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  • Chrysoberyl Ring
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  • Ruby Ring
  • Sapphire Ring

Five Gem High Jewelry Ring Bespoke Service

As an expert high jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON has an excellent supply chain for customizing the five-gemstone ring.

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What Is High Jewelry Ring

A high jewelry ring is a piece that is crafted with exceptional expertise and attention to detail using quality materials. Skilled artisans often craft these rings using traditional techniques, and they are designed to be unique and luxurious.

High jewelry rings are adorned with precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more and are often created in limited quantities or as one-of-a-kind haute couture jewelry pieces. With the entailment of remarkable craftsmanship and the rarity of materials, these fine jewelry are sought after by wholesalers.

We at RESOVON, a steadfast jewelry manufacturer in China, have been long driven to make incomparable and timeless jewelry rings. We assimilate that jewelry rings are beautiful works of art and valuable investments that can be appreciated over time.

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Ruby Rings

Rubies are among the world’s most valuable and rare gems, landing exclusivity to the “Big Four” precious gemstones ever known. The priceless ruby’s vivid red color radiates endless vitality and appeal and stands for passionate affection.

RESOVON, a top jewelry supplier in China, has you covered regardless of whether you are searching for a custom classic ruby ring or a one-of-a-kind creation to stun you. With magnificent ruby rings and personalized designs, RESOVON helps you explore the world of high jewelry.

At RESOVON, we elevate our jewelry to an entirely different degree. With our leading-edge factory in China, our talented designers and goldsmiths create exquisite ruby rings using traditional techniques and contemporary design trends.

  • Ruby Antique Ring
    Ruby Antique Ring
  • Ruby Art Ring
    Ruby Art Ring
  • Ruby Bridal Ring
    Ruby Bridal Ring
  • Ruby Diamond Ring
    Ruby Diamond Ring
  • Ruby Luxury Ring
    Ruby Luxury Ring
  • Ruby Platinum Ring
    Ruby Platinum Ring
  • Ruby Ring
    Ruby Ring
  • Ruby Wedding Rings
    Ruby Wedding Rings

Sapphire Rings

The reverence of sapphires as noble stones dates back many centuries. Sapphires were widely presented and received as tokens of fidelity and unity because of their rich depths, traditionally linked to glory, integrity, and passion.

Sapphires are blue by nature and are ideal for jewelry. If you’re searching for a stunning sapphire ring or a dazzling accessory on any occasion, RESOVON is there to back you up.

RESOVON is a renowned jewelry manufacturer in China and provides an exquisite collection of custom sapphire rings. These natural sapphires are unmatched because they were hand-chosen by our skilled gemologists and rebuilt for ideal color and brilliance.

Our talented jewelry artisans are highly educated about the subtleties of jewelry design and manufacture. Meaning our selection of sapphire rings highlights the distinctive designs created with expertise great for high jewelry personalization.

  • Sapphire Antique Ring
    Sapphire Antique Ring
  • Sapphire Art Ring
    Sapphire Art Ring
  • Sapphire Bridal Ring
    Sapphire Bridal Ring
  • Sapphire Diamond Rings
    Sapphire Diamond Rings
  • Sapphire Gold Ring
    Sapphire Gold Ring
  • Sapphire Groom Ring
    Sapphire Groom Ring
  • Sapphire Luxury Ring
    Sapphire Luxury Ring
  • Sapphire Ring
    Sapphire Ring
  • Sapphire Wedding Ring
    Sapphire Wedding Ring

Emerald Rings

Emerald gemstones’ alluring green hue emanates prosperity and sophistication that rivals other colored gemstones. Numerous people have highly sought emeralds for centuries.

Due to their great demand in the high-end jewelry market, wholesalers frequently look for emeralds to create distinctive designs.

At RESOVON, we offer wonderfully dazzling untreated and genuine emerald jewels from reliable sources. Because quality emeralds are remarkable in endurance, making personalized rings with these gemstones showcases perfection.

As a reputable supplier, we customize emerald rings you’ll cherish for years. To achieve that goal, every custom emerald ring is of the highest caliber, and our recognized goldsmiths and artisans work in our highly equipped factory in China.

