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  • Experienced Haute Jewelry Artisan & Designer
  • Complete Catalog Of High Jewelry Pendant
  • Five Gemstones Pendant Custom Master
  • Luxury Jewelry Brand, Global Supply Chain
  • Chrysoberyl Pendant
  • Diamond Pendant
  • Emerald Pendant
  • Ruby Pendant
  • Sapphire Diamond Pendant
  • Chrysoberyl Pendant
  • Diamond Pendant
  • Emerald Pendant
  • Ruby Pendant
  • Sapphire Diamond Pendant

Five Gem Pendant Jewelry Bespoke Master

As a specialized high jeweler, RESOVON has built a fulfilled jewelry supply chain for your five gems pendant customization.

  • Jewelry Designer Exclusive Bespoke Service
  • High Jewelry Pendant Custom Manufacturer
  • Global Gem Mine Direct Procurement
  • Personalized By Expert Jewelry Craftsmen
  • Gemological Association Authoritative Certificate
  • Luxury Brand, Traditional Process, Heirloom Collection

What Is High Jewelry Pendant

A high jewelry pendant is a beautiful work that hangs freely and can be worn as an earring, brooch, necklace, bracelet, or chain. Although the most typical style only uses one pendant per chain, any piece of jewelry can have two or more pendants. The possibilities are endless!

So why not change things up a bit? Diamonds, gems, and lockets are just a few examples of the many shapes, sizes, and types of pendants available. RESOVON has dedicated its jewelry brand to creating bespoke pendants for any style and special occasion.

We have established relationships with wholesalers to provide them with the best prices on any gemstone or precious metal. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry, RESOVON can ensure you get the perfect customized pendant you desire.

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Ruby Pendant

Each red ruby has a unique tale to tell and represents love. Wear one of our exquisite ruby pendants as a lovely remembrance of someone you cherish. Our bespoke ruby pendants are of the finest Natural AAAA grade and captivating because of their vibrant red hue.

Our high-end jewelry pendants are made with the finest materials and crafted with superb craftsmanship. Our enthusiasm has brought RESOVON’s masterpieces to life for years. We impart our distinctive understanding of the trade, characterized by entrancing inspiration sources and virtuosic skill.

Beyond the doors of RESOVON, there is a universe of creativity hidden. Each stone is carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and the sentiment it communicates. Our custom pendants use stories to explore subjects such as nature, fashion, dancing, literature, and love stories.

  • Antique Ruby Pendant
    Antique Ruby Pendant
  • Art Ruby Pendant
    Art Ruby Pendant
  • Bridal Ruby Pendant
    Bridal Ruby Pendant
  • Fine Ruby Pendant
    Fine Ruby Pendant
  • Luxury Ruby Pendant
    Luxury Ruby Pendant
  • Ruby Gem Pendant
    Ruby Gem Pendant
  • Ruby Pendant
    Ruby Pendant
  • Wedding Ruby Pendant
    Wedding Ruby Pendant

Sapphire Pendants

Sapphire pendants adorn their wearer’s facade with elegance in a dizzying array of shapes and hues. Our personalized sapphire pendants can be worn in various ways to fit special occasions. Browse modern and vintage designs that capture the radiance of the stunning blue gemstone.

When combined with other precious gems, the sparkling sapphire intensifies its spectacular colors, ranging from crushed berries to deep ocean water.

RESOVON provides the greatest high jewelry customization process thanks to our talented goldsmiths and artisans. Modern equipment at our factory allows our clients to design distinctive sapphire pendants.

