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  • Professional High Jewelry Artisan& Goldsmith
  • Luxury Gemologist With Decades of Experience
  • Fusion Of World Fashion And Fine Jewelry Aesthetics
  • Haute Couture Jewelry Master, Your First Choice

RESOVON Moonstone Jewelry

As a high jewelry brand, we know every gem is significant, and we want our wholesalers to know that. RESOVON also wants every luxury jewelry piece we create to be more than attractive. Our moonstone jewelry pieces have innovative designs that are also functional.

We always go beyond merely attractive bespoke jewelry. As a prestigious custom jewelry manufacturer in China, RESOVON has a magnificent collection of moonstones, each with its own special beauty and mystical qualities.

Moonstone is valued for its blue-to-white adularescence or billowy, moonlight-like shine. The more clear and colorless the body and the bluer the adularescence, the higher the value of the moonstone. We source moonstone only sustainably and ethically to create well-crafted moonstone jewelry.

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Moonstone Rings

Every piece of moonstone ring we have is created from raw, natural moonstones. We go to great lengths to ensure the authenticity of each gem. Our factory quality assurance ensures that every moonstone ring is untreated and chemical-free.

Moreover, at RESOVON, comfort and utility are highly valued. In all high- and haute-couture jewelry, we always put our clients’ wants and needs first.

As a result, your customers can wear them comfortably without any adverse reactions. We use a variety of precious metals to create our luxury jewelry. RESOVON only uses sustainable and recycled precious metals to maximize the usage of these resources. None of our jewelry contains nickel.

  • Antique Moonstone Ring
    Antique Moonstone Ring
  • Diamond Moonstone Ring
    Diamond Moonstone Ring
  • Fine Moonstone Ring
    Fine Moonstone Ring
  • Girl Moonstone Ring
    Girl Moonstone Ring
  • Luxury Moonstone Ring
    Luxury Moonstone Ring
  • Moonstone Gem Ring
    Moonstone Gem Ring
  • Moonstone Ring Band
    Moonstone Ring Band
  • Moonstone Ring
    Moonstone Ring
  • Women Moonstone Ring
    Women Moonstone Ring

Moonstone Earrings

Creating your personalized moonstone earrings requires meticulous crafting and design. Unlike other jewelers, we create moonstone earrings with care and use gemstones sourced ethically.

As a top-notch jewelry brand in China, we only use high-quality and sustainable materials to produce luxury jewelry. In turn, RESOVON artisans skilfully craft our custom moonstone earrings to highlight the gemstone’s innate beauty.

Being a respected jewelry company, our group inherited the history and skills of the royal goldsmith of ancient China. Making each moonstone earring a sight to behold.

  • Antique Moonstone Earrings
    Moonstone Earrings
  • Diamond Moonstone Earrings
    DIA Moonstone Earrings
  • Luxury Moonstone Earrings
    Luxury Moonstone Earrings
  • Moonstone Earrings Stud
    Moonstone Earrings Stud
  • Moonstone Earrings
    Moonstone Earrings
  • Moonstone Gem Earrings
    Moonstone Gem Earrings

Moonstone Necklace

Nothing could be prettier than having jewelry that magically catches your customers’ hearts! The distinctive sheen that shines on a moonstone’s surface sets it apart from other stones.

Moonstone may be used to make elegant and luxurious jewelry like our collection of necklaces. And with our high jewelry personalization process, we can craft amazing pieces from your design. What sets us apart from other jewelers is that every moonstone necklace has a lovely luster and flawless finish.

That’s why RESOVON is the top jewelry factory in China, and it provides excellent, real moonstone necklaces. You can rely on our stunning selection of moonstone necklaces to enhance your wholesale needs.

  • Diamond Moonstone Necklace
    DIA Moonstone Necklace
  • Gold Moonstone Necklace
    Gold Moonstone Necklace
  • Luxury Moonstone Necklace
    Luxury Moonstone Chain
  • Moonstone Gem Necklace
    Moonstone Gem Necklace
  • Moonstone Necklace
    Moonstone Necklace
  • Vintage Moonstone Necklace
    Vintage Moonstone Chain

Moonstone Bracelet

Moonstone has been revered as a representation of intuition since ancient times. It also has long been worn as a talisman of protection, particularly when traveling. That’s why the beautiful gemstone can be fashioned into a wide variety of jewelry styles, including bracelets.

Our moonstone bracelets will revamp your wholesale business and stand out among other wholesalers. Each jewelry piece we create with our high jewelry personalization process is beautiful and significant. Your customers will look ravishing with one of our moonstone bracelets.

