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RESOVON has been China’s leading high jewelry bespoke services supplier for more than 10 years.


Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are at the core of RESOVON. We are consistent from the creation of a business plan to its execution.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a necessary factor for RESOVON to develop efficiently. We advocate corporate responsibility to give back to society through procurement, production, sales, and service.

Sustainability at RESOVON is built on respect for diversity. We contribute to the sustainability of the planet by creating outstanding jewelry pieces through exceptional craftsmanship and business philosophy.

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  • “Our recognition of RESOVON begins with their sense of social responsibility. We have searched almost all the high-end jewelry customization factories in China, and only the value concept of RESOVON has touched our management. Having a French luxury brand education background also adds a lot of brilliance to RESOVON.”

    Christopher Macaron, From Paris
  • “We are a German premium gift company that has cooperated with RESOVON for almost 10 years. We are very impressed with their impeccable quality and service. You know, Germans are famous all over the world for their rigor, and we are very happy to meet such jewelry suppliers.”

    Kane Clayderman, From German
  • “We are a professional seawater pearl supplier and have cooperated with RESOVON for nearly 5 years. Their purchasing team has professional pearl knowledge, business negotiation ability, and fashion thinking. We are honored to have such a partner and have learned a lot from the cooperation.”

    Bill Hoffman, From Oceania

RESOVON Corporate Responsibility Policy


RESOVON was established in Hangzhou in 2010, and since then, the brand’s goal has been to inherit ancient jewelry goldsmith techniques, top-notch creativity, and the high quality of handcrafted fine jewelry.

To maintain the high standards of its products, RESOVON also practices corporate social responsibility from an ethical, social, and environmental point of view.


Our Corporate Responsibility Policy expresses and governs all our actions to achieve our aim of improvement: Our global partners and their employees are committed to this policy and are constantly updated on possible changes and amendments.


The Corporate Responsibility Policy aligns with the RJC’s (Responsible Jewelry Council) goals and applies to all our product lines, activities, and supply chain. RESOVON works closely with its suppliers and customers to encourage their participation and assist them in complying with our requirements.

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Our policies include but are not limited to the following, and we have been committed to promoting the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility to a new height.

1. Ethical Sourcing

RESOVON Conflict Free Diamond Policy
Diamonds are mined worldwide, including major mines in Australia, Africa, Russia, and Canada. They are a major source of wealth in many African countries and provide healthcare to thousands of people. For more information on this issue, visit


Since its inception, RESOVON has joined the global diamond industry in adopting a zero-tolerance policy for conflict diamonds. Through measures such as tracking the Kimberley Process of diamonds from mine to market, the industry works with the United Nations, governments, and NGOs to regulate diamond exports to prevent the illicit trade in diamonds.


At RESOVON, we only buy diamonds from the largest and most respected suppliers who share our pride in adhering to and enforcing the standards set by the Kimberley Process. All RESOVON diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free. If one of our suppliers is found to be violating this process, we will immediately sever the relationship. We will continue to support and facilitate any process to maintain the diamond trade’s legality.


RESOVON’s position on responsible mining
In our business, RESOVON adheres to the highest ethical standards. We insist that our business partners do the same, and this extends to our gold purchases. Responsible mining is an important issue that deserves our attention.

2. Conflict-free Metal Policy

RESOVON fully supports the Dodd-Frank Act issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2012 and provides gold raw materials, components, and finished products that comply with SEC guidelines.


RESOVON remains committed and focused on leadership. It works with stakeholders and industry peers to develop sustainable, practical solutions that create transparency and promote responsible mineral sourcing in supply chains.


In support of our Responsible Sourcing Policy, RESOVON will:
Only accept scrap and/or recycled gold from customers or suppliers who certify and independently verify that all scrap and recycled gold is identifiable as their own production and supply, i.e., scrap gold is a product returned by the customer, defective stock, or scrap produced during production.


This will be our long-term adherence and direction of progress.


To better maintain the healthy development of the industry and establish a respected jewelry brand, RESOVON promises:


Behave Ethically – Business Ethics
Zero tolerance for any form of corruption or money laundering
Conduct business with integrity and value transparency
Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations
Maximum vigilance over the supply chain, especially with regard to diamond sourcing


Working with Dignity – Social Performance
Uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ensure compliance with its principles
Zero tolerance for child labor or forced labor
Maintain the highest standards in health and safety

Protecting the Environment – Environmental Performance
Reduce water and energy consumption
Reduce the use of toxic materials in our operations
Reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment
Manage our waste responsibly

About the Kimberley Process

RESOVON supports the Kimberley Process, an international process for tracking and certifying diamonds.

About Zimbabwe Diamonds

RESOVON is committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards are observed when sourcing our diamonds and jewelry.

About Gold Material

Only accept gold from banks. Gold from LBMA Goods Delivery List, EICC/GeSI Conflict Free Compliant Smelter List, Responsible Jewelry Council certified member or refiner who certifies and independently audits all gold supply to be conflict-free. Gold from precious metals trading companies that certify and independently audit all gold originating from refineries and/or banks that adhere to the above refinery and bank compliance requirements.

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