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RESOVON Pearl Jewelry

Pearl is a precious stone that requires meticulous craftsmanship to be bespoke. Yet, with our talented jewelers, we created haute couture jewelry out of these materials in our factory.

Here at RESOVON, we aim to produce the best quality high jewelry with the help of our professional manufacturers in China. Years of experience have prepared us to provide you with the best high jewelry bespoke services.

We also offer high-quality jewelry personalization for our clients. They may customize or personalize high-quality jewelry using a variety of techniques from our factory in China.

We offer various selections, from high jewelry customization to gemstone selection. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to ensure complete satisfaction. We deliver exceptional pearl jewelry goldsmith pieces that will be treasured for years.

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Pearl Rings

Pearls are always impressive centerpieces for high-end jewelry pieces, especially rings. Their deceptively simple shape inspires elegance like no other gem. Pearl rings are a good choice for weddings, proposals, or other occasions where you must express your love to someone special.

Here at RESOVON, our jewelers and goldsmiths assure you of top-quality haute couture jewelry that embodies this trait. They also have prior experience in creatively incorporating bespoke pearls into existing jewelry.

Our factory’s manufacturers have continued to produce top-of-the-line jewelry pieces in the past few years. Our factories in China enable us to be the country’s top supplier of pearl rings in the region.

  • Diamond Tahitian Rings
    Diamond Tahitian Rings
  • Fine Pearl Rings
    Fine Pearl Rings
  • Girl Pearl Rings
    Girl Pearl Rings
  • Golden Pearl Rings
    Golden Pearl Rings
  • Pearl Ring Jewelry
    Pearl Ring Jewelry
  • Pearl Rings
    Pearl Rings
  • Purple Pearl Rings
    Purple Pearl Rings
  • Tahitian Pearl Rings
    Tahitian Pearl Rings
  • Tahitian Rings
    Tahitian Rings

Pearl Earrings

Nothing says sophistication more than a pair of high-end pearl earrings. They make a simple statement, yet they complete the look of a true haute couture piece.

They will make a fine and elegant accessory for the most prestigious events. They are also quite versatile and easy to match with any fashion style.

Here at RESOVON, our manufacturers in our factories work to give you this opportunity to own a pair of high-jewelry pearl earrings. As the top supplier in China, we aim to preserve the quality of the products we deliver to our customers.

  • Akoya Pearl Earrings
    Akoya Pearl Earrings
  • Art Pearl Earrings
    Art Pearl Earrings
  • Black Pearl Earrings
    Black Pearl Earrings
  • Fine Pearl Earrings
    Fine Pearl Earrings
  • Golden Pearl Earrings
    Golden Pearl Earrings
  • Pearl Earrings Stud
    Pearl Earrings Stud
  • Pearl Earrings
    Pearl Earrings
  • Tahitian Pearl Earrings
    Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Pearl Necklace

Even in ancient times, pearl necklaces were a staple of high jewelry. Their simple design gives them a sense of sophistication when worn.

Creating the perfect piece requires a skilled jeweler to craft it and a quality manufacturer to reproduce it. As the top supplier in China, we luckily have both at our customers’ disposal.

RESOVON has assembled the best jewelers and goldsmiths in the world for this purpose and more. Our factory in China has led us to become a major supplier and manufacturer of haute couture.

  • Fine Pearl Necklace
    Fine Pearl Necklace
  • Pearl Necklace Jewelry
    Pearl Necklace Jewelry
  • Pearl Necklace
    Pearl Necklace
  • Purple Pearl Necklace
    Purple Pearl Necklace
  • Tahitian Pearl Necklace
    Tahitian Pearl Necklace
  • Women Pearl Necklace
    Women Pearl Necklace

Pearl Bracelet

Of all the jewelry in your collection, perhaps nothing is more practical than a pearl bracelet. Simple to wear and suitable for any special occasion, no haute couture jewelry set can exist without one.

Now, if you need a pearl bracelet, we can also make one for you. You can also take part in its crafting so that the design will be more personalized just for you.

And RESOVON, through our high jewelry bespoke services, allows you to customize your high jewelry pieces in our factory. As the premier jewelry manufacturer in China, we guarantee high-end customization of your favorite high jewelry.