  • Emerald Antique Ring
    Emerald Antique Ring
  • Emerald Diamond Ring
    Emerald Diamond Ring
  • Emerald Luxury Ring
    Emerald Luxury Ring
  • Emerald Platinum Ring
    Emerald Platinum Ring
  • Emerald Ring
    Emerald Ring
  • Emerald Wedding Ring
    Emerald Wedding Ring

Diamond Rings

The eternal elegance of diamonds continues to be a defining characteristic of premium jewelry modification and individualization. Diamonds are the most formidable gem known to humanity. Therefore, it makes sense that diamonds dominate the luxury jewelry market.

Diamonds’ endurance makes them the ideal personalized gemstone for rings. Due to their durability, diamonds are highly valued gems widely used in high-end jewelry.

Our diamond rings are expertly designed to provide the highest level of jewelry customization. Every high-end diamond ring in our factory in China underwent expert craftsmanship and was certified by jewelers. Our handmade, handcrafted diamond rings are professionally made for you.

  • Diamond Bridal Ring
    Diamond Bridal Ring
  • Diamond Gold Ring
    Diamond Gold Ring
  • Diamond Groom Ring
    Diamond Groom Ring
  • Diamond Luxury Ring
    Diamond Luxury Ring
  • Diamond Platinum Ring
    Diamond Platinum Ring
  • Diamond Ring Jewelry
    Diamond Ring Jewelry
  • Diamond Ring
    Diamond Ring
  • Diamond Wedding Ring
    Diamond Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is undoubtedly the most sentimental component of jewelry. Wedding rings will be among a couple of jewelry pieces you utilize once you trade your marriage vows. Wearing the ring of marriage has a lot of significance, including the idea that the circle represents unending affection and everlasting life.

As a leading wholesaler and supplier, we help you to find the perfect wedding bands that reflect your love story. RESOVON high jewelry team always provides excellent bespoke service by customer visition globally.

  • Aquamarine Wedding Ring
    Aquamarine Wedding Ring
  • Bridesmaid Ring
    Bridesmaid Ring
  • Luxury Wedding Ring
    Luxury Wedding Ring
  • Wedding Diamond Ring
    Wedding Diamond Ring
  • Wedding Emerald Ring
    Wedding Emerald Ring
  • Wedding Platinum Ring
    Wedding Platinum Ring
  • Wedding Ring Jewelry
    Wedding Ring Jewelry
  • Wedding Ruby Ring
    Wedding Ruby Ring

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings, the bright symbol of devotion, represent each person’s special relationship journey. RESOVON, a renowned jewelry manufacturer in China, ensures that you mark the start of a lovely, lifetime journey with a magnificent personalized ring fit for elegance.

  • Antique Engagement Ring
    Antique Engagement Ring
  • Diamond Engagement Ring
    Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Emerald Engagement Ring
    Emerald Engagement Ring
  • Engagement Rings
    Engagement Rings
  • Luxury Engagement Rings
    Luxury Engagement Rings
  • Platinum Engagement Ring
    Platinum Engagement Ring
  • Sapphire Engagement Ring
    Sapphire Engagement Ring

Art Jewelry Rings

Art jewelry rings are exquisite pieces that showcase RESOVON’s unmatched craftsmanship and creativity. Our art jewelry rings are made with the best materials, including precious gemstones and metals, and are created to be wearable works of art.

At RESOVON, we are serious about our craft, though our jewelry is not overly so. With suppliers, jewelers, goldsmiths, and artisans who blend hard-earned technical knowledge with a sense of art and creativity, we deliver you haute couture jewelry that will last time.

  • Antique Art Ring
    Antique Art Ring
  • Art Ring Jewelry
    Art Ring Jewelry
  • Art Ring
    Art Ring
  • Diamond Art Ring
    Diamond Art Ring
  • Geometric Art Ring
    Geometric Art Ring
  • Gold Art Ring
    Gold Art Ring
  • Pearl Art Ring
    Pearl Art Ring
  • Ruby Art Ring
    Ruby Art Ring
  • Spinel Art Ring
    Spinel Art Ring

Other Gem High Rings

For a more exquisite assortment of jewelry with the rarest and most valuable jewels, RESOVON offers you other gem high rings. An incomparable and precious creation is produced by carefully choosing each gemstone and combining it with skilled artistry.

