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  • Professional High Jewelry Artisan& Goldsmith
  • Five Gemstone Haute Couture Necklace
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  • Chrysoberyl Necklace
  • Emerald Necklace
  • Ruby Necklace
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Sapphire Necklace
  • Chrysoberyl Necklace
  • Emerald Necklace
  • Ruby Necklace
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Sapphire Necklace

Five Gem High Necklace Jewelry Bespoke Master

As a leading high jeweler expert, RESOVON obtains a professional supply chain to fulfill the five gemstone necklace bespoke service.

  • Famous Gem Mine Direct Procurement
  • High Jewelry Necklace Customization
  • Gemological Association Authoritative Certificates
  • Jewelry Designer Exclusive Bespoke Service
  • Experienced Jewelry Craftsman Jewelry Setting
  • Traditional Skill, Luxury Brand, Heirloom Collection

What Is High Jewelry Necklace

A necklace is a type of high-end jewelry typically worn around the neck. The full origin of these human artifacts is unknown, although they have existed since the Paleolithic period. Modern necklaces are composed of expensive precious metals and frequently have gemstone embellishments.

RESOVON’s high-quality bespoke necklaces showcase the artistic craftsmanship of highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths. We aim to deliver high-quality bespoke services to create high-quality necklaces for our clients worldwide. RESOVON works hard to craft fine-quality bespoke necklaces.

Without a doubt, we at RESOVON can meet your jewelry needs. Every fine detail counts in high jewelry personalization and customization. So, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our high jewelry necklaces. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Ruby Necklace

Arguably, the most popular red gem in the world of haute couture jewelry is the ruby. The fiery red color of a high-jewelry ruby necklace exudes sensuality in custom jewelry. Jewelers fawn over the color and consistency of rubies, which is why custom jewelry ruby necklaces are sought-after.

Most high jewelry collectors and wholesalers mix and match rubies with other precious gems and metals. A ruby typically works well on a custom gold pendant personalized with diamonds. The brilliance of diamonds complements the deep red color of ruby, perfect for a bespoke high jewelry necklace.

RESOVON is an expert custom jewelry manufacturer offering high-quality bespoke services beyond design and production. We use the finest gems ethically sourced by our trusted supplier in China. Our partner supplier is an expert in gem procurement direct from conflict-free mines.

  • Antique Ruby Necklace
    Antique Ruby Necklace
  • Art Ruby Necklace
    Art Ruby Necklace
  • Bridal Ruby Necklace
    Bridal Ruby Necklace
  • Diamond Ruby Necklace
    Diamond Ruby Necklace
  • Luxury Ruby Necklace
    Luxury Ruby Necklace
  • Platinum Ruby Necklace
    Platinum Ruby Necklace
  • Ruby Fine Necklace
    Ruby Fine Necklace
  • Wedding Ruby Necklace
    Wedding Ruby Necklace

Sapphire Necklace

The sapphire gem is world-renowned for its rich blue color, although it is also available in various colors for personalization. Haute couture jewelry featuring the unique sapphire gem has long been associated with royals. The rich-colored gem adds personalization to custom necklaces.

Perhaps the most famous high jewelry sapphire necklace design features a deep blue sapphire set in a custom platinum chain. Jewelers often incorporate smaller diamonds into bespoke necklaces to highlight the sapphire gem even more. High-jewelry sapphire always works well with light-colored custom jewelry.

As a trusted bespoke jewelry manufacturer, we offer high-quality necklace customization that rivals other factories. Our jewelers have over ten years of experience in the high-end jewelry industry, which allows us to craft each necklace finely.