  • Black Pearl Bracelet
    Black Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet Bangle
    Pearl Bracelet Bangle
  • Pearl Bracelet Bead
    Pearl Bracelet Bead
  • Pearl Bracelet
    Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Gem Bracelet
    Pearl Gem Bracelet
  • Women Pearl Bracelet
    Women Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Brooch

Brooches are symbols of excellence. But what better way to increase their prestige than through bespoke pearl centerpieces? It certainly adds to the memorability of the event it is presented in.

Making pearl brooches challenges the most experienced jewelers, yet the end product is always amazing. It’s a fine remembrance of any special event it has participated in.

This is why we have the best people for the task at RESOVON, the leading manufacturer and supplier in China. Our skilled jewelers and goldsmiths allow us to produce quality products to be sold wholesale. There is no better deal on haute couture jewelry.

  • Antique Pearl Brooch
    Antique Pearl Brooch
  • Art Pearl Brooch
    Art Pearl Brooch
  • Luxury Pearl Brooch
    Luxury Pearl Brooch
  • Pearl Brooch Jewelry
    Pearl Brooch Jewelry
  • Platinum Pearl Brooch
    Platinum Pearl Brooch
  • Vintage Pearl Brooch
    Vintage Pearl Brooch

Pearl Charm Pendant

Pearls have always been associated with wealth, good fortune, or love, especially in China. So what better centerpiece to have in your good luck charm on the most important moments of your life?

Pearl charm pendants are adorable accessories you can carry around to spread positivity. It is also said to attract affection amongst people, which is a great jewelry piece if you need socialization.

Here at RESOVON, you can have the chance to own a pearl lucky charm with our high jewelry bespoke service. You don’t need to worry about missing out; we are China’s top manufacturer of haute couture jewelry. We also distribute wholesale if you would like a more standardized design.

  • Black Pearl Charm
    Black Pearl Charm
  • Diamond Pearl Pendant
    Diamond Pearl Pendant
  • Fine Pearl Charm
    Fine Pearl Charm
  • Luxury Pearl Charm
    Luxury Pearl Charm
  • Pearl Charm
    Pearl Charm
  • Pearl Pendant
    Pearl Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

IGI Certification
IGI Certification
AGL Certification
AGL Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification

RESOVON Pearl Jewelry Bespoke Service

Pearl Jewelry Consult

Ever wonder how precious gems like pearls are bespoke to your customized jewelry? Let our expert jewelers guide you through the process and see how they do it in our factory in China.

RESOVON engages closely with our clients to meet all their gem customization needs. Our high jewelry customization is comprehensive and a great learning tool for our clients. With it, they learn to appreciate the art of high jewelry customization and the work that goes behind it.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Pearl Jewelry Designer

Every fine pearl jewelry piece needs a unique design to make it stand out. Jewelry designers’ keen eye and exquisite taste and attention to detail are required. We also invite our clients to offer suggestions to further personalize the piece they always wanted.

Even as a wholesale manufacturer, RESOVON doesn’t cut corners regarding creativity. And this is why we are still considered the top supplier in China, certainly above any competition.

Pearl Jewel Gemologist

Extensive knowledge about gems is essential in the haute couture jewelry industry. Knowing what stone to bespoke is a fundamental requirement of any lover of high-end jewelry.

That’s where we are in the business as a major supplier of China. RESOVON prides itself on the quality of pearl jewelry it produces. Straight from our factories in China, expect nothing but the best high jewelry customization you can get.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Pearl Jewelry Artisan

High jewelry customization requires experts capable of creating masterclass art pieces from the finest ethically sourced materials. Only the best jewelers and blacksmiths get to work on the finest materials at our disposal.

RESOVON has assembled the best for our high jewelry bespoke service in our factories. We also give them the necessary tools to fulfill their vision in our factory in China.

Safty Package & Delivery

As a major supplier in China, you would expect nothing but seamless delivery for companies such as RESOVON. Even as wholesalers, we aim to make the experience as coordinated and smooth as possible.

