrings

Opal Pendant

Opals are one of the most beautiful colored gems in the market. The distinctiveness of each opal is ideal for many custom jewelry designs, like pendants. The bespoke opal pendant from RESOVON underwent a careful production process that jewelers and wholesalers love.


Our goldsmiths are familiar with the unique characteristics of opals and carefully craft each gem into a custom pendant. Our luxury jewelry experts can design and bespoke opal pendants in any style our clients want.

Opal Pendant

Figure 14 Opal Pendant

Ruby Necklace

RESOVON’s ruby necklaces are made from the highest quality ruby and set on finely crafted custom metal. Our goldsmiths are experts in personalizing high jewelry and customizing popular gems like rubies.


Each ruby necklace our factory produces has been examined by gemologists and carefully crafted by artisans and goldsmiths. We are dedicated to crafting luxury ruby necklaces that jewelers and wholesalers worldwide love.

Ruby Necklace

Figure 15 Ruby Necklace

RESOVON Is A Luxury Jewelry Manufacturer

As a luxury jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON works with reliable people in the industry. Our suppliers, couriers, artisans, and jewelers have extensive knowledge of high-end jewelry customization. RESOVON’s team of experts makes us a leading luxury jewelry manufacturer.

Credible Founders of RESOVON

RESOVON was founded by Charles CHAO and Ann King and is equipped with high jewelry customization and personalization knowledge. Charles CHAO has an MBA in Luxury Brand Management, which enables him to build a reliable high-jewelry brand,

Ann KING has expertise in sales and over twenty years of cross-field sales experience. Our founders have built a team of experts that can successfully guide clients. Jewelers and wholesalers can relax knowing they are working with a reliable company built by credible founders.

Luxury Jewelry Educated Team

With the help of our experts, RESOVON can successfully deliver high-quality service and luxury jewelry pieces to our clients worldwide. We have a knowledgeable team in luxury jewelry to ensure we provide service to our clients, from design to delivery.

Our team has over ten years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry. This experience and education in luxury jewelry allow us to provide reliable service that not many manufacturers in China do. We are committed to delivering bespoke luxury jewelry services like no other worldwide.

What Are The Advantages Of RESOVON As A Luxury Jewelry Manufacturer?

RESOVON makes starting an heirloom collection or a wholesale jewelry business easy. As a successful luxury jewelry brand, our pieces undergo high-end production. We craft luxury jewelry with experts from custom design to reliable high jewelry bespoke services.

How Are Gems Chosen For Luxury Jewelry Customization?

RESOVON works with gemologists with over ten years of experience to review each gem our supplier provides. Our gemologists ensure that each gem in our high jewelry pieces is high quality. We at RESOVON do not cut corners regarding the quality of our gem.

How Does RESOVON Craft Luxury Jewelry?

Our factory employs a team of talented artisans and highly skilled goldsmiths. These artisans and goldsmiths have undergone training to develop their skills in handcrafting jewelry, which is why bespoke luxury jewelry from RESOVON is always top-notch.

Is Bespoke Luxury Jewelry More Expensive?

Bespoke luxury jewelry is considerably more expensive than mass-produced jewelry. Each haute couture jewelry we bespoke for our clients is intricately detailed and crafted. We consistently aim to deliver luxury jewelry to our clients that is unlike any other.

What Makes RESOVON Bespoke Jewelry a Good Investment?

Bespoke jewelry has the potential to be a wise financial investment due to its lasting sentimental worth, which can accrue over time. RESOVON makes high-quality jewelry with care, so its value can increase gradually.

What Makes RESOVON Craftsmanship the Best?

RESOVON’s custom jewelry is crafted from better-quality materials and with more careful details, making it last longer than mass-produced jewelry. Custom jewelry is also less likely to break or become damaged because it is made to fit the wearer’s exact measurements.

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