We have created some distinctive moonstone bracelets to turn even the most basic outfits into something spectacular. And you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of our moonstones. Each moonstone gemstone has undergone testing by our factory gemologist and is 100% genuine.

  • Fine Moonstone Bracelet
    Fine Moonstone Bracelet
  • Gold Moonstone Bracelet
    Gold Moonstone Bracelet
  • Luxury Moonstone Bracelet
    Luxury Moonstone Bracelet
  • Moonstone Bracelet
    Moonstone Bracelet
  • Moonstone Bracelet Bead
    Moonstone Bracelet Bead
  • Moonstone Bracelet Charm
    Moonstone Bracelet Charm
  • Moonstone Gem Bracelet
    Moonstone Gem Bracelet
  • Women Moonstone Bracelet
    Moonstone Bracelet

Moonstone Brooch

Our bespoke moonstone brooches are so simple yet elegant that your customers will love to wear them on the most special occasions. Each custom moonstone brooch immediately gives any look an opulent touch, making the wearer feel complete and graceful.

The shine of the moonstones in our brooches is wonderful, with a tinge of the desired blue schiller. Moonston’s pearly and iridescent reflections let the wearer match it with any outfit in their wardrobe and radiate effortless beauty.

The regalness of our moonstone brooches is the result of our high jewelry bespoke services. Our clients can customize a brooch’s design according to their liking. Each of our moonstone brooches has undergone the RESOVON high jewelry personalization process, making each one-of-a-kind.

  • Antique Moonstone Brooch
    Antique Moonstone Brooch
  • Moonstone Brooch
    Moonstone Brooch
  • Luxury Moonstone Brooch
    Luxury Moonstone Brooch
  • Platinum Moonstone Brooch
    Moonstone Brooch
  • Vintage Moonstone Brooch
    Vintage Moonstone Brooch
  • Wedding Moonstone Brooch
    Moonstone Brooch

Moonstone Charm Pendant

RESOVON is a curator of luxury moonstone charm pendants. Moonstone may become a devoted companion, helping you through the darkest times of your life. It is also the gem for fresh starts, personal development, and inner power.

As a jewelry supplier, our stunning array of moonstone charm pendants comes in all shapes and sizes. Our charm pendants are the cornerstones of our jewelry brand and the basic element of your customers’ outfits for special occasions.

In fact, our moonstone charm pendants are crafted from premium gems far superior to other Chinese jewelers. We are the only Chinese jewelry brand that ethically and sustainably obtains premium genuine moonstones.

  • Fine Moonstone Charm
    Fine Moonstone Charm
  • Gold Moonstone Pendant
    Gold Moonstone Pendant
  • Moonstone Charm Jewelry
    Moonstone Charm Jewelry
  • Moonstone Charm
    Moonstone Charm
  • Moonstone Gem Pendant
    Moonstone Gem Pendant
  • Moonstone Pendant
    Moonstone Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON Moonstone Jewelry Bespoke Service

High Jewelry Consultation

RESOVON’s high jewelry bespoke services start off with a sit down with you and our design team. As a part of our high jewelry customization process, we want to emphasize the importance of our meeting with you.

Everything starts with your initial idea and the sketch our designers created to describe the pieces’ materials and overall concept. As a top-notch jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China, we’ll make your ideas come to life to the best of our capabilities.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Luxury Jewelry Designer

After the initial meeting, the first sketch will be improved by the RESOVON designers at our factory. To help us achieve our end goal, we will also gather your opinions to reach the final design.

Your custom high jewelry design is created by our design specialists using their discerning eyes and creative thoughts. The final design determines the overall direction for the high jewelry customization procedure and gives the moonstone jewelry piece a stunning appearance.

Moonstone Gemologist

RESOVON innovates its high jewelry personalization process by experimenting with new color schemes and shapes. Each stone is rigorously selected for its brilliance, size, and color.

Our factory gemologists use their acute eye and strong knowledge of the stone industry to explore new hues and shapes. As a result, our jewelry brand produces one-of-a-kind pieces with amazing brilliance no other jewelers in China can.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Moonstone Jewelry Artisan

Our team consists of detail-oriented individuals with diverse expertise, including polishers and goldsmiths. Once approved, our jewelry artisans in our factory will painstakingly put your moonstone jewelry collection together.

Each of our factory metalworkers (goldsmith and silversmith) is adept in metal forming. A jewelry collection made by our team often requires more than 200 hours of precise work for stunning and high-quality output.