  • Antique Sapphire Pendant
    Antique Sapphire Pendant
  • Bridal Sapphire Pendant
    Bridal Sapphire Pendant
  • Diamond Sapphire Pendant
    DMD Sapphire Pendant
  • Fine Sapphire Pendant
    Fine Sapphire Pendant
  • Gem Sapphire Pendant
    Gem Sapphire Pendant
  • Luxury Sapphire Pendant
    Luxury Sapphire Pendant
  • Pink Sapphire Pendant
    Pink Sapphire Pendant
  • Wedding Sapphire Pendant
    Wedding Sapphire Pendant

Diamond Pendants

The platinum or yellow gold-set diamond pendants by RESOVON give a more refined expression of the jewelry brand’s distinctive high jewelry style. Our dedication to producing the most remarkable bespoke diamond pendants is more evident in our diverse and captivating haute couture jewelry lines.

No matter the event or time, RESOVON’s diamond pendants enhance memorable experiences by capturing their distinctive design elements’ everlasting spirit and beauty. The artistic talents of our artisans, goldsmiths, gemologists, and gem setters bring to life our exquisite diamond pendants.

Our high jewelry personalization process is a tale of hands. The skilled, persistent, and creative RESOVON artisans put their talents to work on these remarkable, one-of-a-kind pieces, which are a vital part of the brand’s long-standing high jewelry history.

  • Art Diamond Pendant
    Art Diamond Pendant
  • Fine Diamond Pendant
    Fine Diamond Pendant
  • Gem Diamond Pendant
    Gem Diamond Pendant
  • Luxury Diamond Pendant
    Luxury Diamond Pendant
  • Pink Diamond Pendant
    Pink Diamond Pendant
  • Platinum Diamond Pendant
    Platinum DIA Pendant
  • Wedding Diamond Pendant
    Wedding DMD Pendant
  • Yellow Diamond Pendant
    Yellow Diamond Pendant

Emerald Pendants

Statement pendants are meticulously constructed using cool-toned emeralds set in gold, white, or rose gold. Emeralds are perfect for our personalized pendants, as the green gemstone adds a delicate touch and creates a luxurious piece of jewelry.

Thanks to our talented artisans, our jewelry brand offers the greatest high jewelry personalization process to create stunning emerald pendants. Our clients can design distinctive emerald pendants using high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail.

As a respected jewelry supplier in China, we decided to commit to sustainability. When sourcing our emeralds, we always exercise due diligence and follow international standards. We constantly pursue rigorous certifications and membership requirements to guarantee ethical sourcing and sustainability.

  • Antique Emerald Pendant
    Antique Emerald Pendant
  • Art Emerald Pendant
    Art Emerald Pendant
  • Bridal Emerald Pendant
    Bridal Emerald Pendant
  • Emerald Pendant
    Emerald Pendant
  • Fine Emerald Pendant
    Fine Emerald Pendant
  • Gold Emerald Pendant
    Gold Emerald Pendant
  • Luxury Emerald Pendant
    Luxury Emerald Pendant
  • Platinum Emerald Pendant
    Platinum Emerald Pendant

Other Gem Pendants

We have a saying that high jewelry is to fashion, and it shows in our gem pendants. Our semi-precious and precious gem pendants are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans using traditional and innovative methods and tools.

Unlike other jewelers in China, we have a different work ethic. Each outstanding pendant has been made by highly skilled artisans, gem cutters, setters, and polishers at our factory in China.

Our gem pendants have the best materials and intricate designs you won’t find from other jewelers. With the assistance of RESOVON’s skilled team of jewelry experts, you can customize your pendants to set you apart from other wholesalers.

  • Aquamarine Pendant
    Aquamarine Pendant
  • Chrysoberyl Pendant
    Chrysoberyl Pendant
  • Garnet Pendant
    Garnet Pendant
  • Gemstone Pendant
    Gemstone Pendant
  • Iolite Pendant
    Iolite Pendant
  • Kyanite Pendant
    Kyanite Pendant
  • Moonstone Pendant
    Moonstone Pendant
  • Morganite Pendant
    Morganite Pendant
  • Paraiba Pendant
    Paraiba Pendant
  • Pearl Pendant
    Pearl Pendant
  • Peridot Pendant
    Peridot Pendant
  • Spinel Pendant
    Spinel Pendant
  • Sunstone Pendant
    Sunstone Pendant
  • Tanzanite Pendant
    Tanzanite Pendant
  • Topaz Pendant
    Topaz Pendant
  • Tourmaline Pendant
    Tourmaline Pendant
  • Tsavorite Pendant
    Tsavorite Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
EGL Certification
EGL Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification

RESOVON Pendant Jewelry Custom Process

Pendant Custom Consult

RESOVON’s customized high-jewelry services begin with a meeting between you and our creative team. We always contact you for a first consultation to discuss important details about your bespoke high-jewelry pendant collection.