We understand each other’s personalized ideals. Your preferences and style will be properly represented with customized high gem rings.

  • Aquamarine Ring
    Aquamarine Ring
  • Black Pearl Ring
    Black Pearl Ring
  • Crystal Ring
    Crystal Ring
  • Enamel Ring
    Enamel Ring
  • Garnet Ring
    Garnet Ring
  • Gold Ring
    Gold Ring
  • Jade Ring Jewelry
    Jade Ring Jewelry
  • Kyanite Ring
    Kyanite Ring
  • Morganite Ring
    Morganite Ring
  • Opal Ring
    Opal Ring
  • Pearl Ring
    Pearl Ring
  • Tanzanite Ring
    Tanzanite Ring
  • Topaz Ring
    Topaz Ring
  • Tsavorite Ring
    Tsavorite Ring
  • Turquoise Ring
    Turquoise Ring

Gemstone Certifications

EGL Certification
EGL Certification
Gubelin Certification
Gubelin Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification

RESOVON High Rings Customization Process

Ring Custom Consultation

When selecting the best ring for you, there are factors to consider. Each decision can affect the final result, from the gemstone and metal choice to the design and style. Fortunately, RESOVON’s custom consultation can help you create the ring of your dreams.

RESOVON bolsters comprehensive service in achieving absolute high jewelry personalization, and the best way to start is by consultation. A discussion to understand your needs and preferences. With our jewelry experts working on your terms, creating a customized ring that meets your requirements is within reach.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Ring Jewelry Designer

RESOVON is made up of experienced jewelry designers who are passionate about producing beautiful and distinctive high-end custom rings. We are confident in producing timeless, high-quality rings with various conventional and contemporary looks to suit your taste.

RESOVON, as an adept high jewelry manufacturer in China, has a comprehensive network for the five gemstones high jewelry customization service. Our skilled jewelers and goldsmiths consider every aspect as they create high jewelry rings to personalize your ideals.

High Ring Gemologist

RESOVON has long set foot in the industry and is acknowledged for exquisite jewelry personalization. As we care for your ring and ascertain it continues to look the best, we are equipped with professional and qualified gemologists. With the help of our jewelers, acquire the perfect ring with the perfect gemstone to complement it.

With the backing of our haute couture jewelry experts, we take the honor of dispensing a unique personalized service for high jewelry. You can rely on the integrity of what we use in our factory in China as we hand-select only the finest gemstones and materials for your item.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Ring Jewelry Artisan

Drafts, materials, and gemstones are necessary to develop your custom-designed dream ring. Before claiming anything is flawless, you must first examine the result. You don’t need to be distressed about anything with our staff of skilled jewelers with tremendous knowledge in the jewelry sector.

Have your high jewelry customization services materialize in our factory in China, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and experts.

Safty Package & Delivery

At RESOVON, we comprehend the importance of safe packaging for your valuable customized ring and promptly and securely delivering it. As a leading provider of safe packaging and delivery services for jewelry, we are committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction.

We stand behind our jewelry work and are confident that it will reach you in perfect condition.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Ring Jewelry Service

After we deliver your custom ring, our high jewelry personalization process continues. Your wholesale journey will last a lifetime when you work with us. After-sales support is a component of RESOVON’s high jewelry bespoke services.

Feel free to contact us whenever you require assistance with your ring. Our jewelers are more than pleased to address your jewelry-related concerns.

RESOVON Your High Jewelry Bespoke Master

RESOVON High Jewelry Building
High Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
High Jewelry Hand Drawing

High Jewelry Goldsmith

High-end jewelry arrangements require strict control and skilled goldsmithing to set the materials together precisely. At RESOVON, our goldsmiths are masters in creating elaborate haute couture jewelry pieces with priceless gemstones. We ensure that our jewelry is expertly manufactured and securely fastened.

Our goldsmithing team works tirelessly, using cutting-edge tools to meet our clients’ demands. We oath to uphold the objectives we set for developing ourselves as China’s top supplier.