Safty Package & Delivery

Safe packaging and shipping are additional steps in our high jewelry customization procedure. As a renowned jewelry brand in China, we believe that our jewelry packaging should exude elegance when it reaches our wholesalers.

As a luxury jewelry supplier in China, we offer delivery to your wholesale business regardless of the nation or area you’re in. We also offer effective logistics and distribution solutions for your customized luxury jewelry that other jewelers can’t offer.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Moonstone Jewelry Service

After your personalized moonstone jewelry collection is delivered, our high jewelry customization procedure doesn’t end. To ensure your RESOVON personalized moonstone pieces are of top quality, our after-sales service involves thoroughly inspecting the jewelry’s parts.

As one of our high jewelry bespoke services, our after-sales service comes at a reasonable cost. We provide you with refurbishing, repair, or restringing services. And if you have any questions about how to care for your haute couture jewelry in your store, don’t hesitate to contact us.

RESOVON Moonstone Jewelry Spotlights

Hard Enamel Process
High Jewelry Gem Setting
Jewelry Setting
High Jewelry Goldsmith

Hard Enamel Process

Our high jewelry customization process includes hard enamel. The enameling procedure can offer your moonstone jewelry can make up for the deficiencies of the gem for a sophisticated and modern look. Our professionals are highly adept with the procedure while ensuring a high-quality finish.

We’d want to allow you to design your own jewelry per the brand’s mission and vision. And with our high jewelry bespoke services, your journey is a tale you can only write. Personalized orders enable you to create one-of-a-kind designs that you can put on your wholesale business.

High Jewelry Goldsmith

Goldsmiths are essential to jewelers like RESOVON. And since establishing RESOVON in Hangzhou, China, we have continued the tradition and knowledge of royal goldsmithing. Our jewelry brand works with top-tier goldsmiths to produce gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, moonstone jewelry pieces.

The goldsmiths at our factory in China pay great attention to every tiny detail, from forming the metals to fastening our gems. Each piece is checked, ensuring that the moonstone jewelry pieces you receive are of the finest quality.

RESOVON Advantages In Moonstone Jewelry

High Jewelry Hand Drawing Education
Moonstone Jewelry Education

As an innovative jewelry brand, RESOVON knows your customers’ preferences are always changing. Additionally, equipped with the right jewelry education, our jewelry professionals have the edge over other jewelers in China.

Charles CHAO and Ann KING, our founders, lead the company’s creation and innovation process. The two achieved RESOVON’s objectives and worked toward the brand’s mission and vision.

Luxury Brand Management MBA
Luxury Brand Management MBA

We base our objectives on national and international norms as a leading manufacturer and supplier of exquisite jewelry in China. And Charles CHAO is leading the charge to accomplish these objectives.

With his Global Luxury Brand Management MBA from Sup de Luxe in Paris, Charles has paved the way for RESOVON to overtake other jewelers in China. Charles foresees the complex, internationally linked, and immensely diverse jewelry sector to plan ahead in the changing environment.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

RESOVON is known for its high jewelry bespoke services when crafting personalized cloisonne jewelry. We have perfected the technique, making us the only cloisonne jewelry manufacturer in China that creates intricate and unique designs. Our artisans only use raw materials of the highest quality.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Any jewelry supplier can attest to the aesthetic appeal of a piece of enamel jewelry. Because of its striking hues, peculiar luster, and attractiveness, enamel jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. With our high jewelry customization, RESOVON creates stunning enamel jewelry for any occasion.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Filigree jewelry is among the most genuine types of jewelry available. With our high jewelry personalization process, our factory in China creates stunning filigree jewelry. We typically use recycled or ethically-sourced precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Most of our wholesalers saw an increase in their customers’ wanting authentic gold carving jewelry. RESOVON took it as a challenge and offered gold carving jewelry to our wholesalers. Our goldsmiths use sophisticated tools and equipment to carve the required unique pattern meticulously.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

RESOVON, the top jewelry manufacturer in China, is renowned for its beautiful, high-end gemstone jewelry. Our jewelry features exquisite craftsmanship, valuable diamonds, and luxury pieces inspired by your designs.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Moonstone Jewelry Bespoke. RESOVON high jewelry specialists supply exclusive custom services for your high jewelry, such as the expertised jewelry design, the perfect selection of gemstones, etc. we can fulfill your high-end jewelry custom dreams.