  • Antique Sapphire Necklace
    Antique Sapphire Necklace
  • Art Sapphire Necklace
    Art Sapphire Necklace
  • Bridal Sapphire Necklace
    Bridal Sapphire Necklace
  • Diamond Sapphire Necklace
    DMD Sapphire Necklace
  • Fine Sapphire Necklace
    Fine Sapphire Necklace
  • Luxury Sapphire Necklace
    Luxury Sapphire Necklace
  • Pink Sapphire Necklace
    Pink Sapphire Necklace
  • Sapphire Gem Necklace
    Sapphire Gem Necklace
  • Sapphire Necklace Jewelry
    Sapphire Necklace Jewelry
  • Wedding Sapphire Necklace
    Wedding Sapphire Chain

Emerald Necklace

Emeralds are among the four highly sought-after gems for jewelry customization and personalization. The emerald’s natural, evenly distributed green color is perfect for high jewelry necklaces. A custom emerald gem adds a touch of color to bespoke jewelry where color may be lacking.

High-jewelry emerald necklaces can properly balance simple and extravagant haute couture jewelry pieces. Emerald necklaces work well with diamonds in the world of high jewelry. An emerald necklace can shine more when contrasted and personalized with diamonds.

Private collectors and wholesalers can rest assured that each gem in our haute couture jewelry uses fine quality gems. We have gemologists, experts in gem quality, who verify the authenticity of each gem. And every gem in our high jewelry necklaces has certificates to back their authenticity.

  • Antique Emerald Necklace
    Antique Emerald Necklace
  • Bridal Emerald Necklace
    Bridal Emerald Necklace
  • Diamond Emerald Necklace
    DIA Emerald Necklace
  • Emerald Gem Necklace
    Emerald Gem Necklace
  • Emerald Women Necklace
    Emerald Women Necklace
  • Fine Emerald Necklace
    Fine Emerald Necklace
  • Luxury Emerald Necklace
    Luxury Emerald Necklace
  • Platinum Emerald Necklace
    Platinum Emerald Necklace
  • Wedding Emerald Necklace
    Wedding Emerald Jewelry

Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are the hardest gem known on earth and are the most in-demand in haute couture jewelry. Bespoke diamond jewelry has been and will always be a staple in haute couture jewelry. Diamonds’ unique clarity and brilliance offer flexibility for high jewelry personalization and customization.

Because diamonds are durable, custom jewelry, like a diamond necklace, lasts a long time. Since diamonds are colorless, jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers often personalize a diamond necklace with colorful, precious gems.

RESOVON continues to work with incredible talents to deliver unmatched bespoke high-end jewelry service to all. Part of our team is professional high-end jewelry designers. Our jewelry designers hand-draw each custom necklace exclusively for our clients, with designs inspired by the past, present, and future.

  • Antique Diamond Necklace
    Antique DIA Necklace
  • Art Diamond Necklace
    Art Diamond Necklace
  • Bridal Diamond Necklace
    Bridal Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Necklace Jewelry
    Diamond Necklace Jewelry
  • Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Necklace
  • Luxury Diamond Necklace
    Luxury Diamond Necklace
  • Wedding Diamond Necklace
    Wedding DIA Necklace
  • Yellow Diamond Necklace
    Yellow Diamond Necklace

Other Gem Necklaces

As a trusted manufacturer, RESOVON crafts high jewelry necklaces customized with rare and known gems. Our factory produces high-jewelry necklaces using industry-standard tools and materials. We work with reliable suppliers, gemologists, jewelers, and goldsmiths to deliver quality service worldwide.

Every high-jewelry necklace we produce has resulted from a collaborative effort from valued high-jewelry enthusiasts. RESOVON is committed to handcrafted bespoke necklaces for our clients. We will continue to be a trusted high-jewelry manufacturer using high-quality gems.

Careful hands and attention to detail are essential in creating high-end jewelry necklaces. Our goldsmiths have exquisite craftsmanship; every fine detail counts in high-end jewelry personalization and customization. Each custom gem necklace we create fits the high-end global standard.