High Jewelry Hand Drawing

Making jewelry is an art form that calls for a special fusion of technical proficiency and creative flare. At RESOVON, our expert professionals are trained in hand-drawing high jewelry, possess a keen eye for design, and can create aesthetically pleasing and unique pieces.

A hand-drawn high-quality jewelry design serves as the basis for creating high-quality jewelry. To help you visualize the outcome, our skilled jewelry designers will sketch up a concept for your piece of jewelry. An expertly drafted design will be helpful to our jewelers and manufacturers in the creation phase.

RESOVON Advantages In Rings Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education
Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education

Making rings takes more than simply talent and knowledge, which is difficult. To create distinctive high-end goods, wholesale manufacturers like RESOVON underwent extensive training.

RESOVON can design personalized haute couture jewelry pieces that are utterly unique thanks to our workforce’s relevant knowledge and competence in ring jewelry. For our wholesalers, our staff constructs intricate designs utilizing their expertise with various materials and handiwork.

High Jewelry Education
Decades Of Gemologist Education

RESOVON is an industry leader in high jewelry and employs a team of skilled gemologists to create magnificent pieces of exquisite jewelry. Every gemologist has undergone years of formal training and study to create fine jewelry.

By creating criteria for our jewelry, RESOVON maintains its leadership position. Your customized jewelry uses the best quality, legally obtained gemstones, guaranteeing the uncontested status of our priceless gems.

RESOVON Ring Bespokes

Ruby Ring
Ruby Ring

A ruby ring is a type of jewelry with a ruby as the centerpiece. Ruby is a precious gemstone revered for its deep red color and rarity. Ruby rings can come in many styles, from simple solitaire designs to more elaborate settings with additional diamonds or other gemstones.

RESOVON takes jewelry to a completely new level. Our skilled designers and artisans personalize stunning ruby rings in our sophisticated factory utilizing time-honored methods and modern design trends.

Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring

An emerald ring is jewelry that centers on an emerald gemstone. Emeralds are precious gemstones revered for their intense green color and rarity. The most famous emerald-producing area in the world is Muzo, Colombia.

At RESOVON, we bestow unstained, real emerald jewelry held authentically by reliable suppliers. Due to the exceptional solidity of fine emeralds, performing high jewelry bespoke services with these gemstones is ideal.

Sapphire Ring
Sapphire Ring

A sapphire ring is a jewelry with a sapphire gemstone as its centerpiece. When purchasing a sapphire ring, it is important to consider factors such as the quality of the sapphire, the setting, and the overall design to ensure that you get a high-quality piece of jewelry that will last for years.

As a famous jewelry wholesale manufacturer in China, RESOVON offers a stunning assortment of personalized sapphire rings. Selected by our proficient gemologists and reconstructed for ideal color and brilliance, these natural sapphires are unparalleled.

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a type of precious gemstone prized for their brilliance, durability, and rarity. Diamond rings are often given as gifts for special occasions such as engagements, weddings, or anniversaries, and they are a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their jewelry collection.

RESOVON’s diamond rings are adeptly created for the highest degree of high jewelry personalization. Jewelers expertly crafted and verified every luxury diamond ring made in our factory. Our expertly produced, handcrafted diamond rings are made especially for you.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End Jewelry Rings

RESOVON is a leading high-production jewelry manufacturer. We have the advantages of China’s traditional jewelry craftsmanship, Paris’s luxury brand operation education background, and New York’s sense of fashion trends.

  • I enjoy wearing jewelry, and a friend just introduced me to RESOVON. Since then, I’ve been buying my jewelry from them, and they have never disappointed me. I always get complimented on the jewelry I wear, and whenever someone does, I always endorse them RESOVON. I can assure you that the jewelry is made with precision and quality. Without a doubt, it is a brand made for individuality.

    -Camilla Kerr, Scotland
  • I purchased a personalized ring in RESOVON for an engagement and was pleased. The materials are excellent, my suggestions have all been taken into account, and they even assisted me in harmonizing my and my partner’s story into the jewelry. Everything is just perfect! We will undoubtedly be getting our wedding rings with them.

