Oval Cut Diamonds: Perfect Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Diamonds have long been considered among the most precious gemstones, enchanting people with its allure. They often symbolize glamor and a luxurious lifestyle that many find intriguing.


Diamonds come in different sizes and shapes. The oval-cut diamond is currently one of the most popular, especially in the celebrity world. Keep reading to discover more about oval-cut diamonds and refine your taste.

Why Are Oval Cut Diamonds Considered Luxurious?

Diamond Rings in Close Up Shot

Figure 1 Diamond Rings in Close-Up Shot

Oval-shaped diamonds have existed since the 14th century, making them one of the oldest diamond cuts. The contemporary cutting technique for oval diamonds that are still widely used today was innovated by Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan during the 1960s. Kaplan revolutionized oval diamond cutting by combining the sparkle of the cut with the unique diamond features that were previously considered less valuable due to their flaws.


Centuries later, the oval shape remains one of the most sought-after diamond shapes worldwide. This popularity has led many high jewelry customization specialists, including Haute couture jewelry designers, to work with manufacturers to meet the demand for these exquisite stones.


Why? Oval diamonds make the stone look bigger, no matter how heavy. No wonder the biggest personalities wear oval-cut diamonds at televised events like the Met Gala Red Carpet, simultaneously showcasing the skill of jewelers. Here are the top reasons why oval-cut diamonds are associated with high jewelry.

Close-up Photo of High Diamond Ring

Figure 2 Close-up Photo of a Diamond Ring

Brighter Sparkle

The sparkle and brilliance of a diamond are dictated by its cut, and the oval cut ranks among the most luminous cuts. Selecting a ring with an oval cut center stone can ensure a dazzling sparkle adorning your finger.

A Great Substitute For Round-Shaped Diamonds

The oval diamond features a modified brilliant cut, akin to most round diamonds. This makes it a sought-after alternative for individuals who admire the aesthetics of a round diamond but prefer a more distinct look.

Gives Your Finger A Slender Look

The extended shape of oval diamonds provides the advantage of giving the illusion of increased size. The slimmer shape also contributes to a finger’s lengthier and more slender appearance, a look many deem ideal.

Oval-Cut Diamonds Are Perfect For Important Occasions

Silver Diamond Stud Earrings in Close Up Photography

Figure 3 Silver Diamond Stud Earrings in Close-Up Photography

The flexibility of oval diamonds is unmatched, as they effortlessly enhance the beauty of almost any jewelry setting. You can get away with wearing a personalized oval pavé engagement ring and an oval eternity wedding band. Generally, the most suitable settings for oval-cut diamonds involve four or six prongs, accentuating the diamond’s shape.


Bezel settings also make a superb choice for oval-cut diamonds. In certain oval diamond engagement ring designs, the center diamond is held by four or six prongs, while the side stones are secured with a bezel setting. The design possibilities for oval diamond rings are endless, with a wide range of settings to choose from, including vintage and side stone designs.

What To Consider When Buying Oval Cut Diamond High Jewelry?

Diamond Studded Bracelet

Figure 4 Diamond Studded Bracelet

The oval cut of a diamond is great at masking any visible irregularities that may be present along the edges of the stone. When buying an oval-cut diamond, you don’t need to choose one with a high clarity grade.


The cost of diamonds increases with improved clarity rating, making diamonds with higher clarity grades more expensive than those with lower grades. Even those working with high jewelry bespoke services often source their diamonds from known suppliers.


Selecting a lower clarity grade can save money without sacrificing the stone’s aesthetic appeal. For the best value while acquiring a beautiful diamond, consider a clarity grade of Slightly Included 1 or Slightly Included 2. The key aspect is that the diamond appears eye-clean, with no huge inclusions. So, the next time you shop for oval-cut diamond rings for men, you won’t drain your wallet.


Oval diamonds can have a visible bow-tie effect, which varies from faint to strong. You cannot determine its presence by looking at the diamond certificate or dimensions; only a visual inspection can reveal if it’s there. Don’t forget to only buy from reputable jewelers. If you’re a business owner, you can buy the best oval-cut diamonds from a supplier in China.

You Won’t Regret Investing In Oval Cut Diamonds!

Close-up Photo of Diamond Rings

Figure 5 Close-up Photo of Diamond Rings

Primarily, oval-cut diamonds are truly remarkable for their undeniable beauty. Their sparkle and brilliance captivate observers and leave a lasting impression. This mesmerizing beauty has drawn people’s admiration for generations as the appeal of a diamond has endured throughout time. As long as you buy from the best wholesalers, you won’t have any problems.

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