  • “I recently got a lot of moonstone jewelry from RESOVON, and I absolutely love them! The craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry is truly remarkable. And don’t get me started with the intricate details and the high-quality finish they put on each piece of jewelry. The designs are breathtaking and make my customers feel like royalty. As one of many jewelry wholesalers, RESOVON makes the best moonstone high jewelry!”

    - Gigi Fournier, France
  • RESOVON has become my go-to moonstone high jewelry brand in China. Every piece I’ve bought for my wholesale business has been stunning. The quality is top-notch, the stones are gorgeous, and their designs are timeless. It’s no wonder RESOVON is known as the best in the business! I can’t wait for my next bulk purchase!

    - Destiny Simmons, USA
  • RESOVON’s bespoke moonstone pieces are stunning. I have purchased multiple jewelry pieces from them, and the intricate designs and quality craftsmanship have blown away my customers. Every piece is unique and sure to become a conversation starter. RESOVON also offers top-notch high jewelry customization so that I can make my own designs in their factory. RESOVON truly offers the best moonstone high jewelry in the market!

    - Bridget Byrne, Ireland
Moonstone Jewelry Gallery

Moonstone Ring
Figure 1 Moonstone Ring

What is a RESOVON Moonstone Jewelry?

RESOVON fine jewelry is classic pieces crafted with gold, silver, and precious gems. Our fine jewelry in our China factory is highly distinctive due to its wide range of colors, including white, silver, green, pink, peach, blue, and rainbow shades. Also, our best goldsmiths with solid experience and extraordinary talent craft every personalized moonstone jewelry piece from RESOVON.


Moonstone is part of the feldspar family, a group of gems with desirable adularescence quality. RESOVON factory moonstones are highly versatile and romantic, suiting various jewelry types, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. Also, the RESOVON supplier creates exceptional and durable high jewelry, making it perfect to wear at any time and on any special occasion.

RESOVON Moonstone Meaning & Symbolism


Figure 2 Moonstone

Throughout history and various cultures, different symbolic meanings and moonstones have connections. Here are some commonly interpreted symbolism of jewelry moonstones:


Ancient Greeks called the moonstone “Aphroselene,” a combination of Aphrodite and Selene, the goddess of love and the moon, respectively. With its magical glow and sparkle, the moonstone has become one of the famous stones associated with love. The RESOVON moonstone jewelry in our factory is often a gift to express romantic feelings, celebrate anniversaries, or even engagement rings.


Because of its beautiful appearance, mysterious glow, magic, and supernatural associated moonstone, the moonstone gemstone appeared as a magical stone in a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries. In many cultures, the moonstone protects the person who wears it, especially during change or transition. You can decide your jewelry stone’s look with our high jewelry customization services.

Feminine Energy

Moonstone has captured the hearts of many jewelry enthusiasts, primarily women. Since it’s associated with the goddesses in various mythologies, moonstone is known as a representation of the yin or feminine energy. Show off your feminine power by engaging in our high-end jewelry bespoke services.

Healing & Balance

The moonstone’s many symbolisms remind people that life consists of endless cycles, like the ever-changing moon. Humans all feel overwhelmed by certain emotions at certain times; personalized RESOVON moonstone jewelry in our factory can help fight dark feelings and find balance.


Also known to enhance intuition and promote peace of mind, the moonstone gem is famous for meditation and other healing activities.

The Different Moonstone Meaning by Color

Gemstone Colors

Figure 3 Gemstone Colors

From colorless to various colors, RESOVON moonstones come in multiple colors, each with a different meaning and symbolism. We also offer high jewelry personalization depending on your interests and style. Here are the different moonstone meanings by color:

White Moonstone

Due to their different inner layers of minerals, moonstones have an internal adularescence appearance. White moonstone shows a soft, watery, and silvery-white reflection. Because of its luminosity and simple and elegant shade, white moonstone is considered a favorite material in gold and silver jewelry.


With its gentle and calming energy, which relieves emotional distress and encourages inner growth, the white moonstone jewelry is the color that enhances spiritual connection and supernatural abilities.

Silver Moonstone

Also known as the “Stone of the New Moon,” silver moonstone carries the secrets and powers of each new lunar cycle. Its silver-grey color brings a sense of calmness and confidence. A silver moonstone in China arouses the intuitive control and energy of the full moon, which helps ease any frustration.


In recent years, people have used the silver moonstone gem to treat insomnia by placing it under a pillow or as a moonstone charm necklace. They believe the stone helps deliver a deep sleep and prevents sleepwalking, curing insomnia.