    -Brooke Simon, Sicily
  • While skimming the internet at my leisure, I learned about RESOVON, and when I saw the company’s options for high jewelry customization, I couldn’t leave the page. At first, I had my doubts, but I went ahead and tried. Guess what? It was one of my essential discoveries. Since then, I have supported this business’s endeavors.

    -Tamara Newman, USA
Ruby Rings Gallery
Sapphire Rings Gallery
Emerald Rings Gallery

RESOVON’s High Jewelry Ring

Yellow High Jewelry Diamond Ring

Figure 1 Yellow High Jewelry Diamond Ring

A ring is a small round ornament band commonly made of valuable metals like gold, silver, platinum, and precious gemstones like diamonds, used as a token of engagement, marriage, and commitment.

With more than ten years of experience in high jewelry, RESOVON is one of China’s leading manufacturers offering bespoke services. Ranging from custom rings to producing other bespoke haute couture jewelry.

Regarding materials quality, we use ethically sourced materials from our trusted suppliers. Our team is also composed of numerous experts from various fields. We have our professional goldsmith, a group of master jewelers, talented designers, and artisans.

RESOVON High Jewelry Rings Customization Process

As a trusted manufacturer of high jewelry pieces in China, RESOVON has been recognized with years of experience and knowledge in the high jewelry industry. With that, RESOVON aims to continuously offer quality bespoke services with our systematic process from consultation to shipment to anyone worldwide.

Consultation For A Custom High Jewelry Ring

Platinum Diamond Ring

Figure 2 Platinum Diamond Ring

For every bespoke service, including the customization of high jewelry rings, RESOVON always starts with a consultation between our clients and our consultant team. With this setup, we can know what our clients want while being assisted by experts. Ensuring to give our every client a great one-on-one VIP service.

Design Sketching With Ring Jewelry Designer

Ring Jewelry Designers

Figure 3 Ring Jewelry Designers

After the consultation, our creative designers will lead the next process. RESOVON has a group of artistic designers that can sketch the initial design with the information gathered during the consultation. Our designers specialize in sketching the best custom top designs for every client.

Assisted By A High Ring Gemologist

White Gold Ring With Diamonds and Sapphire

Figure  4 White Gold Ring With Diamonds and Sapphire

Done with the final designs, selecting gems that will be used for the custom ring is the next step. We have a high-ring gemologist leading our clients to choose the perfect gemstone. Ensuring that quality gemstones are used for every bespoke jewelry piece.

Ring Jewelry Artisan

RESOVON has a group of skilled artisans and goldsmiths who help craft haute couture jewelry. Our custom rings are crafted with great attention to every detail following the designs provided. We ensure that each bespoke piece shows how high-quality materials and services we have in our factory in China.

Safety Package & Delivery

Talisman High Jewelry Ring

Figure 5 Talisman High Jewelry Ring

Not only do we provide excellent bespoke services from planning to designing up to actual crafting, and RESOVON also offers a secured package and delivery. Regardless of our client’s location, we ensure their requested high jewelry pieces will be shipped safely and on time.

RESOVON: Your High Jewelry Bespoke Expert

With more than ten years of experience in high jewelry bespoke services, RESOVON made it one of the leading suppliers in China. Founded on passion, innovation, and curiosity, backs our company’s vision to build a fine jewelry brand.

Born For High End is RESOVON’s philosophy. Our experience studying luxury management and our passion for high jewelry make our title as a high jewelry bespoke master. We continue challenging our limits by creating infinite possibilities in designs, materials, craftsmanship, and bespoke services.

Having a mission of creating a place of high-end jewelry brands in China, RESOVON continues to bring our clients the ultimate bespoke jewelry experience. And that is through providing quality jewelry pieces and services for every haute couture jewelry.

RESOVON Certifications As Qualified High Jewelry Rings Manufacturer

As one of China’s major high jewelry bespoke manufacturers, RESOVON provides quality jewelry pieces to our clients. Starting from high-end bespoke services to excellent craftsmanship and designs to quality materials used to make jewelry pieces.

RESOVON has several certifications ensuring that premium quality precious gemstones are utilized in crafting bespoke jewelry like custom rings. With European Gemological Laboratory Certification, our factory has excellent grading of diamonds and gemstones supplied by our trusted suppliers.