Your original concept and the drawing produced by our designers serve as the foundation for everything. Our team will discuss the components we’ll use and how they’ll affect the final high jewelry work. As a top jewelry supplier and manufacturer in China, we’ll do everything we can to actualize your vision.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Pendant Jewelry Designer

Following our initial meeting, designers at our factory will enhance the initial sketch. Our design experts use their keen eyes and imaginative ideas to develop your unique high jewelry design.

RESOVON’s team will also solicit your feedback to create the final design, which will aid us in achieving your ultimate bespoke pendant. The final design establishes the general course for the high jewelry customization process and offers the pendants a magnificent appearance.

High Pendant Gemologist

Another phase in our thorough high jewelry customization process is the identification and assessment of special and semi-precious stones. As a prestigious jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON has highly skilled and knowledgeable gemologists to assess and identify the gems used for your bespoke pendants.

Each stone is thoroughly examined to ensure its authenticity and quality. Our gemologists use special equipment to distinguish each gemstone using chemical, optical, and digital methods. Only our licensed gemologists properly inspect gemstones in your presence.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Pendant Jewelry Artisan

RESOVON has a diverse group of skilled artisans on our team, including polishers and goldsmiths. Let our jewelry artisans carefully assemble your assortment of bespoke pendants at our factory in China.

Our artisans will collaborate with you at every assembly and crafting stage to ensure that your fine jewelry piece is made according to your specifications and supplied on time. By integrating the latest technologies with jewelry-making expertise, we provide a unique and tailored experience.

Safty Package & Delivery

Deciding between numerous jewelry manufacturers and suppliers in China cannot be simple. However, by researching and comparing prices, RESOVON stands out with our high jewelry bespoke services.

Our services provide safe packing since we believe your bespoke jewelry pieces should emit elegance once they reach your wholesale business. RESOVON presents efficient and effective logistics and shipping alternatives worldwide for your fine jewelry collection.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Pendant Jewelry Service

Our high jewelry bespoke services don’t end once we deliver your custom pendants. To ensure that your pendants are of the finest quality, our after-sales service includes thoroughly inspecting every jewelry piece as part of our quality control.

Other jewelers cannot deliver the after-sales services we deliver for our clients. We also offer repair, refinishing, and restringing services to every client at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about how to take care of the lovely jewelry in your wholesale business.

RESOVON Your High Jewelry Bespoke Master

RESOVON High Jewelry Building
High Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
High Jewelry Gem Setting

High Jewelry Goldsmith

RESOVON and other jewelers in China rely heavily on artisans such as goldsmiths. Since RESOVON was established in Hangzhou, China, we have continued the tradition and knowledge of royal goldsmithing.

We exclusively craft magnificent, one-of-a-kind jewelry in conjunction with renowned goldsmiths. Our goldsmiths work with precious metals like titanium, gold, platinum, and others, allowing them to create beautiful and valuable works of art.

Hard Enamel Jewelry Process

Chinese jewelers have long used the hard enamel jewelry process to produce magnificent haute couture jewelry. A jewelry piece is covered in layers of enamel and then burnt in a kiln to give it a distinctive and lovely appearance.

RESOVON has modified this method and integrated it into our high jewelry personalization process, enabling us to produce bespoke pendants with a contemporary and elegant appearance. Hard enamel allows us to add complex features that would be impossible to create using other methods.