  • Chrysoberyl Necklace
    Chrysoberyl Necklace
  • Citrine Necklace
    Citrine Necklace
  • Garnet Necklace
    Garnet Necklace
  • Iolite Necklace
    Iolite Necklace
  • Kyanite Necklace
    Kyanite Necklace
  • Moonstone Necklace
    Moonstone Necklace
  • Morganite Necklace
    Morganite Necklace
  • Opal Necklace
    Opal Necklace
  • Pearl Necklace
    Pearl Necklace
  • Peridot Necklace
    Peridot Necklace
  • Spinel Necklace
    Spinel Necklace
  • Sunstone Necklace
    Sunstone Necklace
  • Tanzanite Necklace
    Tanzanite Necklace
  • Topaz Necklace
    Topaz Necklace
  • Tourmaline Necklace
    Tourmaline Necklace
  • Tsavorite Necklace
    Tsavorite Necklace
  • Turquoise Necklace
    Turquoise Necklace

Gemstone Certifications

AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
Gubelin Certification
Gubelin Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification

RESOVON High Necklace Custom Process

Necklace Custom Consult

RESOVON offers more than just high-end necklaces. We push the level of our service to all. We offer bespoke high-end jewelry services to our clients that no other manufacturer can match. Our high-end service starts with a consultation about high-end necklace production.

Our expert jewelers will guide clients and answer questions about high jewelry necklaces. Wholesalers can benefit from the expert advice and guidance our jewelers will provide. This consultation can help lay out the plan and set expectations for our clients’ high jewelry necklaces.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Necklace Jewelry Designer

After consulting with expert jewelers, our professional haute couture necklace designer can begin working on the custom jewelry design. RESOVON works with talented haute couture jewelry designers to develop haute couture necklace designs under the guidance of jewelers and our clients.

High jewelry designers at RESOVON studied French luxury style and American fashion to create high jewelry designs inspired by classic and modern times. Our high jewelry designer hand-draws each custom jewelry necklace design to provide visualization of the high jewelry necklace.

Jewelry Gemologist

RESOVON’s clients can rest assured that each gem in our haute couture jewelry necklaces is certified fine-quality. We have a gemologist who studies each precious gem we use in custom necklaces to maintain our high-quality standard as a manufacturer of high-quality jewelry.

Our gemologist will pick the best quality gem based on our client-approved design. We work with gemologists with a proven track record in the high jewelry industry. Every gemologist and jeweler can verify that each gem in our custom necklaces meets the industry standard.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

High Necklace Artisan

As a leading manufacturer of high jewelry, RESOVON can craft high jewelry necklaces with the help of highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths. The haute couture jewelry from our factory is finely crafted by the careful hands of our artisans.

Our factory’s high jewelry necklace is handcrafted by talented artisans who have studied crafting haute couture jewelry. Years of experience in high jewelry customization and personalization have polished the skills of our goldsmiths and artisans.

Safty Package & Delivery

RESOVON is dedicated to giving quality, high-quality, bespoke services to our clients worldwide. We are committed to the timely delivery of custom necklaces in pristine condition. Every haute couture jewelry necklace we craft is packed in luxurious packaging that uses eco-friendly materials.

We are passionate about nature, which is why we work with renowned couriers who share our values. Our partner couriers also use environmentally friendly custom packaging and provide logistics to ensure every bespoke necklace reaches its destination on time.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Necklace Jewelry Service

RESOVON offers bespoke services for high-end jewelry that go beyond what other manufacturers offer. We are committed to building professional relationships with our clients even after delivery, and we offer after-sale services for our clients’ high-end necklaces.

Our team of expert jewelers can guide you in maintaining and repairing bespoke necklaces. Wholesalers can benefit from our high jewelry necklace service, which other manufacturers do not offer. RESOVON offers high jewelry bespoke service from production to aftersale care.

RESOVON Your High Jewelry Bespoke Master

High Jewelry Goldsmith
High Jewelry Gem Setting
RESOVON High Jewelry Building
RESOVON High Jewelry Model

High Jewelry Goldsmith

Highly skilled goldsmiths expertly craft haute couture jewelry necklaces from RESOVON. Our China factory produces high-quality jewelry necklaces from precious metals that are customized with brilliant gems that our supplier ethically sources.

Talented artisans and goldsmiths carefully bespoke each piece of jewelry using fine metals and gems, such as our custom necklaces. RESOVON’s goldsmiths are equipped with industry knowledge of high jewelry craftsmanship. We work hard to ensure every necklace from our factory is bespoke for our clients.