Safety during delivery should also be a consideration, and rest assured, our suppliers here at RESOVON are up to the task. As the top supplier in China, we use comprehensive courier services to deliver the pearl jewelry pieces securely to our customers’ hands.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Pearl Jewelry Service

In gratitude for your trust and support in our high jewelry customization services, we offer some more after-sale services for you. Get all the perks you deserve for making the right decision for all your pearl jewelry needs.

As the leading manufacturer and biggest wholesaler of customized jewelry in China, we can’t thank you enough for your patronage. After delivery, we will provide additional support if you need to ask anything about our high jewelry customization services.

RESOVON Pearl Jewelry Spotlights

Fine Jewelry Hand Drawing
Art Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
Jewelry Setting

Art Jewelry Goldsmith

Of course, the base of the jewelry piece is just as important as the gem itself. For these, you might need help from artisans who know how to work with gold and other precious metals.

Luckily, here at RESOVON, we have the best goldsmiths for the job. They are finely trained to create stunning pieces of customized ornaments through high jewelry customization.

Jewelry Setting

Setting the gem is a delicate process that needs a steady hand. It would take the finest jewelers to do this task on a high jewelry personalization level.

Fortunately, this is no problem for RESOVON because we have everything you need for your high-end jewelry customization. As the premier manufacturer of pearl jewelry in China, we have your back.

RESOVON Advantages In Pearl Jewelry

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

Our founder and CEO, Charles CHAO, has a global luxury brand management degree. He earned his MBA at the prestigious Sup de Lux in Paris, an institution owned by Cartier.

Even as a wholesale company, he managed to gain ground in the China market, which led to his company becoming the top manufacturer and supplier in China.

Fine Jewelry Gemologist Education
Pearl Jewelry Education

We not only know how to customize high-end jewelry for our clients but also have substantial knowledge of its significance. We look into its history for inspiration for our work in high-end jewelry personalization.

Our manufacturers also aim to share that knowledge with our customers. RESOVON aims to serve on every level, not just the knowledge you learn from our factory in China.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

The cloisonne process involves using thin wire coils to form edgeways against metal backings. The technique originated in Turkey and spread globally, and it is still a popular choice for wholesale jewelry today.

RESOVON, as the top manufacturer in China, has refined this technique and implemented it in its wholesale jewelry pieces. If you need unique high jewelry personalization in this manner, you can count on us to deliver.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry is an ancient technique that uses special substances that make the colors of your jewelry pieces more vibrant. It was and is still one of the more popular choices for wholesalers designing their work.

RESOVON understands that in high jewelry personalization, you need a variety of design techniques to be the leading manufacturer in China. We aim to provide more options for our clients and wholesalers and offer them something unique now and then.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

The process of filigree dates back thousands of years before modern times. Yet even today, interweaving gold strips has never run out of style.

RESOVON has a full set of wholesale jewelry crafted in this manner. You can also request that your pieces go through our high jewelry personalization and achieve a similar design.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Gold has always symbolized wealth and prestige, but crafting jewelry design has always been challenging. Gold is one of the most malleable metals on earth, and it would take a skilled goldsmith to handle such material.

RESOVON has recruited the best manufacturers for this monumental task. Whether for wholesale or high jewelry personalization, you can expect them to deliver with creative flair.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

If there is one thing wholesalers can agree on, it is that gem-high jewelry is a very profitable investment. There will always be a market and suppliers for it domestically and globally.

Here at RESOVON, our manufacturers understand the value of the materials we are working with. We strive to make the best jewelry pieces, ensuring wholesalers get their worth with our services.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Personalization. RESOVON has provided exclusive services for your haute couture pearl jewelry for years. We have a professional supply chain for your jewelry customization from the material selection to the design consultation to the goldsmith.

  • “I must say I am quite impressed with wholesale jewelry. These are the finest pieces I have in my collection and something I will cherish for a long time. I thank RESOVON for their work, especially their high jewelry bespoke service. It made my jewelry quite a precious commodity, so  I’ll certainly return to them soon.”

    - Claire Gale, Canada
  • “I can’t think of any other company with which I can trust my jewelry. RESOVON’s high jewelry bespoke service is top-notch and gives you many options for high jewelry personalization. I thank them for making the best out of my investment. I know they worked hard to get me what I want, so I want to do more business with them in the future.”

