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RESOVON has been China’s leading high jewelry bespoke services supplier for more than 10 years.

Our Icons

Although RESOVON has a history of more than ten years in the high jewelry industry, we are still a brand-new company compared to many other well-known international brands.

Our founder, Charles ZHAO, has more than 20 years of experience in high-end gift customization and unique insights into art, fashion, and jewelry.

Our team came into contact with the jewelry industry from OEM service for some gift brands. After accumulating rich experience, we created our own brand and company. The word “RESOVON” is our new creation, representing endless resources. Its Chinese translation also means good wishes.

Charles has an MBA education background in global luxury brand management in Paris. He has conducted in-depth research on the operation strategies of world luxury brands, with the vision of establishing a Chinese high-end jewelry brand as his company’s vision.

We established a company in New York, the fashion capital, to better serve global high-end jewelry customization customers and strengthen brand recognition and communication. Let fashion become another icon of the brand.

Founded in Hangzhou, China, RESOVON has inherited the ancient Chinese royal goldsmith tradition and luxury processing skills. Based on this, our team is actively innovating, incorporating Chinese high-temperature enamel technology into high-end jewelry customization and presenting you with a feast of ingenious jewelry.

New York, USA

New York is the fashion capital of the world and one of the sources of inspiration for our fine jewelry designers.

RESOVON established its own company in New York in 2023, and we hope to provide more comprehensive and convenient services to American high jewelry customers.

The modern city, world-leading fashion, based in the United States to serve the whole world, people are full of unlimited expectations.

New York
Hang Zhou

Hang Zhou, China

Hangzhou, one of the ancient capitals of Chinese civilization, represents the spirit and temperament of traditional Chinese jewelry craftsmen.

With the continuous deepening of Hangzhou’s modernization process, its popularity worldwide is increasing daily, which also shows the original intention of the RESOVON brand to establish a high-end jewelry brand in China.

RESOVON brand has an indissoluble bond with the city of Hangzhou, and they go to the world together to serve high-end jewelry customization customers.

Paris, France

Paris, one of the oldest luxury capitals in the world, is the initial driving force for the establishment of the RESOVON brand.

Our founder, Charles, completed a systematic education in luxury brands in Paris, which inspired his vision to establish a high-end jewelry brand. Paris is filled with the taste of luxury brands everywhere.

The architecture of Place Vendôme has given us infinite vision and motivation. There are world-class luxury brands and jewelry companies here, and they are all role models for the RESOVON jewelry team to learn from.

RESOVON Buildings
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  • “The first time I browsed RESOVON’s website, I was deeply attracted. Later, when I tried to contact the sales staff by email, I was even more impressed by their professional ability. It is very difficult to find such excellent high jewelry brands in China.”

    Murakami Hideki, From Japan
  • “We are a Russian fine jewelry company. We have colored gemstones, diamonds, and other resources but lack excellent designers and sales teams. The RESOVON advanced jewelry customization team has helped us, and we will continue to cooperate.”

    Alexei Liakhov, From Russia
  • “As a South African jewelry company, we have worked with the RESOVON jewelry team for almost 4 years. We admire their passion for jewelry. In the future, we will continue to expand the scope of cooperation, including diamond resources in South Africa. why not?”

    Dlamini, From South Africa
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