High Jewelry Gem Setting

When it comes to high-end gem settings, RESOVON has artisans trained to expertly set each gem into custom jewelry. Our artisans and goldsmiths are highly skilled in high-end settings and ensure every gem is securely set.

Haute couture necklaces by RESOVON are well-designed and well-crafted to keep each gem and intricate detail in place. Our high jewelry necklaces, customized and personalized with gems, are carefully set on custom jewelry to meet high jewelry.

RESOVON Advantages In Necklace Jewelry

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

Charles CHAO, RESOVON’s co-founder, attained his Luxury Brand Management MBA at a private business school in France. As a founder of a reputable high jewelry company, Charles shared his knowledge and built a team of experts in the jewelry industry.

RESOVON continues to provide unmatched high-end jewelry bespoke services to jewelers and wholesalers. We’ll consistently deliver quality service worldwide.

High Jewelry Hand Drawing Education
High Jewelry Hand Drawing Education

RESOVON’s jewelry designers have studied incorporating innovative designs into high-jewelry customization and personalization. Our high jewelry designers can professionally hand-draw custom necklaces inspired by traditional Chinese high jewelry craftsmanship.

Haute couture jewelry, like high-end necklaces, starts with the expert hand-drawn design of our talented jewelry designers. We continue to design and customize timeless high-end necklaces.

RESOVON Necklace Bespokes

Ruby Necklace
Ruby Necklace

RESOVON understands the value of high-quality rubies, so naturally, our high-jewelry ruby necklaces feature fine-quality rubies. Gemologists carefully study the quality of our ruby gems with years of experience. Every custom jewelry ruby necklace from our factory has been carefully inspected.

The ruby we use in high jewelry customization and personalization showcases the uniqueness of the gem. And our goldsmiths are equipped with the skills to craft custom ruby necklaces carefully. This is how we craft high-jewelry ruby necklaces that meet the industry’s and our client’s standards.

Emerald Necklace
Emerald Necklace

High-jewelry emerald necklaces are popular for their simple elegance. RESOVON’s team of experts in high-jewelry customization and personalization of emeralds makes this possible. Our jewelers have industry knowledge regarding custom emerald jewelry.

RESOVON’s factory in China uses ethically sourced high-quality emeralds for our high jewelry necklaces. Our goldsmiths and jewelers work together to craft our clients’ best high-jewelry emerald necklaces. Each emerald necklace is handcrafted and bespoke with the highest quality service.

Sapphire Necklace
Sapphire Necklace

Sapphires are the second hardest gems in the world, ideal for haute couture jewelry. At RESOVON, we are committed to crafting every high-jewelry necklace to last long. Our gemologists work with suppliers to source fine-quality sapphires for customization and personalization.

We at RESOVON have expert goldsmiths who can carefully craft high-jewelry sapphire necklaces with high standards. Our team of jewelers has a wide knowledge of all things high jewelry sapphire. That is why each custom sapphire necklace we produce meets high jewelry industry standards.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End Necklace Jewelry

RESOVON is an expertised high jewelry manufacturing brand. Our advantages are Chinese traditional jewelry craftsmanship, European luxury brand operation education, and New York global fashion trends. Born For You High-end Jewelry.

  • “RESOVON offers high-quality jewelry pieces unlike any other. The detail in each piece of haute couture jewelry I have is intricate and brilliantly done. I love how each piece of jewelry is bespoke for me and expertly crafted, evident in how each gem is securely set.”

    - Jean Blanc, France
  • “My collection of haute couture jewelry is all made by RESOVON. I admire the work they put into crafting my high jewelry pieces. The design of every custom jewelry piece I have has exceeded my expectations. And I deeply appreciate the prompt delivery they did as well.”

    - Alexia Madrigal, Spain
  • “RESOVON has made every custom jewelry I have in my collection. They have the best customer service in high jewelry I have ever experienced. All are experts and have guided me throughout their jewelry production. Their design team has walked me through their jewelry customization and personalization process.”