Rainbow Moonstone

Seeing the bright and cheery colors all at once made the rainbow moonstone a soothing stone. It relates to emotions and your current mental state, protecting anyone wearing it from negative influences. The rainbow moonstone displays various colors, including blue, yellow, pink, and green, which people associate with chakras, bringing a sense of calmness and peace.

Blue Moonstone

As the calmest of all colors, blue moonstone promotes clarity and insight. Its primary significance relies on its healing energy, which nourishes, heals, and instills wholeness. Blue moonstone is also known to balance hormones and eliminate fluid retention. As a high-jewelry personalization manufacturer, we have a blue moonstone that you can customize depending on your style.

Peach Moonstone

The peach moonstone shade usually ranges from brown to light peach. With its soft and vibrant hue, a peach moonstone helps anyone wearing it as a moonstone ring design rekindle their passion for what makes them happy. This gemstone stimulates the mind, fights anxiety, supports what the heart wants, and brings out the best in people.

Green Moonstone

This moonstone color may not be as famous as blue or rainbow, but it’s lovely high jewelry overall. The green moonstone usually appears slightly white or transparent with a pale green-yellow color. However, looking down from a distance, one can see a glow from the inside.

Pink Moonstone

The pink moonstone shade ranges from beige to peach to honey. This bespoke stone is generally strongly associated with the power of the Divine Feminine and with sensuality, love, and fertility.

Moonstone Colors

Figure 4 Moonstone Colors

Moonstone Quality Factors: The 4Cs

Regardless of whether buyers prefer a personalized or ready-to-order haute couture jewelry moonstone, it’s essential to know the key factors to look for. When considering moonstone jewelry, here are a few factors to look for before buying:


Opaline Moonstone

Figure 5 Opaline Moonstone

Throughout the long history of moonstones, people have agreed on the top quality they should have: a colorless semi-transparent appearance and a vivid blue luster known as a blue sheen.


When shopping for one, look for the cleanest and most haute couture jewelry moonstone possible, which indicates the most vital and valuable gem. Nowadays, moonstone jewelry, gold, and others come in different colors.


Moonstones come in various sizes and carat weights. A high-quality moonstone with larger-sized diamonds, such as a large moonstone ring, is becoming rare. Jewelers often prefer 1 to 5 carats, which are readily available for jeweler design. Larger and transparent stones that go up to 15 to 20 carats are scarce, making them high in value.


Regarding clarity, moonstones can have tiny cracks that interfere with the adularescence. Transparent moonstones have the highest prices – the more precise the stone, the higher the value. Remember that a good moonstone should be as transparent and free of cracks as possible when shopping for one.


Moonstone Cut

Figure 6 Moonstone Cut

Moonstones come in different cuts, but the most common cutting style is the cabochon, which displays the moonstone’s stunning colors. Cabochons are mostly oval, but jewelry cutters often cut them in exciting and unique shapes for haute couture jewelry.

Which RESOVON Jewelry with Moonstone Fits You Best?

Moonstone  Jewelry Earrings

Moonstone Earrings

Figure 7 Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone haute couture jewelry earrings match any occasion—from casual to extravagant parties. Like pearl stones, they add a touch of class to any outfit. A long, beautiful moonstone earring, no doubt, completes any style.

Moonstone Pendants

Moonstone Pendant

Figure 8 Moonstone Pendant

Although blue moonstone is often the most popular choice for pendants, other moonstone colors are just as stunning and make anyone who wears them stand out. Our moonstone crystal jewelry pendant matches well with shiny earrings, making the two pieces the perfect eye-catching combination.

Moonstone Bracelets

Moonstone Bracelet

Figure 9 Moonstone Bracelet

Genuine moonstone bracelets come in various designs, from tiny moonstone beads to a large moonstone centerpiece. RESOVON moonstone bracelets go exceptionally well with casual and formal styles and complete any moonstone jewelry set.

Moonstone Jewelry Rings

Moonstone Ring

Figure 10 Moonstone Ring

Moonstone engagement rings, with their various settings and styles, have grown popular over the last few years. Wearing our handcrafted moonstone ring improves emotional balance and aligns your chakra, which grants calmness.