While for Gubelin Certification, with its testing and identification, guarantee the authenticity of our colored gemstones. Certification from HRD proves that the diamonds we used are all top-grade. RESOVON also has IGI Certification, ensuring professional IGI gemologists analyze our diamonds and other gemstones.

Best Bespoke High Jewelry Rings Crafted by RESOVON

Silver Round Cut Blue CZ Ring

Figure 6 Silver Round Cut Blue CZ Ring

RESOVON is known for having excellent high jewelry bespoke services in China. Aside from that, we also offer wholesale high jewelry customization for our wholesalers’ clients. Our skilled goldsmith and expert jewelers craft haute couture jewelry, including custom high jewelry rings.

Below are some of our top bespoke jewelry rings, all popular and personal favorites of our clients worldwide.

Wedding Rings

His and Hers Wedding Rings

Figure 7 His and Hers Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most popular ring styles crafted by RESOVON. Our talented jewelers and artisans can customize our high-jewelry wedding rings depending on our client’s preferences and requests. Varying in types of precious gems, bands, settings, quality metals, and cuts.

Engagement Rings

Oval Engagement Ring

Figure 8 Oval Engagement Ring

RESOVON’s haute couture jewelry includes a stunning set of engagement rings. With our professional team of goldsmiths and jewelers, the gem’s cut, weight, color, and clarity are all considered during the customization process. Resulting in the premium quality of our engagement rings in both look and materials.

Art Jewelry Rings

Art Nouveau Diamond and Enamel Ring

Figure 9 Art Nouveau Diamond and Enamel Ring

Art jewelry rings are the best for our clients who want creative designs and timeless jewelry staples in China. Designed by our talented designers, then crafted by our skilled jewelers and goldsmiths, RESOVON’s art jewelry rings present haute couture jewelry.

RESOVON’s Premium Materials Used In Bespoke Jewelry Rings

As China’s one of the leading bespoke services suppliers, RESOVON offers premium quality materials, like metals and gemstones, through ethical sourcing from our trusted and reliable suppliers. Supported by various legitimate certifications, our factory in China only uses guaranteed conflict-free metals and gemstones to maintain the high quality of every bespoke jewelry piece, including rings.


Couple Wedding Rings Platinum

Figure 10 Couple Wedding Rings Platinum

Platinum is a precious white metal known for being one of the best materials in high jewelry pieces like rings. This valuable metal is so rare compared to other metals like gold and silver. Making its value far greater than others.

Platinum is much harder than gold and silver, with a grade of 4 to 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Yet, this white metal is popular in crafting haute couture jewelry, such as wedding or engagement rings, because of its non-reactivity feature. Platinum is resistant to environmental damage like water, oxygen, or other acids.


Gold Wedding Ring

Figure 11 Gold Wedding Ring

Regarding engagement and wedding rings, gold is the most common and classic option by many worldwide. And that is because gold offers numerous options for colors. Ranging from yellow to white and even rose gold, all perfect for a bespoke jewelry ring.

Aside from that, gold has always been an everlasting symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperity. Having great color variations and meaning, gold jewelry like rings is truly worth it.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Set of 3 Stacking Rings

Figure 12 Sterling Silver Set of 3 Stacking Rings

Although considered one of the oldest valuable metals, silver is among the best to make high jewelry, specifically ring jewelry. Silver is the most sought-after precious metal for wedding and engagement rings as it can give a luxurious feel but is more affordable than others.

Sterling silver rings are truly the best and most durable alternative. This precious metal is one of our client’s popular choices, with white and moonlike colors mixed with great history and beauty for high jewelry rings.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Band Ring

Figure 13 Stainless Steel Band Ring

Stainless steel is an alloy typically made of chromium, nickel, and iron. Thanks to its high chromium content, it makes high jewelry pieces like rings anti-tarnish and corrosive. We can transform stainless steel into stunning haute couture jewelry with our skilled artisans and goldsmiths.

Also, this precious alloy is durable, with a rate of 5.6 – 5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Stainless steel is also known for its stability and resistance to chemical attacks. And that makes it have a long life span and easy to maintain.


