Born For Your High Jewelry Customization

RESOVON has been a leading high jewelry bespoke services supplier in China for more than 10 years.

Our Story

RESOVON jewelry company was founded on passion, innovation, and curiosity.


Founded in 2010 by Charles CHAO and Ann KING, the company was, in Charles’s words, “a long-term family project” with a vision to build a Chinese fine jewelry brand.


The two founders of RESOVON are a couple who jointly care for a happy family with four lovely children: two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Yvette, and two handsome twin sons, Daniel and Murphy. All the original intentions and motivations come from creating a happy life and the business philosophy of treating customers as family members.


We integrate the market and art into jewelry design to create an iconic high-end jewelry language. Through the unique way of luxury brand operation, the RESOVON brand is managed with heart, and it is expected to change the pattern of China’s high-end jewelry industry completely.


Although we have not been in the fine jewelry industry, we are passionate about fine jewelry.


Charles and Ann’s entrepreneurial team has an MBA and a master’s degree in global luxury brand management, and they have nearly 20 years of experience in the high-end custom gift industry. The strict requirements on quality and service make them constantly challenge the height of their careers, from gifts to jewelry, and forge ahead.


Charles CHAO is an excellent jewelry designer. His rich life experience and understanding of jewelry, fashion, and art make him love the application of hand-painted skills in jewelry design. In addition, he is also an efficient master of resource integration, not only in supply chain management.


Ann KING is an outstanding sales professional. With over 20 years of cross-field sales experience, all problems can be easily solved.



Born For High End is the logic of RESOVON. Studying luxury brand management in Paris, France, made Charles determined to build a local luxury brand in China. After conducting market research and business consulting, he finally chose the high-end jewelry industry as his entry point.


We hope to bring more glory and heirlooms to your family through high jewelry customization.

Charles CHAO



High Jewelry Designer

Global Luxury Brand Management MBA

Charles ZHAO
RESOVON Buildings
Your First Haute Couture Jewelry Manufacturer



  • “RESOVON is a company you can trust; from the selection of gemstones to the persistence of exquisite craftsmanship, we are very grateful for such a partner.”

    Ancelotti, From Italy
  • “You know, I appreciate the jewelry design style of RESOVON designers. We often communicate with each other and learn from each other. Their fantastic team is always there when you need them most.”

    Powell Smith, Online Shopkeeper for Fine Jewelry
  • “We have cooperated with RESOVON for more than five years. We have the source of colored stones but lack the skills of jewelry design. They make up for our deficiencies, and of course, we will also provide them with some gemstones for high jewelry customization. Yes, we have had a great time working together.”

    Khin Maung Than, From Myanmar
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