    - Louise Grant, Ireland
Ruby Necklaces Gallery
Sapphire Necklaces Gallery
Emerald Necklaces Gallery

Diamond-studded Yellow Topaz Necklace

Figure 1 Diamond-studded Yellow Topaz Necklace

RESOVON High Jewelry Necklace

RESOVON has over ten years of experience in the high jewelry industry, making us a reliable manufacturer of haute couture jewelry. We offer high jewelry bespoke services, from designing custom necklaces to crafting bespoke pieces.

Our factory in China uses ethically-sourced materials from our supplier, and our highly-skilled goldsmiths finely craft bespoke pieces. The finest hands make RESOVON necklaces bespoke for you. And we aim to deliver haute couture jewelry wherever in the world continuously.

RESOVON High Jewelry Necklace Custom Process

RESOVON has gathered significant knowledge in the high jewelry industry for over ten years. As an expert manufacturer in China, we offer high jewelry bespoke services perfect for wholesalers. We aim to consistently deliver bespoke services from planning to delivery of custom pieces anywhere in the world.

Diamond-studded Blue Topaz Necklace

Figure 2 Diamond-studded Blue Topaz Necklace

Consultation For Bespoke Necklace

RESOVON high jewelry necklace custom process starts with a consultation between our jeweler and client. Consultation with experts is needed to understand better what kind of haute couture jewelry our client wants for their collection or wholesale business.

Designing High Jewelry Necklace

After consulting expert jewelers, we have talented high jewelry designers who can plan the perfect custom piece. Each bespoke necklace starts with a drawing to visualize the final high jewelry piece better. Our jewelry designers specialize in high-end designs of haute couture jewelry.

Sourcing Gems For Custom Necklace

RESOVON is committed to promoting the environment, which is why our high jewelry materials are ethically sourced. We work with suppliers of ethically-sourced and conflict-free high jewelry gems for our haute couture jewelry. Our supplier sources metals and gems without harming the environment.

Artisans Crafting for High Jewelry Necklace

Highly-skilled hands of artisans and goldsmiths carefully craft each haute couture jewelry from our factory. Our custom necklaces are finely crafted with great attention to detail. Whether it is a classic custom piece or a high-end gem-studded high jewelry, RESOVON is the perfect manufacturer.

Quality-Sourced Materials for Custom Necklaces By RESOVON Goldsmiths

RESOVON is the best manufacturer in China, with over ten years of expert experience in high jewelry. We collaborate with trusted suppliers and couriers, talented goldsmiths, and expert jewelers to ensure that every customized piece is high quality.

Highly skilled goldsmiths at RESOVON expertly use metals in custom necklaces. Our goldsmiths can craft haute couture jewelry with metals ethically sourced by our supplier. The metals in our high jewelry necklaces are high quality to customize haute couture jewelry.

Gold Necklace With Gemstones

Figure 3 Gold Necklace With Gemstones


Although silver is valued less than gold or platinum, its unique shine makes it preferable for collectors and wholesalers. The unique shine of RESOVON silver is perfect for high jewelry personalization. Our trusted supplier provides every silver metal we use for high jewelry customization and personalization.

Silver Pendant With Garnet Gem

Figure 4 Silver Pendant With Garnet Gem


All gold jewelry in the wholesale industry is made from gold alloy since gold is too soft if not alloyed with other metals. Some jewelers in the high jewelry industry sell 22-karat gold haute couture jewelry with 91.6% gold. 24-karat gold haute couture jewelry that contains 99.9% gold and more is rare.

Gold Pendant Pearl

Figure 5 Gold Pendant Pearl


Platinum is valued higher than gold in the high jewelry industry since it is more durable and has a higher purity. Unlike other metals, platinum has fewer added metals, making it a more favored material in haute couture jewelry.

High-quality platinum from RESOVON has the highest resistance to scratching, which makes it perfect for high jewelry customization. The hardness and higher density of platinum in high jewelry customization prove to be more durable than other metals.