RESOVON Advantages In Pendants Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Education
High Jewelry Education

Beautiful pendant-making is challenging and calls for more than expertise and talent. For haute couture jewelry to be completely customized, jewelers like RESOVON must have formal training.

RESOVON creates truly personalized pendants that are unique due to our proper training. Each of our jewelry artisans is well-equipped with the knowledge to use various materials properly, the optimum color schemes, and the creation of elaborate patterns for our clients.

Decades Of Jewelry Artisan History
Decades Of Jewelry Artisan History

Jewelry is one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of art. It has been around for decades and is still evolving. Since ancient times, artisans have been crafting exquisite pieces that are unique and timeless.

As a prestigious pendant supplier in China, RESOVON is committed to preserving the rich history of jewelry making. With our superb high jewelry personalization process, we make jewelry artistry alive and thriving.

RESOVON Pendant Bespokes

Diamond Pendant
Diamond Pendant

Find one-of-a-kind works of art that showcase unrestrained creativity while using the world’s strongest gemstone. RESOVON’s diamond pendants highlight the elegance and radiance of carefully chosen stones.

Our diamond pendants are the perfect expression of their haute couture jewelry style. With our signature craftsmanship and attention to detail, RESOVON’s diamond pendants will make any outfit shine with sophistication and luxury.

Emerald Pendant
Emerald Pendant

Bespoke emerald pendants are becoming increasingly popular in haute couture jewelry. They are a perfect way to add a touch of glamor and sophistication to any special outfit.

With the rise of high jewelry personalization, it is now possible to customize emerald pendants for your wholesale operation. From selecting the perfect gemstone to designing the setting, you can create a unique piece of jewelry with RESOVON.

Pink Sapphire Pendant
Pink Sapphire Pendant

Our natural pink sapphire pendants are of the finest AAAA grade, and their medium and vibrant tones make them incredibly attractive and feminine. Bespoke pink sapphire pendants are made of 14K white gold and are excellent for a special night.

Every custom pink sapphire pendant exudes elegance, gaining popularity among luxury jewelry enthusiasts. Each piece is a wonderful option for anybody searching for a unique, high-end pendant that can be tailored to their preferences.

Ruby Pendant
Ruby Pendant

Ruby pendants stimulate desire and style in the passionate. Wear it with a special outfit for the show-stopping look. Ruby pendants of gold, white gold, or platinum appear elegant and come in various cuts to swoon over.

RESOVON is a specialized high jewelry brand that has established a comprehensive jewelry supply chain to provide customers with high-end custom-made ruby pendants. Our pendant customization service allows clients to create unique pieces tailored to their liking.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End Jewelry Pendants

RESOVON is a trustable high jewelry manufacturing brand. We have years of experience with follow advantages, Chinese traditional jewelry skill, Paris luxury brand management education background, and New York fashion trend vision.

  • “RESOVON has been my go-to jeweler for all my high-end jewelry needs. The brand has the most exquisite pendants, and their bespoke services are incredibly versatile to meet any of my requirements. I’ve gotten so many pendants from them over the years for my wholesale operation, and they never fail to amaze me with their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.”

    - Nora Girardin, Sweden
  • “I can’t say enough good things about RESOVON! Their high jewelry pendants are the perfect combination and balance of elegance and sophistication. Their high jewelry bespoke services are unparalleled in the industry and make for truly unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. RESOVON is the best pendant manufacturer in China out there – I’m so glad I found them!”

    - Himi Yasu, Japan
  • “RESOVON is by far my favorite jewelry manufacturer in China. They have unique and sophisticated designs that no other jewelers can match. Their custom pendants are stunning and special because of their high-end bespoke services. They’re simply the best in the industry! I would highly recommend RESOVON to any wholesalers looking for high-end jewelry pieces.”

    - Ellinor Hofstad, Norway
Ruby Pendants Gallery
Sapphire Pendants Gallery
Diamond Pendants Gallery

What is a RESOVON High Jewelry Pendant?