    - Anna Peters, Germany
  • “I love their works, especially their pearl necklaces. What a luxurious feeling to have to wear a gold chain around your neck. And it’s all thanks to their high jewelry bespoke services. RESOVON has become my favorite supplier for all my jewelry needs. I can confidently say they deserve their place in the industry today.”

    - Holly Baker, UK
Pearl Jewelry Gallery

Diamond-encrusted Pearl Ring

Figure 1 Diamond-encrusted Pearl Ring

A Short Overview of Pearls in China

The first recorded mention of pearls in China, specifically freshwater, dates back to 2300 BC. China has been collecting, growing, and harvesting pearls for thousands of years. The history of pearl production in China has made the country the oldest pearl producer in the world. And roughly around 1082 AD, China was the first country to produce cultured pearls.

Natural pearls were expensive and were only given as gifts to Chinese royalty in 2300 BC. The need for culturing pearls arises due to the rarity of natural pearls. China had all the resources like land mass, lakes, rivers, and irrigation.

Since the country experiences fewer earthquakes and storms, oysters are peacefully bred and encouraged to grow. The country’s resources made them a force to be reckoned with when culturing freshwater pearls.

Diamond-encrusted Pearl Gold Pendant

Figure 2 Diamond-encrusted Pearl Gold Pendant

Natural and Cultured Pearls in High Jewelry

Natural pearls grow in the wild. Cultured pearls, unlike natural pearls, are grown with human intervention. Natural pearls were extremely rare and expensive, so naturally, cultured pearls were invented. In 1968, China began culturing freshwater pearls. Due to the rarity of natural pearls, there are more cultured pearls in the market.

Natural and cultured pearls are recognized as real and perfect for high jewelry pieces. Since wild pearls tend to take time to grow and harvest in the wild, people in China started the culturing process. Culturing pearls was a necessity to fulfill the demand of wholesalers for pearls. And China has been at the forefront of developing cultured pearls.

Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Gold Ring

Figure 3 Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Gold Ring

RESOVON Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been associated with elegance and beauty and remain a popular choice for high jewelry customization. Most people think pearls are white and round, but they have various colors and shapes. Pearls are round and can be oval, pear-shaped, semi-round, baroque, button, circle, or drop. Although white-colored pearls are common, there are also black, green, pink, and more.

RESOVON works with a reliable and quality supplier to deliver the perfect pearls for jewelry making. Pearls from China are made of the highest quality and are ideal for haute couture jewelry. Our China supplier sources the highest quality pearls for your high jewelry piece.

We have experienced fine jewelry artisans and goldsmiths at our factory in China. And our China manufacturer can give you your bespoke pearl jewelry piece.

Layered Pearl Necklace

Figure 4 Layered Pearl Necklace

What Jewelers Know About Pearl Jewelry

When looking for the perfect pearl jewelry, you should look for credible jewelers. RESOVON bespoke high jewelry pieces, like pearl jewelry, are crafted with the finest stones by the finest artisans. Experts like jewelers have a wide knowledge of pearls. Jewelers know the main types of pearls and the grading factors that affect the value of your pearl jewelry.

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Figure 5 Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

The Different Types of Pearl in High Jewelry Customization

Four main types of pearls are used in high jewelry customization; Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, and White or Golden South Sea Pearls. Akoya pearls are saltwater cultured pearls from Akoya oysters. If you prefer perfectly round and bright, excellent luster white pearls, Akoya pearls are for you. On the other hand, freshwater pearls have slightly off-round shapes and a softer white glow compared to Akoya.

If you’re looking for more colored pearls that add a twist to elegant luxury, Tahitian pearls are for you. And for a more glamorous look, you can go for naturally large white or golden south sea pearls with natural and untreated colors. Each type of pearl differs in beauty, size range, color, and value. Understanding each pearl type can help you choose the best jewelry to customize.

In addition, people gravitate towards white Akoya cultured pearls for classic pearl jewelry customization. Classic single-strand pearl necklaces are typically sought after in the market. South sea cultured pearls have an advantage in size and thick nacre. Another saltwater cultured pearl, the Tahitian cultured pearls, have a wide range of dark colors and sometimes include blue, green, purple, or pink overtones.

