Born For Your High Jewelry Customization

RESOVON has been China’s leading high jewelry bespoke services supplier for more than 10 years.

Our Philosophy

RESOVON is a family business plan with the mission of creating a Chinese high jewelry brand.

We insist on profit orientation, not only for the quality of family life of all employees but also for the continuous construction of our brand.

Our team has been embracing the whole world with open arms. To build a high-end jewelry ecosystem, we welcome all kinds of talents to join us.

We have broken through the boundaries of design and innovation and are loyal to art and gemstones. We have achieved a leap in jewelry value by carefully selecting colors and shapes.

We have always loved natural gemstones and this business, adhering to the following business philosophy.

Our Mission

Born For High End. Our mission is to create a Maison of high-end jewelry brands in China.

RESOVON brings you the ultimate custom jewelry experience through excellent craftsmanship and design, outstanding service, and perfect quality, bespoke high-end jewelry that is a legend for your family.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, the jewelry we dedicate is not a simple patchwork of gems. Each bespoke piece of fine jewelry incorporates the sweat and wisdom of RESOVON jewelers and designers.

We are always on the way to creating top luxury High Jewelry for every client.

Our Value

Luxury: We provide luxurious enjoyment and eternal family glory through high-end jewelry customization services.

Innovation Let RESOVON continue to challenge its limits and create infinite possibilities in the future, including precious metal materials, design, craftsmanship, etc.

Heritage Every precious piece of fine jewelry deserves a family heritage, and we help you customize your own family heirloom.

Our Value
Our Culture

Our Culture

RESOVON advocates luxury, and we have been adhering to the original intention of hand-made customization since the first day we entered the high-end jewelry industry.

Our passion for high jewelry is intimately linked to the philosophy of life, “Dreaming without ever stopping, always on the way.”

RESOVON Buildings
Your Reliable Haute Couture Jewelry Manufacturer



  • “We are a French jewelry brand. Because our main energy is spent on brand management and retail business, we need a professional high-end jewelry factory to help us provide customized production. RESOVON is the most trustworthy partner we have encountered.”

    Domenech de Furbatto, From France
  • “Our company only started cooperating with RESOVON in 2020. Because of Covid-19, jewelry factories in many countries worldwide have been seriously affected. At the recommendation of our friends, we tried to cooperate with RESOVON. Their perfect supply chain management Lets us meet customers’ needs in a more timely manner.”

    Rebecca Kennedy, From Spain
  • “I’m an independent jewelry designer. I grew up loving jewelry, art, etc., but you know what? I know absolutely nothing about gems. Fortunately, I met RESOVON. Their professional teamwork ability made up for my shortcomings and helped me make my jewelry brand more and more famous in our place.”

    Heidi, From Dominica
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