Three-diamond Stone Platinum Necklace

Figure 6 Three-diamond Stone Platinum Necklace

Necklace Length

Haute couture jewelry necklaces come in various lengths. As a reliable manufacturer in China, RESOVON can craft high jewelry necklaces however our clients want. Jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers can design high jewelry necklaces; our factory will produce them at any length.

Pearl Necklace

Figure 7 Pearl Necklace


Choker-length personalized necklaces are approximately 14 inches long and lie on the neckline above the collarbone. Generally, choker necklaces are customized to wrap around the neck. A personalized choker necklace works best for high-necked outfits.


High jewelry collar necklaces are typically around 16 inches in length. This type of bespoke necklace can personalize any outfit and compliments almost every neckline. The custom collar necklace sits above the collarbone.


Bespoke princess-length necklaces are roughly 18 inches long and drop beneath the collarbone. A personalized princess-length necklace suits high and crew necklines and contrasts plunging necklines well.


Customized matinee necklaces are about 22 inches long and are perfect for plunging necklines. Bespoke matinee necklaces lie below the neckline. Larger necks and busts are best styled with custom matinee necklaces to draw just the right amount of attention.


A customized 36 inches necklace is known as an opera-type necklace. The opera necklace lies below the bust and above the waistline. Haute couture jewelry opera necklaces make the torso appear longer and are perfect for fancy events.

Top Bespoke High Jewelry Necklace Styles by RESOVON

When it comes to high jewelry necklace customization, RESOVON’s craftsmanship is unmatched. Our talented goldsmiths and artisans craft high jewelry necklaces beloved by jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers. We create top bespoke pieces straight from our factory.

Among the top haute couture jewelry necklace styles at RESOVON are chains and pendants. Each bespoke chain necklace in our China factory is customized with the finest metals like gold, silver, and platinum. And our pendants are personalized with high-quality gems ethically sourced by our supplier.

Rose Gold Pendant

Figure 8 Rose Gold Pendant

RESOVON Necklace High Jewelry Spotlights

Gem necklaces customized by RESOVON are made from high-quality materials and crafted by highly-skilled goldsmiths. As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, RESOVON works with a trusted supplier. Our supplier ethically sources every gemstone used in our factory.

RESOVON supplier also sources rare gemstones for our high jewelry necklaces. As a trusted manufacturer of high jewelry, we have experts offering high-quality services for known and rare gemstones.

Diamond-studded Necklace

Figure 9 Diamond-studded Necklace

Ruby Necklace

For years, rubies have been used in high jewelry personalization to represent monarchy and power. The unique and daring color of the ruby stone draws attention and is perfect for haute couture jewelry. Ruby gems are often set in gold to enhance the custom color of the stone.

Ruby Necklace

Figure 10 Ruby Necklace

Sapphire Necklace

The color of the sapphire stone affects the overall high jewelry value. Blue sapphires in haute couture jewelry are sought after by jewelers. Another reason that jewelers and wholesalers seek sapphires is that the stone is as robust as diamonds.

Diamond-studded Blue Sapphire Pendant

Figure 11 Diamond-studded Blue Sapphire Pendant

Emerald Necklace

The darker the tone and the higher the saturation, the more expensive emerald haute couture jewelry is. Jewelers and wholesalers understand that inclusions are common in emeralds. But knows enough to avoid too many inclusions that may cause fractures eventually.

Emerald Necklace

Figure 12 Emerald Necklace

Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are ranked ten on the Mohs hardness scale, making them the hardest gem on earth, perfect for high jewelry. Jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers often opt for inclusion-free diamonds to ensure they get high-quality haute couture jewelry.

Diamond Necklace

Figure 13 Diamond Necklace

RESOVON Certifications for Manufacturing High Jewelry Necklaces

RESOVON guarantees that each gem in our haute couture jewelry pieces is high quality. We have acquired gemstone certifications for our high jewelry pieces. As a reliable manufacturer in China, we have AIGS, Gubelin, GIA, and IGI Certifications to back our high jewelry gemstones.

AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences) gives certificates for all gemstones used in haute couture jewelry. Expert specialists at Gubelin Gem Lab rate each gemstone in the high jewelry industry based on color, clarity, and cut, perfect for jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers.

As a trusted manufacturer, our pieces are GIA certified to guarantee that each diamond used in our haute couture jewelry undergoes a rigorous grading process. And the International Gemological Institute (IGI) verifies the quality and authenticity of our bespoke diamond pieces.

RESOVON Advantages In High Jewelry

RESOVON has shown reliability in producing bespoke jewelry from our factory to anywhere in the world. We manufacture haute couture jewelry necklaces for personal collections or wholesale businesses with expert quality. The founders of RESOVON, Charles CHAO, and Ann KING, created a solid foundation in the high jewelry industry.

Luxury Brand Management

Charles CHAO and Ann KING have built an entrepreneurial team with an MBA and master’s in Luxury Brand Management. With this, RESOVON can produce high-quality bespoke necklaces and beyond. Our expert jewelers are dedicated to high-quality, high-jewelry bespoke services.

High Jewelry Drawing Education

RESOVON custom necklaces are bespoke for you, and this process starts with a drawing of haute couture jewelry. We have expert jewelry designers who studied high jewelry drawing education and took inspiration from various high jewelry designs.

Our high jewelry designers expertly draw high-quality designs that jewelers, collectors, and wholesalers will love. Each haute couture jewelry from our manufacturer in China starts with a high jewelry drawing inspired by timeless, classic, and modern designs.

High Jewelry Designer
Figure 14 High Jewelry Designer

Safety Package And Delivery

One of the many high jewelry bespoke services we offer is the safety package and delivery of bespoke jewelry. We aim to deliver custom pieces anywhere in China and the world, which is why we properly pack each piece. Your custom necklace will be delivered in pristine condition.

RESOVON high jewelry necklaces can be delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in the world. The timely delivery of each custom necklace is made possible by world-class couriers. We have built solid professional relationships with suppliers and couriers to maintain our high-quality standards.

High Jewelry Necklace Service

As a leading manufacturer of haute couture jewelry, we offer high jewelry necklace service to our customers. We aim to be consistent with our high-quality standards, which is why we are open to helping customers to personalize necklaces however they desire. And we can guide you in maintaining the quality of your custom piece.

Top High Jewelry Manufacturer In China

When it comes to high jewelry personalization, RESOVON should be your go-to manufacturer in China. We have experts in the high jewelry industry who can customize and personalize necklaces. With more than ten years in the industry, our manufacturer works with reputable suppliers and talents.

Our supplier ethically sources each gemstone that we use in high jewelry customization. Highly-skilled goldsmiths and artisans craft each bespoke piece, perfect for wholesalers. And we have certifications to guarantee that you get high-quality service for your high-jewelry necklace.

Opal Necklace

Figure 15 Opal Necklace

What Makes RESOVON The Leading High Jewelry Manufacturer in China?

Charles CHAO and Ann KING, founders of RESOVON, gathered experts with knowledge and education in the high jewelry industry. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of reputable and talented experts, we can consistently provide high-quality service.

How Are RESOVON High Jewelry Necklace Materials Sourced?

RESOVON is committed to peace and environmental sustainability, which is why each gem in our high-end jewelry personalization is conflict-free and ethically sourced. We work with materials and gemstone suppliers that meet our standards and values in the haute couture jewelry industry.

What RESOVON Gem Is The Best For High Jewelry Necklaces?

We offer high jewelry personalization for necklaces with vast gem options. Our supplier can provide both highly sought-after and rare gemstones. Most jewelers and collectors favor strong gemstones, like diamonds, for everyday personalization. On the other hand, wholesalers seek flexibility in their collections, with a wide range of gems.

What Sets RESOVON Apart From Other Manufacturers?

RESOVON outmatches other manufacturers when it comes to service. We offer high-end bespoke jewelry services that focus on our customers’ needs. Our haute couture jewelry is crafted by the finest hands, bespoke for you, and delivered promptly anywhere.

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