And the most commonly produced cultured pearls are freshwater cultured pearls. Jewelers and jewel enthusiasts are fascinated by the range of freshwater pearls’ sizes, shapes, and colors.

Tahitian Pearl

Figure 6 Tahitian Pearl

The Main Pearl Grading Factors for Haute Couture Jewelry

Reliable and experienced jewelers have learned to value each type of pearl properly. Pearls are graded according to luster, surface quality, shape symmetry, color, size, origin, and matching. The luster of a pearl makes or breaks its value. Sharp and highly reflective luster is valued higher than soft and blurry. Regarding surface quality, the less inclusion there is in the surface, the higher the value.

The pearls’ symmetry of shape also affects the value of the pearl; the more round, the higher the value. When it comes to color, the more natural and rare a pearl is, the more value there is. Size matters when it comes to pearls. Large and perfectly symmetrical pearls are rare, making them more valuable. Where the pearl originated is also a factor, whether it’s cultured or natural pearls.

The matching of pearls is common in high jewelry personalization and another factor considered in pearl grading. Deliberately matching different pearls can add value to the haute couture piece. For high jewelry personalization of pearls, the more coherent and well-matched the pearls are, the more valued it is.

Freshwater Pearl Gold Bracelet

Figure 7 Freshwater Pearl Gold Bracelet

The High Jewelry Personalization of RESOVON Pearl

With over ten years of experience in high jewelry personalization, RESOVON has gathered knowledge and relationships vital to the industry. RESOVON seeks a supplier of ethically sourced pearls to personalize into haute couture jewelry pieces. Our China factory produces custom pieces that can compete with wholesalers. We work with highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths to create bespoke high jewelry pieces.

High jewelry personalization of pearls is made possible by our manufacturer. At RESOVON, we have experts in design, craftsmanship, safe packaging, and delivery. Our service quality is top-notch and reliable. You can book an appointment with us to design your perfect custom pearl jewelry. And we will deliver your high jewelry pearl in pristine condition to your doorsteps.

Drop Freshwater Pearls On A Diamond-encrusted Gold Earrings

Figure 8 Drop Freshwater Pearls On A Diamond-encrusted Gold Earrings

High Jewelry Bespoke Services for Your Pearl Jewelry Needs

RESOVON consistently improves our service to be your go-to custom high jewelry manufacturer. We have experts in pearl jewelry personalization from our supplier to our factory. Our China manufacturer has sourced the best pearls to customize high jewelry. You can get haute couture jewelry to personalize with ethically sourced pearls. We offer high jewelry bespoke services that you might not find anywhere else.

Generally, we start with a consultation between our expert designer and you to conceptualize your haute couture jewelry piece. Then, our gemologist will help you pick your pearl to customize. With the design and pearl done, our artisan and goldsmith will start shaping your design. Once the finishing touches are done, your pearl jewelry will be delivered in perfect condition wherever you are.

Diamond-encrusted Gold Stud Earrings With Freshwater Pearls

Figure 9 Diamond-encrusted Gold Stud Earrings With Freshwater Pearls

The Best Bespoke High Jewelry Manufacturer in China

RESOVON should be your go-to manufacturer in China. Our factory produces high-quality pearl jewelry by collaborating with high-quality talents. As your manufacturer, you’ll not only get your pearl jewelry in pristine condition, but we also offer tips on storing and cleaning. For any high jewelry bespoke services you may need, our China factory got you covered.

RESOVON is the best bespoke high jewelry manufacturer in China. And you can book an appointment with us for your high jewelry customization needs. Regarding high jewelry, RESOVON has years of experience and fostered solid relationships with reliable suppliers, talented artisans, and highly skilled goldsmiths. And we continue to grow to continue our high-quality service to our loyal clients.

Golden South Sea Pearl Mounted On A Diamond-encrusted Gold Ring

Figure 10 Golden South Sea Pearl Mounted On A Diamond-encrusted Gold Ring

Start Your Custom Pearl Jewelry Set With RESOVON

If you’re looking for a timeless and elegant look, pearls are for you. Add flair and finesse to your high jewelry, and use pearls to customize. You can start your bespoke high jewelry set with us. Our China supplier will find you the best pearls to personalize. And our China factory will turn your chosen design into custom pearl jewelry.