Multi-Colored Gemstone Ring

Figure 14 Multi-Colored Gemstone Ring

Stunning engagement and wedding rings are not complete without precious gemstones to add. Our skilled jewelers and artisans use top-grade gemstones varying from sapphire to ruby, emerald, diamond, and many more. Making our haute couture jewelry collection, including rings, more beautiful than ever.

With the authenticity and quality of our gems, we have authentic gemstone certifications to prove that quality is everything at RESOVON. We also have professional goldsmiths and designers to combine every material into an amazing bespoke jewelry piece.

RESOVON Advantages In Rings Jewelry

Having more than ten years of experience in offering bespoke services, our clients have recognized our credibility. Aside from being supported by legitimate certifications, RESOVON has additional advantages making us stand out from other high jewelry ring manufacturers in China.

Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education

Sketching High Jewelry Designs

Figure 15 Sketching High Jewelry Designs

With our skilled designers on the team, we created and continue to create more excellent designs for every jewelry piece in different styles. And as we mix colorful gemstones with jewelry art, all elements, including fashion and luxury, are perfectly matched and displayed.

RESOVON jewelry designers are known for being natural perfectionists, wherein each design blueprint is drawn carefully. And that shows our high jewelry bespoke pieces’ premium quality, including rings.

Ethically Sourced Materials

In addition to being considered the leading high jewelry bespoke services supplier, RESOVON maintains our position by setting standards for our products. We ethically sourced all the materials, like the diamonds we used in crafting custom rings.

At RESOVON, we only utilize gems from China’s largest and most trusted suppliers. In that way, our precious gemstones’ authenticity and quality are guaranteed conflict-free.

Luxury Brand Management

RESOVON founders Charles Zhao and Ann King attained master’s degrees in luxury brand management. Together with almost twenty years of experience in the high-end custom gift industry, these two challenged themselves and used their experience to continue in the high-jewelry industry.

Today, RESOVON is known for having outstanding high-jewelry services due to numerous experts with knowledge and education in luxury brand management. We aim to bring more honor and heirlooms to our clients through our high-jewelry customization.

Decades Of Gemologist Education

As the leading high jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON comprises professional gemologists and expert jewelers. Additionally, we also have gemstone certifications from legitimate gemology laboratories that guarantee the authenticity and quality of our high jewelry pieces.

Does RESOVON Bespoke Jewelry Worth It?

Regarding quality in craftsmanship and bespoke services, RESOVON is top-notch in both fields. With over ten years of experience in the high jewelry industry, we crafted numerous high-end bespoke jewelry pieces, including ring jewelry.

As China’s leading supplier of bespoke services, we have a know-how system for maintaining the quality of our high-end jewelry. RESOVON is the best at combining fashion, tradition, and art with luxury.

Born For the High End, that’s our vision. We aim to bring our clients the ultimate custom jewelry experience regardless of the type of jewelry piece, resulting in high-quality and worthwhile products and services.

What Materials RESOVON Used In Making High Jewelry Rings?

Our manufacturers only use ethically sourced materials in crafting high-end jewelry pieces like rings. This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability, which is the core of RESOVON. Our mission is to create valuable high-end jewelry and give back to society through our services, sales, and production.

By sourcing ethically, we can produce guaranteed conflict-free pieces. That includes precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum and valuable gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamonds.

Our high-quality materials are from our trusted suppliers. We have received numerous certifications from authentic gemology laboratories to prove the authenticity and quality of our resources.

What Makes RESOVON Different From Other Ring Jewelry Manufacturers?

Aside from providing ethically sourced and quality materials, what makes RESOVON stand out is our high-quality jewelry and bespoke services. We offer high jewelry customization and personalization for our clients who want to buy retail or wholesale.

Our factory offers an organized and systematic customization process, from planning to crafting to worldwide shipping. As part of our planning process, we consult our clients with our professional team. That way, the suggestions from our clients can be applied to the final vision of their jewelry piece.

In addition, we have significant knowledge and education in the high jewelry industry and luxury brand management, making our factory the leading manufacturer of high-end jewelry, from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to rings.

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