Gemstone Pendants

Figure 1 Gemstone Pendants

Pendants have been valuable and meaningful ornaments for many parts of the world for years. But today, pendant jewelry have become more trendy than ever and serve another purpose in terms of fashion.

RESOVON is one of the leading high-jewelry manufacturers in China that offers high-jewelry pendants. Generally, RESOVON’s high jewelry pendant may vary in size, design, style, color, and shape, depending on your liking.

We offer pendant jewelry suspended into earrings and bracelets, and our most popular way of displaying our pendants is through necklaces. RESOVON also offers pendants made with premium quality gems and the efforts of our experienced jewelers and artisans.

RESOVON: Your High Jewelry Bespoke Pendant Manufacturer

If you are looking for a talented, high-pendant jewelry bespoke master, RESOVON is the name. We can select an experienced team to assist you in customizing pendant jewelry and even guide you through the process.

RESOVON is China’s leading high-quality jewelry manufacturer, producing various quality pieces, including pendant jewelry. Our business philosophy of treating customers as family members has expanded our customer base.

Our craftsmanship stands out because we combine the market and art to create various high-end jewelry designs. With this extraordinary way of luxury brand operation, you can expect that we can change the pattern of China’s high-end jewelry industry.

With RESOVON’s knowledge and experience in understanding luxury brand management, we can create a great high-end jewelry ecosystem.

Bespoke High Jewelry Pendants by RESOVON

Our pendant jewelry varies in different styles depending on the request of our clients. RESOVON pendants suspended on necklaces are the most popular ones. Here are some of the most common variations of high pendant jewelry.

Pendant For Chains

Yellow Gold Pendant Chains

Figure 2 Yellow Gold Pendant Chains

As China’s leading supplier of high jewelry pieces, a pendant for chains is another popular go-to option at our factory. This can be in your earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Chains may also differ in styles best for pendants, like a cable, curb, box, figaro, and wheat chain.

Pendant Necklace

Opal Pendant Necklace

Figure 3 Opal Pendant Necklace

It is known that wearing pendant necklaces is the most popular option for our clients. A pendant necklace is also a great addition to any attire, as it has various style options. Below are some top pendant necklace styles popular with any of our clients.

Pendant Necklace Initial

Mixed Metal Initial Pendant Necklace

Figure 4 Mixed Metal Initial Pendant Necklace

Initial letter pendant necklaces are considered one of the best styles due to the emotional benefits they can offer to their wearer. Since these initial letter pendant necklaces can be customized, feeling special and valued is among the common emotional benefits felt by our valued clients.

Pendant Necklace With Name

Bling Name Necklace

Figure 5 Bling Name Necklace

Another personalized piece of jewelry is a pendant necklace with a name. A beautiful name pendant necklace can simultaneously display the beauty of your neck with your pretty name attached to it. You can feel the uniqueness, making you stand out with your name pendant necklace.

Pendant Necklace Personalized

Personalized Name Necklace

Figure 6 Personalized Name Necklace

Customized or personalized jewelry pieces are the best things to have in fashion. And that includes a personalized pendant necklace. These pieces are considered timeless jewelry staples because of their features, which can go with any outfit and are always on trend.

RESOVON Custom Pendant Gem

RESOVON ensures top-grade pendant gem jewelry with various designs and styles. We use premium gemstones and materials to make pendant jewelry.

Below are some of our clients’ favorite pendant gem jewelry pieces to consider for collection:

Ruby Pendant

Red Ruby Oval Pendant

Figure 7 Red Ruby Oval Pendant

With its deep red color, showcasing high-quality gemstones, ruby pendants are among our clients’ top list of favorite pendant jewelry pieces. You can feel the energies within this gemstone by simply touching it as it dangles in your necklace or bracelet.

Ruby can offer a sufficient boost of vital energy if you have days of feeling depleted and tired. These gemstones can help you set achievable goals and enhance your motivation. With that, Ruby promotes a passion for life, both positively and favorably.