Pearl Jewelry Set

Figure 11 Pearl Jewelry Set

Pearl Necklace Vintage

People tend to gravitate toward pearl necklaces when it comes to jewelry. The length of pearl necklaces varies depending on the pearl size used and the strands. For a more classic and timeless look, is a pearl necklace vintage in a princess length necklace.

Diamonds and Sapphire Cultured Pearl Necklace

Figure 12 Diamonds and Sapphire Cultured Pearl Necklace

Pearl Jewelry for Wedding

During weddings, pearl jewelry has served as a traditional wedding gift. In some traditions, the bride is gifted a piece of pearl jewelry from the groom or her future mother-in-law. Pearls on the wedding day are said to bring a happy marriage and a lifetime of joy.

Single-strand Pearl Necklace With Diamonds

Figure 13 Single-strand Pearl Necklace With Diamonds

Pearl Jewelry Gold

When browsing pearl jewelry, you may have to choose silver or gold, the number of pearls you want, and if you want diamonds. Remember that pearl is one of the softest gems; therefore, it may not be ideal for daily wear.

Gold Ring Mounted With Pearl

Figure 14 Gold Ring Mounted With Pearl

Pearl Jewelry Earrings

Pearl earrings are timeless and elegant. The versatility of pearl earrings makes them a worthwhile investment. You can wear pearl earrings for a more classy and traditional look or something more modern.

Diamond-encrusted Golden South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings

Figure 15 Diamond-encrusted Golden South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings

Tips for Choosing Your Pearls for High Jewelry Personalization

The first step to getting pearls is to choose the right type for you. Pick the pearl type that best fits your style and budget. The next thing you’ll do is choose the pearl size you want. Most people choose somewhere between the 7.0-9.5 mm range pearl size. If you’re designing a pearl necklace, you must also pick the right length. The famous and modern take on a classic princess length is an 18-inch pearl necklace.

A typical princess-length pearl necklace rests roughly 1.5 – 2.0 inches under the hollow of your throat. Once you have chosen your pearl type, size, and length, you must set a budget for pearl jewelry personalization. Commonly, there is a 30-50% cost increase for every millimeter size up you go. After setting your budget, we can start crafting your bespoke pearl jewelry.

Is Bespoke Pearl Jewelry a Good Investment?

High-quality bespoke pearl jewelry is a good wearable investment. Pearls are versatile in haute couture jewelry designs. Additionally, pearls are perfect for the wholesale jewelry business. Purchase your pearls from a reliable supplier and sell them at wholesale prices.

Is Pearl Jewelry Expensive to Personalize?

The expense of customizing pearl jewelry varies according to the pearls, materials, and labor involved. Typically, pearl prices depend on the pearl and design. That is an added cost if you wish to have gold, silver, or diamonds on your high-jewelry pearl. High jewelry bespoke services are also an added expense.

The overall price of pearl jewelry varies depending on the quality of your pearl, the number of pearls, and the craftsmanship involved.

What Color Pearl is the Most Valuable for Customization?

Although white pearls are sought-after by the vast majority, the gold pearl variety is the most valued color. The gold South Sea pearls are perfect for high jewelry customization. Often, the richer the color of the gold South Sea pearl, the more expensive it is.

How Do You Tell if a Pearl is Natural or Cultured?

Natural pearls typically have thicker skin, unlike cultured pearls. You can check the thickness of the pearl by holding it against a concentrated light source. A pearl with thick skin will show concentric growth lines with layers of nacre or skin.

How Can You Tell if a Pearl is of High Quality?

The quality of each pearl is determined by its surface quality. High-quality pearls have sharp and bright luster on the surface. Low-quality pearls may appear to be too white, dull, or chalky. A pearl of excellent quality shows bright and sharp reflections. Reflections that appear bright and near sharp are still considered very good-quality pearls.

If the pearl surface reflection is bright but not sharp and a little hazy on the edges, the pearl is of good quality. A fair-quality pearl shows weak and blurred reflections, and poor-quality pearls have a dim and diffused reflection.

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