Ring Sizing

Born For Your High Ring Sizing

Before you decide to customize a ring, you must size your fingers to customize a suitable one.


When you enter our consulting room, an experienced jewelry consultant will measure your finger. Depending on the width of the ring you intend to wear, we provide thin and thick ring sizers for you to try on. The width of the rings and the number of rings worn together largely determine the size they need to be.


Or, you are shopping for a ring for someone else. You can measure one of their existing rings to know the size. Of course, if you choose the service of RESOVON to customize the ring, our craftsmen are always waiting and provide exclusive after-sales service, that is, after giving the ring to them, they can always adjust the appropriate size according to their fingers.


If there are some medical conditions, such as easily swollen fingers or arthritis, please inform our jewelry consultants in time to obtain professional consultation. Perfectly sized beads, adjustable shank and more to allow the ring to slide on your knuckles.

Ring Sizing

High Ring Sizing

The first step in ring sizing is to assess how far the ring must open or close after adding or subtracting a length of metal from the base.


Through their specialized skills, an experienced jeweler will be able to read the material and check the ring for weak or weak areas of metal. Likewise, they will evaluate the stones and prongs to verify the ability of the ring to withstand the stress applied during the sizing process.


Of course, some necessary metalworking and setting operations in the process of adjusting the ring size also provide a test of your jeweler’s professional level. A master jeweler with extensive knowledge and advanced equipment can perfectly carry out ring sizing work.


RESOVON experienced team will assess the size of each ring individually to determine the least invasive way to resize the ring and ensure its safety.


If additional jewelry repairs are required, we will refer you ahead of time. Proper jewelry cleaning and rhodium plating beautification is also one of the value-added services we provide you.

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