Sapphire Pendants

Round Sapphire Pendant

Figure 8 Round Sapphire Pendant

Blue gemstone sapphire is one of the gems most desired for making high jewelry pendants. This gem has many hues, such as yellow, gray, black, or even pink. But it is most popular with its soft blue or royal blue color.

Aside from that, Sapphire is also a durable gemstone with a 9 grade on the Mohs hardness scale. Additionally, sapphire is the symbol of wise and honest leadership. Other than that, it can also improve the self-motivation and discipline of its wearer.

Diamond Pendants

Diamond Heart Pendant

Figure 9 Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamonds are generally known as the hardest substance or gemstone in the world. That is why it is considered a timeless beauty in high jewelry pieces, like pendants. With its increasing demand as the year passes, the value of diamonds is also increasing.

Having a diamond pendant can give its wearer two benefits. First, a diamond can enhance the beauty of its bearer’s attire. Second, diamonds offer good health, intellect, beauty, and prosperity for the second one. Therefore, it is recommended to have diamond pendants as they are simply the symbol of good luck.

Emerald Pendants

Emerald Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Figure 10 Emerald Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Due to its rarity, durability, and distinctive green color, emeralds are among the jewelry industry’s most desired and valuable gems. Color is the basis of its value. Generally, the darker and deeper the green of the emerald, the higher the value.

Additional Stunning Pendant Gem Jewelry At RESOVON

Aside from the precious gemstone pendants mentioned, RESOVON, a leading supplier in China, also offers quality gem pendant jewelry in other premium gemstones and materials. Below are some of our premium-quality gem pendants.

Chrysoberyl Pendant

Chrysoberyl Platinum Pendant Necklace

Figure 11 Chrysoberyl Platinum Pendant Necklace

Chrysoberyl may not sound as popular as it should be, but this gemstone possesses excellent features for making jewelry like pendants. Since it’s not common to the public, it’s cheaper and more affordable than other valuable gems.

If you worry about quality, chrysoberyl also offers premium quality comparable to other popular gemstones. Having a chrysoberyl pendant can enhance motivation and even offer peace of mind to its wearer.

Iolite Pendant

Iolite Silver Pendant

Figure 12 Iolite Silver Pendant

Another quality gem pendant jewelry is an iolite pendant. Iolite is a type of gemstone popular for its transparent to translucent appearance. This beautiful gem is also an amazing alternative quality gemstone and much more affordable than other gems.

Iolite varies from very light blue to a beautiful, deeper blue. Sometimes, it also comes in a stunning purple shade. Iolite’s value also depends on its color, meaning the deeper its blue color, the higher its value.

Kyanite Pendant

Blue Kyanite Pendant

Figure 13 Blue Kyanite Pendant

Kyanite is another precious gemstone popular at our factory for making high-quality jewelry pendants. Along with other hard minerals like garnets, kyanite can offer strength and beauty. Kyanite is also popular with its deep dark blue color and other outstanding features.

As a result, it was considered one of the popular choices for jewelry like kyanite pendants. Other than that, our professional jewelers and goldsmiths can customize this precious gemstone into numerous shapes and sizes, resulting in one-of-a-kind haute couture jewelry.

Moonstone Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

Figure 14 Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

In our factory in China, moonstone is a gemstone known for its exceptional glowing qualities. Because of this, it has been widely recognized and earned the title of “mystical gemstone.” Moonstone also has a divine connection and light within, making it one of the unique birthstones.

Although the moonstone is fragile, it is still suitable for producing quality haute couture jewelry, including pendants. The moonstone pendant’s true value lies more in its meaning and benefits. This gemstone’s benefits usually include clarity, change, balance, and connectivity to its wearer.

Paraiba Pendant

Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

Figure 15 Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

Named after the Paraiba state of Brazil, paraiba tourmaline is well-known for its sparkling trait with just a little light. The Paraiba gem also varies in a wide range of blue-green shades, making it ideal for high-jewelry pieces like pendants.