You can have it in different styles, such as:

  • Rainbow moonstone ring with diamonds
  • Moonstone ring gold
  • Transparent moonstone ring
  • Purple moonstone ring
  • Moonstone ring rose gold
  • Cats-eye moonstone ring
  • Moonstone ring white gold

Moonstone Jewelry Necklace

Moonstone Necklace

Figure 11 Moonstone Necklace


Our talented jewelers handcrafted this haute couture jewelry necklace with sophistication, love, and care in mind. RESOVON bespoke moonstone necklace showers you with confidence and guarantees to captivate the people around you. Different necklace designs are the following:

  • Blue moonstone necklace
  • Black moonstone necklace
  • White moonstone drop pendant necklace
  • Orange moonstone pendant necklace
  • Grey moonstone pendant necklace
  • Orange moonstone pendant
  • Moonstone pendant gold
  • Moonstone white and gold bead necklace
  • Moonstone necklace gold

6 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your RESOVON Moonstone Jewelry

Losing jewelry is a prevalent scenario that happens almost every day – from sliding down drain pipes to accidentally flinging off, the opportunities for damaging your jewelry are endless. Keeping your jewelry safe during warmer weather can be challenging as you continue your daily hustles and activities.

Blue Moonstone Ring

Figure 12 Blue Moonstone Ring

To ensure your RESOVON moonstone jewelry is safe, here are six safety tips to avoid damaging your piece from your favorite supplier.

1. Know When to Remove your Jewelry

Various activities may capture your attention and make you forget about your jewelry, so you must know when to remove them. Here are some of the recommended tips from our top factory in China on when to take them off:

  • Before swimming and challenging activities
  • In cold water
  • In direct sunlight
  • Before applying sunscreen or bug spray
  • Before playing in the sand or gardening
  • Before going into the hot tub or swimming pool

2. Clean Your Moonstone Jewelry Regularly

Your body oils and sweat can wear off the shine of your jewelry, so cleaning your moonstone jewelry after tiring activities is essential.

3. Store it in a Clean, Dry Spot

Don’t just remove your jewelry and put it on the nearest surface. It’s a must to store your jewelry pieces in a fiber-lined jewelry storage or a compartment box. Investing in a safe jewelry storage box is a good idea if you own more than one piece.

Jewelry Box

Figure 13 Jewelry Box

4. Watch for Warning Signs of Vulnerabilities

Consider slight warnings, such as loose stones in your custom moonstone ring, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Generally, these are signs that your jewelry is about to break.

5. Visit Your Jewelry Manufacturer for a Checkup

Don’t wait for your moonstone jewelry to break before taking it to your goldsmith. Schedule regular check-ups with a china supplier like RESOVON to ensure your ring, necklace, bracelet, or pendants are in good shape. Here at RESOVON, we will deep clean your pieces and give back their brilliant shine!

6. Get Your Moonstone Jewelry Insured

It might sound like a hassle to pay another couple of bucks, but getting your jewelry insured is essential. This way, knowing that your jewelry is protected, you’ll have peace of mind regardless of your activities and adventures.

What is RESOVON Moonstone Jewelry Made of?

White Moonstone Ring

Figure 14 White Moonstone Ring

RESOVON’s exquisite moonstone consists of Albite and Orthoclase, two elements from the feldspar mineral category. The stone is famous for carving into stunning jewelry pieces or decorative elements. Here at RESOVON, we only get our products from top-notch suppliers to ensure our clients receive the best quality.

How Do You Clean Moonstone Jewelry?

White Moonstone Earring

Figure 15 White Moonstone Earring

Like most gemstones, moonstones are precious and delicate and need proper care. When you use your jewelry daily, you must know how to clean it to maintain its durability. Here are some of the cleaning processes you can use:

  • Use warm soapy water or non-acid-based jewelry cleaner
  • Soak your moonstone jewelry in the cleaning mixture for 2-5 minutes
  • Wash your moonstone in a nearby stream or ocean
  • Submerge your jewelry in salt water overnight and rinse it in cool running water
  • Burn a smudge stick or use incense and hold your moonstone in the smoke for 30 seconds
Why is RESOVON’s Customized Jewelry Popular?

Customized jewelry like moonstones allows you to choose how much you’ll spend on custom jewelry. A custom design enables you to have a unique piece with a comfortable amount of money. Regardless of the type of jewelry, you can select a design to showcase your personality and distinct character.

What is RESOVON’s Custom Jewelry Process?

RESOVON creates custom jewelry as per our client’s request. Here are the four basic processes that lead to your personalized jewelry request:

  1. Consultation: Our team will meet with clients to discuss the details of the requested custom jewelry in terms of style, materials, and design.
  2. Drafting: The talented designers at RESOVON will create a few drafts and let you choose one based on your preferred design.
  3. Details: After choosing a draft, our CAD machine will help you visualize your design.
  4. Crafting: We will produce a wax model of all the elements our clients requested to help them visualize the design.
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