While for its meaning, along with other blue color gems, Paraiba generally represents stability, calmness, and serenity. However, the main symbolic meaning of Paraiba gems can represent wisdom, insight, voice, and creativity.

RESOVON’s Pendant Jewelry Customization Process

As a leading high-quality jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China, RESOVON must have distinct processes depending on its category. Like other companies, it has processes for making high-quality jewelry pieces, including custom pendant jewelry.

Pendant Custom Consult

Before everything else, we conduct professional pendant custom consultations at every client’s request. This way, we can hear our clients’ suggestions and preferences and then brainstorm the initial look of the custom pendant jewelry.

RESOVON values customers more than anything. Treating them like family members is our philosophy.

Pendant Jewelry Designer

After the consultation, the next process would be on our pendant jewelry designer. Our design experts will enhance the initial plan for the look of the custom pendant jewelry. They will create a more detailed plan or a blueprint showing the finalized appearance of the custom pendant jewelry piece.

High Pendant Gemologist

With the design on hand, the next step is to have it cared for by our high pendant gemologist. Our high-pendant jewelry experts can play with various shapes and colors, forming rare and stunning glowing effects. Then, based on the design provided, the pendant is customized.

Moreover, our pendant gemologist carefully handpicks all the gemstones used. That way, the client will have the assurance that high-quality gems were used based on the approval of our pendant jewelry experts.

Pendant Jewelry Artisan

After the customization process, our pendant jewelry artisan would next be. Our artisan’s main job is to ensure that every detail of the custom pendant jewelry matches the blueprint and that top-grade materials and gemstones are used. Additionally, our artisans have keen eyes that can easily spot a mismatch.

With our experienced pendant jewelry artisans, we can maintain the quality of our jewelry pieces and satisfy our clients.

Safety Package & Delivery

The last step of the whole process is packaging and delivery. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, we ensure our packaging is secure enough to withstand certain weather changes before the custom pendant jewelry is delivered.

Our delivery process is also organized and systematic so that the jewelry pieces are in their best condition until they reach our clients.

Five Gem Bespoke Pendant

RESOVON, being a specialized high jeweler, created the most suitable and perfect jewelry supply chain for your five-gem pendant jewelry customization process.

With that, the five gems pendant jewelry bespoke masters or experts generally include jewelry designers who offer exclusive bespoke service, high-end jewelry pendant custom manufacturers, and global gem mine direct procurement.

Personalization by expert jewelry artisans is also included. Our factory also has the Gemological Association’s authoritative certificate for luxury brands, traditional processes, and heirloom collections.

RESOVON Advantages In Pendant Jewelry Manufacturing

As a leading supplier in China and manufacturer for more than ten years, we maintain the quality of our products regardless of their category.

Our factory is also supported by gemstone certifications, including GIA, EGL, HRD, and IGI certifications. RESOVON is qualified and certified to manufacture high-end jewelry pieces, like pendants.

With the know-how system of high-end jewelry, RESOVON can combine fashion, tradition, art, and luxury to explore and search for the true meaning of high jewelry. This also applies to making our bespoke high-end jewelry pendants.

We listen to our client’s requests and suggestions and combine them with our team’s ideas. You can have the best haute couture jewelry pendant with our professional jewelers, a goldsmith, and high-quality materials.

Are RESOVON's Pendant Jewelry Worth It?

Yes. They are worth it. As mentioned, our factory not only focuses on the design and styles of our pieces, but quality makes a difference. Quality refers to the materials used in the making and the workforce, and RESOVON possesses quality in both fields.

We offer wholesale pendants and customized pendants in precious metals and gems. Knowing that we have a qualified and experienced team formed by goldsmiths, jewelers, designers, artisans, and our premium materials, our high jewelry pieces are top-notch.

Is It Possible To Customize A Pendant?

Yes. It is possible to customize or personalize a piece of jewelry. RESOVON, for instance, offers great bespoke services ranging from different high jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, rings, charms, and even pendants. The size, style, designs, and prices may vary depending on our client’s requests and suggestions.

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